... With a Spoon

Western Weyr - Yiskatiresiath's Prison Cell
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Things have been kinda rough ever since the flight happened and Ir'e spent the evening in the care of Rou'x and Keely. That's not necessarily because Rhabel has made it overall difficult, because he really hadn't. If anything the drama with Rhabel has to do with an entirely different thing than his weyrmate 'sleeping around'. To say that Ir'e hasn't been sleeping all that wall, would be an understatement, but he has drills in a few hours and in hopes of trying to 'wake up' he has just taken a shower. Because he's not expecting company however, he walks out of his bathing area clad in only a long towel that sits low on his hips and drops down to his ankle. Rhabel is gone for the moment, as to where, that's anyone's guess.

The rustle of wings and thud of Indianath's typical crash-landing is the only announcement that Rou'x has arrived. It takes her nothing more than a few flustered seconds to shimmy down her lifemate's side, and once her booted feet hit the ground she's calling out to the weyr's occupant. "Ir'e? Y'here?" In she bustles to the weyr proper, practically skidding to a halt when she comes across the towel-clad bluerider. "Aw, shit, sorry. Din't reckon you'd be half-dressed, but… ain't nothing I ain't seen already, right?" She, too, looks tired, though it's more emotional than physical as she goes straight up to her friend, standing before him with her hands planted firmly on her hips. "Help me? Kee n' I, we… shit, I dunno, Ir'e, I don' have a bloody /clue/." Abstract, much?

Ir'e doesn't seem overly bothered by the fact that Rou'x has wandered in and caught him semi-naked. At least today isn't one of the days he's messing up bedsheets with Rhabel or that'd be slightly awkward. Ir'e, as sad as it is, has kind of been avoiding the pair as of late as he's been trying to sort out his feelings from the whole mess. You would think that he'd be happy he got to sleep with someone who he had had a lot of sexual tension with, but there are a lot of mixed feelings that he finds.. perplexing. So when she arrives, he quirks a brow at her and reaches down to grab his riding leathers, "Give me a moment and I'll change." And he heads back into the room he had just left. "What's wrong with you and Keely?" His voice echoes a bit off the walls of the bathroom but he can still be heard clearly.

Rou'x follows Ir'e until she realises he's probably going elsewhere to change because he doesn't want her to /see/ - at which point she stops and turns her back, slipping hands into her pockets. "She's wantin' stuff I can't give her, n' she's jealous, n' I reckon I went'n hurt her feelin's without meanin' to, n' I also reckon she's a bit pissed off that I… shit, Ir'e, I slept wi' /S'ol/ this mornin'. Indy caught Tarieth, n'… whatever, you know how it goes." She pauses, exhaling a long breath. "Kee wanted t' move clothes into my weyr n' I told her no. An' it's been a bloody nightmare since then. It ain't helped by my feelin' like I'm comin' down wi' summat, neither."

"Something you can't give her?" There's a silence that spans a few seconds as he wiggles into his pants, "Why can't you give it to her? You don't want to or are you afraid?" Ir'e walks out a few moments later, still shirtless but at least he's got his pants on. A comb is swiftly snagged and he starts running it through his stringy wet hair before chocolate brown eyes are seeking her out and alighting lightly on her. "Caugh Tarieth, huh? Be that was something interesting to wake up to, that boy is gayer than.." He stops himself, probably going to have said 'green rider' but then realized that hey, S'ol is a greenrider. "Well you know what I mean. But hey, how about um, you take a seat, take a breath and try to go over it a bit slower." It's then he's pouring her a glass of water from the solitary real piece of furniture he has in his weyr, a small table, before bringing it over and offering it to her. A hand is extended and he uses the back of it to push against her forehead, checking for a temperature. "Don't feel hot either."

"I jus' feel like /shit/, Thei. About everythin', not just whatever bug's got me." Rou'x sits heavily on the edge of his bed, curling both hands around the accepted glass. "My head's all achy, I got girly problems you don't even wanna know about, n' when Kee n' I were talkin' earlier, I nearly threw up my breakfast on her. /Twice/. I hadta rush outta her weyr real quick, cos I don't reckon should've appreciated me paintin' the place for her." The brownrider shakes her head, dropping her chin down to her chest. "I tried tellin' her that I like her n' all, but that I weren't ready t' be movin' in with someone… but I don't reckon it went down all that well, Ir'e."

Ir'e quirks a brow at her, shaking his head before he takes a seat on the ground next to her. Probably thinking that sitting on the bed and adding more movement if she's already feeling nauseous isn't the best idea. He lifts a knee and places his elbow on it before resting his head a hand to peer up at her. "Sounds like you're not having all that fun of a time." He admits but for some reason the 'girly troubles' has him trying to stifle a chuckle. "Well, why aren't you ready? I mean, I dunno. Could you try to compromise, I mean, if you wanna still continue on with her and all. Why don't you give it a test run or something? Or are you just not interested in weyrmating at all? Is what you two have really just all fun in the sack?"

Not wanting to sit and look down at Ir'e, Rou'x slips off the bed to join him on the floor, using it as a leaning post. She's just unable to get comfortable though no matter what she tries, so there's a whole lot of shifting done before she settles for a few moments. "I don't wanna weyrmate with no-one right now. It were all perfect wi' Kee, y'know? We were havin' fun, n' that were all well n' good, only now it's suddenly /serious/…" Her honey-hued gaze drops down to her glass, and she winces. "It's not that I don't like her outta bed, cos I do. She's pretty awesome n' all, but so're you. So's Ryeo. So's S'ven, n' a whole lotta people I've not got t' know yet. I ain't ready to make promises to no-one just yet n' I din't promise her nothin', but…" She shrugs her shoulders, looking completely lost - and, as she looks up to her bluerider bestie, looking almost as if she's about to cry.

"Guess that'd be my fault for mentioning it, huh?" Ir'e looks a bit sheepish at that perhaps, being that he was the one that breeched the subject and then magically Keely brings it up? Yeah.. totally his fault! "Well.." He gropes for words, finding himself short. "I dunno Rou, I mean, typically that's what happens with fuck buddies. They either want more from ya than whatcha willing to give, or you gotta give up a bit to try to keep 'em." And then she's naming names and everything and he rolls his eyes, "Did Keely said you have to stop sleeping 'round if you guys weyrmate? I mean, what exactly did she say she wanted form ya, 'sides moving some clothes over?"

"It were just clothes last time, but t'day was all 'I'm jealous' shit. I mean, Thei, it were /S'ol/. It were a /flight/. The chances've me n' him gettin' together /any/ other time…" Rou'x shakes her head, biting down on her lip. Then she scrunches her eyes shut, rubbing over them with her knuckles. "I told her if I were gonna weyrmate someone it'd prob'ly be her, but not not. I'm not /ready/ now. Just cos I like her don't mean I gotta force m'self into doin' what she wants… but I don't wanna stop seein' her how I'm seein' her, either, cos sh-" Rou stops suddenly, looking a whole lot sorry as she covers her mouth with her hand, cheeks puffing out as tries to hold back from being sick.

Ir'e frowns, giving a shake of his head before he starts running the semi-forgotten comb through his hair again. Upon catching a knot he winces and goes over the same area slower. Grr. "Well, flights are something that can't be helped. Perhaps that's a bad sign, if she's getting jealous and all over that, that could be a bad sign and all. I mean, I know how you are and all, and being forced into a relationship where you can't be yourself seems like a bad idea." He sucks in his bottom lip, chewing upon the edge of it before slowly, very carefully saying, "Well.. maybe you should end it with her now to save yourself the problem of it later on. I mean, it's only gunna get harder too, and you seem like too much of a free spirit to have a weyrmate who isn't open 'bout you having flings on the side. Rhab knows that about me and it's okay with him, but now it's just me holding myself back I guess, or perhaps I don't need to anymore with him." He's not really sure. But he does peer at her when she comes to an abrupt stop, "Because she what?"

With one hand still clamped firmly over her mouth, Rou'x flaps the other at the bluerider, telling him to wait. Her eyes scrunch shut and her shoulders heave as she breathes long, deep, slow breathes, until she's finally able to lower both hands. With the threat of throwing up gone, she sheepishly continues. "Cos she's hot. An' I don' wanna stop seein' her. But I said to her that it were up to her whether we kept on as was or stopped now, n' she said no, she din't wanna stop." The brownrider pulls one of her pigtails over her shoulder, fiddling with it. "But she don't wanna see me wi' other people either. Shit, Thei, I wish you n' I'd met b'fore you got wi' Rhab. Mighta save a whole lotta shit, right? We coulda been the /best/ fuckbuddies. I'd've prob'ly made you my number one, y'know."

Ir'e's face scrunches up at Rou and her attempt at not throwing up in his weyr. Well, how nice of her. Very considerate! "Are you okay?" He's pointing at her water again, maybe it'll help? He looks hopeful. "How long this been going on? And have you thought about seeing the healers yet? Maybe they can give you something so it's not as bad, if it's one of those bugs ya just gotta live with." He's pretty useless with this sort of stuff, but at the very least, he does look rather concerned. He tries to finish brushing his hair before he just kinda sighs, "Well, I dunno what to say then Rou. If you wanna see her, but she doesn't want you with other people, just seems like you're gunna end up unhappy in the end. But it's your life, and I'm not gunna tell you what you can and can't do obviously." It's only when she says that last comment that his facial expression changes to one that borders on annoyed. "Well, sorry 'bout that and all. Can't help who ya fall for, and who knows, maybe I'd have wanted more too."

"The other night were pretty special though, weren't it? Never thought I'd be /sharin'/ ya, if we ever got t'doin' it, but I couldn't've picked someone better for it, yeah? Kee's pretty smokin'." Rou'x offers a lopsided smile, her cheeks standing out red against the paleness of her face, brought on no doubt by nausea. She forces a sip of her water, then goes back to fiddling with her braid. "This's got my head all fucked up. I dunno what to think, what t'do, who t'be with… I dunno what'll make me happy, nor what'll make /her/ happy, n' it's all just… just one big fuck up. An' I'm so /tired/, Thei, so tired all the frickin' /time/. I could just go t'sleep right /here/, right now."

Ir'e shifts in his spot before he suddenly pushes off the ground and heads over to his little pile of folded shirts in a corner and selects one. He slides it over his head and stretches, "I don't want you to take this the wrong way, Rou.. but I don't want what happened the other night to happen again." He's got his back to her as he fiddles with the hem of his shirt and tucking it into his riding pants. "It was fun and all, but it's just not the same anymore, having sex with someone when there's not love involved too." He finally turns to face her, his face looking drawn, sad most likely. "I gave you the advice I could about your situation, but you gotta figure out what's best for you and all." He glances at his bed and motions to it with a hand, "You can stay here a bit if you'd like, if you don't wanna be hounded by Keely in your weyr. Don't think she'd look here if you have Indy move and I don't think Rhab will be back anytime soon. But I have to go grab some food before I have drills." But there's a bit of stiffness to his shoulders now and it's clear he's uncomfortable at the moment.

Rou'x seems… surprised, first. Then hurt. Then, after she's got to her feet with her fists balled by her sides, she's halfway between lashing out (verbally? Maybe physically!)… and halfway to bursting into tears. "Y'still fuckin' think I wanna be all lovey-fuckin'-dovey with ya, Ir'e? /Fuck/ that. Fuck that wi' a fuckin' /spoon/." She grabs a pillow off the bed and hoys it across the weyr at the bluerider then turns to stomp out towards Indianath - though not before making sure to knock her glass of water over, too. There's a concerned sort of croon from her lifemate as she vaults up onto his back, and then they're gone from the ledge and off into the midday light.

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