And Then, the Aftermath

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Everything the Light Touches
High, higher, and higher still, wing upward from the queen’s ledges and you will find (arguably) the highest point at Half Moon bay Weyr. The ledge here is wide and spacious, carved around the peak itself high enough that one can from various points see the entirety of the weyr itself, the lagoon and the glittering ocean beyond. A low cobblestone wall has been built at the edge, possibly an earlier nod to safety and encircles the large patio set to one end of the ledge made more noticeable by the potted lime trees near the entry, complete with a cobblestone barbeque and counters for cooking or entertaining. Wooden tables and chairs are outfitted with bright cushions and a small ice chest is tucked to one end. There are multiple sunning spots one at the opposite end of the ledge, away from the entrance to the living space proper, and perfectly situated to watch all that transpires in the ‘kingdom’ below.

The interior is marked as separate by four cobble stone columns spaced across the wide entry point of the Weyr, the entire space carved to be open to the view and elements most of the time. A few feet in from the columns where someone has strung a double wide hammock, a track which allows storm shutters to be drawn out from their cabinets on either side of the entry runs the full length of the opening, and the wooden shutters can slide and rotate to be adjusted for privacy, or foul weather. A second track consisting of gauzy curtains sits between the storm shutters and the columns, providing a sense of privacy.

Though the Interior has nothing on the exterior in terms of size, there is still a sense of airiness that speaks to the steamy tropics and those who live there. A circular fire pit in the center of the room provides heat in the warmer months, more wooden chairs with plush cushions arranged around the space with a large dragon couch to either side. Another set of curtains separates the sleeping and bathing areas where some enterprising young soul has set skylights above the oversized bed which is piled with pillows and fluffy comforters suggesting perhaps an absurd enjoyment of ‘’cuddles’’ by the resident. The bathing space which is separated via wood and paper folding screens. In the bathing pool carved into the stone naturally circulating the water via hidden pumps with valves to allow for temperature control, and another wide skylight for a view of the stars or storms passing by.

From amid the tangled sheets, eventually Tanit emerges, going straight for the pitcher of ice water kept near the bed, drinking deeply as the haze of the flight starts to wash from her senses, glancing over to the bed with a sigh. Chauth seems more irritated than Sated, coiled tightly out on the ledge with a mutter. She says nothing for a few minutes, settling back into the covers eventually taking a few moments to get comfortable again.

Ysgie is lurking a safe distance from Chauth, watching the gold cautiously, though it seems that at this point, the bronze is unwilling to retreat completely - seems like someone is stuck with him for a while. Sucker. Zel, for his part, stirs briefly as Tanit moves, murmuring something unintelligible as he shifts, though he settles back down, relaxing as she gets comfortable, moving to drape an arm across her middle, his forehead pressed into her upper arm. Nope, it seems 2 someones are stuck with unwanted guests. Suckers.

Tanit can’t help but smile, and the cool side of the glass is pressed against Zel’s face for a moment, before she reaches to refill the glass again. “I’m sorry I don’t speak mumble.” Sea Green eyes shifting to study the smug face of the unwanted guest.

"WHyyyyyyyy." That word at least is clear as it sneaks out of the bronze rider's mouth, the young man squinting as he peers up at her. "Don't be mean." He adds on after a moment, before propping himself up on an elbow and reaching for that glass. "Please?" He adds after a moment, eyes flicking from the glass back to meet her own.

Tanit relinquishes the glass with a chuckle, “You need to drink too or we will both be hungover and I don’t want to have to deal with the mess she made in the pens alone later.” Tanit murmurs, before burrowing into the covers. “I suppose now I know she isn’t typically the sort to give much warning before rising, it was a poor flight, she should have been able to get higher and fly longer. “ The last more melancholy than anything. “Hopefully it just means a smaller clutch.”

Any comforting statements are delayed by a quick chugging of the water, the empty glass held and stared at for a moment, before Zel is glancing back at Tanit. The glass is set out of the way and as she burrows into the covers, he is moving to snuggle up with her, both hopefully comfortingly and to be comforted too. "It'll be ok - they were high enough, though, they didn't crash or anything." A pause. "And, well, now you know for next time."

“She isn’t happy Ysigie caught, and is sulking.” Tanit murmurs fingers moving to absently comb through his hair, “But I’m glad it was you. I think I’d probably have stabbed just about anybody else down there, well maybe not Suyi or Ashwi, but a brown doesn’t have much chance of wining and I think Zych was just having fun fucking with the competitors.”

"Well, she can get over herself." Zel murmurs, perhaps a bit more grumpily than he meant it, a soft sigh as he leans into her fingers. "I might have, too." The words are barely audible, as he snuggles closer, arm absently tightening for a brief moment. And then there is a longer, slightly louder sigh and he is tilting his chin to watch her, carefully.

Tanit laughs, studying him at the almost inaudible statement, earning him a warmer smile. “The man with a girl in every port, couldn’t possibly be jealous could he?” The words lighter and teasing, settling into the comfort of the moment and simply enjoying the company for a while.

"But.. your my girl in this port." He counters, making a face at her, before he is propping himself up on an elbow, trying to lean in. But then, it seems he comes back to his senses, because he is shifting and settling back down, quiet for a long moment, before.. "Tanit?" The bronzerider asks softly.

“Hm?” She answers at the note of question in his voice, smiling still at his response as though still mulling it over.

"Why do we only do this when Ysgie has something to do with it?" He asks after a moment, before Z'tan is actually turning red and burrowing into the covers to hide, and definitely not look at her.

“You tend to give the impression that you prefer a casual relationship.” She admits after weighing the question for several minutes, though her fingers don’t stop tracing through his hair.

Tensing, Zeltan considers her reply for a while, letting the silence continue, before slowly relaxing and leaning in. "I am not sure that I am the only one.." He counters, teasing lightly. "I just.. I wouldn't mind if I didn't have to wait for Ysgie to mess up."

“You are not sure you are the only one – what Z’tan?” She asks, lightly without inflection. The second half earns him a kiss to his forehead, “You don’t have to wait, you just haven’t figured out the right way to ask.”

"Who seems to only want something casual.." He explains, and then he gets a kiss, and he is looking up at her, a bit surprised. A shift, and he is leaning in, "And what is the right way to ask?" He pauses, holding her gaze. "I would just… I would like to be -me-, with you. And not sad Ysgie-me." After a moment, Z'tan pulls his gaze away. "I mean.."

“I’m never going to be able to live the holder ideal of Monogamy, Chauth makes it impossible – and I think there’s a part of me that always knew it wasn’t something possible for me.” She admits after some quiet thought, “But when I’m with someone, it should be because I care about that person, and because they care about me more than they care about having someone who just warms the bed.” She sighs, shifting over to press her mouth against his then, soft – gentle and insistent. “You will figure it out eventually, it doesn’t mean anything if you are just given the answer you have to figure it out for yourself. But being you around me, the real you. That’s a good way to start.”

"Shards, Tanit, you think -I- could be monoga-" And he stumbles over the word, laughing softly. "I don't expect that, I don't want that." He is interrupted by the kiss, freezing, before leaning into it and lifting his hand to gently curve around her cheek. "Don't mean I don't care about you though. And, I don't know.. want to be with you when it isn't out of pity. Or because her highness got tired early after eating someone's prized runner. When I don't have all those feelings that aren't mine.." He shrugs, reaching for her hand. "I'm sorry I was a little jealous." At least he doesn't blame Ysgie.

“I think you missed the point.” She laughs softly of monogamy. “And that first time wasn’t about pity either. It was because you showed you genuinely cared more about me than the possibility of getting lucky you idiot.” Laughing as finger tips trace over the line of his collarbone pressing a light kiss there. “Well you probably got a little taste of the way I’ve felt quite a few times then I imagine.” She notes on Jealousy as well with a laugh.

"What, you? Jealous?" There is actual surprise in his voice, distracting him from the tracing line of her finger. Zel blinks a few times, reaching again for her hand to still it for a moment. Watching her for a moment, he considers, before just flopping back to stare at the ceiling with a soft sigh. "I am so confused."

Her fingers stilled by his hand, as Zel flops back Tanit can only laugh, moving to wrap an arm around him and cuddle in. “How do you think I felt when that Monaco Jr. showed up?” She props her head up on an elbow studying his face then, “What is there to be confused about?”

"Jaz?" There is a soft chuckle and a wave of a hand. "I think Jaz will pursue anything that moves. You might want to watch out, even." Z'tan is teasing lightly, shifting to settle an arm around her as she cuddles in. "Though.." Ok, feel free to hit him now. Turning to watch her, he shrugs. "You're jealous but you aren't and we don't and, oh.. I don't know." The whole thing comes out in a blurted rush.

"I did get that impression of her." Tanit notes, and it's the last that earns him a look. "You are an idiot." She decides, pulling free from him and the bed to go locate her clothes.”

"Hey now!" Zel protests as he is called an idiot, rolling and attempting to grab at her arm, but then she is gone and he is remaining sprawled awkwardly across the bed, watching her instead. "Tanit, come backkk.." He calls softly, pouting a little. That's cute, right?

“Zel, I have no interest in being one of hundreds. And if what you are after is a easy lay at the end of the day your in the wrong bedroom.” Chauth’s flames flicker in amusement, a sleepy eye opened as her lifemate’s ire is felt.

Again, there is a flop backwards and he stares at the ceiling, baffled. "You don't want monogamy, but you don't want to be just one of many?" Zel groans slightly and covers his eyes with an arm. "I care about you, Tanit, you're one of my best friends, regardless." He starts, "But I care about Jaz, too, though I guess in a different way. And Ysgie is always going to chase, even if so far his luck is.. well, terrible." So terrible he even caught Chauth which may be the worst luck of all.

It's at this point that Tanit stops hunting for her own clothes and throws Z’tan’s pants at his face, his shirt soon follows. Tanit does dress as well or at least pulls over a light weight dress in the process. “Then go visit Jaz. Because now I’m the one confused as to just what it is you want and why you are here to begin with.”

A face full of clothes, and Zel is at least shut up for the time being, his clothing piled in his lap as he stares at her. "W-what?" He blinks at her again, staring. "I.. I want you to just come back and relax and maybe cuddle if you want. And not hate me." He finally manages. "What part of 'you're one of my best friends' was confusing?" Oops, probably should have stopped earlier.

Tanit sighs, and just sounds tired. “I don’t hate you Zel, quite the opposite in fact.” The last statement gets a roll of her eyes. “I’m not Jaz either.” And with that she makes her way out to the ledge to flop into the hammock there rather than continue with the conversation, though she does mutter the word ‘idiot’ under her breath as she goes.

After a few minutes, Zel wanders out to the ledge, having at least taken the time to put on his pants, though his shirt is still balled in his hand. "You aren't Jaz, but there is nothing -wrong- with that. But Tanit, she is the mother of my only daughter, and that isn't going to change. I don't know what to tell you." He offers as he leans against the opening between ledge and weyr, watching her.

Tanit lays back in the Hammock, eyes drifting back out over the lagoon area and the sky. “I think of anyone I understand that better than most Zel.” She will offer as a response after a while. “And I don’t know what you want me to say. “

"I don't know either, Tanit." Zel mutters, even as he pulls his shirt over his head and moves towards the edge of the ledge, waiting for Ysgie to decide to move and come get him. "Sorry that I think I maybe love ya." He offers as the bronze settles on the ledge and he moves to his side to clamor up his side.

It's Chauth’s rumbling laugh that breaks the silence first, « Ysigieuth If you depart with him on the ledge now, there will be terrible consequences. Plus I think yours wants to stay put for this. » The flicker of ghostlight and laughter full in force in her voice as Tanit all but falls out of the Hammock hearing the words, scrambling to maintain some sense of dignity. This of course only earns more laughter from Chauth.

At least Ysgieuth isn't necessarily dumb, and at Chauth's words he is sidestepping away from Z'tan's attempts to get on his back, before he is tipping off the ledge to return to his nearby perch. Zel, though, was distracted as Tanit seems to.. panic a little and he is left standing there, staring at her in confusion, tipping over as he attempts to climb onto a lifemate's leg that is no longer there.

Some semblance of dignity regained, Tanit stomps over, grabbing either a fist full of shirt, or arm or whatever else she can grab as she’s using her weight to drag him back into the weyr proper. “Then that’s what you should have said from the start idiot.”

Z'tan is caught and dragged, not resisting though just stumbling a few steps, "I just.." Emotions are hard, yo. "Didn't want to scare you." He finishes after a moment as he trails along in her wake, blushing as he does so, sparing a glance at the gold before she is out of view.

The gold’s laughter continues, and Tanit’s does too, and an almost affectionate, “Idiot.” Is murmured, as he is dragged back into the bed, for cuddles and whatever else might follow. “I love you too.”

"Oh.." Is all that Zeltan can manage, the bronzerider stunned, probably a bit confused, but well, there is a bed and there is a Tanit and confusion can wait til later. And so can Ysgie.

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