Chauth's Maiden Flight

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Tiki Lounge
As one walks onto the wood panelled flooring of the patio, they are greeted with the scent of burning oil, the likely source the various torches burning along the perimeter of the flooring. The flooring is littered with tables shaded with umbrellas, matching chairs tucked beneath when not in use.
The inside of the Tiki Lounge seems far bigger inside than outside, even when full of relaxing weyrfolk and travelers. Towards the front, in the western corner, is a small stage, generally occupied by harpers. Several tables with chairs decorate the floor and a small area is open for dancing. The bar is rather long and well stocked, glasses of different shapes and sizes hanging suspended from a rack above the bar. Behind the bar is another open window that gives one a view of the forest behind the tavern. Turning around, one is greeted by a lovely view of the lagoon. A decent breeze helps to cool the room. Up above, rafters provide a perch for fire lizards and local avians. The thatch roof, made of straw, rarely lets in any rain.

It’s a sultry spring evening at Half Moon Bay, the scent of roast meat and tropical fruit hanging heavy in the already packed Tiki Lounge as the torches are lit. It seems to be a night for couples, or at least people seem to be a little friendlier than usual. Half Moon’s Junior goldrider seated comfortably in the current piano player’s lap laughing with drinks in hand, as she joins in the singing with the harpers. Chauth perched above the bowl, watching with intent eyes, a sense of tension hanging about the weyr that may not be noticeable for what it is, her pale hide not quite glowing. Yet.

It is an.. interesting situation between Zel and Tanit, to say the least - though probably not as interesting as some of the old aunties and uncles make it. Regardless, though, the level of friendliness in the Tiki Lounge drops suddenly with the bronze rider's appearance, for it doesn't take long for his eyes to settle on Tanit - and the 'fortunate' piano player. Ysgie, though, he is somewhere, watching in the shadows - waiting. Who knows, this could be the one.

Ashwi has been away from the weyr the last couple days for days off so she's had an extremely busy day today with work. Work is done so she's slipping into the lounge for some relaxation. Quietly she finds a seat alone, her gaze taking in the room and whomever is in it.

Among the harpers is one dark skinned woman who seems to be amused by the very friendly goldrider. Not that it will make her miss a beat in the song. Her amusement goes up by quite a few notches when Zel walks in and she’ll eventually wake to both him and Tanit. It isn’t time for a singing break quite yet though, so she continues to hold position. as for the tension about the Weyr…Zychaelth certainly hasn’t been helping it. For whatever reason the blue has been wandering around covered head to toe in mud lately and been a bit overzealous in his usual efforts to disturb other dragons…more specifically the browns.

The former Dolphineer flashes a wry grin at the harper, nipping at the piano player’s neck with a laugh, having not seen Z’tan’s entrance. “Come on Hector, you know my favorite.” With which the band begins a rendition of Suyi’s classic creation, “Everyone knows the weyrleader.” Joining in with a laugh, before wiggling a moment and getting to her feet so the man can play.

It starts as a low flicker, a breath of ghost light at the edge of thought, both present and not present at the same time. Pale wings spread, the dusk light falling across Chauth’s wings as she lift into the air to land at the pens. Never mind that she’s chosen not the proper feeding corral, but instead one housing some very terrified prized runners. Her execution is swift and merciless crunching on the bones and meat greedily.

Continuing to lurk around the edges of the Tiki Lounge, it isn't long before Z'tan has a drink in his hand - though it isn't long before that drink disappears either, and he is motioning for another round. And then, the prowling begins again, inclining his head to his clutch siblings as he goes - Ashwi at her table, Suyi in the band, though his eyes remain longest on Tanit as she vacates the lap, frown deepening slightly. And then.. poor Suyi, cause Zel's eyes wind up back on the harper for far longer than is probably comfortable.

Ysgieuth, for his part, is shocked and appalled by the gold's descent into the runner pen, the warmly hued bronze trumpeting loudly as he flails his wings. « Chauth! That is SIMPLY NOT DONE! » He protests loudly, likely catching up any other dragons in the vicinity, even as he shifts awkwardly from foot to too, considering, dropping his nose in the direction of the ~correct~ pens, where after a moment of decisions, he is backwinging - even if it makes for a disadvantage later.

Ashwi kicks back in her chair after placing a drink order. Amusement flickers in her expression as she catches sight and hears the requested song. "Heya Z'tan." she murmurs. As the song begins to play Ashwi simply sips her drink and listens. It's nearly comical how fast the amused expression fades as there is a ruckus outside at the feeding grounds. For Jovianth is quick to leap from his ledge to hover over the feeding pens. The Gold may be at the wrong one but he doesn't follow that example. He'll land and make his quick kill, glowing eyes looking towards where the Gold feeds at the wrong place. « My darling gold, you hide is beautiful in that light. Surely the beasts here will be tastier for your taste? »

Suyi's grin deepens when the song begins playing and she begins to belt it out with great gusto. Her glances seems to shift frequently between Tanit and Z'tan, though the latter gets a swift raise of her eyebrows for that long look. Perhaps it unnerves her slightly because there is a barely noticeable pause in the song when she swallows that shouldn't be there, but soon she goes on.

Upon hearing the gold's croon there's an odd gleam in the blue's eyes, and he's quick to follow. Though, for a blue he doesn't /look/ blue, no he looks brown in all that mud and has infiltrated a small pair of browns also heading towards the gold. Now let's be fair, Chauth /started/ this whole mess, so it shouldn't be a surprise that Zych is going to at least scare the living daylights out of the prizes runners. It's a great game of pretending like he's fully participating. « It IS though, it's EXACTLY how it's done! » This is followed by much cackling.

The whole bar joins in more or less, loud enough that if the poor weyrleader was unfortunate enough to walk into this since he’s probably make a hasty exit, As the song ends however it’s the guitarist’s turn to be – invasion probably isn’t the right word, or perhaps it’s exactly the right word. Tanit pulls the poor boy into a kiss, makes a request and then moves to snag Suyi’s wrist and drag her off stage to the dance floor. A dance of strings as Tanit moves to plant a rather lingering kiss on Suyi next, “Dance with me it will be fun!” Sea green eyes lifting now to /finally/ notice Z’tan, and offering a wide smile at Ashwi. For her part? Tanit hasn’t caught on to what’s going on.

Bluish lights dance and spark, and a roll of heat can be felt through the entire weyr, ghostlights becoming fire and need as the young gold tears into another runner, after meat and bone as much as blood without anyone to restrain her. « This is my Weyr. I will eat as I please. » A spark of approval for Zych’s addition.

Is that a.. a flounce? It is certainly something like that as Tanit's attention shifts to the guitarist and then to Suyi, and Z'tan is muttering something under his breath, moving to join Ashwi instead - She at least acknowledged him! Settling on the arm of Ashwi's chair - though careful not to lean too much or loom, he shakes his head. "Do you think she has a clue?" He murmurs soft, offering a sidelong smile to the brownrider. Because while Tanit may be ignoring the destructive habits of the gold… Zel is not so unaware of his own lifemate's current location.

Ysgieuth's mind is a jumble of unsaid retorts as instinct drives him to hop onto a beast, dropping his muzzle to drain it of blood. The warm influx though seems to have settled his thoughts a bit, for there is a low rumble. « Certainly you cannot expect to find what you are looking for with such a scoundrel! » He protests, lifting his head to peer in the direction of that other, wrong pen. « A queen deserves a king, not a jester. »

Ashwi's head shakes in answer to Z'tan. Certainly Ashwi is aware for she's not sitting as relaxed as she once was. You know, five minutes ago. "We could take bets on just /when/ it becomes apparent to her." the brown rider too is hyper aware of the feeding brown in the correct pens.

« A queen deserves a handsome gentleman to woo her. » as if Jovianth is the expert on wooing. « A courtship should not be rushed but must be perfect in every way. » he feeds as his mind send waves of soothing, cajun music towards Chauth.

Suyi is ready to transition into the next song, but that doesn’t quite happen as she’s dragged off stage. There’s a loud laugh from the harper as she begins to comment, “She’s certainly put you in the mood toni—“ The rest of those words are lost to a kiss that leave her speechless for a few seconds. “Here’s hoping I don’t get murdered tonight…” Because as she glances around it’s clear there are several other riders who /actually/ have browns and bronzes that already have their eyes on the Junior. Still…taunting them is fun, and it seems that both Zych and suyi will be doing that tonight. There’s a particularly smug look at one jealous looking man in the corner.

« Jester? Gentleman? King? No no, it’s all wrong! » Zychaelth disappears into the normal beast pen only to emerge moments later. He lays down, one wing spread towards the sky and a large bovine leg between his teeth as green eyes whirl at Chauth. « She needs a Rogue…a Rogue of Desire! » Oh the cackling, there’s so much cackling. And some poor animal is alive missing just one leg.

What had only been a faint glow to pale hide mere moments ago has intensified and become brighter, the hunter’s shape a beacon in the fading light as blood spattered maw opens in a feral snarl. Snapping when a bronze comes too close to her kill. Another wave of heat and need flooding out washing over everything as she snarls. « Kings and fools, ha. None of you will catch me in the sky.” Claws raking earth as she takes to the air like a rocket her voice a boom of challenge as Chauth rises.

Place your bets now, because even as the gold skyrockets into the air, Tanit seems more intent on enjoying dancing and if those jealous looks are any indication, “Well as much as I would prefer you not to get murdered, it would do some of those smug bastards good to realize that they aren’t the only fish in the sea.” A Grin and a flourish as she moves Suyi into a twirl. Though it does finally occur to her studying the expressions on her clutchmate’s faces and a few more bronzeriders that have made their way into the bar. Chauth’s scream sinks in, and a look of ‘oh. Well. Shit.” Colors Tanit’s expression.

And so, the glowing beacon is lit and soars skyward, and after a moment - only a moment - Ysgie is following suit, taking off from his somewhat distant feast and pursuing that guiding light that is Chauth into the sky - after all, she may be crazy and she may be a terrible dragon who doesn't play by the rules, but at this moment she is also merely a damsel in distress, whom is clearly crying out in her own way for some brave hero to save her - even if it is only from herself. The taunt, though, causes a brief faltering in bronze wings before he is snorting it off, and setting a more stable course in her wake.

Eyes shift back to Tanit and Suyi, Z'tan watching, a little smirk appearing on his face as the shock appears on Tanit's. "I would say it -just did-." He murmurs, chuckling softly, even as he is drawn off the chair and towards Tanit and Suyi - willingly, certainly, but not totally of his own doing. "This will be fun.." He murmurs as he draws closer, eyes slipping from Suyi to the other gathering riders, before they linger on Tanit.

Ashwi watches Tanit. "And….there." she echoes Z'tan's words on just when 'it' hits Tanit. It's not easy to look both amused and slightly alarmed but Ashwi is pulling it off well. Standing she only take a couple steps towards Tanit before stopping. Her eyes glaze briefly as she feels the brown lurch upwards in pursuit before her gaze simply watches the gold rider. Swallowing down the rest of her drink the glass it held tightly as the race above them begins.

Jovianth is a light feede, having only ravaged on large buck before the glowing queen is seen racing up wards. « A damsel in distress! » he heralds loudly as he leaps upwards. « This valiant brown will save you!! » or he'll try his damnest anyways.

Suyi smiles as she twirls, the hem of her flow shirt spiraling out slightly as she does so. “You’re the only fish for them tonight though.” The harper throws a sympathetic look towards Tanit, though she’s soon distracted by the slowly approaching riders. “That one’s kind of cute…if they don’t tear me apart to get to you, I might take full advantage of this opportunity if he loses.” Oh dear.

Zychaelth isn’t far behind Chauth and the pack of suitors, though honestly all of this gentlemanly nonsense earns a loud scoffing noise from the blue. He zips in, bashing his smaller body against Ysgie for a moment in an attempt to knock him off course. Just for the /fun/ of it. He’s here to make sure they /really/ work for it. If Ysgieth is playing hero, well…someone has to be the anti-hero, no? Rough around the edges but a good soul. But forget that part, because Jovianth’s tail is looking /particularly/ in need of a nip right now!
Damsel? Chauth is no damsel! She weaves and zags, hard, giving those in chase a run for their money, claws raking against a brown who gets too close too soon.

Tanit however, rolls her eyes. “Mm, I think he caught something that you wouldn’t want to catch.” Tanit notes, though she shoulder nudges Suyi and points over to another of the males entering, “That one however is cute and hasn’t had any embarrassing visits to the healers.” Someone should enjoy this mess after all. “I need more drinks.” A brow raising as Z’tan makes his way over, “Oh not you too. I swear Z if you use one bad pickup line tonight I will elbow you across the nose. Ashwi isn’t coming over too?” Noticing the brownrider, feeling more comfortable around her clutchmates for the moment than the other chasers.

JUST as Ysgie is maneuvering into position, there is a sudden impact, and there is a protest as the much smaller body of Zychaelth catches him by surprise and his momentum slows, the bronze taking a few moments to regain control. No one ever said that the path to success wouldn't be lined with hardships and trials - after all, no quest is complete without some character building challenges along the way. And so, it takes a moment, but he settles back in, straightening out the lines as she weaves and zags, trailing in the wake of the shooting star.

"What, you don't want any bad pick up lines? Not even.. Maybe we should be off like a gather dress?" Zel counters with a smirk as Tanit threatens him, even as he creeps a little closer, dropping his voice. "We.. We may want to move, though.." He murmurs, more seriously, eyes darting past the closing circle of riders to the poor innocent bystanders. Though, of course, given that it is a gold flight, will anyone really be innocent when it is all over?

Jovianth is finding it just a tad distracting as the mud covered Zychaelth zips through the air with ease. BAckwinging a bit to avoid colliding with the blue he whips his tail upwards quickly to just barely avoid the nip. Putting on a burst of speed he rides a thermal with both wings spread out wide. His first flight he spends a lot of time trying to weave and duck around other pursuers as well as keeping a close eye on the Gold beyond him. Falling silent he nips at another brown as he passes.

Ashwi, with empty glass in hand, has indeed taken a couple more steps close though it's clear she wasn't want to look like she's crowding the gold rider. "He could do bad jokes instead." she intones in a dry voice. Her attention to the room is fading in and out though as she pays a lot of time paying attention to the chasing brown high above the weyr. "Focus Jovi." mutters Ashwi.

Zychaelth will continue messing with the lot of them because that is what he was born to do. It's not really a surprise, is it? Though when things seem to get truly serious the small mud-covered blue will disappear to parts unknown.

As for Suyi, there's a grimace at the first man followed by a grin at the new one. "I'll wait it out…" She's going home with someone tonight! She'll just have to wait for an opportunity.

Tanit watches Suyi depart, a deep exhale and a laugh, “One of us should enjoy ourselves at least.” Chauth’s mind blending over now a little more, “I didn’t realize she was going up.” She admits with a murmur to Zeltan, elbowing him at the horrible innuendo. “I’d prefer jokes to strangers wanting to paw at me. At least it looks like the turn out is thin this time, I can only imagine how bad it gets for Cita when it’s all weyrleader hopefuls.” Shivering to shift her weight, already making her way in the direction of the exit.

"What's that suppose to mean, don't you think Ysgie can pull it off? Or, do you think he can, and I am just that disappointing?" Z'tan counters with a shake of his head, even as Suyi is pulling back into the crowd and Ashwi seems more distracted. A hand reaches almost possessively for Tanit's elbow as the flight seems to take on a different rhythm.

Perhaps this is because far above, with the annoyance provided by Zychaelth removed, Ysgieuth has finally settled into his prefered spot - just ever so slightly behind Chauth, patiently inching closer, closer.. And then he is making his move, walnut wings propelling him forward as he attempts to sweep her off her.. wings? « Chauth, I am here! » Which may be the exact opposite of what the gold wants, but well…

Ashwi has approached but isn't encroaching too close to either Tanit nor Z'tan. With a glance towards Suyi's departure it brings a quick murmur of 'lucky'. The bluerider can go but Ashwi doesn't want yet to depart until the outcome is determined. Which judging by the looks she's giving the bronze riders lurking nearby who have dragons chasing, she's fairly well counted her own brown out.

Jovianth hasn't counted himself out. NOT YET! His energy may be flagging but he's triumphant in that he has outlasted a couple dragons including one muddy Blue. Which really isn't anything to brag about but with that blue gone it does help Jovi with his focus. Rumbling deep in his chest he finally ignore the other chasers in his attempts to draw in close. Certain that the Gold's energy can't last forever. His inexperience in all this has him coming from below with his intentions to come up from underneath her and snag her at the last minutes. He does stay quiet though with no thoughts towards the Gold. Will she see him in time to dodge or will she be entangled? Naturally he's wanting the later option. Down below Ashwi tenses, her fists clenched tightly as she waits. She does notice and follow along as it appears Tanit is headed towards the exit.

The weight of the meat in her belly slowing her down and making her sluggish, it’s clear this will not be as long a chase as it otherwise aught, even then the choices are not appealing to the gold, who manages to wing higher free of brown and bronze claws, before her wings start to falter again. Who will catch the faltering queen?

“I think Ysigie and Chauth in most circumstances tend not to think of eachother in terms of reproduction.” Tanit murmurs with a irritated sigh, though she doesn’t shake his hand from her elbow yet.

Ah-ha, there it is, a sign of weakness! And so, Ysgieuth is countering her countermove, slipping higher - because he definitely did not partake in that forbidden expensive runner meat - and as Chauth falters again, Ysgie is dropping, talons outstretched in an attempt to snag her wing joints and steady her, neck ready to twine with hers - assuming everything goes to the bronze's plan, of course. However, given Chauth's natural feline tendencies, who knows - because DragonCat.

"Don't you worry, Tanit, neither Ysgie nor I will leave you disappointed.." He murmurs far too surely, leaning in as he glares at another bronzerider who has been creeping closer, even as the other rider's dragon makes a hasty lunge for the gold before sailing off after a misjudged attempt.

Jovianth reaches and catches….thin air. Shooting higher he bugles his frustration as he turns on wing tip. He's slowing. He can feel the energy draining as he digs into the last of his reserves. Forgetting all but the prize at the end of this race he reaches to ensnare her from the other side.

Ashwi is quiet, listening to Tanit and Z'tan. She too awaits to see the result though her gaze takes in the other riders nearby. Perhaps trying to judge who would be amiable to hooking up as losers.

It is Ysgieuth who emerges victorious, and the sheer luck of being the one to get the business end of Chauth’s claws for his trouble. It’s one instance in which Tanit will allow the flight to lead to her personal weyr rather than the guest one left for such uses, but as the flight ends those left in the wake are free now to ease the loss however they choose. OOC thank you so much for the flight this was fun!

There may be a Chauth in his claws, but Ysgie is also in hers. Either way, the bronze seems rather pleased - for now - with his success, and the pair will eventually make their twined way toward the ground. Zel? Well, he is already on the ground and that hand on her elbow turns to a hand on her side and then a goldrider over the shoulder - headed to a private spot for another sort of twining.

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