Empty Frustrations

Half Moon Bay - Tidal Pools
Up a path from the lagoon sits a plateau of tidal pools. The shallowness of the pools combined with the dark stone they're made up of means that Rukbat beating on the pools in the daytime keeps them warm. The rock has been hewn gently on most of the pools to allow for ledges to sit on while still in the water. The pools allow for a more private, relaxed atmosphere than the beach below. When they are occupied, it is not uncommon to see a waitress or waiter come up from the Tiki Lounge to serve drinks to the occupants.

It's evening time, so without the burning hot Rukbat to keep him indoors or beneath the shade of tree, Jaelyn can venture out further. He can be found at the tidal pools, alone of course, wearing only knee length swim shorts and his jewelry. Goggles and beanie are nowhere to be found, nor is his computer. He simply sits in his solitude, idly swishing his feet in ankle deep water back and forth, shoulders slumped.

"This is where you've been?" Venryk wanders out, heading down along the path. He might be in shorts, but there's also a tank on his torso, hanging from him a bit. Perhaps a size too big. He's only got sandals on though, looking just a bit awkward walking in the still unfamiliar footwear. One does not typically wear those in Fort. He makes his way over to the pool Jaelyn's situated at though, sliding the footwear off before he can sit down next to the other candidate. He puffs out a bit of air then, and simply looks out at the water. "So, the weather here's pretty nice, once you get used to it."

Seemingly lost in his own thoughts, Jaelyn startles some when the youngest of the healer candidates interrupts the silence he was enjoying. Golden eyes dart the other boy's direction as he comes to sit beside him, but otherwise he doesn't budge a muscle just yet. "Are ya seriously talklin' to me about the weather?" he asks, giving his feet another swirl in the pool before he lashes lower and falls silent again. His hands are poised on the rock on either side of his legs, fingers slightly curled over the edge.

Venryk blinks for a moment, then..pauses to think. "Yes…?" Well..what? He /is/ talking about the weather! "I mean, I've only really been at Fort, and it was awful when I first got here and now it's nice. And I know you said you came in from Ista so I thought maybe you /kinda/ liked the weather here? Though you don't go outside much so I guess maybe not.. I dunno." There's a small sigh given, before he leans to nudge his shoulder against the other candidate's, peering at him curiously. "Though, you know, they're not going to let you get away with that forever. Someone's bound to notice.."

Jaelyn snorts softly, but lets Venryk ramble as he may, his gaze having returned to the moonlit pool before him. To say that the Istan born computer crafter's mood had not improved with the weather, would be an understatement. He doesn't say a thing about how he feels about Half Moon Bay or how it compared to Ista, focusing instead on the shoulder bump that soon follows. "Ain't like I didn't warn 'em that I wasn't candidate material." he replies softly, his pension towards toneless as persistent as ever. He levels his gaze upon Venryk then, his expression betryaing nothing, and he merely looks the other boy over for several long studious moment before golden eyes descend upon the water once again, "Ya'll make a good dragonrider though." Gasp! Was that a….compliment? Stop the presses, lock up your daughters, it's clearly Armageddon.

Venryk definitely looks startled at the random compliment, gaping at Jaelyn for a good few seconds. "Wha..you think?" Well! Color the candidate a bit bashful about compliments from Jae. Still, there's a mild shake of his head, and he shifts to turn sideways. It leaves one foot in the water, but the other bends so he can look at the other teen fully. "Jaelyn. Do you /want/ to be a dragonrider at all? I'm not saying that you wouldn't make a good one. I mean, you're kinda intent on the fact that you'd be a bad candidate, but you haven't said anything about being a rider. But is it something you /want/?"

The computer crafter pays the reaction to his passing compliment no mind at all, save for a single bob of his head in confirmation. However, the weight of Venryk's following question causes Jaelyn's shoulders to dip somewhat lower before his eyes slide to the corner to which the other boy was closest. He'll just look at him sideways like this for several heartbeats before he shakes his head just vaguely. Gaze is returned to the pool, lifting a hand to point to the place right over his heart, "I got nothin' in here to offer a dragon. I'm completely empty inside. I dun feel nothin' for nothin'." he explains, keeping his monotone voice on the quieter side of volume. There was no one around, but he had always been particular with whom he shared his more personal thoughts. "All I got is the rage and the lust, and neither of 'em are ever satisfied."

Venryk lets out a bit of a breath, gaze sliding elsewhere. The water is at least something to look at, so that's where the healer's gaze settles. "That's a load of shit." The healer's mouth isn't often so colorful! But there it is, eyes turning back onto Jaelyn seriously. "You can keep telling yourself that, but it's /not/ true. And it's stupid. Nobody's ever presented it to me as what do I have to /offer/ a dragon, Jae." His arms fold, wrapping just a bit over his chest as he looks at the other teen, this time with a frown touching his lips. "What about what it'd give you, huh? I'm not gonna pretend that I really /get/ everything that goes on in your head. A dragon would. That's gotta be something worth having, at least it sounds like it to me."

There is another soft snort, which is all the cursing earns Venryk, his attention remaining on the water and the way it ripples with the manipulation of his feet dragged through the warmth of it. "Ya? How many time ya been searched?" he asks, not bothering to look over as he asks. "This is my sixth time since I was twelve, so it kinda loses the magic after three or four rounds." Three turns of rejection might just explain a few things possibly, but Jae doesn't dwell on it. When the healer goes on, he then chooses to drop his attention directly onto him, the expression on his face as stoic as ever. "Ya dun know shit about what goes on in mah head, not that its anythin' special or nothin'. I dun particularly want anyone pokin' around in there." Other than volatile, private would be another word easily used to describe the computer crafter, for he shared so little of himself that one would be hard pressed to find anyone that could honestly say they knew him well.

Venryk tilts his head just a little bit. "You're right, I don't. I'd like to, though." The candidate lifts a hand then, scratching at a bare arm slightly before he heaves out a sigh. Then he simply moves to get to his feet, shaking out the water still attached to his toes. "If you want something, sitting around and doing nothing won't help you get it. That's all I'm saying. You didn't say no when they Searched you, why spend the rest of the time here acting like you did?"

Lashes lower some as Venryk gets up, but he doesn't follow the movement with his eyes. Instead he returns them to the water as the healer candidate prepares to leave apparently, weathering his sigh. "Dun see how muckin' stables or scrubbin' latrines is gunna make a lick of difference, but whatever ya say." There is a pause before he finally laughs humorlessly, it was just as hollow sounding as the way he spoke. "I did say no, several times." he informs, shifting his palms along the rock until they reside behind him a ways, so that he can lean and peer upwards at Venryk. "Rather die among the jellyfish, than freeze. I know that ain't what ya want to hear Ryk, but it is what it is. I told ya I weren't worth yer time, sounds like yer finally figurin' that out for yerself." He offers a smile, however faint. "Nice while it lasted."

Venryk pauses, blinking a bit as he looks back at Jaelyn. "/Maybe/ getting some work into you will make your brain work too! You figure out how to make all those machines do stuff, but nothing else." He shakes his head slowly though, working his feet back into the sandals he'd abandoned for the water. "Nobody can /make/ you come out for Search. And no, Jae. I didn't think for one minute you came out here because this is where I was." And that part might hurt a little bit, but there's another breath sucked in and his tone remains as upbeat as ever. His eyes do roll however, straightening up again now that both sandals are on. "You're the most frustrating person I've ever met. I'm walking back to the Weyr, Jae, not telling you to leave me alone. You're quite welcome to get off your butt and come right along with me, but I'm going to get myself a snack and see what's going on at this hour, since I'm not quite ready for bed. Honestly, so dramatic.." There's another headshake for that though, before the healer candidate turns to stroll off the way he came.

When Venryk lingers, Jaelyn returns to being hunched over the pool, working his feet again through the water. He has apparently nothing to say about his brain working or how he choose to spent his time. "She was about as persistent as ya are, so ya apparently ya can make someone agree even if they dun wanna." he says soft and stubbornly sticking to what he believes happened that morning by the feeding pens. There is no denying though, that he hadn't come for the healer, but he had been nothing but honest with Venryk, save for denying he had any feelings for him. "Ya, I know." he agrees on the level of frustration he instilled in others, not denying that either. "Ya go and have a good time." Dramatic or no, he doesn't budge from the spot he'd glued himself to, keeping his back to Venryk and not even so much as wishing him farewell.

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