Parental Problems

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Lagoon
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Given the weyr's tropical climate, riders and dragons can be seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting nearly turn-round. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl.

With Rukbat starting to slip below the horizon, those who sought shelter from its unforgiving embrace now emerge to revel as the day's heat has started to subside. Jaelyn is amongst them, the darkly clad boy scooped up from Fort Weyr having dropped himself haphazardly into a lounge chair as far away from the gathering clumps of jovial nightlifers. He has a simple glass of water with ice and lemon beside him on a small low table, and despite the lack of glaring sunlight, a large pair of dark sunglasses. It hides most of the bruising that remains on his left eye, and the rest of his cuts and scrapes have scabbed over and are well on their way to healing. The rest of him is covered in a black beanie topped with a new pair of goggles, a black tanktop, matching swim shorts that fall to the knee and a pair of bamboo flip-flops. Arms crossed over his chest, he lays there as if asleep, but if any of the revelers get to close a hiss or a growl sends them quickly on their way. Suffice to say, a nice bubble of solitude has formed around the computer crafter, giving him his desired space.

Lukhanyo had lessons today, lot of boring lessons about boring things that… well… bored him. And if there's one place you want to be after a boring day then it's somewhere with people, more specifically somewhere with people that can be watched without comment. The back of his neck still glows slightly from his recent haircut, the joys of razor burn, but even that doesn't seem able to dent his relief at being away from class. He brushes past a cluster of women, muttering a quiet, "Ladies." on the way past, and if his hand happens to graze the leg of one of them then it's surely an accident. After all he's heading straight for Jaelyn's little bubble, or at least that's where he heads once he spots the other candidate. "Watching people from behind glasses still counts as watching you know." His voice is light, the tone jokey, and he flops down into a seat without invitation or hesitation.

Someone, somewhere, wolf whistles. It's fair off towards the back of the people that were starting to trickle out of the bowl headed towards the beach. Like the red sea of old, they part to make way for someone who is anything but ordinary. Clad in a deep sapphire blue bikini that barely covers assets that are her birthright, a woman appears. She's likely not as young as she appears, but with those hips, who the hell cares? Confidence in her every step, her hips hypnotically sway from side to side, breasts that defy gravity lightly jiggling undoubtedly with intension. Every inch of her is molded perfection, right down to the long shapely length of her legs and sculpt of her face. Full lips are turned upwards at the colors, painted a mankiller red, and as she reaches up to slide her own sunglasses off her face and onto the top of her head where the blackness of hair cascades like a waterfall to the small of her back, she reveals that her swimsuit was purchased to match them. Those deep sapphires lock in on Lukanyo first and formost, which widens her grin, stopping a few feet away from both candidates. "My, they grow them big here don't they?" she all but purrs, giving the young man before her a nice once over, placing one hand on the fullness of one hip. She wasn't overly tall, perhaps 5'8" at the most, but it doesn't stop her from extending one of her hands for Luk to take. "Jessira, gold Roninth's…and you are?"

Jaelyn slowly turns his head towards the uninvited invader, and frowns, of course. He might grumble a bit, but he at least has the presence of mind not to shoo the older candidate off like the rapidly liquoring-up party sheep. "Yer more likely to get a sexual harrassment complaint than I am." he mutters, otherwise unmoving. Admittedly his head was directed at the water, and not at the people responsible for the ever rising ambience of dozens of murmured conversations. Loud laughter rises now and then from somewhere within the various clumps that were forming, which Jae was more than okay with ignoring. Though, when a woman speaks very nearby his entire body freezes into place as if he'd just officially ascended into statuehood. Very, very, slowly he turns his head towards the source and once again goes stock still. "…fuck…" is muttered under his breath, and the black haired beauty has his complete and utter attention. Who could blame him right? The woman was a fox!

"Who? Me?" Lukhanyo grins over at Jaelyn, putting on his best innocent look, "Paragon of virtue, me. You must have me confused with some other candidate, we all start looking the same after a while." He stretches, looking over in the direction the whistle came from and his reply of, "What with the chores and… the…." dies off before he can actually finish the thought. As the woman… the VISION… comes closer he gets to his feet, and as she extends a hand towards him there's only one thing he can do and that's take a step towards her, grab her hand, and lift it to his lips. "Wishing I was a harper instead of a woodcrafter so I could find the words to describe your beauty." Jaelyn? Jaelyn who?

Seeing as both boys were captured by her presence, Jessira's grin finally splits to reveal her perfectly straight white teeth, accepting the kiss to the back of her hand with lowered lashes. "You flatter an old lady." she says with a musical sort of laughter that oozes charisma and a love for life. It was like someone made her in a computer to satisfy their every carnal desire. "Are you going to give me your name, or are you going to make me guess?" The seductive arch of one brow arches upwards inquisitively, still focused on Lukhayno and apparently also ignoring Jaelyn.

Something in Jaelyn breaks and he's quickly on his feet, putting himself between goldrider and woodcrafter, giving the other male a hard look probably lost on him because half his face was covered in dark sunglasses. "Cut the shit!" he growls, and then wheels around to bestow his anger upon the woman visitor. "The fuck ya doin' here?" This is spit at Jessira, and although he was bristling in anger he resembled far more a little boy than a man before her, even if they were of a height.

"And you do yourself a disservice." Lukhanyo isn't about to let go of that hand, though his response of, "As if I could deny you anything." Does rather get cut off by Jaelyn getting in the way and by that point his name becomes something of a secondary thing, "Jaelyn." It's more of a hiss than a naming, a grouchy nosewrinkle soon smoothed over as he glances back up to Jessira, "Forgive my friend, he's had a hard few days." Slightly harsher, and definitely aimed at Jaelyn he adds, "He forgets his manners."

Jessira laughs, allowing Lukanyo to keep her hand for now, practically basking in his attention like one would the sun. Though her pale skin clearly indicated that she was not one to ever actually do such a damaging thing, and might be some of the reason that she appeared so young. When Jaelyn interupts, rather than look put off by his outburst, the woman seems rather pleased for a second before she throws on a mask of distress. This gives her the chance to extract her hand from the woodcrafter, and places the tips of its fingers against the middle of her generous chest. "Oh, were you here too? Why didn't you tell me that you had such handsome friends…or friends at all for that matter?" she pouts, brows knitting to form a kind of faux-concern. She tosses Luk a suffering and apologetic expression, "I do apologize for him, he was never very good with people."

The computer crafter seethes when he's hissed at, tearing the glasses off his face to give Lukhanyo a full out glare, showing the deep purple bruise surrounding his left eye. It's pretty nasty looking and certainly can bring attention to the fact he had a split lip and other abbrasions on his face still from over a sevenday ago. "I ain't yer friend." he hisses back and then refocuses on Jessira. Hands clench at his sides, and might start to indicate that he was going to hit her of all things. That was not happiness to see such a lovely lady, now was it? As she goes on and on, the damn holding back his rage begins to crack until the reason behind it is finally revealed. "MOM!" he snaps, trying perhaps in vein to stop her from revealing all his deep dark secrets to someone he barely knows.

Lukhanyo's hand follows briefly as Jessira retrieves hers, then drops to his side, and there's a moment where a silent, 'dammit' crosses his expression. "You have nothing to apologise for, unless you intend to walk away because then you might break my heart." Quiet whether this tactic works is unknown, he certainly seems practiced enough to know how to keep the lines flowing. Jaelyn gets acknowledged for a moment - a hiss for a hiss, "Stop being an ass." His gaze drifts quickly back to Jessira, "Perhaps we should… wait… MOM?" Now it's Luka that looks like the ass, his head flicking from side to side as he looks between mother and son with a look of utter disbelief.

The woman flashes a smile at Lukhanyo that would easly flatten lesser men when he continues to flatter and compliment her, though it's fleeting and her attention falls back on the irate ball of boy rage stewing in his pot of anger just before her. "I figured that was the case," she sighs upon hearing that Jaelyn was not friends with the woodcrafter after all. "You need to get your act together, child. This is your what? Fifth? Sixth time standing?" she asks, before she is distracted momentarily by Lukhanyo's hissing, which broadens her smile. Anymore and her head would severe in two. Clearly she was enjoying every minute of the attention, regardless of its occasional deviation between the two of them. "It's in his nature darling, being an ass. He gets it from his father." Then she is caught, and she throws on another mask, this one of playful innocence. "Oh my, it seems I'm caught!" The laughter that follows is deep, rich and very obviously amused by the reaction even if her little game was mostly at an end. Now that Luk was looking, it was undeniable. The two had the same hair and skintone, and while Jaelyn still had growing to do at fifteen they were of the same height. Jessira's genetics was also likely responsible for the sapphire flecks in the computer crafter's otherwise golden eyes.

"Ya, she's my fuckin' mom." Jaelyn tosses back at Lukhanyo, clearly displeased at being called an ass, but was focusing more on the fact his fellow candidate had been so openly hitting on his mother. Justifiable homicide was rapidly becoming an option if the look on his face was currently any indication. This done he refocuses his ire on Jessira, who was now trying to play innocent, which of course was not working for him. "Yer thirty-eight fuckin' turns old, when ya gunna grow up?" he spits in a low growling voice miles away from his usual flat monotone. "Seventh, and that ain't somethin' ya need to be broadcastin'. Yer changin' the subject. What are ya doin' here?" Then she goes and mentions his father and Jaelyn all but loses it, launching into language unfit for even adult ears. He paces too before her, pointing at this and that as he rants about her attire and the way she was acting, scolding her throughly while throwing in simply scathing remarks on her behavior. It might just be responsible for the reason everyone in their general facinity was now staring at the three of them.

Lukhanyo keeps up his head swivelling, rapidly endangering the muscles in his neck. Mother. Candidate. Candidate. Mother. There's a mutter that follows that was definitely not suitable for a lady's ears, and some would find it shocking that Luka even knows such words. "Forgive me, my lady." When in doubt go formal. "I didn't realise you were my /friend/'s mother, I apologise for my behaviour, it was unseemly." There's that F word again, with some emphasis too. As Jaelyn gets worked up and then starts ranting, Luka takes his life in his hands and reaches out to rest one hand (however briefly) on Jae's shoulder, commenting to both "Perhaps we should take this elsewhere?" In a mutter meant for Jaelyn alone he adds, "Mine slapped me last I saw her, you're getting off easy. Come on."

Jessira simply smiles softly when Jaelyn confirms their relation, crossing her arms beneath her chest which not only brings them into focus, but also lifts them up a bit higher. She's ignoring the fact that people were staring at them now, sapphire eyes fixed on her son as he starts tossing questions at her and then berating her behavior. She takes it all in with a measure of grace that easily says she's used to these sorts of outbursts, waiting with a bottomless amount of patience for a chance to get a word in edgewise. Then there was the colorful language, which widens her smile again, and causes her shoulders to shake with barely contained amusement. "You'll have to tell your father that one, he'd probably use it." is all she has to say at one point, letting Jaelyn rant and rave, before her eyes wander back to Lukhanyo. She doesn't apologize for her attempts at embarressing the computer crafter, or for dragging the woodcrafter into family drama. If anything, she was watching the older of the two males in order to gadge his reaction. She shakes her head when she's apologized to instead, "I like the attention." she says with a flirtatious wink, inviting the burly young man to keep it up if he dares. She certainly isn't withering beneath f-bombs, considering the language that was being used by her own flesh and blood. She does however blink, her sapphire eyes widening a bit when Lukhanyo dares to place a hand on her ranting child's shoulder. "Oh! No, I wouldn't do…." But it's too late and she lets out a heavy sigh, her expression shifting to one of suffering. "…that."

Still ranting away over there, Jaelyn doesn't seem of a mind to stop anytime soon, his efforts renewed when Jessira tells the other candidate that she likes his attention. "See! That there! That's what I'm fuckin' talkin' about! Yer a damn grown woman, a goldrider from another weyr and he's a fuckin' candidate! Ya know better! What were ya plannin'? Takin' him to a guest weyr and ruinin' his chances of impressin' at this clutch?! Ya single minded, oversexed, hussy!" he growls harshly, pointing an accusing finger at Jessira as he finally stops pacing to do it. He doesn't seem to care much that people were staring at them, murmuring between themselves or giving the trio concerned and worried glances. Though when a hand, albiet soft and brief, lands on his shoulder and once again Jae's entire body tenses up to a boulder's firmness and he wheels around faster than most can think. At least it serves to end their physical contact, which might explain why he forcibly shoves Lukhanyo with enough strength to send him back into a seated position on the lounger he's ealier vacated in order to hit on Jessira, rather then tries to knock his lights out. "Don't fuckin' TOUCH meh!" For a guy who had yet to break six feet, and was so painfully thin it might be a wonder where that strength comes from. Wiry muscle is deceptive.

"Point of order, I am capable of saying no." Lukhanyo interjects though not with much force, and he doesn't entirely manage to stop ogling Jessira. Her warning come a fraction too late, and if he'd even thought for a second instead of simply reacting then things might have gone differently. As it is he's sent sprawling and stays there for a moment, blinking up at the others. "Well then." As he stands up this time he stretches, interlacing his fingers and cracking the knuckles in front of him, "Quite finished?" His voice is quiet, unusually so. A sort of angry calm that any who had ever met his mother would know spells trouble. "Ma'am, you're very beautiful. BUT. I think perhaps it's time for you to leave." Still calm, still polite. "I think Jaelyn and I need to have a chat about just who's in danger of being thrown out here." He makes no move towards the younger boy, not going to make that mistake a second time, but he definitely looms. LOOOOOOM!

That final round of accusations does manage to color Jessira's cheeks a tint of pink, her eyes very briefly falling away as she clears her throat and then stands a bit taller. To be called out by a fifteen turn old, might just of been a knick to her pride. "O-of course not!" she stammers, quickly recovering and attempting to cover secondary motives with a motherly-stern expression that honestly did not suit her at all. She did not seem the mothery type. "Jaelyn!" she exclaims when her son up and shoves the woodcrafter away, but it's hardly loud or has much stock behind it. It was as if she was doing what she was expected to do in this sort of situation, rather than meaning it. She then stands there and waits, perhaps to see if the concequences unleash a full out brawl between the two candidates, but it's just politeness and looming. With an exsaperated huff and a toss of hair over her shoulder, Jessira pouts before she turns on her heel and saunters up the beach. "Fine. I know when I am not wanted. I'll go find someone fun to play with." Showing her spoiled holder roots, she crooks a finger at some hunky looking men who appear all too happy to follow her back towards the bowl. "Don't get yourself killed Jaelyn, you're still useful." With that icy whip of thought tossed the boy's way, she's soon disappearing from sight, a saunter still in her gait.

Jaelyn doesn't go after Lukhanyo at least, so it might indicate that starting a fight was not his intension when he'd pushed the much bigger candidate away. Espeically since he was keeping one eye on Jessira, his anger divided between them. As if to emphasize this, the fact that his mother was huffing and vacating garners most of his attention, the woodcrafter's looming merely an after thought. "Watch yer own damn self slut!" he calls after her, grumbling and shaking his head. He's probably ignored by the escaping goldrider, but it was the thought that counts. Only once she was gone goes he return his gaze to Luk, lifting his chin upwards in order to meet his. Any words he spoke, or questions asked up to that moment seem to have been lost on the raven-haired boy. "What? Oh. Right." Did…did he forget what he just did? Strightening his shoulders, he doesn't back down from the lingering threat, no matter how much larger the older man was compared to him. "We ain't fightin' yet so balls in yer court as they say." Who says that?

Lukhanyo gives a polite inclination of his head, an almost aborted bow, but his focus is Jaelyn and as the young man calls after his mother Luka steps deliberately into his line of sight. "Are. You. Done?" Each word is emphasised, each carefully spoken in that irritatingly calm tone of voice. And he waits a moment before continuing. "No we're not fighting, and this is not over yet. But we will not continue doing anything here, unless you actually DO want kicked out of candidacy because you are DAMN well getting close to it. I don't know what your shaffing problem is but we will have this out and we will have a long talk, but Not. Here." One hand lifts to point in the direction of the stables, before he turns briefly to the crowd they had gathered and sketches an elaborate bow. "Alas the show is over, enjoy your drinks." Turning back to Jaelyn he adds one more word. "Move."

"Are ya done?" Jaelyn asks, the anger he'd shown the woodcrafter all but gone by the looks of it, but then again so was Jessira. Whether she was the driving force behind the slip of his own mask of indifferance is left up to personal interpretation. "Whatever ya say, but if yer gunna throw yerself at every pretty face, best be makin' sure they ain't aimin' to fuck yer life up." he replies quiet and even, not so much calm as utterly flat. A brow doesn't so much as arch as the older candidate goes on, merely letting his words wash over him rather than sink in. "Ya wanna talk? Fine. Ain't got no problem with that. Neither do I got an issue with ya headin' straight back to the weyr and reportin' meh. I dun like to be touched, thought everyone knew that by now, but ya obviously ain't in the loop." What? Did he send out a memo? How could Lukhanyo possibly have known that? "Though I dun't respond well be bein' ordered around by someone with as much authority as mah right shoe. Ya wanna talk, lead the way…" he says, gesturing the same way that he had and he waits, chin still lifted.

Lukhanyo takes a deep breath, proving that his ultra calm facade is exactly that - fake. "Once you're a bit older, kid, you'll learn how to throw yourself at people and miss. Deliberately." Okay so maybe he had been staring a lot, and maaaaybe he hadn't intended missing, but he's not going to admit that. Yet. "And you don't need to worry about me reporting you for anything. It's them you have to worry about." His head jerks back towards the congregation at the bar, "You think some of them wouldn't love to be in your place? That they wouldn't love to cause trouble? That… shaffit I'm not doing this here. Follow or don't, but we WILL have that conversation. Without an audience." With that Lukhanyo stalks off towards the stables.

There is a soft snort from Jaelyn, "I dun aim to miss." he replies, lashes lowering at Lukhanyo as he takes in the width and breadth of his form before casting his gaze elsewhere. There was something deeply observing about that look, as if he'd just stipped the woodcrafter down, and then brushed off what he'd found. Rude. He looks over at the crowd, who'd more or less gone back to their own quiet conversations, with a few sideways glances towards the two testosterone filled candidates. Oddly enough, Jaelyn shrugs, as if he didn't care either way. Maybe after seven times standing he'd be more than happy to exchange places with one of the happy go lucky nightlifers, or maybe he just looking for an excuse to ditch the candidate gig and do something more exciting. Whatever the case, he waits for Lukanyo to stalk off, before unhurriedly following after.

Lukhanyo walks on, not looking behind, not slowing his pace, just walking. Every now and then he rolls his shoulders, at one point stretching his neck slightly, but never speaking. Just walking. Even when he reaches the stables he doesn't speak, doesn't slow, and it's around the back of the stable that he goes. Somewhere he manages to lift a hammer, but still he doesn't stop. Beyond the stables, tucked away in the corner of a field is a massive log and it's only once they reach there that he stops and turns around. The hand holding the hammer lifts, the weapon flips, and the handle of it is held out towards Jaelyn. "You're not the only one whose mother spends their life on their back, kid. You're not the only one angry at the world neither." The hammer is waggled, the meaning clear - take it. "Hit it." The it in question? The log. Or at least that's where his free hand points.

There are certain places that are perfect for sitting around and lounging where no one typically finds you. A place like the stables for instance, where Venryk is quite happily settled, reclining on a few bales of hay with a treat he managed to procure from the kitchens. A flavored, frozen treat. Sure, he might be spoiling his dinner or some such /nonsense/. However, that quiet time seems to be getting interrupted by fellow candidates simply /waltzing/ by. Or stalking by, really. There's a bit of a blink given before he sits up, simply sucking on the cold snack he has with him as he watches the two head on through and…right on by? For once? The ever talkative candidate is utterly for the noises created by slurping. But he does get up, trotting right along after them for some odd reason, simply watching.

Apparently Jaelyn isn't much for conversation for the sake of conversation either as he's just as wordless as Lukhanyo is, thankfully not one of those people that likes to fill silence with idle chitchat. He'd tucked his black-eye hiding shades into the pocket of his swim trunks, not really caring at this point who got to see how banged up he was. Wasn't anything particularly new for him. Though there wasn't anything fresh or recent, the bruising and cuts visible at least a sevenday old. So focused is he on following the woodcrafter, that he completely misses the ice treat slurping Venryk that's begins to stalk them silently like an assassin. The hammer being picked up is noted, though there is obvious surprise as they arrive in the middle of a field and before a large abandoned log. Another blink for the hammer, which he takes simply because it's offered, glancing down at it like he'd never seen such a thing before. "She ain't ever on my back, not that she ain't tried." he says bluntly, and he sounds like he doesn't mean what the older candidate was suggesting. Ew. However the second part causes his shoulders to stiffen and his eyes to narrow, as he looks between Luk and the log. "Why?" Clearly not getting the point here, he stands there looking lost, before lifting the hammer and lightly thumping the log. "…there a point to this?"

Lukhanyo utterly missed Venryk too. Poor ignored Venryk. And even now he's too focussed on Jaelyn to even consider the fact that they must, still, have an audience. "She's on your mind though. And that's a lot of hurt to just keep locked up." His eyes roll at the hammer tap on the log. "Don't pet it like a runner, Hit it." He pauses, moving slightly towards the end of the log in case chips start flying. "Hit it for every time your parents let you down. For every time someone compared you to them or said you couldn't do something. For everyone that ever hacked you off so much all you wanted to do was punch them. Hit it! For every time she slapped you because she can dish it out but can't take it." Wait, that one sounds personal.

"I think he meant to do it hard, Jae." Oh hey! Venryk's there, taking a pause from eating to finally speak up. There's a grin though for the other two candidates, pointing his snack a bit at the hammer and log as Lukhanyo starts to give his explanation. "Yeah that. See? Beats whacking people, that's for sure. And the log won't hit back. ..Unless you trip and fall on it. Don't fall on it." See? He's helpful, if a bit wordy. But the young candidate inches himself a bit further away, just in case anything does go awry with hammer-swinging antics.

"Eh, not really." Jaelyn confesses, still standing there with the hammer barely gasped awkwardly in his hand. Not something he's used to holding on to clearly. "Out of sight out of mind." No love lost there from the sounds of it. "More pissed she tried her bullshit on ya than anythin'." His head is shaken at Lukhanyo, crossing his arms over his chest as he lets out a sigh. "Listen, I dun think ya understand how close ya were to gettin' caught in her web. She's not so easy to 'deliberately' miss as ya put it. Had she gotten her claws in, there ain't no way you'd get free. This ain't the first time she's tried to bed a candidate, jus' so happens its the first time I was there to fend her off." So the woodcrafter was lucky! Good thing he cleared it all up, so that makes everything all right then doesn't it? Though, it doesn't feel like much of an apology, and he certainly wasn't expressing it directly in words. The hammer is brought up again, and the computer crafter just stands there and listens, shoulders stiffening when Venryk appears seemingly out of no where. "Dun need no comments from the gallery!" he snaps, giving the bright eyed lad a meaningful glare before redirecting his attention to Lukhanyo, "Dude, yer mom hits ya?" Okay, now he was at least interested, and offers the hammer back to him. "Ya might need this more than I do, man."

Lukhanyo spins, fixing Venryk with a death glare. It takes a few moments and a fair amount of blinking before it fades, tucked away somewhere presumably to be beaten out of a log later. By the time he gets around to muttering a quiet, "Hey Venryk." that aura of calm is firmly back in place. "You don't go all red star on someone like that if it doesn't matter Jae." Jaelyn get his name again, no longer kid. "Wasn't all about me, reckon that's been a long time coming." There's a pause, a sigh, a shake of his head and a quiet, "Appreciate it though. Always nice to know someone's got your back." The question about his own mother goes unanswered, which is probably enough of an answer in and of itself. "Maybe I do. Maybe I do." The sigh that follows is longer. Regretful? "Prefer an axe though, more satisfying. I'll… see you later." Scrubbing one hand through his hair he turns, hand lingering at the back of his neck as he suddenly gives up and walks off - perhaps in search of an axe, perhaps to go dangle off a doorframe and do pullups as he seems inclined to do of a morning, but definitely anywhere that is simply away.

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