Work Hard, Play Harder

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Kitchen
Perhaps you followed your nose here.. the cooking aromas are tempting. This is the main kitchen of the Weyr. At any time of the day or night you find cooks and drudges busy making meals and preparing foodstuffs for storage for later use. The cavern has been shaped into a huge room with a domed ceiling. The huge ovens and cooking stoves line the outer wall, their perpetual fires fueled by natural gas from a nearby well. Vent holes pierce the cavern walls, keeping the room amazingly clear of smoke. The inner wall has long counters of smooth stone, carved from the walls. You see a large, heavy looking metal-clad door. This is the large cold storage room, much like a man-made ice cave. The walls are made of volcanic rock, known for it's insulating properties. The heat exchanger is also powered by natural gas.

With all the recent happenings in the kitchens it's little surprise that the candidates seem to be spending more than their allotted time in there. The smell of gas and smoke has definitely faded thanks to their slow and steady scrubbing, but there are still places where the fiery mess has been more stubborn than expected - not to mention the corners and alcoves where such things tend to build up. This particular evening finds Lukhanyo on scrubbing duty, and for once the woodcrafter turned candidate hasn't been able to talk his way out of things. A bucket and a rag are sitting next to him, and though his sleeves are rolled up above his elbows he seems in no hurry to actually start doing anything.

Nolan wrapped up nanny duty quite some time ago, yet he decides he could roll through and see who's on kitchen duty. Never one to shy away from some hard work, and it's even better when their is mindless work to do while you socialize with your fellow candidates. Seeing Lukhanyo here wasn't to surprising. "Hey, how's it going?" He looks around and notices a lack of people around, "Couldn't con your way out of work today? Well how about I give you a hand?"

The expression that comes over Lukhanyo's face is one more akin to someone having won a million Marks than simply having been offered some help, but still he can't quite resist starting things with a joke, "Ah you just missed everyone actually. Twelve of us a second ago, didn't have to lift a finger. Can't think where the others have gone. Vanished." His smile is huge, genuine, "You're welcome to join, but if they all come back at once we might both have to leave."

Nolan shakes his head with a light chuckle, "I don't think your getting out of it this time. What are you going to do once your on the sands? Talk the dragon out of hardwork?" The smith laughing clearly light-hearted talk was easy to find between these two crafters. Rolling up his sleeves and crouching down finding a second rag for himself. "Well nothing to it but to do it."

Lukhanyo shrugs, picking up his own rag and dropping it into the pail of water, "Rather thought I might talk one of the girls into standing in front of me. Good view, and a barrier in case any work happens to come my way." There's a slight groan as he sinks to his knees, fumbling about in the bucket one-handed until his rag is good and soaked. "So what's your theory? About the fire, I mean. Not the girls or the sands."

Nolan laughs at the other man's opinion of girls and the sands, "Well, I'm going to assume one of those damn gnawing creatures go into a natural gas line and boom there goes the kitchen. Only other thing I could think of would be intentional damage." With a shrug of his shoulders as he starts to scrub the floor. "Yours?" The smith looks over at the other man with a curious glance, while he had met and spoken to the other a few times he didn't know him that well yet. "What colour do you think your going to impress on the sands." He continues working once more before speaking again, "I mean that is if your not to busy looking at the women's asses."

Lukhanyo begins to scrub… or more accurately to dampen the soot stained wall. "Iiiiiii think…" He draws it out deliberately, then laughs, "two of the cooks were trying to learn to juggle fire and they dropped something. Or it could have been tunnelsnakes, but that wouldn't be half as much fun." His rag is re-dunked, more water applied to the wall. "Colour? I guess blue. Both my parents are blueriders so it would make sense, who knows maybe it'll be a gold and we'll shock the whole weyr.! There's the briefest of pauses and a rather exaggerated sigh before he adds, "There are some rather fine asses to stare at. What about you?" Presumable he's asking about dragon colour and not Nolan's ass, but it's never easy to tell.

Nolan laughs as he continues to actually clean the spot he's working on, though clearly the smith is scrubbing quite hard. "Well, my ass is fine thanks for asking. Though I have it reserved for the ladies of the weyr." A small snicker at his own joke before continuing, "I don't know what I'll impress on the sands. My father is a brown rider, my mother is a green rider. I'd like to hope for bronze, but that's kinda just me getting my own hopes up."

"You a Half Moon kid as well then?" Lukhanyo pauses in his 'cleaning' to look across at the other crafter, any excuse a good excuse to slack off some. "I left when I was seven, got send to live with my Grandfather, guess you would have been about two maybe?" Guessing ages isn't one of his skills, "Might be I met your folks though."

Nolan nods his head, "Yep, I'm a half moon brat, I got shipped to smithcraft at a young age, just recently got posted back at the weyr," He grins at the other crafter glad to see that the two of them had a decent bit in common. "Maybe, I dunno I'm just about nineteen now."

Lukhanyo looks, for a second, genuinely shocked. He'd clearly decided Nolan was quite a bit younger than himself, "Guess you would've been six when I left then. You look younger, guess they must feed you smiths better than us woodies or something." His easy grin makes it clear that he's teasing, "How'd your folks take you coming back? They excited for you?"

Nolan grins at Lukhanyo, "My father was absolutly over joyed that I returned, I haven't gotten to vist my mother much since my return." Clearly that's a sore spot for the young smith, "Well you know what they say, if you put in hard work, you barely age a day." He grinned at the woodcrafter with a easy smile.

Lukhanyo's laugh is perhaps a little louder than is necessary, "Is that where I've been going wrong? See now if they'd told me that when I got to the hall I'd be a master by now and still look like I was seven. Or not." Scrubbing, he was scrubbing. There's a little more vigour put into it this time, so perhaps Nolan's words had some effect. "What do you smithy types do for fun anyway."

Nolan grins at the woodcraft glad to see him put some effort in. "Well the old motto of the smiths is, you work hard, you can play hard." He grins as he gathers up his wet rag in hand and twisted it up before sneaking towards Lukhanyo and letting it whip out with a snapping sound.

The squeal that Lukhanyo lets out as the rag is snapped at him is one that would be more expected from a girl than the burly woodcrafter, though he quickly follows up with, "Ah so smiths play dirty, good to know. Now if only there was a female smith in the barracks we could test that theory properly." Casually, too casually, he dunks his hand into the bucket, pausing a second before flicking a handful of water towards Nolan.

Nolan let out a deep hearty laugh from the sheer shrill of Lukhanyo's squeal, "That would be interesting, though would cause some problems with the rules. Trust me I have a woman who I deeply enjoy spending my time with who spent a bit of time with the craft and I'd have to say her want to go to bed with me is almost larger then my own." Just as he finished a handful of water is flicked in his face, the smith wiping his face for a moment before laughing.

"Reaaaaally?" Lukhanyo grins, leaning a little closer as he delves for gossip, "And her name would be?" There's barely any time left for a reply before he continues, "C'vryn broke two hearts when he dragged me away from the hall. Well… I say dragged. More sort of… saved me from a beating when they figured out I'd slightly lied to both of them." Another pause follows as he gains an almost wistful look, "Ah, I do miss the hall. Rules are all very well but they don't make you breakfast in the morning."

Nolan laughes at the other crafter, "No, I make my own breakfast, besides all the women I was sleeping with knew that I was sleeping with them." He rubbed the back of his head, "Some of them when they found out I was searched said I was sure to impress bronze just do to the number of women I've been with." Oh the repuation of bronze riders.

Lukhanyo grins in reply, scrubbing utterly abandoned now in favour of chatting, "L'ton's not your grandfather is he? Always heard tell he was the worst of the worst when it came to bronzerider stereotypes. Seems nice enough to me though, even if he did warn me off from trying annything on with his kids. He was going to give me a list of greenriders to 'avoid'." He even goes to the trouble of making airquotes around the 'avoid'. "Want me to share? The list, I don't share other things."

Nolan laughs, shaking his head. "No no no, though I wouldn't be surprised if I was related to L'ton, guy is nearly as old as any craftmaster." The young smith laughing once more. "No my grandfather was a decently known rider from half moon, his name was V'ine."

Lukhanyo thinks for a second, unconsciously sucking on his teeth as he does so before shaking his head, "I've heard the name, can't say I could put a face to it though. My folks'd know him though. He still around?" With a vague grunt he moves from kneeling to sitting, turning to face Nolan properly. "So be honest, which of the girls have you got your eyes on?"

Nolan laughs and shakes his head, "My grandfather is still around though he isn't as active as he once was." Turning the topic towards girls brought a grin to nolan's face. "Well you should be more exact with that? Which group of girls are you refering to? Do you mean our fellow candidates?" Mock shock on his face before the smile returns.

"Why narrow the field when there's an entire weyr to choose from?" Lukhanyo counters, but despite his words he's nodding. "Start with the candidates and we can go from there."

Nolan shrugs his shoulders, "I dunno, I've never been one to just pick and go for it. I sorta just always end up with women in my room and one thing leads to another." The young smith actually getting back to work with renewed vigour. "Besides we should hurry up if we want to actually sleep and wake up for breakfast."

Lukhanyo makes a noise that rather sounds like 'tsh'. "Ah but it's more fun to set yourself a target and then see how far things go." As Nolan goes back to work, Luka makes a vague attempt at the same, though without the enthusiasm. "A contest, then? First to get a kiss from one of the other candidates the other picks up his chores for a sevenday?"

Nolan laughs and shakes his head. "Lukhanyo, you don't want to take that bet, it would be as simple for me to ask one of the several other Candidate's that owe me a favour to give me a kiss. You would lose the moment I walked into the barracks."

"Such confidence!" Lukhanyo does recognise that for once his pride should just accept the dent and acknowledge defeat without even trying. I hope "Ah well. You won't mind if I still try, I hope. One or two have the potential to be rather spectacular."

Nolan grins at Lukhanyo a hand wrapping around the other crafters back and holding on firmly to the other's shoulder. "Well if their is one thing I know for sure, is if you put as much effort into work as you do with the ladies, you could go far, both as a rider and a crafter." With a quiet nod he moves back to the patch of the kitchen he was working on and quietly put himself to work. Large swaths of soot comming up with each scrub, clearly the smith is serious about hard working.

"Why thank you dear boy." Lukhanyo grins, genuinely seeming pleased with the compliment as he nods along, "You're not so bad youself. For a smith." With a laugh he goes back to damping the wall, not putting in half as much effort as his fellow candidate, but there's a vague happy humming that accompanies the work that had definitely been missing earlier. Perhaps Nolan is having a good effect on him after all.

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