First One Gets a Rotten Egg - Fey Touching 1

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Hatching Grounds
The entryway is in the shade, but its no escape from the heat. The heat of the hatching sands nearby is such that it warms even a cavern as big as the one before you. The edges of the entryway look to have been carved by a dragon's claws, possibly the original queen who first chose this place and broke down the wall to make it posible for her to enter. The rest of the cavern looks like a natural formation, except the seats of the galleries perhaps.

Lukhanyo moves into the hatching sands, from the hatching grounds.

Citayzleat wanders into the hatching sands, from the hatching grounds.

Jaelyn moves into the hatching sands, from the hatching grounds.

Pieta leads the first small lot of candidates to the entrance of the hatch sands where a tired looking pregnant rider waits. Janja nods at the assistant weyrlingmaster who steps to the back and waits. The goldrider waits for all the candidates to settle down some and starts speaking. "Ok, first off congratulations. You've made it this far. Some ground rules. Please enter and move through the sands quietly and calmly. Be respectful to each other and to Feyruth and her clutch. This is important for any clutch, but especially Fey." She gives a half-hearted smile. "Any funny business, and I do mean any, and you will all have to leave. Fey is very easily angered." Pieta snickers at this. "Finally, try not to be too concerned about her fussing but if I tell you to back off, do so right away. If she ignores you, that's a good thing." With that, Janja waddles over to her little make-shift cooling tent with seat and iced juice. Pieta signals the candidates forward, adding "One candidate per egg please. Touch lightly and gently."

Lukhanyo is here, lurking mostly to the rear of the little group and, unsurprisingly, close to one of the female candidates - unfortunately for him she seems intent on ignoring him, and is actually rather good at it despite his comment of "…and they are such lovely eyes." that comes out slightly louder than perhaps he had intended as Janja stops speaking. At least he has the decenty to look slightly embarrassed at having been caught not entirely paying attention, but some of it must have sunk in somewhere as he moves onto the sands. it's only a coincidence that he chooses to touch the egg right next to where his current 'target' has gone. Right?

--——< Lukhanyo touches egg 9 - Egg of Ancient Power >

Looking half-asleep probably because Pieta had to physically drag him from his bed, Jaelyn yawns and wanders in with the others that were collected, sticking more or less towards the back of the small batch. As Janja speaks, half-lidded eyes more or less remain on the goldrider unless the eggs are mentioned, because at that point his attention is divided between them and her. His gaze follows the waddling woman until she takes a seat, and then flicks it to Pieta. Stony expression in place, he then surveys the clutch and selects one in the bunch to gently slide a hand over.

--—< Jaelyn touches egg 4 - Capturing the Memories Egg >

Citayzleat looks like she might faint. The generally-unflappable candidate is pale, but not shaking, lips pressed into a thin line and jaw set. Like a woman walking the plank, she stands stiff, listening intently to the rider's directives. Feyruth's presence — well. The dragon is impressive, but she's not what's really got Cita ruffled. She looks entirely more concerned about the eggs. "Thank you, ma'am." The candidate murmurs as she picks her way slowly, carefully across the sands. As she goes, her shoulders get a little straighter, but the pinched look on her face is at least replaced by discomfort. Hot! The egg she touches first is approached hesitantly, but Cita's no coward; she steels herself, and just barely brushes her fingers across the shell.

--—-< Citayzleat touches egg 5 - Close to My Heart Egg >

Lukhanyo's hand jerks back off the egg, the crafter-turned-candidate glancing around to see if anyone actually spotted him reacting as he did. There's a moment's clear hesitation before his hand makes its way back to the shell, his touch gentle, almost as if soothing a startled creature.

Jaelyn wrinkles his nose for some reason, using his free hand to rub at with with the length of one finger. A soft sneeze erupts soon after and with a bit of a frown he simply wipes his hand on his shirt. If there is any interest in what he's finding within this egg, it certainly doesn't show, merely shifting his touch to somewhere else along the egg's surface as if simply turning the page will yeild better results.

Feyruth rumbles and growls as the candidates begin to filter through the eggs. Her wings stir restlessly, not quite mantling but definitely lifting more then might be comfortable for some of those hold or craft bred candidates. Janja mutters soothing sounds and random words under her breath as the queen reluctantly steps back.

Lukhanyo's second hand comes down to rest on the egg now - his 'target' from earlier is forgotten, indeed she's safely wandered off to another egg and he never even registered the fact. For a second there's a flicker of anger in his expression as the mind in the shell touches something still rather raw, and one hand moves to brush his cheek as if a speck of sand had landed there (or perhaps a slap slightly more recently).

Cita's eyes widen. That's — not her thoughts, and warned or not, she freezes. Her head falls to the side, and brows furrow, before she closes her eyes and tips her head down in concentration. The healer's hand twitches, but she doesn't remove it (Or notice anybody else. Safe!). Whatever it is, Cita doesn't look as alarmed as she might have been thinking. She *does* blink when somebody sneezes, and the sight of Feyruth not-quite mantling over there? Yeah, it gets a little bit of a frown. She doesn't run for the hills, though!

Now it was Jaelyn's turn to jump, cracks appearing in his mask of stoicism, and the clear unhappiness peering through. He almost completely lifts his hand off the shell this time before his jaw sets with a kind of steely determination, golden eye narrowing to almost slits. Feyruth's rumbles and growl are enough of a distraction, that his face returns to its normal facade of indifference, and he glances her way before then looking to Janja. He had been paying attention when she said to be mindful of the queen's mood, perhaps unwilling to die for the sake of groping an egg. This momentary distraction does not last and soon he's back to focusing on his egg.

Lukhanyo jerks back from the egg, contact breaking in almost exact synchronicity with his muttered "What the…." With a shake of his head he glances around. Still on the sands, still surrounded by people, good job not swearing. Whatever happened he's definitely not putting his hands back on that egg, and in fact he moves quite a distance away from it before he risks putting one hand, very carefully, on another shell.

---< Lukhanyo leaves egg 9 - Egg of Ancient Power

---< Lukhanyo touches egg 2 - Furled Fingers Egg >

Okay, yeah, Jaelyn is done with this one. Whatever was going on there with that egg, has the tension building rapidly until finally he just lifts his hand off and manages not to do something that would get him eaten. He takes several steps back, and only then does he drop his arm back to his side. A frown has become etched on his face, eyeballing the sand-nestled ovoid somewhat before he turns and looks over the rest of those collected. He takes a few precious moments to collect himself before he moves to another egg and tries again. Maybe, just maybe, he'll shoot that last one a narrowed expression before refocusing his efforts once again.

--—-< Jaelyn leaves egg 4 - Capturing the Memories Egg >

--—< Jaelyn touches egg 7 - Can You Keep a Secret? Egg >

Janja remains in her little tent, sipping at a clear juice. She seems nearly as restless as her dragon though, shifting as if unable to be comfortable and even occasionally grimacing. One hand rubs at her belly. For a moment Feyruth stops her grumbling at the candidates and croons low and slow at her rider.

Is that…a smile? Cita might be smiling a little, even just slightly concerned that the dam might snap and eat one of them. The smile is brief, though, distracted by some thought or other that's *not* hers. That reminder has her elbow twitching backwards, feet shuffling in the scalding sands. It might be intrusive, but it's what they signed up for. That, and the possibility of dismemberment. Mindful of Feyruth, Cita returns the very tips of her fingers to the shell tentatively, glancing briefly around to ensure the remaining limb-ness of her peers. Right. They're (probably) fine.

And now he's talking to eggs. The thought is written clear as day across Lukhanyo's expression as he mutters, "I'm me. You're an egg.", and then rubs at the back of his neck awkwardly as if that would erase the fact he'd said it. Though clearly more relaxed with this shelled being the whole experience seems to have rattled him somewhat, and for all his hand stays where it is there's a definite uneasiness about him. Or maybe wind. The expressions are fairly similar.

For someone not very expressive, the eggs seem to be proving this an inaccuracy. Admittedly Jaelyn tended to be one of the more consistently grumpy of his candidate group, but his eyes widen a touch as his fingers slide over the smooth surface of his latest egg. Of course those eyes are soon to narrow and the Istan born boy begins to bristle with a small degree of irritation. Does anything make this kid happy? He straightens some, chin lifting upwards as he stubbornly refuses to be beaten. Or, something.

Cita's eyebrows draw down again, face scrunching up with — sympathy? Sadness? Something not as pleasant, now, but it's a long moment before she draws back. There's a pause between the step back and the removal of her hand, and Cita nods, mouth frowning around words that are completely unreasonable. *She* is totally not going to talk to the eggs, right? Instead, she moves slowly towards another, steps slow and careful, as not-distracted as she can manage by Feyruth's noises or the dragon's rider. The egg is eyed for a long moment, but again Cita squares up and carefully touches the edge of a marking on the shell.

--—-< Citayzleat leaves egg 5 - Close to My Heart Egg >

-——< Citayzleat touches egg 1 - New and Breaking Through Egg >

The tension that had built along Jaelyn's shoulders doesn't so much as melt away as completely vanish, immediately replaced with a kind of weary slump. At least the irritation goes along with it, equally changed out for an expression of exhaustion. He mumbles something about Venryk, using his free hand this time to rub at his eyes with thumb and pointer finger, but at least he stays to see if there might be something else besides whatever has made him look so worn out suddenly.

Lukhanyo is clearly feeling some discomfort, or confusion, or… something unpleasant anyway because he just turns and walks away from the egg he was touching. It's to Pieta he makes his apologies, claiming an urgent need to use 'the facilities', and with a quick nod to Janja he's off.

The answer to that question is a resounding no. A soft suffering groan escapes Jaelyn, and he lifts his hand up and off the egg. "How'd they get him in there?" he mutters to himself, taking a turn around the unassuming ovoid, before he shakes his head and moves on again. He does pause though among the eggs as if trying to be more selective, as if that could happen. He's had to misses thus far from the looks of it, and he might just be trying to find just one of the dozen that doesn't turn him green.

--—-< Jaelyn leaves egg 7 - Can You Keep a Secret? Egg >

---< Jaelyn touches egg 9 - Egg of Ancient Power >

Something settles in the stiff line of Cita's shoulders. The candidate goes stiff as a board at first, but then she shifts, and tentatively shuffles closer to the egg. Not too close. There's space, but now the healer's hand shifts, so-careful as she glances over towards Lukhanyo's exit with a brief frown. Distraction, though, comes with a startled kind of blink. It reaches, Cita steadies, calm and looking less terrified than she has yet. "You're fine." What was that she was thinking about not talking to eggs not yet hatched? At least she's not the only one.

Janja frowns. "I don't think they are making many connections, love." The gold responses to this by glaring at the candidates and grumbling. "Oh, not to worry. There are more where these ones came from. And there's plenty more eggs for them to touch." Pieta's busy rolling her eyes at the goldrider and soothing one small weyr boy who seems genuinely worried at the twit's chatter. "Don't worry about Janja." Pieta comforts him. "She hasn't a clue."

Cita's not moving. She's steady now, breathing slowly, eyes following minute designs along the shell or maybe nothing at all. She'll do what she can: and even smile, now, laughing at some odd sensation or other. Clumsy, the candidate does as she's asked — she'll share what she can, now, awkward and unsure of how to go about it. Still. It's better than fainting cold onto the shell, right? Definitely. That's the other option, beyond 'accept that the thing is actually happening'. Or running away from the again-grumbling Feyruth.

Almost too reluctant to even put his fingers out, Jaelyn very nearly winces as he very lightly caresses only the tips of his fingers across the egg's surface. There is but a single pause before he is at attention, back straightening and actual interest passes over his features. Score! He actually takes a few steps forward and applies both palms to the apex, as lips twitch…upwards. Folks we have a winner! There is an absolute sigh of relief from the computer crafter, utterly relaxing, and taking a moment to close his eyes and just bask in whatever energy was being sent out to him. It doesn't last long though, as soon he's narrowing his eyes and frowning some, "Oh no, ya don't." he mutters, and his brows twitch into a furrow.

Cita's smile stretches, pulling up into a grin that's crinkle-eyed and amused. She traces a second hand across the smooth sides of the shell, brushing tiny grains of sand as she goes. Her answer is more physical, than mental: she's here, and that's that. The rest of the eggs don't seem *quite* so daunting, as the being inside the shell slumps into a tired kind of fog. Cita huffs to herself, amused, and steps back from the egg with reluctance. It takes her a long beat to move on, passing Jaelyn with his focus and narrowed eyes with a half-smile. Slowly, the candidate pauses before an egg slightly apart, not quite as tentative as she reaches out this time.

--< Citayzleat leaves egg 1 - New and Breaking Through Egg >

---< Citayzleat touches egg 8 - First Blush of Spring Egg >

That fleeting expression fades as his face smoothes out again and his chin is sent upwards a few degrees, long lashes lowering some as a shiver passes over Jaelyn's frame. For a few seconds there, he appears uncomfortable again, but was weathering it like a trooper. At one point his brows are knitted so close together they almost formed one continuous line, admittedly knotted in the middle. It's brief however, and when it's over he looks just as tired as he did before. This time however, he looks less likely to make a break for the exit and hide somewhere dark where no one could find him. Taking a shuddering breath, he lets it out in a puff of self-calming puff of air past puckered lips before evening his shoulders and going for another round.

Cita's ease vanishes, when nothing presents itself from the egg on first inspection. She sends a panicked glance to the dam — is the egg a dud? Is it — no. There. The healer frowns, stepping around the egg a little to brush slightly more of her hand down the shell. Maybe that'll help? Her nose twitches a little, face scrunching up like something's tickling, but she's steady enough. She has enough attention to take another assessing glance around the sands, anyways, wary.

Jaelyn idly works his hands over the top of the egg before him, golden eyes focusing on the deep green and blacks of its surface. This 'Egg of Ancient Power' was certainly garnering more of his attention than the other two he'd touched. There is a twitch and a shudder, this time throughout his body as his jaw tightens and he sucks in a quick sharp breath. Luckily there was no one nearby to see the goosebumps that had appeared all over his skin, but it was obvious enough without the visual. Another puff of air released like the one not so long ago and he finally takes his hands off. He does linger though, letting his gaze pass over the egg now, perhaps drinking in every detail. Only once this thirst was quenched does he step away, and search out another of such caliber.

----< Jaelyn leaves egg 9 - Egg of Ancient Power >

----< Jaelyn touches egg 2 - Furled Fingers Egg >
A relieved kind of smile flits across Cita's face as she hovers, not entirely convinced of the safety of the egg's occupant. Still, something eases the stress-lines that *have* indeed formed around her face, and the healer huffs out an amused kind of sigh. "Hi." She murmurs, a shy greeting returned, glancing back in Feyruth and Janja's direction. No need to come out here and fuss, it's all fine. Just fine.

Janja is still as restless as before but Feyruth seems to have settled down to just a low rumble and generic glare. She even goes so far as to lay down onto her belly though her head remains raises to look around. She watches each candidate closely, especially those that step too far from the main grouping. "Fey, lovely, they can't very well steal them. I'm not sure most of them could lift one of your eggs." Janja scolds.

"Okay." Jaelyn breathes a short time after he puts a much more confident hand on the surface of the next egg, slowly but surely making his way around. He pauses there, brows twitching, but apparently there is nothing else to report. Shrugging his shoulders a bit, he rolls them back, perhaps preparing himself for the next round.

Relaxation spreads; soon Cita is calm again, eyes half-closed as she listens to whatever the egg is thinking. Listens? That might not be the right word. Experiences. She doesn't quite sneeze, but the twitch is back, but this time it's met with bright amusement. It seems that the egg has convinced the healer of its' aliveness — but Cita certainly isn't about to steal it! Definitely not, as she steps away with a little smile. More confident now, Cita makes her slow way back over to another egg, pausing curiously to take in the finer details before she settles a hand to the warm shell.

---< Citayzleat leaves egg 8 - First Blush of Spring Egg >

--< Citayzleat touches egg 4 - Capturing the Memories Egg >

"Okay." Jaelyn breathes a short time after he puts a much more confident hand on the surface of the next egg, slowly but surely making his way around. He pauses there, brows twitching, but apparently there is nothing else to report. Shrugging his shoulders a bit, he rolls them back, perhaps preparing himself for the next round. He casts a distracted look back over towards Janja and her ire-laden lifemate, cautiously waiting to see if the queen wasn't about to chase them all off, but when that doesn't come he returns to the task at hand.

A single brow quirks upwards now, as tension perhaps even Jaelyn didn't know he had fades away. On his face, the stony expression had returned once his eyebrow was returned to the stand-by position. He shifts his weight from one foot to the other, focusing again on the color of the egg but it doesn't linger as long as in the past. His tongue passes over his lips, wetting them in the heat of the sands, nodding some to himself.

It takes a lot for Cita to *not* jerk back, twitching violently when the being inside of the egg startles the shells out of her. A vague noise of distress sneaks past her throat, but she doesn't seem to notice, eyes darting back and forth to try and catch sight of something; what? What is it? The healer frowns, shoulders straightening after a long moment. It's fine. The sensation is curious, but not…completely awful. Just different. She looks like she'd like to pace in a circle, though, craning her head around to look behind her warily.

Cita's eyes narrow. Her lips thin. Maybe there's a little sand in her eyes, because they're a little misty. "That's not yours." She doesn't growl, but she's firm, jutting her chin out stubbornly. Even the grumbling dam can't scare that out of her; some things aren't on the table. The candidate *doesn't* remove her hand, though, beyond the careful establishing of some sort of boundaries. Whoever it is, they don't know any better. She's cautious, but not angry, sniffing once and rolling her neck a little to ease the tension.

There is not another word or sound from Jaelyn on this one, the presence within that egg perhaps having calmed him, as he simply removes his hand and doesn't remain to admire. Already his eyes were scanning the remaining eggs for another that was unoccupied. He weaves himself around them, following some imaginary path perhaps only he understood, before making his selection. Whatever he had found just a few eggs ago, had clearly made this process easier for the computer crafter, as he easily splays a hand atop one there off to the side.

---—< Jaelyn leaves egg 2 - Furled Fingers Egg >

---< Jaelyn touches egg 1 - New and Breaking Through Egg >

It's a reaction the egg wants — and one it gets, too. The sneeze isn't what startles Cita away, but something else entirely, and there is a thunderous scowl on her face by the time she draws her hand back. It lasts only a moment before she can take a breath, slowly, carefully. "It doesn't know any better." *Now* she's not even talking to the egg, but herself. Great. Nonetheless, Cita looks entirely more cautious as she scouts for another egg. A nearby shell doesn't look particularly threatening, though. In fact, it looks kind of. Fuzzy. So it's to that one she heads, considerably more cautious to reach out now.

---< Citayzleat leaves egg 4 - Capturing the Memories Egg >

--—< Citayzleat touches egg 3 - Lively Ball of Fuzz Egg >

The dark-haired boy almost lifts his hand right up and off the egg again as soon as it had been placed, but something doesn't seem to be allowing that. Jaelyn's face contorts some into an expression that was difficult to read, though confusion certainly was there in the mix. He curls in to himself, looking smaller, fingers twitching some perhaps in some small way still trying to free himself. Stuck as it were, tension begins to build as he awaits the next wave of sensations. Eyes closed for the shortest of moments, he swallows hard and pushes through whatever seems to have him struggling over there. A renewed sense of determination (or is it stubborness?) drives him forward and keeps him before 'Furled Fingers Egg'.

If talking to eggs or to oneself on the sands were a crime, pretty much every candidate in history would be found guilty. Janja doesn't seem to notice all the chatting going one. She's too busy dealing with discomfort. The rider finally gives up on sitting down and waddles over to Feyruth's side. Using the queen's pale hide has a brace, she continues waddling slowly back and forth and breathing in an oddly careful manner. "Stupid bronze. Stupid C'vryn." she mutters.

Jaelyn's every muscle suddenly stiffens, and the boy goes rigid. Despite the egg not having eyes, he does tilt his head and give it a warning look as if that would make a lick of difference. The slightest of frowns appears again, though he doesn't look so much angry as concentrated, his lashes casting long shadows against his cheeks as they lower with the partical closing of their lids. Little by little, that tension begins to ease, perhaps adjusting himself to whomever was riffling through his mind presently. Then he jerks and actually leans away a bit, leaving just his fingertips in place. A glance is spared to the now pacing and gently cursing goldrider over yonder, though he makes no comment, rather distractedly turning away and refocusing his efforts.

Surprise is the first thing that breaks on Cita's face after a long moment of confusion — no wariness now, just surprise, and maybe amusement. The questions are expected this time. Cita huffs something like a laugh, pressing her other hand to the shell and tutting quietly. "Slow down." She mutters, grinning a lopsided grin and brushing a little sand off the apex of the shell. Janja's discomfort isn't ignored — when she's not looking directly at the egg, Cita watches, quiet. She's not concerned yet, but there's something knowing there. Approaching a broody dragon's rider, though? Maaaaybe not.

Lukhanyo walks into the hatching sands, from the hatching grounds.

Finally, Jaelyn is able to extracate his hand and he yanks it free, almost as if it had been glued there. Perhaps someone snuck in and was trying to pull a prank? Unlikely, considering Feyruth was there. Whatever it was, was over now and allows the computer crafter to move on again. Though again, he's stopping to admire the colors at play on 'Furled Fingers' egg as he had before with another. Seems that regardless of his reactions, that one was also to be watched, though that might be wariness there rather than excitement. He stands there though, in no hurry to rush his next choice, eventully selecting an egg that is rather squat and somewhat crooked where it's nestled on the sands.

--—< Jaelyn leaves egg 1 - New and Breaking Through Egg >

--—-< Jaelyn touches egg 10 - The Perfect Panacea Egg >

Lukhanyo returns! Though considering how long it took him he was either rather ill or got distracted by someone - most likely the latter. He sneaks back onto the sands with nary a nod to anyone, instead he moves to the closest egg and rests his hand on it casually as if he'd never left at all.

---< Lukhanyo touches egg 12 - Cuddled Warmth Egg >

Janja is too busy with her slow, steady pacing to notice either candidates or healer concern. She does however notice Feyruth's attention which is hard to miss since the queen drops her head to block her rider and look her full in the…everything. "Oh, no, not yet dear." Janja rubs at her tummy. "Soon enough but not quite yet. The walking helps though." And with that, rider returns to her slow pace and ignoring the candidates and Feyruth returns to her glaring and occasional growl.

It's *really* hard not to be distracted by this one. Cita laughs, soothing with her other hand. "You sound like my little brother." She mutters at the egg, amused as anything, eyes flicking too fast to be keeping up with much of anything as she tries her hardest to keep up with whatever is happening between the egg and her mind. That, and keep an eye on Janja over there, carefully or not. It's hard to be too concerned, though, when she's twitching and amused.

The computer crafter hmmm's softly, lifting his hand and then putting it back down again. "Is this thin' on?" he asks aloud, to no one in particular. He might of continued to say it was broken, but then he's quiet again. Another one of those full-body shivers works its way through him from toes to head, working its way up until Jaelyn ughs softly to himself. Going rigid, he's eying the egg suspiciously, but at least his hand stays there this time. He watches and waits, though another flicker of attention is given to the pacing Janja. Whatever she says over there has the added effect of easing some of the tension in his shoulders, probably has something to do with the face she wasn't going to squat and start pushing here and now. This must of been the thought because he looks genuinely relieved, giving himself back over to 'The Perfect Pancea Egg'.

A slow, almost languid, smile spreads ovr Lukhanyo's face as he makes contact with an egg that doesn't seem intent on running, searching, or attacking. Perhaps his earlier encounters have softened him slightly, or at least made him less self conscious as he murmurs a quiet, "Well hello there." His second hand joins the first, softly caressing the shell.

Well, that's something. Cita's expression softens still further, smile turning tiny and fond as she stands patiently. She waits, too, not seeming to mind the heat of standing in one spot for so long. She doesn't seem to mind the growls of the dam, either, still smiling even as she catches sight of the goldrider again. It takes another few moments for the healer to draw back from the egg, one last brush of her hand before she's shuffling on. At least the tension of before has left, again, as she stops just short of another egg, seemingly at random. Slowly, she reaches out, this time slowly tracing down the shell, looking braced for whatever's there this time.

--—< Citayzleat leaves egg 3 - Lively Ball of Fuzz Egg >

--< Citayzleat touches egg 7 - Can You Keep a Secret? Egg >

Lukhanyo's hand move softly over the shell as if trying to chase something - a speck of sand perhaps, or even just a feeling that keeps trying to elude him. His smile doesn't falter, however, if anything it takes on an almost soft fondness that's quite unusual for the big woodcrafter.

With the egg currently clear, Feyruth takes the opportunity to hover possessively over the Lacy in Lavendar egg. She nuzzles it and licks at the shell. One rather bold beastcrafter takes a step towards them but as the gold lifts her lip, he quickly changes course. "Do stop, Feyruth." Janja sighs as her dragon ignores her.

It's about now that Jaelyn becomes a statue of himself, his form as stony as his expression usually is. When he's not growling or throwing things, ahem. Luckily for his bad boy image, his back is more or less to the rest of the candidates because golden eyes widen and they start to well up. Yep, right there on the sands. Isn't that wonderful. His lips part some, barely breathing, before he seems to realize what it is that is going on outside of the world being shown him. A breath drawn sharply he shoves his face into his arm and vigorously wipes back and forth. No one saw anything! Without the ability to dress himself up with indifference, a peek of what lies beneath it shows as plain as the shock of black hair atop his head, for anyone paying attention. Then the mask is slapped back into place forcefully, and he's glaring down at that poor defenseless egg. What the heck did it ever do to him? In all this, he's forgotten to remove his hand, but honestly given that reaction he probably should have.

When the egg doesn't jump out intent on blood or — something — Cita presses a little closer, curious and amused by the presence. "Hi!" She returns the greeting, ridiculous or no, rolling a shoulder up and her head down to remove a few errant beads of perspiration. Something within the egg seems to coincide with Feyruth's arrival on the sands; Cita hikes up an eyebrow at the dragon, but says nothing, holding her ground as respectfully as she can. At least she's not touching *that* one. That might not have ended so well.

Lukhanyo's hands keep moving as the smile fades. Disappointment takes its place for a moment before he steps away reluctantly and looks around for another egg to lavish attention on. A few short steps and he finds himself up against the spring egg, immediately going for the two-handed stroke approach.

---< Lukhanyo leaves egg 12 - Cuddled Warmth Egg >

--—< Lukhanyo touches egg 8 - First Blush of Spring Egg >

Yeah, Jaelyn really should have taken his hand off. Unfortunately for him, whatever followed has the same effect as it had just moments ago and the boy pulls his hand off quickly. He remains standing in front of it alright, maybe staring at or trying to bore holes into it with his mind, but whatever the case when he turns around he's quite the sight. Hastily wiping away tears of all things, he looks like he has murder on his mind, jaw set so tightly that the muscles at the sides can be seen twitching. He looks at no one, at all, as he makes a straight shot for the door. There is no thanks to the queen, nod for her rider or even a parting word for poor Pieta. Nope - all too soon he's out the door and around a corner - perhaps to punch a wall or something. Y'know, whatever kids dressed in black with facial piercings do for fun.

--——< Jaelyn leaves egg 10 - The Perfect Panacea Egg

Lukhanyo nods once, clearly approving of this egg though he does glance back towards the last one for just a second. He seems relaxed, quite different from earlier, and begins absently drawing little circles on the shell with one hand.

"Mmhm," Cita huffs, trying to keep up with whatever the egg is firing at her. Clumsily, she tries to respond, but answering in the manner of growing minds trapped inside eggs isn't — well, it's not something the healer is used to. She tries, though, face screwed up with concentration. The electric feeling incites a laugh, short and bright, one hand leaving the shell to brush down her arm. "Showoff." She grins, blinking up briefly from the egg to glance around again. Right. She was keeping an eye on things.

Feyruth becomes disturbed by the way the young man fled the sands. She abandons the egg she was fawning over to follow a few steps across the sands, scattering those candidates nearest to her path. "Don't worry about it, Fey." Janja calls to her, turning the queen back to her original position on the sands. But it seems the upset is enough to make the gold even more suspicious of those remaining candidates and she watches them very very closely from here on in.

Again, Cita is quiet, for a long moment. She's not frowning or sad or anxious; just quiet, thoughtful. The brush of her hand is a benediction, permission or maybe a quiet directive. She might not know much about developing minds, but the newness of all of the eggs on the sands is clearly getting to her. A half-smile quirks up one side of her mouth, as she soothes a hand down one last time and steps back, looking pensive and happy. This time, though, the healer candidate doesn't find another egg. It doesn't even look like Feyruth has scared her off, for all that the gold is — pretty impressive! She inclines her head politely to the dam, and makes a slow, obvious path towards Pieta. A few murmured words between the two, and Cita is turning to salute in Janja's general direction, then pacing off of the hot sands.

---< Citayzleat leaves egg 7 - Can You Keep a Secret? Egg >

Lukhanyo's expression changes from one of happy relaxedness, to one of almost longing. There's perhaps an explanation in the fact that his stomach rumbles not long after, but it's definitely the egg that has his attention and even Feyruth getting grumpier and the others leaving doesn't seem to throw him.

Lukhanyo risks a gentle pat to the shell before breaking contact. For all he wanders off once again, and wends his way slowly through the other eggs, he doesn't actually make a move to touch one. It takes a remarkable amount of time before he even really pays too much attention to where he's going, and as his hand makes contact with one more egg it's almost an accident. An afterthought.

--—< Lukhanyo leaves egg 8 - First Blush of Spring Egg >

--—-< Lukhanyo touches egg 3 - Lively Ball of Fuzz Egg >

Lukhanyo jumps, making it clear that the touch had indeed been accidental and not a planned action. A quick glance around shows just how thinned out the candidate ranks have become, and just how much his attention has been focussed on those last two eggs. He gives one last glance back towards them, and then looks down at the one his hand brushed. "Sorry." This time the touch is deliberate. This time he's paying attention.

As more of the candidates begin to filter out, both dragon and rider seem to be calming. Janja is no longer pacing and if what was present before was pain that must have passed as well. Feyruth unclenches a little with each body that steps out of the sands but she doesn't relax even a smidge of her attention on the candidates still present. It's at this point Pieta calls out softly. "OK children, this will be the last egg please. Once you've finished with this one, it's time to step off.

A snort of a laugh bubbles its way out from Lukhanyo, though is quickly turned into a cough in a vague attempt at retaining some sort of dignity (that's already long gone by this point). With a cough he looks over to Pieta and nods, replying with a quiet, "Yes ma'am." before glancing down once more.

Janja almost seems to wilt with relief as the candidates are given their warning call. "Oh, good. It's definitely time for a nap." The gold agrees as she starts to rock back and forth in anticipation. "No love, I think I'll have to go back to the weyr. Would you call Emmy for me, please. It's just too hot for me here."

With a sigh and a shake of his head Lukhanyo breaks contact with the fuzzy shell, letting his hands drop back to his sides before snorting out another short laugh. "Goofball." Presumably the comment is aimed at the egg, though the timing could have been better. But the warning had been given and so he moves off to one side, away from the eggs, away from the strangeness that touching them brings. His quiet, "Thank you." is aimed towards Janja and Feyruth, the gold pairing even being treated to a brief bow before he turns and heads off back to whatever duties were supposed to be taking up his day.

Finally the last of the candidates make their slow way out of the cavern. With a happy sigh, Janja follows them out to the bronze waiting. Emeluith takes the rider up to their weyr before returning to guard the entrance as Feyruth settles down to sleep as well.

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