A Touching Scene - Fey Touching 2

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Hatching Sands

A wide, spacious cavern with a high, vaulted ceiling and ledges high above for dragons to perch upon. The pale white sands underfoot are uncomfortably warm, although they seem welcoming to dragonkind. Scattered shards remain from past clutches although the current brooding queen usually has a cleared spot for her own clutch. Just up from the sands are the ledges where dragons can land to watch, while along the eastern wall are the galleries for humans to watch.

Emiallis wanders into the hatching sands, from the hatching grounds.

Heryn steps into the hatching sands, from the hatching grounds.

The sun has sunk low on the horizon when Asst. Weyrlingmaster Pieta is allowed to bring the second set of candidates out to the hatching sands. Feyruth's pregnant rider and her weyrmate meet the party at the cavern entrance and she at least seems in much better spirits after her long afternoon nap. Janja raises her hands up for attention. "Welcome, candidates and congratulations for making it this far. Feyruth is currently willing to let a few more of you out to touch the eggs and grow easy with them but there are a few things to keep in mind. Please go quietly and calmly around the sands and eggs. Show respect for each other and the eggs, and especially Feyruth." She looks a little concerned at this. "This is true of any clutch, but especially true for Feyruth. Any nonsense will immediately get all of you sent off the sands. She will not tolerate fools. Touch one at a time and please only one candidate per egg." She sends one more worried glance to C'vryn. "Feyruth will likely be fussy. Just be calm and you can mostly ignore it but if either of us say to move back now. Move Back NOW." With that, she steps onto the sands where her table and chairs and chilled juice wait.

C'vryn is quietly following Janja, content to let her talk and then help her sit down, pushing her chair in for her and then pouring her a glass. "It will be fine darling. You're feeling better and I'm here this time." Otherwise he turns to glare at the candidates as if he can keep rambunctious spirits under control.

Heryn is here, but he's far from rambunctious. If anything, the bartender is uncharacteristically silent, gaze distant and lower lip worrying between his teeth as Janja explains the rules of the sands. Drawing back in on himself, Heryn nods to show he understands what she's saying, shifting uncomfortably from foot to foot. Anxious? Hot? It's anyone's guess, but he aims another respectful nod to the Weyrwoman, C'vryn, and Feyruth all before moving forwards to copy the actions of several other, apparently more experienced candidates. Eventually, he sidles up to the First Blush of Spring Egg, pressing warm if clammy hands to the egg's shell.

--—-< Heryn touches egg 8 - First Blush of Spring Egg >

Emiallis is escorted onto the sands like herdbeasts to the slaughter. Erk. Well, one better hope there's no slaughtering this day. Emi has collected an assortment of cuts, nicks, scrapes, and forming bruises during her day of helping with maintenance. Her nose is definitely upturned during Janja's speech and there's a soft huff after, but there's at least a wariness that creeps into her expression as she moves out onto the sands. And it's there that she pauses, having to choose which way to go, before she decides to bob a small curtsey to the Big Fussy Mama Dragon. Lips purse, and there's an idle twirl of a lock of hair before she's headed in the direction of the Lacy in Lavender egg, oh so gently pressing her palm to the top most part. And then she suddenly lets out a breath, giving hint as to how scared she was she was going to hurt it somehow.

--——< Emiallis touches egg 6 - Lacy in Lavender Egg >

C'vryn continues to be quietly solicitous of Janja, moving behind her to rub at her back. "Is there anything else you need darling? Hopefully not too many more days and then you'll be resting more comfortably and we'll have our own hatchling to watch, rather than Fey's."

Feyruth rumbles a continuous low warning deep in her throat. She's alert and has her head up but at least she's not rocking about with her wings mantled like earlier. Janja responses with what is intended to be a soothing little hummed song but as the woman can't carry a tune in a bucket, it's likely only to be soothing to Feyruth if anyone.

Emiallis can't help but let out a startled (and loud) yelp and jump back as the Lacy in Lavender egg introduces itself to her. There's hesitation before she takes the step back towards the egg, one eyebrow raised as if she expects the egg's occupant to bite her. Then the fingers are on the shell again. The palm. And she waits.

Heryn blinks at first, perhaps wondering if he's defective, because he's heard all kinds of things about how this is supposed to go, some surely exaggerated but surely not all. Is he broken? Can he just not hear the eggs? Maybe he isn't meant for this and— wait. Worried blue-grey eyes flicker, focusing as though finally finding something before skimming the sands. Looking for something? Maybe. Whatever it is, he's curious enough let his hands press a little more firmly to the egg's shell.

C'vryn keeps a weather eye on Feyruth, even as Emeliuth is trying to keep her content, the bronze crooning back. "At least Emmy's happy about the events that have been taking place? So one of the four of us is happy." He glances down to Janja. "Mind if I sit and join you?"

Whatever is going on between Emiallis and the Lacy in Lavender egg must be something. Emi's hand stays on the shell this time, but her shoulders are starting to hunch, and she's drawing her other arm in as if to protect her against something, and her brows are starting to furrow in the fact she's not going to show fear. She's not.

Ah. That is familiar. Heryn's eyebrows raise, inhaling slowly, testingly, even as his shoulders relax by fractions. This is okay. This can be done. He can handle this. There is, perhaps, a darted look for Emi over there, who seems to be faring far less well, but only too soon he glances back to the egg's shell, expression wistful and bittersweet as he half enjoys, half misses whatever it is that's going on between the ovoid and himself.

Janja blinks surprise at the question. She smiles up at her mate and motions towards the other chair. "Oh, go right ahead. I'm fine really. I was just uncomfortable earlier and it was so hot. And it's not like Feyruth hasn't been like this for every single clutch. I don't know what she thinks will happen if she doesn't fuss over them."

Emiallis rips her hand away from that shell as soon as she feels the entity withdraw. And already there's a layer of sweat on her forehead as she stares down at the egg. "So. Rude." Hi pot, I'm kettle. "Meanie." It's with a visible effort that Emi collects her wits again, giving herself a small shake as she looks around the sands, frowning slightly as she notes other candidates not cringing in fear. It's with a sniff and her head held high she's off to the Cuddled in Warmth egg, not quite as hesitant this time as she places her palm against the shell.

--——< Emiallis leaves egg 6 - Lacy in Lavender Egg >

---< Emiallis touches egg 12 - Cuddled Warmth Egg >

C'vryn sprawls out in the seat next to Janja, relaxing for a long moment before he answers. "Well, she probably can't help it, you know. She does just want what is best for her children and all that. Of course, she could be less mean about it, but still.

[DTU/Bespeak] C'vryn senses that Feyruth is icy cold. « I am less mean. I don't eat those who aren't good enough. »

C'vryn squeaks, rather undignified in fact and sits up straighter. "Well, I suppose that is true. Maybe you could not eat these candidates?"

Heryn blinks, and blinks again for that slow shift in emotion, the bartender not quite sure what to make of that developing sense of 'other'ness. Curiosity reads on his expression, as does an inkling of amusement, but so does wariness, not quite sure what to trust. Still, he seems happy at the end when he finally withdraws his hands, lingering just a moment to think on the experience before sidling over to repeat the process with the Can You Keep a Secret? Egg.

--——< Heryn leaves egg 8 - First Blush of Spring Egg >

--—-< Heryn touches egg 7 - Can You Keep a Secret? Egg >

Janja gives C'vryn a strange side-eye look. "What are you talking about? I don't eat the candidates. You know I like fish and steamed veggies." She frowns, brow furrowed. "I miss fish. Anyway, now I'm hungry. Do you think we could call for a snack?"

"Oh, err. Feyruth made a comment to me." He pauses. "Well, even if no one else will do it, I will get you something to eat. What would you like from the kitchens?"

Emiallis stills for a moment, her head cocking to one side slightly. "H-uh." Is what comes from her in a slightly bewildered tone. "You're a little more refreshing than that lavender egg." She murmurs to the Cuddled Warmth egg, letting her palm stroke that larger oval speckle. That frown of hers even starts to fade away, replaced by a relaxed up-turn of her lips.

Janja beams. "That would be nice. Um. Something sweet? and pickles. And maybe a little sausage?" She licks her lips as if talking of the finest cut of lamb rather then the worst possible food combinations. "Oh and I think we need more juice too. This is nearly empty."

Heryn is perhaps warming to this concept - it's not nearly as scary as it was painted out to be. The bartender's gaze flickers with amusement, chin lifting in what might be a gesture of greeting, not quite brave enough to risk talking himself yet, though it appears several others are not so shy. After a moment, however, the candidate issues a soft noise that might be laughter, light and breathy out of his nose. Curious, more than anything, he lingers, hands shifting only just over the egg's vibrant shell.

C'vryn quite simply stares at Janja for a moment. "Okay. Something sweet, something pickled and Sausages. Please tell me that you're going to eat them separately this time." He's looking quite green. "Oh, and juice. Juice."

Emiallis' head turns left, then right, as if she's trying to track something that really isn't anywhere but in her mind. Her brow starts to furrow again, but instead of fear/concentration, this time it's in confusion. "But..? You hardly even said 'hi'." There's a whine there as she leaves her hand on the shell, waiting to see if it'll drift back to her.

Janja's eyes widen as if she were insulted. "Of course I'm not going to eat them all together. First I'll eat the pickles and sweet and then the sausage." There's a feeling as if she has added DUH on the end even though she hasn't. Then the girl actually laughs. "Poor Ryn, it won't be much longer and I won't make you eat it too this time."

C'vryn shakes his head. "Okay. So long as it's not together I can handle it. I'll be back with your stuff here shortly." With that, he's moving off the sands to go find food for Janja.

Heryn seems taken aback, at first, brows lifting for the flurry of questions that start, but… well, the more he tries to push thoughts, feelings, questions, and answers back towards the shell as best as one this inexperienced fumblingly might, the more he seems to enjoy himself. Some questions are met with winces and sideways glances, thoughts and things touched upon that perhaps shouldn't be, for such an upbeat back and forth, but only too soon there are other, better things to explore. Yes, he likes pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain and— well, it could go on forever, this back and forth, and maybe Heryn will just let it unless made to do otherwise.

The brow-furrow of confusion changes to one of annoyance and Emiallis gives a slightly more audible huff this time, letting her hand fall away from the shell. She crosses her arms and just stares at the egg for a few moments, actually taking a moment to think. There's another huff and she turns on her heel, heading to the next egg that crosses her vision, which just so happens to be the Close to My Heart egg. Thankfully she still retains enough brain power not to slap her hand against the egg, but just gently rests it on the shell instead.

---< Emiallis leaves egg 12 - Cuddled Warmth Egg >

--——< Emiallis touches egg 5 - Close to My Heart Egg >

Heryn stills, for that exchange, though whether he's surprised for the gift or for the return request, it's difficult to tell. His expression goes distant, serious, considering before his gaze finally flicks back down to the colorful egg. There. That's yours. The egg's sigh is matched by one of his own, the bartender not quite ready to leave the egg's shell either, but it's clear he should move on. Standing, blue-grey eyes catch on Emiallis for that huff, the older candidate offering her a sideways smile that reads somewhere between 'that good, huh?' and 'this is so weird' as he picks his way through the eggs to - however unwisely - choose one she'd left behind earlier: the Lacy in Lavender Egg.

--—-< Heryn leaves egg 7 - Can You Keep a Secret? Egg >

----< Heryn touches egg 6 - Lacy in Lavender Egg >

Emiallis definitely didn't prepare herself for the onslaught of a musical reel. And reel is exactly what Emi does after a moment, her free hand going to her head as her feet stumble in little baby steps before she sturdies herself. "Aren't you just a lively one?" She asks with a little giggle, not expecting to get a real answer out of the Close to My Heart egg.

Heryn squawks. There's really no other description for the sound he makes. It's torn from him before he can even think about it, though he seems to realize quite quickly just who - or what - is to blame. His face flattens in a 'must you really' expression that he points down at the egg, clearly unimpressed by the follow up performance and stings that follow. "Alright, you," he mutters, finally inspired to speaking by stubbornness, of all things, as he readjusts his hands and decides to stay.

Oh no! The curse of gingers! Emiallis' face starts to turn a rather glorious shade of pink before it starts into the red zone. Both hands are on the egg now, and she's not leaning on it - thank Faranth - but she's definitely using the touch to try and sturdy herself before the second hand lifts again, fanning herself. Heryn's squawk and the abrupt end of the music again make Emi falter in her footing. "Oh, for the love of…" She mutters, still fanning herself with her free hand, leaving the other still resting upon the Close to My Heart egg.

Heryn can't even take the time to feel sorry for startling Emi - he's too busy squinting against the sudden onslaught, fingers pressing hard - but not too hard - against the egg's shell. Teeth grit hard, far harder than might actually be necessary, as though perhaps this isn't the first storm he's weathered thus, and will not be the last. Regardless, he will now be cowed. He stays, for now!

Emiallis is still fanning herself with her hand, but that fanning grows less and less frantic, even as her face still holds the red flush, that's slowly… slowly fading away. Just as she's slowly being manipulated into another set of feelings. Her eyes blink rapidly, dispursing some excess moisture before they can become tears, and she's standing with her hand against the shell long after the occupant has withdrawn its mind. It's with a large inhale, and a long, controlled sigh she takes her hand back and looks around for the next one to feel up. Her steps meander her over to the Capturing the Memories egg, where she lets her hand rest upon the apex, waiting to see what this one brings with it.

--——< Emiallis leaves egg 5 - Close to My Heart Egg >

---< Emiallis touches egg 4 - Capturing the Memories Egg >

There goes Heryn's flat, squinting expression again. Though tension eases out of his shoulders, he still has it in him to regard the egg with another sarcastic look, breath rushing out of his nose in one great rush. "I'm not sure what I expected," he mutters of the change before pulling his hands away from the shell. He flicks them once, twice, as though to cast off imagined water before heading towards the Perfect Panacea Egg. What else follows a deluge like that?

----< Heryn leaves egg 6 - Lacy in Lavender Egg >

--——< Heryn touches egg 10 - The Perfect Panacea Egg >

“Ah-COO!" Emiallis lets a completely unlady-like sneeze rip, at least angling it away from both herself and the egg, into the near by sands. Her hand pops off for a moment during the sneeze, only to be replaced a moment later. And that feeling of being watched… her head twists one way, then the other, trying to see if any of the other candidates are watching her. Or maybe Big Fussy Mama. Or the riders. Someone. Some…thing?”

Heryn is… Well, there might not be words for what he is. On the outside, the candidate has returned to calm, the furrow of his brow slowly eased away into something quieter, more patient. As examination shifts to questions, confusion registers on the bartender's features, and at length he mumbles a quiet, "I don't know." The answer to one question? All? Maybe he doesn't even know. Stormy eyes flick rapidly towards Emiallis for that sneeze, but it doesn't linger - that thing isn't him! Instead, his eyes quickly dart back to the soupy egg, bracing himself for whatever other difficult questions it might have to ask.

Emiallis starts, her feet dancing quickly to one side to escape something that once again, is only in her mind. "Hey now!" She cries out indignantly, trying to push back at it mentally, but succeeding in waving her free hand as if she's warding off an insect. Sadly, for the occupant, her memory archive just isn't that big. Not a whole lot to pull from, there.

"Ah-coo!" Emiallis lets another sneeze rip, after a lot of huffing and puffing, and snatch. She takes her hand back from the egg. Looking somewhat horrified but far more aggravated. "You invasive little creature!" Oh wait. Isn't she supposed to be respectful here. Emi is walking, but she isn't walking to another egg. She's walking out. The curtsey to Feyruth is sort of half-assed, as she's too pre-occupied, nursing her violated feelings. "I'm going for dinner, ma'am. Sir." She says curtly before striding out. Manners? Who needs those?

--—< Emiallis leaves egg 4 - Capturing the Memories Egg >

Janja frowns as C'vyrn still hasn't returned with her snack. She stands and waddles over to Pieta. After a short whispered conversation, the weyrlingmaster quietly calls out. "OK boys and girls. Wrap it up please. Finish up with the egg you are on and start exiting in an orderly fashion. Janja remains beside her tapping her foot impatiently.

Oh. Eugh. That's weird. Heryn's nose wrinkles, his oversized form stilling and slowly, oh so slowly, the man's expression goes blank. No. No, this is not what he wanted. This isn't the solution. There is no easy fix. Hands snap back and away from the egg, some irrational part of Heryn's brain terrified, eyes wide and staring, shifting, searching, waiting for those voices to return. They might be ugly, but they're his. They brought him this far, and the won't be taken! After a moment, the candidate seems to realize his breathing has gone heavy, erratic, and he works to slow it back to normal. The seemingly-innocent, entirely well-intentioned egg is eyed again, the candidate half-tempted to leave, but, well… See earlier stubbornness. Repeat. Down goes his hand, but with a wince and a bracing of shoulders, intent to finish his back and forth with the egg before Janja shoos them off the sands.

Feyruth begins to pick up her rider's agitation. That or the not curtsey bothers her. The gold stands and begins to do the restless shuffle on the sands which adds a little more pep to the steps of those fleei…leaving the sands.

Heryn's nose wrinkles again, shuddering quietly, but this time it's more an expression of distaste than a reaction to imagined texture. He's only too happy to draw away from the egg, hands smoothing uncomfortably over his arms. His gaze lingers as he stands, but it's a wary look, distrustful despite promises. The thoughts he's left with are complicated, and though he does offer the gold and her rider a nod that is hopefully respectful enough as he passes, it's distracted and distant as he follows others off the sands and back out into the weyr proper.

--——< Heryn leaves egg 10 - The Perfect Panacea Egg >

Once Pieta has shoo'd the last of the bodies out of the hatching sands, Janja goes waddling after in search of her missing weyrmate and missing meal. "I'll be back soon, dear." The gold rumbles and Emeliuth moves to block the cavern entrance with his bulk.

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