Late Night Knot Swap

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Hearth Nook
This smaller room is separated off the main living cavern. The focal point is a big stone hearth, which always has a couple pots of stew and klah bubbling over it. Thick carpet lines the entire space and the room is has several cushy chairs and sofas spread around. There are no electric lights here, only glow baskets to keep the cosy effect.

It's an absolutely foul hour. There are no two ways around it - there's no rightful reason for anyone to be up this late. Well, that's not entirely true; it seems to be one of those times when Aglaia's out and about in the Weyr, when Valigath is - ostensibly - asleep and the Weyrwoman's free to spend time with her own thoughts. She's sneaked into the hearth nook with a mug of tea and some manner of snack, as well as a fairly unhealthy stack of paperwork that needs to be gone through. She settles into a chair, pulls part of the pile into her lap, and proceeds to stare blankly at it for some time.

Lysanne is an insomniac if there ever was one, but she's also the sort of person who functions quite well on little sleep. One of those mythic four-hour-a-nighters, who all people obsessed with productivity are jealous off. This late, it's become personal time for Lysanne, who has found her job wanting when it comes to giving her things to keep her mind going. She's got a chirpy blue firelizard who is also not particularly sleepy on her shoulder, and isn't expecting anyone else to be present as Aeolus makes his noises. "Oh," she says softly, stopping in her tracks, "— I'm sorry, ma'am, I wasn't expecting anyone else here and he's — shh, Aeolus." The firelizard ducks his head, chastised.

By now, Aglaia's been forced into that four-hour-a-nighter slot; less out of natural inclination and more out of brute necessity. Tonight is not a kind one for her, though, and she finally stirs from her staring to start poking at this or that - and then there's chirping. Firelizardly chirping. She winces reflexively and mutters, "Tiamat, I swear to all that's right and good in the world-" wait, no. That's not Tiamat. There's a slow blink and a slower turn as she shifts around in her chair to peer over the back of it - just the top of her head and a pair of eyes popped up to look at Lysanne. "No, it's- he's fine. Honest. Come in, come in. Plenty of room and all that," Aggie motions a bit around the side of the chair. "And it's just- ah, geez. Just call me Aglaia. No need to ma'am me at this hour; I barely know my own name right now, so that'll help."

"Apparently you do, unless it's not actually Aglaia," Lysanne, more relaxed as she sinks into a chair, lets enough of her own confidence out to tease the Weyrwoman. Then again, they're barely a turn apart in age, so it might not be all that unusual. "He really isn't fine, though, he's a racket. Probably shouldn't ever introduce him to your Tiamat, unless we wanted a midnight chorus?"

"Hey, now," Aggie laughs, the sound soft. "I'm only pretty sure because it's on all of these," the papers are jostled. "If I could find the real Aglaia, I'd be more than happy to give all of this nonsense to her." She hooks her tea and takes a sip, wincing yet again at the very notion. "Goodness, no. It wouldn't be a chorus - it'd be a nightmare." Deadpan, that. She shudders. "But, I think she's sleeping, so we're safe for now. Ah-" she pauses, squints at Lysanne and comes up blank and defeated. "-drat. What's your name? Have we met?" She must be addled.

Aeolus' singing skills aren't actually too bad, on his own, but at this hour — it's obnoxious chirping. He'd be overjoyed to join a gold in creating even more obnoxious chirping. "Do you want some help with it?" Lysanne offers automatically, before registering the question: "Er, no, I don't think so, not properly. I'm Lysanne. I'm probably not qualified to help with whatever that is, though if there's anything I can do —" She looks both wide awake and a little bit too wide awake, as if she is more wired than just awake.

There is, fortunately, no trace of Aglaia's lesser seen - but no less nightmarish - golds. This is something of a relief to the Weyrwoman, even if she still looks utterly fried at the edges. "Oh- what? This? I don't- I mean." Stammering ensues and she bites her tongue to stall it out. After a beat, she starts over with, "It's nice to meet you, Lysanne. Sorry, I'm just running on tea and raw nerves right now, you know? All the Candidates and Feyruth being Feyruth and Valigath being Valigath and the kitchens and the whatever-the-fardles-they-are in the pools and," breathing is suddenly important and she stops to catch her breath. "And then this. It's just- it's all the paperwork for the kitchens and some inventory business and bills. If you've got a head for this business, then I'd be more than happy to hand it off. Our Headwoman is a fine woman, but sometimes…" She trails off, brow furrowed.

"Maybe I do. What needs to be done?" Lysanne is all ears — well, all eyes, first, taking a look over what she's actually able to see and taking it in. "I'm usually pretty good at organizing things, keeping track of people, paperwork, that sort of thing. It's most of what I do as an archivist, only I'm not really doing enough so I've got plenty of time to take on extra tasks. There aren't that many old papers that need going through, here. The shimmery pool stuff is really neat, though," she adds, and then cuts herself off. "Never mind. Not helpful. Inventory and bills sound easy enough, if tiring." She doesn't seem at all daunted by it, though. She seems excited.

"Well, if you want the pool stuff," Aglaia reaches for the other stack of paperwork near her. "There's that. Lots of Crafters requesting permission to study them or collect them - and the water, too, I guess? Which, I mean, that all just needs signatures. I've already read them all, I just… it's been a day." She'll come around again, though, to the actual question - even as she's offering the two stacks for Lysanne to pick from, "Just organizing it all. Tallying up the total cost and matching the invoicing with the requests and all that. The Headwoman'll handle paying it - I just need to sign off on it. And then the inspections-" She blows out a breath. "I'll take care of that, though. Janja and Kadesh have enough to do and I know our Headwoman's buried in her own work. I've been telling her that she needs-" Aggie cuts off abruptly, biting her tongue again.

"Unfortunately, I doubt I can fake your signature," Lysanne starts to add a 'ma'am,' cuts it off again. That doesn't mean she isn't eagerly taking the papers, rifling through them. "That's simple enough. Invoicing's almost soothing. It sounds like you need a bigger Headwoman's staff," the Harper guesses delicately, "to be able to delegate some of this, if she isn't able to do things that I would expect would be her job. The organizing part, anyway. Isn't a Weyrwoman only meant to do the inspecting parts, and the read-over and sign parts?" She doesn't really know; she's legitimately curious, but pretty confident in her assumptions.

Aggie takes the stack that's not claimed and settles it in her lap. "They just need a signature," she replies, "if not from me, then Kadesh or Janja or the Headwoman. As far as that goes, we might as well be the same person." She laughs a little and shakes her head "But, yeah. That's mostly what we do. I mean, us - the weyrwomen. All the boring stuff, mostly. I usually handle the invoicing and all of that, too, but with the things in the pool, I've been busy fielding a lot of other stuff on that end. Trying to work out contracts and-" she flaps a hand as if to mark all of that as 'boring stuff that no sane soul needs to hear more about'. "You're right, though," she says after a beat. "We do need more assistants to help. And if Cosima's not willing to do the deed, then- well. I might as well, right? Do you really like doing this kind of stuff, Lysanne? I mean, is there anything you're better at as far as this goes? I know you're an archivist, but if you prefer one thing more than another, I'm all ears."

Oh, what a question. A terribly dangerous question. Lysanne should hesitate more, but when she opens her mouth, it's only a matter of seconds: "I've always been fondest of records work," another swallow of honorific, "Making notes, keeping track of lineages and finances and legal briefs, that kind of thing. The living archive, so to speak? I don't particularly find it boring, even though I think a lot of other people would find records administration and keeping track of who is where when and why just about the dullest thing ever. It's so interesting reading old duty rosters, you know?" Lysanne is sure she doesn't. "I mean, if you're me."

There's a soft laugh and a nod. Aglaia grins, though that grin is naturally a bit tilted. "No, no. I mean. I was raised on doing inventories and invoicing and sales projections and all of that for my dad. So, I'm just… good at that stuff. Not so much with the lineages or those records, see? I mean, they're interesting and I like them, but… I never had as much of a head for them as I did with numbers and marks." Her eyes gloss for a moment, then clear up just as quickly, while she continues without skipping a beat. "We really could use an extra set of eyes and hands that's good with the rest of it - the legal briefs and all of that, I mean. All the scattered little things that would probably just be shoved in a heap somewhere to be left and forgotten." She shifts slightly and leans forward, elbows resting lightly on the stack in her lap. "I'm probably crossing a line here, but- would you want to help out Cosima? I mean, you'd still do what you're supposed to do for your craft but, if you found yourself with some spare time…"

Lysanne actually looks a blend of intrigued and hopeful; after all, she does have too much of it. Spare time. "I'm probably not really supposed to," she muses, because of course she'll end up making trouble with the Craft, but who cares? "But I definitely wouldn't mind. I like that kind of thing enough, and I wouldn't want any of it to be forgotten. Or misplaced. Whatever you'd like me to do — it is your authority, I think, to put me to doing those things. I have too much time on my hands, I can always pick up another few hats. I'm also told I'm good at wrangling people, that's probably — useful. Somehow. Because I'm really not much for teaching."

Timing is everything - and it's about then that a blue firelizard blips out of *between* and helpfully drops a knot directly on Aglaia's head. With a sigh, the Weyrwoman collects it, shakes it out, and unceremoniously presents it to Lysanne. "It's yours if you want it," she says, her half-smile lingering. "I'm sure the Craft won't be too happy, but- I guess we'll deal with that when the time comes. What's the saying about asking first or apologizing later?" She tries, desperately, to dig that adage up, but comes up with a big ol' goose egg instead. "Anyway, ah. If you want to tackle those, just take them to Cosima when you're done - or bring them directly to me, I guess? I mean, I'll need them either way, but-" really, it's more a matter of convenience for Lysanne as that goes - and Cosima's probably easier to find at this point. "I should probably get this finished up quickly so I can sneak back into my weyr before Valigath wakes up." Uh oh.

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