Awkward Lunch

Western Weyr - Living Caverns
Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

Early afternoon has settled around Western weyr and the living caverns are mostly empty. One table however, is occupied by a certain elusive hunger driven dolphineer. By the looks of it, Jeyinshi has just returned from a swim. Damp hair falls to her shoulders and her wetsuit is in its usual half on state. The number of plates in front of her is one, two, three…..four! But for once, the dolphineer isn't just eating, she's sort of working. A notebook lies open in front of her and a pencil in one hand. The girl seems to be talking to herself, clicks and squeals are easily heard if one comes close enough and every few moments she stops her incessant noise making, perhaps to write what strange things she said down.

A mostly empty living cavern was once an opportune chance to find a reclusive guard and it seems even now old habits die hard with Th'ero. With Velokraeth sleeping off an early training session, he's managed to sneak away - and not entirely just for food. No doubt he's seeking quiet and peace of mind, though food is an added bonus. As he slips in from the entrance, he pauses only to scan the caverns long enough to note the lack of people. It's then that he moves on to the serving tables, quickly filling a plate. Not until he turns away from the tables does Th'ero spot Jeyinshi and for a moment he's frozen on spot, simply staring at her as she works away (and it's not because she's clicking to herself). Blinking, he snaps out of his surprise and slowly moves his way closer. "Jey?" is all he says, once he's close enough. "Mind if I join you?"

Stares? Jey doesn't seem to mind, or pay much attention….at least for now. Strange sleeping habits sort of got one used to staring. Of course, when it's someone you know staring, it's different. After a few moments, the dolphineer can't help but look up, watching as Th'ero makes his way across the caverns. She looks up, smiling warmly and swiftly kicking out an empty chair for him. "What? Forgotten how much I eat have you? And of course not. Sit sit." Placing her pencil in the notebook pages, she closes it before pushing it aside and leaning onto the table. "Shells, it feels like it's been forever….doin alright?"

Th'ero can't help but smile a little when Jeyinshi practically kicks out a chair for him to sit. Setting his plate down in an empty spot on the table, he slips into the offered seat. "No, I haven't forgotten that. It'd be hard to forget it!" He muses. He seems to be ready to say more, but hesitates and chooses to lapse into silence again. But then Jeyinshi seems to hit the target and the weyrling relaxes a little, leaning back against his chair. "It has been awhile." Th'ero admits, his gaze once on the dolphineer now slides to his plate and he half-heartedly picks at some food. He does smile a little though. "I'm doing fine. Taking a bit to get used to, but so far, so good." Finally, he takes a few small bites of his lunch, before refocusing his gaze on Jeyinshi curiously. "How're you? And how is Sungie lately?"

Jeyinshi chuckles softly, "It would be hard to forget wouldn't it?" The dolphineer stares at her mostly empty plates for a few seconds before shaking her head and taking a few more bites. Silence brings her gaze back up again and Jey lets out a tiny sigh, one corner of her mouth tilting up into a smile. "You don't have to be so cautious or anything around me. I know it's been a while but, it's not as if it's been turns. You remember….or you better!" The last bit takes on a slightly teasing tone and Jey leans back in her chair. "I'd imagine so! Bet you can't wait till he can *between* and take care of his own mess….But me? I'm doing fine. Things have been busy lately, but nothing too bad. And Sungie is….well he's Sungie. Still can't get him to stay still for too long."

Th'ero looks a little sheepish when Jeyinshi points out the tension he hadn't realized had settled on him. So with a sigh and a bit of a chuckle, he actually does relax. "Old habits." He tries to use as an excuse, smiling crookedly. "Alright, alright. So it hasn't been that long! Though sometimes it feels like a Turn has passed." He admits, almost grumbling the last part before taking a few more bites of food. At the mention of Velokraeth Betweening and mess cleanup, Th'ero coughs slightly, having not expected that remark from Jeyinshi. "Not quite what I meant!" he mumbles, shaking his head. "Though it'd be nice to be able to at least fly." Glancing back to Jeyinshi, Th'ero smiles an actual genuine smile this time. "Glad to hear you and Sungie are doing well." There's a soft laugh when she mentions Sungie's hyperness, but it is not long before Th'ero sobers again.

Jeyinshi rolls her eyes, "Like I believe that for a second. Old habits would be you teasing me or something. But I know it's been a while….sorry. I should've visited sooner or something." When she's finally able to ellicit a smile, Jey breaks into a grin….with just the tiiiiniest smirk. "Mmm, will it be a while until you guys can fly? They're growing pretty fast aren't they?" There's a look of honest curiosity on Jey's face, but it soon disappears, her own countenance beginning to mirror his sobriety. "Are you….." Jey pauses, taking a deep breath and suddenly bringing her gaze up to meet his. "I…I figured this might be coming eventually. But….are you….doyouplanonbreakingupwithme?"

"You know me too well, Jey. I should know better then to try to fool you." Th'ero teases lightly. See? Old habits! But then he's shaking his head, waving off Jeyinshi's apology with a slight flick of his hand. "Don't apologize for that." He says, lips pressing into a firm line, though eventually he slips back into a soft smile. "We've both been busy! And it shouldn't be much longer now I figure before they can fly on their own." At the mention of growing fast, Th'ero grimaces. "Yes, they are. By the amount of food they eat, I'm not at all surprised." There's a pause, and now he's grinning at some sort of private amusing thought. "In fact… you could probably match them, with the amount of food you can eat. How many plates do you have, anyhow?" Apparently, Th'ero cannot count the plates on the table, or he's simply too focused on the dolphineer. But then the mood shifts and Jeyinshi's sudden remark all but floors the poor weyrling. So he can only stare at her in bewilderment for a moment. "Shells, Jey, where did you get that idea?" he exclaims, forcing himself to relax again and giving her as reassuring look as he can. "No, I am /not/ breaking up with you." He stresses. "I'm just… I dunno, things are different! I feel awkward all over again." He admits with a grimace, then sighs, scrubbing at his face warily with one hand. "But I never considered anything between us changed." He adds and his tone is sincere.

"Oh…." The dolphineer sort of stares as he goes on to explain everything, a bit dumbfounded at it all. "I thought….I mean….you were so serious and…..I just prepared myself for the worst…." A nervous chuckle escapes the dolphineer and she pushes the food around on her plate. Despite her nerves, she seems assured enough at the moment. The serious face is replaced with a small whisp of a smile and Jey finally looks back up nodding her head. "I'm glad….but you're right. It's different. A bit awkward. I don't think it's a bad thing though really. We just need to get used to each other again?…..And I think I can beat them in terms of appetite." Jey chuckles tentatively at the joke before shutting herself up with another few bites of food.

Oh, how awkward this whole conversation is indeed and Th'ero is right in the thick of it and uncertain on how to get out of it. He's probably silently cursing his choice of words and mannerisms right now. All Jeyinshi will see though is a lingering reassuring smile. "I'm sorry, Jey. There's just a lot of my mind and I didn't realize." He admits, with a low chuckle. "No, it's not a bad thing." He gives a curious tilt of his head to the rest of Jeyinshi's remark, brows furrowing together thoughtfully. Picking at the last of his lunch, he takes a few more bites before pushing the plate away. Not everything was eaten, but it seems the weyrling is done with food for now. "Used to each other?" he replies, still thoughtful. "I hadn't thought that much had changed so fast." Th'ero sounds almost puzzled now, as he looks back at Jeyinshi.

Jeyinshi shakes her head, "No no. I….well I'm not used to this kind of thing. Neither of us are I guess. Bu well…I'm not as confident with this kind of stuff so I was overthinking things." The dolphineer gives a tiny smile before beginning to fidget in her chair, absently tapping at the table and playing around with her food. "Oh! I didn't mean that either!" Now Jey looks positively vexed…at herself. There's a rather irritated look at her hands and another shake of her head. "I just didn't know what to say so I spouted whatever nonsense came into my head first. If we couldn't tease each other, /then/ I would be worried about reacquainting and all that nonsense. I'm not exactly making sense today….." The dolphineer looks almost /sheepish/ at this admission and lets out a rather embarassed chuckle.

Th'ero only ends up looking more confused and fidgets a little himself. This is whole new territory for him too and he's making quite the mess of it, it would seem. He hasn't resorted to tapping his fingers on the tabletop yet, though he looks tempted once Jeyinshi starts. Eventually, he settles for his usual folding of his arms across his chest as he leans back into his chair, attempting to look relaxed but failing miserably. "I guess it shows that neither of us are used to this, hmm?" he muses, smirking a little though his tone is all amusement. Once again, he's making a dismissive gesture with his hand, as if to sweep the whole issue aside. "Who cares if it makes sense or not. I think I get the gist of it." Th'ero points out, before continuing on. "How about we just… act like nothing has changed?" he offers, though is soon frowning and shaking his head. "No… that wouldn't work." He mumbles, mostly to himself. So he tries again. "Let's not over think things then? Just take things slow and not worry?" Yeah, right. He - not worry? Highly unlikely that will happen.

Jeyinshi snickers a little, "Well….I think it's a good thing that we're not. I wouldn't be very happy if you had dated a lot of girls before. And I don't think you'd be happy if I'd been in a lot of relationships I either….at least I hope you wouldn't be happy about it." A pause and then a nod here and there as the dolphineer listens to his suggestions. "Good idea. No overthinking. Or worrying." Also not likely to happen on her end. "There was some Earth story. About this thing called a tortoise and how it was slow. Apparently being slow is good cause he won some kind of race…." She also does not make sense.

Th'ero's cheeks color a little at the mention of previous relationships, but there's an amused grin being given to Jeyinshi's remark and a bit of a snort. "Past is past." He says, though teasingly. "No, it wouldn't settle easily. But I wouldn't be raging angry against you." There's a slight shrug of his shoulders, but the awkwardness from before between them seems to be slowly chipping away. At least, Th'ero seems to be relaxing more. At the mention of the Earth story, the weyrling gives the dolphineer a long, searching look. "Shells, how is it that everyone seems to know so much of the old tales? Has everyone been to Landing but me?" he says in a tone that is half teasing, half serious. Th'ero must have led a very sheltered life. He's chuckling soon enough though. "I guess it's good advice though." He agrees, giving Jeyinshi a broad smile. Soon though he gets a clouded look to his expression, but it's fleeting. In the end though, he's sighing a little. "Velokraeth is waking." Th'ero explains, giving a bit of an apologetic look to Jeyinshi. "It was nice to see you again. Maybe I'll catch you at the lagoon sometime? We're allowed down there now."

Jeyinshi narrows her eyes a bit, "Past is past? You hiding some disgruntled women from me Th'ero?" Her tone is teasing though and dolphineer also seems to be relaxing now. "Nah, I haven't been to Landing. Thought of the places gives me the creeps." As if to emphasize this, the dolphineer shudders a bit, "Some people back at the Hold told me the story a while ago." She chuckles a bit before pausing as he goes all cloudy and then giving a nods. "Go go! And I hope so too! Though I'm more looking forward to meeting Velokraeth than seeing you again." Jey winks, obviously teasing, before leaning back in her chair and opening her notebook up again. "Really though, don't be too much of a stranger!"

"Maybe?" Th'ero teases nastily, though he's soon laughing, which takes any doubt out of the equation. "Do I look like the sort who'd do that?" he asks, before regretting saying that and smirking. "Actually, don't answer that." He muses, before turning curious again. Landing, scary? That seems to have his attention. "Why is it creepy?" Th'ero asks, though even as he does, he's rising from his seat. Even with Jeyinshi hurrying him a long, Th'ero seems reluctant at first, though he knows full well not to ignore the fact that he'll have a young dragon waking soon and expecting him to be there for food. There's one last grin and chuckle, and he's giving Jeyinshi a wave of farewell. "Uh huh, I'm sure! If you're at the lagoon, you might get to meet him. Maybe even swim!" he teases back, chuckling. "Same goes for you, Jey." He says from over his shoulder, already hastily heading back the way he came.

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