Looks Aren't Everything

Western Weyr - Lagoon Shore
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Sometimes riders and dragons are seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl. A path winds out along a ledge out to the docks to the southwest, the lagoon to the west and the bowl to the east.
The vast majority of residents bustle back and forth on their many errands, keeping Western Weyr running smoothly. Children released from lessons scamper across the bowl while weyrlings bathe by the lagoon and practice. Delivery wings can be seen coming and going all day long overhead.The days grow longer over the spring months, the air seeming more fresh and warm than it did over the winter.

Kh'zan has momentarily given up on a generator he'd been working on and is laying out on the beach in the shade cast by Quamirth. The brown himself doesn't really look like a proper dragon, but he is on nonetheless. There's some people out in the water splashing about and a few dragons. The brown himself looks as if he's pondering the water. That is until Kh'zan sits up with a yelp and smacks at some bug that seems to have bit him. "Well so much for that."

One of those people out by the water's edge would be Th'ero, his gaze following Velokraeth as the young bronze swims lazily nearby. Despite being out in public, the weyrling seems to be lost in his own thoughts, arms crossed loosely over his chest. He probably would have remained as such, were it not for Kh'zan's yelp. That snaps Th'ero out of it long enough for him to turn and glance over his shoulder. The generator by the brownrider is given a long look and eventually curiosity pulls him in. "Something happen?" he asks as he approaches, then grimaces a little when he realizes he's skipped formalities again and lapses into an awkward silence. Picking up on his rider's curiosity, Velokraeth pauses in his swimming, stepping out to shore and promptly shaking himself off - regardless of who may be nearby.

Kh'zan hmms a moment and then ohs. "It's a bit warn out is all, suffered some storm damage and it's getting in and figuring what seals and such need replacing and other parts without having to replace it all. That and keeping Quamirth from getting too interested in it. He's good if I want it completely dismantled, but there's no inbetween with him." He doesn't seem to notice the lack of formalites. He's laying on the beach after all. "So, how's training going?"

Th'ero simply stares at the generator as if it's the most alien concept he's ever seen. Tech savvy? He is not. All the same, he nods his head a little at Kh'zan's explanation, though it's clear from the way the weyrling's brows are furrowed that little of it made sense to him. "What is it used for? I'm guessing it's fairly important if it's been worn out." Th'ero asks, before giving a brief curious side-glace to Quamirth. "Huh. He enjoys helping with that?" he muses, glancing back to Kh'zan and relaxing enough around the brownrider to at least smile. But the smile is brief and it falters at the next question. "It's…going well." Th'ero carefully replies, though he fools no one. "Not entirely what I expected, but it's a learning experience."

Kh'zan nods "It can be fairly important. This one was a backup generator for lights. When the power goes, this one kicked in. Some generators can serve as backups for some heating systems for sands, or incubators." he gives an understanding smile "Weyrlinghood is something else, but it does teach you a lot, even if you're sure you don't need it. So what about it bothers you?"

Again, Th'ero simply considers the generator with an uncertain look, no doubt simply taking the brownrider's word for it. Kh'zan could probably tell him something false and the weyrling would take it as truth. "Ahh, it does sound important, now that I know its purpose." He agrees, smiling hesitantly. Again, he seems awkward and glances away and across the lagoon where Velokraeth has settled into the warm sand to bask in the sun. It's a few seconds before Th'ero looks back to Kh'zan. "Oh, it's not so much the actual training." He explains while settling himself down on the shaded sands. "It's…other things." Seems the weyrling is going to be stubborn about getting to the truth of the issue.

Again, Th'ero simply considers the generator with an uncertain look, no doubt simply taking the brownrider's word for it. Kh'zan could probably tell him something false and the weyrling would take it as truth. "Ahh, it does sound important, now that I know its purpose." He agrees, smiling hesitantly. Again, he seems awkward and glances away and across the lagoon where Velokraeth has settled into the warm sand to bask in the sun. It's a few seconds before Th'ero looks back to Kh'zan. "Oh, it's not so much the actual training." He explains while settling himself down on the shaded sands. "It's…other things." Seems the weyrling is going to be stubborn about getting to the truth of the issue.

Kh'zan hmms as he looks at the young man as he settles down "Other things? Relationship things? Drinking? Family? Don't make me drag it out of you. I won't scream at you if you've had sex with one of the other candidates." he notes. "Come on. What is it? I'm here for you. You know that right?"

Th'ero visibly colors at a few of those suggestions, clearing his throat slightly. "Shells, no, no to a lot of those." He says with a smirk. He was a good candidate, honest! Eventually though the weyrling knows he won't win against the brownrider or he's simply tired of just dealing with it himself. "Zi'on told me not to worry." He begins, one hand coming up to scrub tiredly at the side of his face. "It's obvious by looking at Velokraeth that he's not…" Normal? "…well he's different. When he was younger it seemed not to affect him at all. But now he's beginning to notice. And I'm not sure if that's him or my own worries. But he's starting to snap back at what used to just…not bother him at all." Grimacing, Th'ero pauses for a moment before adding. "Doesn't help that M'cha has to make jokes every chance he gets. Not always blatant or obvious, but it's there."

Kh'zan glances over towards the dragon and then tilts his head a bit. "Well, I suppose he is a bit different looking, and well. They're still young, but now they're not just noticing you and themselves anymore. They'll notice other things. Look at Quamirth, he doesn't look quite like a proper dragon either. Look at his legs." Quamirth warbles a little and actually stands up a bit and gives himself a bit of a shake. He waddles out towards the water and towards the weyrling dragon. He's certainly not at all graceful on land. "Quamirth had a time adjusting as well. He was better once we got into the water, and then even more so once we could fly. It took some time and unfortunately we tended to be apart from the group." As for the other part "Now, M'cha. That's a different problem. If it's real bad, I would suggest talking to the Weyrlingmaster about it, but well Remarks will be made and you will need to learn how to take them until you can prove yourself in other ways."

Th'ero does as he's asked and glances over to where Quamirth has risen and watches as he moves to join Velokraeth. That does seem to put the weyrling at ease a little and he continues to watch even as his bronze rumbles a friendly enough greeting to the brown. "So there's a chance that he could grow into it a little?" he asks, glancing back to Kh'zan as he does. Th'ero doesn't seem as tense as before, or awkward, but he's still weighing every thought. "You two were apart in your group?" That does seem to interest Th'ero, no doubt because it allows some form of connection between him and a brownrider he knows little of. At the mention of M'cha, Th'ero's mood seems to drop again and he simply shakes his head. "I had issues with him even in candidacy. Before I could ignore him because I could escape. Not as easy now. And it's no so much my reaction … it's Velokraeth's." Again, he pauses, mulling over his thoughts. "I guess I could go to the Weyrlingmaster. It just seems so… tattle-tale like. Childish, I suppose."

Kh'zan gives a nod "We were alone a lot. Some of that was my own doing though. I took to showing Quamirth engines and generators and such to take my mind of things and well we'd get engrossed." There's a pause and a wry grin "That is until he started taking everything apart. Or well it would fall apart when he concentrated on it too much." he notes. "As for your weyrling mate. Just remember this. Little things, can grow into big things. Weyrling dragons are temepermental creatures. Easily upset. Which is why no drinking and other activities. You all are a wing. Wing members not only have to learn to work together, but to trust each other as well. Even more so when you get into formation practice. If it is affecting Velokraeth so much that you are worried about him. Then approach your trainers. I guarantee they've dealt with similar things in the past."

"Ahh, so that's why he enjoys your work so much?" Th'ero asks, titling his head a little to the side. Eventually, even he is grinning lightly as well. "Heh, well at least he was enthusiastic about it? Have to admit, he's the first I've heard that has had such a fascination with machinery." Again, his gaze moves out to where Velokraeth continues to passively bask in the sun and to where Quamirth may be nearby. "Velokraeth is curious about everything too, though it never goes as far as to dismantling anything. He'll ask me to explain it if he doesn't understand and that seems to satisfy him enough." Th'ero then lapses into silence as he politely listens to Kh'zan's advice. For a moment, he frowns again, still silent but eventually his expression relaxes as he gives a slight sigh. "I know. And I'm trying to accept that as much as I dislike him, he's a rider like me. All one team, like you said." There's another grimace. "Maybe I'll warn him to back off first before resorting to speaking to the Weyrlingmasters. That could work, couldn't it?"

Quamirth in the water is like nothing to how he is on land. As the brown enters and submerges, he's very much like a fish and moves gracefully through the water. There's a warbled call to Velokraeth, inviting him out. "Well, if you go about it in a mature fashion, it could work. How old is this M'cha? Sometimes youth isn't as easily reasoned with. But distractions work well with dragons. Also work on visualizating excercises. He'll be busy concentrating that he might not notice the others as much. A blindfold and an open space can do wonders."

Velokraeth's oversized head cants a little to the side as he observes Quamirth in the water. He seems to consider the invitation and then accepts it by slowly pulling himself up to his feet and waddling his way into the waters. Like the brown, the young bronze does gain some form of gracefulness when swimming, though it still does little to hide his physical oddities. Th'ero's attention however is focused on the brownrider, trusting the young bronze to be alone without his constant watch for a few moments. "I'm not about to start a fight." He says truthfully, though the weyrling has probably been tempted in the past. "M'cha? He's young. And spoiled, so no, he is not easy to reason with." Blinking slightly, Th'ero gives Kh'zan a bit of a curious look. "A blindfold?" he echos, uncertain to how this exercise will benefit either him or Velokraeth, but he's too curious to simply not inquire more about it. "On me? I…guess we could try that. It'd be something different then strength exercises all the time. Velokraeth does seem to enjoy challenges that involve more thinking then strength."

Kh'zan chuckles "Yes, a blindfold on you. Basically, you have Velokraeth guide you too him, using his site. Your minds are linked, so it can work two ways. Not only can you picture something for him, but he can do the same for you as well. It takes some practice, but it is possible to navigate around obstacles." He looks thoughtful though about M'cha "Well, that can make it harder, course as you guys get into harder training, he may find he has less time to be a bully. So things could resolve themselves. Or he could have his own problems. Quamirth has his own physical oddities, his short legs though are less noticable in the water. Still he look's more like a salamander than a dragon.

Th'ero is listening attentively again to Kh'zan as the brownrider outlines the exercise and by the end of the explanation, the weyrling seems keen on the whole idea. "I don't have to ask permission to do this, do I?" he asks, though regardless he's no doubt plotting to attempt it. He's so preoccupied thinking about it that he doesn't seem to mull so much on the issue with M'cha. Kh'zan has pretty much just given him a tool that'll allow him to escape the other weyrling and still do something productive. "Hopefully they'll resolve themselves. But I'll take your advice if I need to and seek out the Weyrlingmasters if he continues on." Velokraeth doesn't seem to consider Quamirth different, but then the young bronze is still only just figuring it out himself. Instead, he's watching the brown with obvious curiosity. Eventually, the young bronze tires though and slowly turns back to shore.

There's a headshake "There should be no problem, after all, it's something that'll help strengthen your bond with each other as well, and that is always encouraged." Kh'zan notes. He glances at the two dragons "And just remember. Looks aren't everything. Heart matters a lot." he smiles "And you will always have each other. Don't ever forget that. Support him and he'll support you."

"That's good to know." Th'ero admits, actually smiling at the brownrider for once. The rest of Kh'zan's advice is taken as seriously as the rest and the weyrling nods his head. "I won't forget. Thanks…" and now he fumbles. All this time, and he never even asked the rider's name? Embarrassment crosses Th'ero's features, but speaking of bonds, Velokraeth politely fills him in. "…Kh'zan. For the advice." Slowly, Th'ero pulls himself up to his feet, pausing to brush the sand from his pants. Velokraeth has waddled closer now and there's some interest given to the generator and the brownrider. But then his focus shifts to Th'ero and there's a bit of an impatient huff. Swimming has made the young bronze hungry and he's eager to get back. "Good luck with the repairs." Th'ero muses, giving Kh'zan a half wave, half salute and a bit of a crooked smile. He doesn't linger long after that, and he turns to follow Velokraeth back to the barracks before the bronze starts really calling attention to his hunger.

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