And It Just Gets Better...

Western Weyr - Geimhreath's Ice Castle
With a militaristic dragon who wants for no knick-knacks and the like, this weyr is fairly spartan. Old furniture, clearly taken from the stores and fixed up, is here and there. A sagging mattress on a splintered bedframe. A table with a mis-matched leg that has a book under it to keep it level. The chairs are in decent shape, but there are only three and none match. A chest at the foot of the bed sits often open, with clothing spilling out. The only other things remotely resembling decor are a threadbare rug that might once have had a pattern under the table and Geimhreath's straps, when not in use, sat off to the side of the ledge.

Geimhreath is in a nook off to the side of the ledge that serves as his couch. The blue is napping, tail flipping every so often. This leaves the ledge open for landings. Perhaps snoozing off trying to catch yet another green. It's tiring work, getting your freak on. Inside the Weyr, Keely is… naked. And sprawled out on her bed. She's not doing anything in particular, just staring up towards the ceiling. The aftermath of… something is evident in the fact that there are clothes strewn pretty much everywhere.

Indianath lands, Rou'x slips from his back, and the brown is off again while his wide-hipped rider enters Keely's weyr somewhat… sheepishly. There's no comment for Keely being naked when her honey-brown eyes clock the scene, and a flush colours her cheeks as she approaches the bed. Wordlessly, without shucking any of her own clothes, she sits on the edge, then curls her knees up and rolls over towards the bluerider, looking to nestle in against her shoulder.

Since her lifemate is sleeping, Keely is unaware of her visitor. Well, you'd think she would be since it likely makes noise… but perhaps she's just zoned out that much. In fact, that's almost certainly the reason. Her nudity is different; there's no attempts to show off or be put on display. Really, she looks like a woman who gave up finding something to wear. The bluerider takes a deep breath as Rou'x settles in and glances over. Pale eyes are mournful, but show no sign of current or recent tears. She doesn't speak yet.

Rou'x is the type to gloss over uncomfortableness by either a) pretending it doesn't exist, or b) completely avoiding the subject altogether. Right now definitely falls into category A, as she sighs softly, tucks her hands between her thighs to keep them to herself, and just breathes in the unique scent of her clutchmate. "Indy had his first win," she eventually murmurs softly, voice barely more than a slightly raspy, warm whisper.

"Geimhreath told me," Keely says, rolling away to get to her feet. Likely she had herself a nice dip in the cool waters of the lagoon after the flight since her usual parter, win or lose, wasn't around. She grabs a mass of dark-blue cloth off of the floor and wraps it around herself. A kimono-style robe. At least she's covered. To keep busy, the young woman starts picking up other clothes in an absent-minded fashion.

Rou'x sprawls across the empty bed for a moment, before pushing herself up into a sitting position. Her light brown eyes follow the younger rider as she tidies up her clothing, lips formed into an almost confused pout. There are a few long moments of silence, before she finally speaks. "An' you're pissed I din't come on up here wi' you while it happened?"

Keely drops the pile of clothes in her arms on the table once the question is posed. It wobbles a bit, the wedge supporting the short leg being an imperfect solution. She bites at her lip, chin tucked down against chest as she considers. "No… I… I didn't think you would. I'm upset at myself… I'm upset that I feel like I have enough of a claim on you that I'm jealous."

/That/ makes Rou'x swing her legs down off the bed, but she doesn't get up yet. She pauses there, fingers curled into the mattress and its coverings, watching Keely and, no doubt, working out how to reply. "Kee." The brownrider stops, draws in a deep breath, then lets it out slowly. "I ain't gonna /be/ anyone's for a bloody long while yet, yeah? But," now she stands up, and Indianath's return to the ledge suggests the wingrider is getting ready to leave already, "if I /were/ gonna be wi' someone, it'd be you, alright?" She hovers awkwardly for a moment, rubbing a hand over her soft tummy as her smile sinks a few notches. "I'm gonna go. I ain't feelin' so good."

"I /know/ that," Keely insists, voice rising a few octaves. She realizes she's getting pitched and leans on the table, shoulders hunched. "Look, I know that. I dunno if I even really wanna be tied down. That night with Ir'e… that was fun. I liked that. I'd like to experiment. But…" She sighs heavily, shrugging. "I wake up sometimes wishin' you were there. I think about you with someone else during a flight and I wanna throw things. I hate myself for feeling this way, Rou'x… y'don't gotta remind me." But then she's saying she doesn't feel well and Kee's color drains a bit. "I'm sorry I didn't… I didn't wanna run you off."

"An' y'think I don't get jealous mebbe sometimes? But it ain't my place t'say nothin', Kee, cos no matter who I'm bein' jealous over or jealous of it ain't my business, cos people're people. I ain't got no claim on no-one." Throughout her little speech, Rou'x looks down at her toes. "This's always been f' fun, Kee, I reckoned I told y' that much. I ain't making no-one no promises, n' I ain't got no expectations or desires nor /nothing/. There's a time n' a place n' a person f' stuff, and right now this ain't the time, even if it may be the place, n' even if it may be the person, too."

Keely runs fingers through her hair, where they catch in some tangles. She winces and shuffles in place a bit. Clearly uncomfortable. "Y'said I was yours," she says softly… almost as if in a reminder to herself. Voice rises a bit again, "That's… that's why I'm upset at myself. I shouldn't'a asked you what I did. Yer… you. And I… really, /really/ like you, but I also know… yer gonna wanna be with whoever you want whenever you want and I got no right to wish otherwise."

Rou'x frowns down at her feet, right at the battered toes of her brown boots. "I don' remember sayin' that… but I guess… in a sorta way… yeah. I do mebbe reckon I think you're mine, but Kee…" She looks up towards Indianath, biting hard on her bottom lip. "Y' couldn't've known when y' asked. Mebbe this's my fault? I ain't never been in a relationship like this b'fore, I ain't got no clue what's meant t' be happenin' nor nothin'. All I now is that I wanna be /me/, n' I wanna do what I wanna do, n' you're included in that, yeah? If… if y' still wanna be, anyway."

"S'not like /I/ know," Keely says, shifting to sit heavily in a chair. Bare ass on wood, woo. "You're… I mean, m'first in a number of ways. I've had crushes and wanted to do things with people, but I've never just… wanted someone around like I do with you. It's why it's so confusing." She turns a bit, looking towards the brownrider. "I… I wanted to just have fun, but I can't help it… I keep getting more and more entwined in you and I'm sorry."

The colour's drained a little more out of Rou'x's normally rosy cheeks, and the corner of her mouth twitches uncomfortably. "I gotta go, Kee, but b'f'ore I do tell me quick. What're you lookin' for? How d'you wanna go from here? You say, n' I'll follow. We can keep on as we've been n' just… see what happens wi'out promising no shit t' no-one, or if it's too much, mebbe just… mebbe we just stop. I dunno. Whatever you wanna do, just say."

If color drains from Keely, it's not from feeling ill. It's from what's just been proposed. Her voice is quiet, just barely loud enough to fill the weyr. "I… couldn't bear to stop this. To not… have you at least sometimes. If… I gotta just tag along and hope for what little I can get, I'd rather that."

"No, Kee, it ain't /like/ that," Rou'x snaps, balling her hand into a fist by her side. "Y'ain't just 'taggin' along'. If I din't wantcha wi' me, I wouldn' /have/ y' there, alright? It ain't like'm just… just /usin'/ y' f' some shits n' giggles n' a bit've action - I /like/ ya. A whole frickin' lot, whether we're shaggin' or not. But y'cain't—" She's interrupted when she gags, hand automatically coming up to cover her mouth as she swallows hard. Once she's got it back under control, she shakes her head and waves her hand at Keely, signalling no more. "I cain't do this right now, Kee. I gotta go. I ain't ready t'stop neither." Regardless of Keely's reaction, another gag has Rou'x running for her lifemate, hardly settled onto his neck before the big brown launches himself away.

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