Good-looking Redheads

OOC Date: August 10, 2012
Location: Western Weyr
Participants: Ly'am, Qiana, Zi'on

IC Date: Day 17 of Month 3 of Turn 2694
Time of Day: Morning
Season: Spring
Weather: Sunny

Living Caverns
Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

It's morning at Western. A nice bright sunny morning. The weyr is already shuffling as people stroll into the caverns to get a bite to eat before they continue about their daily activities. Zi'on is not a morning person though, this is known. And he's even less so now as he's still adjusting to the fact that he's got a weyrmate. When the weyrleader strolls in, he's looking still half asleep, nor having bothered to bathe or shave yet. At least he's dressed. He moves to the food tables, picking up a bowl of fruit and a few pastries, and grabbing a whole pitcher of klah and then settling at a table. Any table will do, really.

Qiana, on the other hand looks like she just came from a bath. Her red hair is darker than normal, and leaving a damp spot on the back of her shirt as she strides into the caverns, looking for food as her stomach is clinging uncomfortably to her spine. Working with runners, the woman tends to be up at the crack of dawn, and has usually gotten in a healthy work out before normal breakfast hours roll about. Today is no different. She loads up her own plate with a bit of warm meat, a pastry to go with it, and fruit, but only water to drink. Gotta keep the meal balanced! And the rush of morning people sees her sitting at the same table as Zi'on this morning. "You awake, or are you going to fall asleep in your meal there?"

Ly'am has been away from the weyr for a couple turns, off doing what Harpers do to get their Journeyman's badge which now sits proudly on the shoulder of his flight jacket that is draped over the back of his chair. He on the other hand looks far more awake than he should be this time of day as he sits in a chair. His chair is perched on two legs while he holds a paper in one hand to read and a mug of Klah in the other hand. No weyr knot is visable on his jacket just yet, but perhaps he has not dealt with it yet.

Zi'on is at least functioning at a high enough level to pour himself a mug of klah and start in on his pastry. But not high enough to attempt eating the fruit, apparently. The green curled around his neck seems to be agitated at something, and she slithers around and nips at his ear. He grunts a bit, but doesn't shoo her. The bronzer peers at Qiana as she sits down. "…I got klah." Meaning it'll keep him awake enough, probably? "Gonna save me from drowning in it? Anyways, why are you and your sister always giving me the business?" Zi'on looks around, spotting who he thinks might be a rider, but no knot. He's a rebel rider! The bronzer clears his throat to see if he can get Ly'am's attention.

Qiana is just absurdly awake for this time of day. She's bright and likely cheerful, but definitely full of energy. "It's just because we care, Weyrleader." And apparently she has a little sense of humor this morning, too. "Although 'Ris has the added reason of being one of the Weyrwomen…" As Zi goes about clearing his throat, looking to grab someone's attention, Qi cranes her head about, looking at the person teetering on his chair. There's a slight tilt of her head as she picks up one of the pieces of fruit, starting in on that first.

Ly'am seems well caught up in his paper and even seems to miss the clearing of the throat until he hears someone addressed as Weyrleader. His green eyes peer over the edge of the paper, then he lowers it as he lowers his own chair down to all fours. Rebel indeed. He looks around for a moment until his gaze meets the pair staring at him and he just smiles. It is one of those smiles that you can't tell if he is about to tell a joke or just happy to see you. That cheeky sorta smile. His gaze falls upon the man's knot and he rises with a snapped salute, "Good Morning Weyrleader.." Then there is a nod to Qiana, a sparkling look to his gaze, "Ma'am."

Zi'on grunts at Qiana, taking up his mug so he can take a sip. "Sure." Iris has other reasons for picking on Zi'on. Like all those love letters he wrote her a long time ago, for starters. "So is Enka, but she doesn't pick on me. So where's your other half this morning? Out whipping the troops into shape?" Zi'on looks over to Ly'am when he finally sets down his paper. There's a brow raised at the older bronzer, and he looks to Qiana for a second almost as if to say 'is this guy for real?' "Rider." Zi'on says cautiously. "Do we know you? At least, I'm guessing you're a rider."

Zi'on's brow-raise is met with a shrug from Qiana. Her own eyebrows are raised slightly as she gets that look turned on her. "Are we talking about my sister-half, or my mate-half?" She asks of the weyrleader, looking for a little clarification since they were just mentioning the weyrwomen. "I don't know him." Qiana says in her defense, her tone light and almost quip-ish. But all the conversation doesn't stop Qiana from steadily munching at her breakfast. Must detach stomach from around spine! Even as she eats, her stomach has the audacity to make a rumbling 'feed me' noise, which earns a nose-crinkle from the beastcrafter journeywoman. "Not ma'am. Ma'am is for ladies over… well… far older than me."

Ly'am folds his paper and tucks it under one arm and strides over to the weyrleader. The man is rather short, especially compared to the weyrleader, definately adding to the curse/blessing of looking rather younger than his years. "Well, I used to live here a couple of turns ago sir. Had to go off and do some work with the harpers if I was to be a journeyman before I was thirty. Now that I have managed that, I have returned hoping that you still had a place for a humble harper such as myself and my bronze companion." He says as if giving a harper's siloquy and gives a bow at the end. As he rises he smiles to Qiana, "Ma'am is reserved for ladies of striking beauty and countenance and of that you do apply." He starts before winking, "And sides my parents would tan me if I didn't show proper respect to a lady."

"Your mate half. I don't think your sister-half needs to do much whipping. Ila seems already pretty whipped. She definitely knocked the jingle out of his jangle by having two kids right off." Zi'on laughs. "I'm surprised you and Rorn don't have any little ones. Maybe he's shooting blanks." Zi'on scratches his head a bit, then looks over to the mystery rider. Zi'on squints at Ly'am. "I don't recognize you. You must have been a Seamount rider before. Of course I guess I've been weyrleader a couple of turns now. You got a name, bronzer harper? Anyways, I can't exactly start the paperwork here. You'll have to come by the office later and talk to Ila'den. Then report to this one's weyrmate tomorrow." He thumbs to Qiana. "If you do plan to ride in Seamount." Zi'on rolls his eyes a bit at the speech. "You're barking up the wrong tree, guy. She's weyrmated."

Qiana gives Zi'on a rather sour look as the weyrleader puts down said weyrmate. "Speaking of getting into other peoples' business." That comment is a little tart and somewhat offended. "I've been working with my runners and on my jockey skills. Not exactly the best time to be having children, thanks." Take a spill, have a possible miscarrage. No thanks. She leans back in her chair a bit, relaxing against the back of it as she tries to bore holes into Zi'on's head with her eyes. Her mood picks back up slightly in a few moments as she waves a free hand dismissivly in Ly'am's direction. "If you're parents ever come to visit I'll tell 'em you spoke to me with the, uh… respect I requested?" Just anything to get people to stop calling her ma'am.

"Ly'am is my name. I was indeed in seamount and I would love to return to that if it a space was still available." The shorter bronzerider replies to the Weyrleader. "I only got in during the night, forgot about the timezones. It feels like the middle of the day for me right now." He says in mock sorrow. "I dare say I will be faceplanting in my soup come lunchtime." He nods at the list of names to talk to , "Ila'den…then this lovely lady's weyrmate. Does your weyrmate have a name?" He asks before laughing at the last comment of the Weyrleader, "Surely even those with mates, still retain beauty that a gentlemen can remark upon. I mean nothing more by it." He says with his hands upraised defensively. There is a twinkle in his gaze and yet and honesty to his words, that perhaps show he does just talk like this to everyone. "I would be much pleased by that."

Zi'on chuckles at Qiana. "Hey, I'm concerned about my friend. I don't want Rorn ending up with no little ones. That wouldn't be fair." Zi'on opens his mouth to make another comment, then thinks better of it. Probably about practicing riding something other than a runner. He looks rather pleased with himself with the look Qiana is giving him, anyways. "Fair enough, Ly'am. I'll let Ila'den know if I ever get to the office today." He grins and nods. "They're sort of a pain. Though I keep an odd schedule sort of anyways. So I also take care of the interweyr relations. Ila'den handles most of the wing business." The younger bronzer rubs his scruffy face. "I suppose." He eyes Qiana then, basically checking her out.

Qiana is sitting close enough to Zi'on, where a kick aimed at the Weyrleader's shins might just connect. And attempt to kick his shins, she does. "My mate's name is S'rorn, I'll tell him to seek you out, if you haven't found each other before tonight." She continues on as if she wasn't just trying to kick Zi'on underneath the table. Though without her permission, with two bronzeriders either checking her out, or heaping compliments on her, her cheeks start to turn a rosey hue. "Stop looking at me, you." Is directed at Zi'on. "Or I'll tell S'rorn." And yeah. What'll happen then?

There is an arched brow at the discussion between the pair, but on this he stays quiet, though his lips twitch as he tries to contain amusement. Ly'am's gaze lifts up to the Weyrleader and nods at the matter of the business between them. "My weyr looked to be held for me, so don't have to worry too much on that. Old weyrmates can be good for looking after your stuff iffin you treat them right." As the weyrmate's name is given, Ly'am gives a nod to the woman, "Thank you Miss, I will seek him out as soon as I can."

Zi'on gets a kick to the shins for his effort to help Rorn get his weyrmate pregnant. And get laid in the meantime. "Ow." He says, peering at Qiana. "Red hair is always a plus." He grins to Qiana. "Sorry. It's Ly'am's fault for pointing out how cute you are. Go ahead and tell him. He should take it as a compliment. It's not like I'm hitting on you or anything, anyways." Zi'on nods to Ly'am. "Good. You've got a weyrmate here, then? I just recently got weyrmated myself, actually." Which means all the ladies are safe from his letching! At least a little more safe.

Qiana just makes a minorly disgruntled noise after taking a bite of her pastry this time. There's some time for chewing and swallowing before she speaks again. "I don't kick people I don't know." Is commented. Plus kicking Ly'am while she's seated would be a LOT harder to do. "I suppose I'll let it slide for today. Staccato had a good workout, after all." And if anyone has been around this woman at all, they'll know all about her runner, Staccato. Runner crazed woman.

"Well we ain't mated anymore, realized that we were far better as friends. If we weren't that, I dare say all my stuff might have ended up on the bowl floor instead." Ly'am offers openly and without regrets. "It is a good life for them that suits it sir, I wish you the best of luck." Ly'am finds it safer to stay quiet on the other subject just now. He remembers the wrath of his weyrmate when he entertained with the song 'Blue rider' at the tavern, one that had nothing to do with riding…dragons.He can't help but grin when they talk about him, "I dare say I will give you the opportunity in the future Ma'am." He replies as he takes a step back with a cheeky grin.

Zi'on laughs. "Well, I guess I'll take that as a compliment or something. That you know me well enough to kick me." Zi'on leans back in his chair. He's eaten all the pastry and now only the fruit is left, which he glares at for being there, left over and knowing that he's going to have to make an attempt to eat it. "Nah. I wouldn't be out on the bowl floor. But you might have come back to someone else living in your weyr. Or your furniture picked over by the latest batch of new riders." He grins to Qiana then. "I only tease you to get a rise out of you. So how's the racing going? I feel like it's finally safe for me to go to a race again. I won't have to worry about wanting to buy another horse."

"Well, just be careful what you say around me, then, so I don't have to kick you." Qiana warns the new rider, her tone light still. Her own breakfast is nearly gone at this point, as is her water. "The racing is going well. Master Lution still has me racing some of his runners on occasion, while I work on my own line with Staccato. Of which I need to find a mare to breed him with. Start in on the next generation of racers." What she's not saying is that Staccato has still never placed first in any of his races.

"I will have to keep that in mind and remember to wear shin guards around ya." Ly'am says with a wink at the young woman. He shows a bit of interest as he talks of riding, "Rode a couple times in my life, dare say I am better at riding dragons. We buckle in on those." He says with amusement at his skill level of riding runners. Ly'am nods to the Weyrleader, "And it would have been mighty embarrassing to have to try to reclaim some of my stuff if that were the case. Couple of pieces mean a lot to me."

Zi'on grins. "I can't be careful. I always just say exactly what I think. That's why my weyrmate is always punching and poking at me." Zi'on rubs his chin a bit, and peers at Qiana. "Have you talked to Enka? Maybe she's interested in another foal with White Lady." He shrugs. "Maybe not though. I know she fought really hard to keep her first foal." He nods to Ly'am. "Me too. I can't ride, I never saw the point, I guess. So I never had any interest." The weyrleader nods and shrugs. "Well, next time make sure you take them with you when you go on sabbatical?" Zi'on gets up then, stretching out. "Well, I think I'm awake. And I need a bath before I start work, so I should head off. Ly'am, good to meet you. Welcome back. Qiana, you're still cute." He chuckles then and heads out. Quickly.

"I might have to talk with her, at that." It's a mental note made in Qiana's head at that point in time, as Zi'on is gathering himself up to go. And Qi just shakes her head at the retreating weyrleader. His observation/jibe doesn't even deserve a response. But as she watches him go, she polishes off her own breakfast and exhales slowly. "I should probably get back to my own studies and training, now that I've eaten." She states, also standing up from the table. "It's been nice to meet you. I'm sure I'll see you around the Weyr."

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