Y'cain't marry a rider, butcha can knock 'em up

Western Weyr - Infirmary
This long, rectangular cavern smells faintly of antiseptic and strongly of pleasant medicinal herbs. The general atmosphere is one of bustling but orderly quiet and strict cleanliness. The back of the room is dominated by a small hearth for heat and medicinal preparations and by swinging double doors that lead to a small DragonHealing bay, an emergency surgery for human patients, the main storage, and the staff area where Healers can eat, shower, change, and the like during their longer shifts. The front of the room is a waiting and reception area where patients and staff can check in to receive treatment and begin work, respectively. The east wall of the room features examination, birthing, recovery and outpatient treatment rooms while the opposite wall is curtained off to provide privacy and bed-space for patients requiring overnight care.

Western can certainly handle most of the routine and sometimes urgent treatment needs of its residents here. It lacks some of the equipment available at the main Healer Hall. Once they are stabilized, patients requiring specialized or ongoing care are surely transferred there.

As usual, the infirmary is busy, clumsies, sickies, passer-outers, dehydrated, check ups, wound wrappings and the likes. Just another day around Western for the Healers. This is not Zahleizjah's favorite place, being the first terrified memory from the amnesia she suffered for the past ten years after being abducted by her own mother and ending up in a serious boat crash. The otherwise milk-chocolate complexion typically seen behind her freckles is washed out white, and she looks clammy, even from a far. Lashes are still wet with tears, eyes red from sobbing over a father she hadn't known until today and might not ever be able to see again. A healer scurries out and meets with a few others who have been attempting to help A'dmar in the Intensive care, and so Zahleizjah sits, trying to keep her cool.

After the intense work of Archipelago to rescue sailors as their ships sank in the storm, the riders were given some time to recover. Keely, however, is not recovering as quick as the others seem to have. She had no obvious wounds save some scrapes and bruising, but the brunette just hasn't felt her usual self. She's been tired and sluggish. Never mind the inability to keep anything down. She blinks a few times at the controlled chaos of the infirmary and suddenly looks as if she might just come back later. As in never. But a Senior Apprentice helping organize things spots her and comes up with a clipboard, "Name?"

Lucky Rou'x's already been seen by a Healer, and is just leaving the confines of a curtained cubicle wearing shorts that show off not only the ample curves of her lower half, but the fresh dressing that's wrapped around her thigh, too. She's already putting her typical fedora on as she sees the two waiting girls - Zahleizjah gets a warm smile, which softens and turns into something more feelings-packed when she turns it to Keely. The brownrider's honey-coloured gaze drops to the toes of her battered boots, and she limps, just slightly, on her way over to join the two. "You ok, Zah?" Keely gets the briefest of touches to her dark hair, a tiny little caress.

Zahleizjah has been sitting long enough to notice that /every single person/ that walks through the door, no matter how busy it gets in here, is instantly whisked away for intake, and that amidst the chaotic flurry there is a harmonious flow behind it all. The young Starcrafter is at the edge of her seat, biting her nails, wringing her knuckles, raking fingers nervously through hair, the suspense is becoming dire and undertones of panic make play of her expression as a Master Healer approaches only to say vaguely that her 'concern' is at least stable. Bottom lip is bitten, recognizing two of the lasses she stood with once upon a time, responding "I umm.. m'fathers back there, said he's stable. Somethin' in his heart.. Y'alright Rou'x? Quite the bandage there.." She smiles to both of the riders, indirectly picking up on whatever it is simmering between the two.

"Keely," the bluerider answers the Apprentice, who makes some notations on the clipboard. "And what are you here for?" There's a glance to Zah as Kee notices the girl, but pale eyes return to the girl with the clipboard. "I, uh… I've been feeling rundown still, despite the rest we were put on for a couple days. Wingleader said I should come get checked out, just in case." Then there's Rou'x and as the girl makes notations and informs Kee that she'll be seen shortly… the young woman is pretty much tuning her out. There's a little smile, but it slips once Zahleizjah explains her plight. "Oh no… Stable is good, right?" Voice wavers a bit with uncertainty.

"Ah shit, sorry, Zah, that ain't no good. Too much shit happenin' here these last few days, yeah?" Rou'x shakes her head, dragging an empty seat over to settle it somewhat between the two girls, before she straddles it. She gives the Starcrafter a sympathetic, warm look, then is about to say something more when a Healer swats her over the head with his papers. "No stretching the stitches, remember?" Rou wrinkles her nose at him but complies, shifting about to sit properly on the seat. "I got this," she gently runs her hand over the bandage, "durin' the rescue. Not sure what it came from, but… mebbe some cargo, or summat? Who knows. It were a whole fuckload've shit goin' down at once n' I ain't sure I remember everythin'." She reaches out towards Kee and waggles her fingers at the bluerider, wordlessly asking for her hand. "Y'still feelin' bad, KeeKee? Sorry, doll."

Zahleizjah doesn't mean to, but sometimes her loudmouth gets the best of her, especially these days, and so Zah goes on to blurt "Hopefully you're not knocked-up Keelz.." before double palms cover that same loud mouth with a sheepish grin. "I umm.. mean yes.. stable is good n'hopefully yours is just some left over fatigue or something ya?" Embarrassment overrides her pale complexion that turns instantly red, arms falling to her sides as Rou'x levels "Tell me about it.. too much happening.." She winces slightly at the thought of stretched stitches "Eeks.. wowza.. oh… yeah congratulations for a successful rescue by the way. Glad y'all made it back safe." Attention is mostly present, besides glances stolen towards the direction of one Iernian bronzerider who is surrounded by Healers.

And a hand shall be given! Keely reaches out to entwine fingers with Rou'x. It seems to be just a natural reaction, for her gaze isn't even fully on the brownrider. "Yeah… Just /so/ tired still an' I've barely been able to eat." She exhales in a sigh, but it catches at Zah's reaction. Eyes bug out a little. "Nuh-uh. There ain't no way. I'm always with Rou'x here." She's apparently forgotten someone. The Sr Apprentice returns and gestures to Keely, "You can be seen now, if you'll come this way."

That little slip of the tongue - whatever it was - from Zahleizjah makes Rou'x's fingers tighten their grip on Keely's. Her eyes go wide and her face goes pale, while she bites down onto her lower lip in possible panic. "KeeKee?" A pause to chew her lip some more, and she looks at the Healer calling her girl. "KeeKee - that ain't entirely /true/. Y'mighta been wi' me, but…" Suddenly she looks as if she too might be sick, and she holds on even tighter to the bluerider's hand. The Starcrafter gets a worried look, and a half-twitch of a distracted smile. "Yeah… yeah it were pretty hectic, y'know? But we all got back alright. Ain't heard nothin' of them three we din't find, but I reckon if the dolphins can't find 'em, well, we ain't got no chance…"

Etzlix has been a permanent fixture in Western's infirmary since a certain Iernien bronzerider had been brought in, settled off out of the way of the healers but close enough so that she can reach out to A'dmar if the need should arise. Of course, at the moment, while all the healers bustle around her husband, the young woman has remained quiet and still, her hazel eyes distant and full of worry. This wasn't her weyr, she didn't know anyone here aside from K'as, but as long as her husband is here, this is where she shall remain.

Zahleizjah shrugs with a frown "I uh.. s'just joking Keely.." though it is much more clear now that the 'always with Rou'x' part is indicatively related to their twitterpated hello's and hand holding. Then, as if crickets are humming, it seems the whole Infirmary went silent for these moments, Zah at least with it enough to pick up on the cues shared between the two. Jaw gaping slightly as the pieces fall in to place. If her foot could reasonably be put in mouth, it would be there, but fortunately for everyone the Healers grab Keely just in time and a change of subject is at hand. A sad click coms from between Zah's burgundy stained lips, looking to the brown rider with compassion "Everyone did what they could.. gotta be proud of all the lives saved and riders returned!"

Keely squeezes Rou'x's hand briefly, leaning over to kiss the brownrider on the cheek as she stands. "I'll be back shortly," she says, features twisted in some confusion at the dropped thought. Her eyes rise to Zahleizjah and she can only give a small shrug. Maybe in response to the affirmation that it was a joke or what she realizes has sunk into place for the other girl. Mwaha! Then she's off and whisked away to be poked and prodded at behind a curtain.

Left alone with her former candidate - and Etzlix, though the brownrider hasn't the foggiest who the girl is - Rou'x looks panicked. "She cain't be. She just… she /cain't/ knocked up, it'd… fuck, it'd fuck everythin' up, n' I… I'm panickin' over nothin', there mightn't even be nothin' t'be gettin' worked up over, but…. /shit/." Her backwater High Reaches accent comes out all the thicker for her worry, and her poor bottom lip is getting a proper chewing on as she starts pacing back and forth, booted feet pounding the infirmary floor. "/Fuck/. Now I gotta… but I ain't - no way, shit." Random mutterings come to a halt as she does, and she rubs her hand over her eyes, scrubbing beneath the brim of her fedora.

Words are still few and far between for Etz and Zah, off to a great start for these two. Watching Keely head back, the Stargazer might have smirked a bit if she weren't half wrapped up in what's going on with A'dmar behind the curtains, again the Master Healer returns to let the two ladies know that the bronzer is resting now and will be allowed visitors when he next wakes. This is good news, and now Zah can help calm the ensuing panic setting in for Rou'x following her awful, and potentially dead ringer, of a joke. "S'gonn be ok Rou'x.. really… it'll all work out." She says with a warm smile before looking to Etz and repeating "Everything is going to be ok.." in a general sort of manner as if avoiding direct words, since Etzlix doesn't seem one to over share with a stranger, forced family or not.

Etzlix could quite possibly be no one, afterall she wears no knot upon the lacy blouse she wears. The girl quite possibly may or may not be listening to the Westerners, though if she is she doesn't say anything to them. What could she possibly have to discuss anyway, right? "He gunna be a'right, ain't he?" Finally, the teen finds her voice as one of the healers moves close enough for her to grab him by the sleeve. Of course, at the Starcrafter's voice, Etzlix's eyes flicker over to her. "He has t'be a'right." Apparently the youth hasn't many words to share. And, well, the panic-stricken brownrider gets a brief look, but she's really not currently capable of giving the woman any words of encouragement, so poor Rou'x gets nothing from the teen.

Things are fairly quiet for Keely behind that curtain. Though a sharp eye may notice that the Sr. Apprentice retrieves one Journeyman… who goes and gets another. The two seem to be conferring with the bluerider back there.

"Hooo fuck," Rou'x exhales, sinking heavily into a chair. She doesn't miss that there's a conference happening behind the curtain that's hiding a certain bluerider, and it makes her edgy. Sitting forward on her chair she drops her elbows to her knees, staring straight ahead and possibly thinking. Possibly conferring with her lifemate. Possibly just completely blanking out everything around her. Though the latter's not likely, as she turns to look at the two teenaged girls she's waiting with, fixing her gaze on the knotless one. "I don' know you. Who's gotta be alright?"

Zahleizjah is getting antsy, and it is taking everything in her power not to stand and pace or have some uncontrollable emotional outburst. What a mess, the girl thinks to herself, concluding that no other approach could have changed it, and feeling even more yucky with Etzlix's curt retort. This has her biting her lip as well, even with Rou'x cussing like a sailor, sparing introductions and allowing the women space to choose their own interaction tactics as she is apparently not doing so good at that herself.

Outside the Infirmary, a pale blue dragon shifts restlessly and lets out a low rumble.

Hazel orbs flicker from Zahleizjah to Rou'x, then back to A'dmar. "Dmar, he.. he has t'be 'kay. Cause th'boys need their father.." She lets her gaze travel from the sleeping bronzerider back to the two Westerners. "M'name's Etzlix, an'.. an' he's m'husband." Well, at least it's sort of an introduction, right? Probably more than Zahl got from her when they first met.

"WHAT?!" The eruption comes, you guessed it, from the booth Keely is in. There's some rustling, some urgent words, and then the bluerider is rushing her way out of there. The curtain is wrestled aside and soon emerges the brunette, naked except for the clothes she's clutching to her form. "I AM NOT!" She calls back over her shoulder, rushing towards Rou'x once she spots the brownrider. She stumbles into her clothes hastily on her way, shirt mostly on as she reaches out to grasp at the woman's hand, "Tell 'em. Tell 'em Rou'x. I ain't pregnant." Apparently Zah opening her mouth knocks up the women.

Rou'x might've been only half-listening to Etzlix since her mind is definitely elsewhere, but certain words have her attention snapping /right/ back to the here and now. "Wait. What?" She looks very confused for a moment, brows knitted heavily over her honey-coloured eyes. "How th' fuck's he gonna be y'husband, when he's a rider n' you're… like, 10 or summat?" An obvious exaggeration of the age, but the brownrider gives the teenager a disbelieving stare. "Can't happen. Ain't possible. Can't have nothin' but weyrmatin' if y've gotta dragon t'deal wi, too." Then there's a commotion from Keely's way, and Rou scrambles to her feet to meet her, dragging the bluerider into her arms… and using her fedora to hide certain bits of her anatomy. "Y'fuckin' kiddin' me. Right, Kee? Y'jokin', aintcha?" Her finger curls under her lover's chin, so that Keely can see how unamused she is.

Zahleizjah simmers on those words, /she/ needs her father, but now is no time to get selfish, the Starcrafter knowing she'll have to make nice with her new.. stepmother?? Just doesn't even sound right, leaving awful reverb in her thoughts annd the next words out of the Etzlix's mouth stinging just the same. . There she goes, out of her chair, a few strides in to a pace before turning 'round for a few passes before having a seat again. All is fine and dandy, momentarily, until Keely confirms with exclamation that her joke, ain't no joke. One big Infirmary mess it is, outlook: uncertain! Zah's definitely not sitting anymore, her look… apologetic…

Etzlix looks, well, she doesn't look amused at the brownrider's words, telling her A'dmar can't be her husband. The teen looks about ready to argue, but then the brownrider's partner is having her moment of disbelief. And, so, with that, the teen will let the comment about her and A'dmar drop, for now anyway. Though she does add with a frown. "I's eighteen, ain't no ten turn old." Harumph. The miniskirted teen crosses her arms about her chest and, well, glowers at the floor.

Keely presses into Rou'x's arms after adjusting her clothing to be more reasonable. It may not be fully secured, buttoned, and what-have-you and her boots got left behind… but she's not showing off any naughty bits. A concerned apprentice soon shuffles from the separate area holding the rest of the bluerider's things. "Y'think I'd lie about this?" she asks Rou'x, eyes wide. She's not crying or anything, but there's clear surprise in that expression. "They say I'm /pregnant/ Rou'x an' that's why I've been feeling like this."

And the world is focused on Keely, as Rou'x tries to make sense of what she's hearing. She curls her hand around Keely's cheek, strokes fingers over her dark hair, then crushes the girl tight to her. "I'm gonna fuckin' /kill/ him," she grouses, dropping her hold to the bluerider's shoulders and gently easing her back a little, so that her gaze can drop to where there's apparently a /bun/ in her girl's oven. "I'm gonna /fuckin' kill/ him, Kee." Her hat is jammed jauntily atop her head once more, and she steers Kee towards a seat. "Sit. Stay. I'm gonna be right back." As an afterthought she presses a rough kiss to Kee's forehead, then turns to start stomping out, fists balled by her sides.

Zahleizjah raises one half amused brow at the interaction between Etzlix and Rou'x, no comments from the peanut gallery about her own age, being A'dmar's recently reunited daughter and all with only a turn difference between them. An audible gulp swallows what feels like a rock in her throat "I ummm…" the thoughts are there but the speech does not follow, wheels turning, furrowed brows and confused glare Etzlix's way. "Did you say the boys??" she chokes. It is obvious Rou'x and Keely need their own space to process, and just then a healer comes to Zah's side and whispers in her ear. They share some type of agreement between nods and hushed speech, Zahleizjah announcing to no one in particular "He's awake.. my presence is requested.. I shall return and then Etzlix you've the next visitor slot."

Yiskatiresiath senses that Indianath's typically tropical scents are marred with the ominous darkness of a storm about to break. «Mine wants yours. Now. Come.»

Keely is in enough of a state of shock that it's not difficult to steer her to a seat. She plops down and stares somewhere off in the distance… until her right mind begins to restore. It's then that she recognizes what's just happened and that Rou'x is storming out. Her boots are grabbed, perhaps a bit harshly, from the apprentice and she's tugging them on. "Wait, Rou- stop! Don't, uh… hold on!"

"Aye, th'boys. Dmar an' I've a pair of sons." Etzlix seems almost ready to get defensive again about her relationship with the Iernien bronzer at the glare from the Starcrafter. "He an' I had kids, he asked me t'marry 'im, an' I did." And, well, that's all that matters to her. At the mention of A'dmar being awake, hazel eyes flicker worriedly towards the direction of the bronzer. Well, of course they'd give Zahl first visit, if Etzlix feels any dismay about it, she tries her best to hide it. And, well, if the teen didn't look uncertain being here in this strange weyr before, she looks even more uncertain now, she really doesn't fit in or belong here. If it weren't for the fact that her man was over yonder, she'd likely have left when she was questioned about her relationship to the man.

Isn't that always the way it goes, right when you're settling down for a nice nap, you get a rude awakening. Maybe that's just Ir'e terrible luck, but regardless, a rather disheveled looking bluerider stumbles into the infirmary. His shirt isn't even tucked into his pants and he's currently shoe-less. "For Faranth's sake Yiska, lay off. I'm almost there!" And then he rounds a corner and is met with the scene of chaos, or at least a rather interesting one. He skids to a stop and lets his gaze flick between Rou'x and Keely. The two other gals in the room are overlooked for the moment being as he's not really sure what's going on. "Was there a particular reason I needed to be dragged outta bed right this moment?" Yes, that's right ladies, Ir'e is rather cranky when getting woken up prematurely.

Rou'x pauses when Keely calls for her, but only to glare back over her shoulder. And to overhear Etzlix saying that 'm' word again. Already seething, she takes it out on the unknown teen, hissing in her attempts to keep her voice down so as not to cause /too/ much of a scene. "Y'cain't fuckin' marry a rider, it ain't /done/! Y'ain't no more married t'him than I'm married t' /her/." 'Her' being Keely, as is indicated by a sharp thrust of an index finger towards the bluerider with the bad news. She hears from Indianath that Ir'e is here before the bluerider's even through the door, and Rou'x wastes no time in nudging Kee (roughly) out of the way, before she thunders up to her clutchmate, swinging a power-packed punch towards the man's nose.

Zahleizjah is quick to turn away with the scowl that follows Etzlix's lineage explanation, heading for A'dmar's enclosed patient area as the words ruminate within her soul. Not only has this youngins world been turned upside down by discovering she's not an orphan afterall, but now she has two half brothers and an Etzlix to consider in this grand scheme of things. Not that she knew him very well before or anything, but she definitely didn't know he was lining up for kids and a wife in the near future. Zah concludes that she has been a bit out of the loop since Western's last clutch, head in the stars, nothing new really. Some time passes, and Zah comes back to the group just in time to hear Rou'x make Etzlix a glutton for punishment, plainly saying "A'dmar wantsta see y'now Etzlix.." looking between riders, and the newly arrived semi-familiar gent who Zah gets the drift may be involved in this madness, Zah feels as out of place as any right now.

"I mos' cetainly kin marry anyone I feel like!" Okay, well, Etzlix has apparently had enough of being called a liar or whatever it is the brownrider is saying. "Iff'n y'dunna b'lieve me, y'kin ask 'im. He loves me, he asked me t'be 'is wife an' I said yes. An' iff'n that ain't bein' married then ev'rythin' I've read 'bout it has been a lie!" Maybe Rou'x wasn't trying to cause a scene, but Etzlix isn't quite so calm about the whole thing, the teen even looks to be on the verge of tears at all the downtalking of her and the man she love's relationship. Saved by the return of the Starcrafter, Etzlix is all too happy to flee the scene of the public scorning she seems to be recieving. With a swipe of her hands over her face, she gets to her feet and moves quickly towards the curtained off area where the bronzerider is apparently asking for her.

Keely is a bit too caught up in her own insanity to even begin to parse Etzlix's issues. She does focus a bit when Rou'x's finger comes to her. "We ain't… hunh? Married?" She's about to try to sort it out, but Ir'e has shown up and all color drains from the bluerider. She's finding her butt back in a chair, heavily and just manages to watch with a mute horror as Rou'x tries to punch the poor guy.

Ir'e definitely wasn't expecting to be swung at when he was informed that 'That annoying girl with the overly large rear end' wants him. But being that he's been in enough scraps before, he does at least manage to jerk his head back enough so that his precious nose is left un-broken and instead Rou's fist is left to slam into his cheek. Ouch. Luckily for the brownrider, Ir'e is a solid mass of muscles and hardly budges upon impact but there is a very confused look on his face as he reaches up to rub his fingers across his now wounded cheek. "I knew you were mad 'bout me saying I couldn't sleep with ya again Rou'x, but do we really have to go down this road? I'm not one to hit a girl but hitting me for no reason isn't very fair." It's only then that he's looking towards Keely and her pale appearance and he inches past Rou to come up next to her, "You okay, Kee?" As for the argument going on 'bout being married or not, he just kind of blinks owlishly at Etzlix before she's disappearing to go visit whoever it is she's here for and Ir'e just gives his head a shake. "You look like ya need some klah or something, get that color back in your cheeks." He's offering Keely a soft smile before giving a wary glance over his shoulder at the brownrider.

Looking even more annoyed that she didn't manage to hit her target, Rou'x glowers at Ir'e, too worked up to actually come up with a response on the spot. It's only when he's heading towards Keely that she reacts, slipping in between her blueriding clutchmates and holding her hand up to Ir'e's chest, while reaching behind her to rest a hand on Keely's hip. "Y'ain't gonna touch her, Thei. Out. In the bowl. Now. I ain't gettin' into no trouble wi' the Healers when I gotta come back here t'see 'em." She shoves the taller rider towards the door, going chest-to-chest with him. Which really is quite comical, considering the way her chest acts as a buffer against his ribs, given that he's far taller. "/Out/."

Zahleizjah has gotten really good at this whole blurting thing, spouting plainly to tall muscles, whom she vaguely remembers from Candidacy, "Keely's pregnant.. and methinks.." Well what she thinks is not important at this point, but quitting while she's ahead is sounding increasingly attractive, especially with the hooks being thrown from the feisty Rou'x. Wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of that one, so Zah shuts her trap and watches as Etzlix heads towards A'dmar. While the tween is less than shouting distance away, Zah calls out to her "I'm going to go grab the things A'dmar requested.. he'll be on bed rest for now the Healers say, so I'll grab us some supplies." Then a shining moment, glimmering, genuine, compassion peaks through "Can I bring you anything Etzlix?" Waiting for a response before excusing herself awkwardly with an "Umm.. see ya'll later n'good luck with umm that.. n'all.." Now she's rambling, awful nervous habit, slowly slinking away.

Hands find mouth to cover the gaping hole it becomes when Rou'x's fist connects with Ir'e's cheek. Keely squeaks a bit, shrinking back into the chair. It's /now/ that she looks like she might start crying. Her eyes water up, wavering slightly as gaze tracks fellow bluerider upon his approach. "Ir'e," she says, voice breaking a bit. Then he offers her klah and she answers with a sniffle. There seems to be more, by the way her hands lower and her jaw shifts, but Rou'x is in between them, herding Ir'e out. Keely is on her feet, following after and reaching a hand towards the brownrider's. "Rou…"

"M'fine.." Comes the sniffled response from the eighteen turn old Etzlix at Zahl's question. Besides, what the teen needs, she doubts the Starcrafter can give. Without another word, or even a look back at the group, the youth is disappearing behind the curtain, at least she can take comfort in her man, well, as much as the healers will let her anyway.

Ir'e feels like he's suddenly done something terribly wrong and yet doesn't know /what/ exactly that horrible thing is. He blinks, eyeing Rou'x like she's suddenly grown a third head with the way she's acting about Keely. He's getting bumped back and towards the door seeing as how he's not putting up a lot of resistance, or well, that is until he catches Zahl's words and pretty much he won't budge another inch. "Keely's.. pregnant?" Chocolate brown eyes focus on the other bluerider's face before he looks back to Rou and swears up a blue streak. "How is this my fault?" He hisses before storming out of the infirmary, not wanting the whole weyr to know the little bit of drama this trio has currently found themselves in.

Zahleizjah meeps, hightailing it, knowing she's said enough, and it is time to slip away quietly. Out the door she goes!

Hot on Ir'e's heels (even if she /is/ limping a bit to follow him), Rou'x doesn't check to see if Keely's following, though she's got a feeling she'll be there. They're hardly outside of the infirmary before she grabs Ir'e's shoulder to stop him and turn him around, shoving him again. "/How's/ this /your/ fault? Y'fuckin' serious? When the fuck d'y'think I had the fuckin' time t' grow a fuckin' cock n' knock her up, Ir'e?" Another shove. "She's /my/ fuckin' girl, Ir'e! An' y'can't just… y'can't…" Rising anger and blood pressure has her cheeks flushed and is making Rou'x dizzy, making her blink rapidly as she stands trembling, swaying slightly in front of the her clutchmate.

"Rou'x," Keely is trying again, reaching out to try to pull the brownrider back. Or at least halt her in her tracks. Then there's the tirade and her own cheeks flush. A mixture of embarassment and her own frustration. Then she's trying to grab the other girl with a bit more force. "I'm /not/ yours," she says, darkness edging her tone, "you've made that fucking clear. Look… this… I can… I dunno, I can fix it. Goin' between does that, right? I'll just start goin' between a lot and then, I dunno. Y'can go back to fuckin' whoever an'…" she's growing more flustered by the moment, though she's at least regained color now. "I dunno what Ir'e'll do." That brings her a bit more grounded when she realizes she has no idea about his feelings on the matter, so she looks to him. "I… I guess I shoulda told you first? mebbe? I… I just found out an'… it was a lot to handle."

Ir'e is chugging right along to put some distance between him and the girls, but he takes a moment to pause, take a breath, and try to clear his mind and that's when Rou'x has caught him. "Don't you /dare/ blame me when you know damn well that it was that sharding flight. It wasn't /my/ fault this happened, so stop acting as if I planned it or something. For Faranth's sake Rou, just 'cause you're both girls doesn't mean you can't go to the infirmary and get some of that green stuff ya know. It aint all my fault!" And then he takes to muttering under his breath, something about sharding horny blue dragons and just having to chase after every green that's a glowing. "And you know I'm not trying to come between you and Keely. Just 'cause she's pregnant with my kid doesn't mean nothing." And then he falls silent as he reaches out to her, trying to stabilize her sway. Wouldn't be good to have the wounded brownrider falling down now would it? Oh, and look, Keely finally caught up and is saying her part and then, before Ir'e realizes what he's doing, he's near yelling, "No! Absolutely not. You.. you can't just go between and get rid of it like that." His brows pinch together and he looks rather angry suddenly, "Can't we talk about it before you go and do something like that? I don't.. I don't wanna think 'bout you killing my kid when I've only just found out about this. That's not very fair."

Kee's words cause Rou'x's expression to sink, the anger rapidly shifting to concern, and worry. Ir'e? Who's Ir'e? She ignores him as she turns to Keely, curling her hands gently around the girl's upper arms. "Kee… but… I wantcha t'be mine. I din't tell ya yet, but… there's somethin' in my weyr for ya." Anxiously, she strokes a lock of hair back from the girl's face, tucking it behind her ear. "I went t'get it yesterday. Took me /ages/ t'find the right one, n' I were comin' t'tell ya t'day… I gotcha a set've drawers, KeeKee." That should at least have significance to her, if not to Ir'e - oh, who she's remembering is there, as she looks over her shoulder at him, looking almost as if she's about to cry. "Y'can be my girl, Kee, n' I'll be yours. I can't promise nothin' n' this ain't how I wanted t'do this, but I wanna try, Kee, I wanna try, n'…" Again she looks at Ir'e, her nose wrinkling and lips pursing as she does the pre-tears sniffing routine. "I think I mighta got… in a delicate sorta way, too."

"I… can't?" Keely looks a little dumbfounded by Ir'e's response. Clearly she was expecting him to be encouraging of her getting rid of the… problem, as it were. The second blow, as it were, comes from Rou'x turning to her. Eyes widen as the brownrider spills the beans about the surprise. "You… what?" She blinks a few times, lifting chin to regard the woman a bit better. "Drawers? You're… you're serious, aren't you?" Expression shifts and she's pressing herself tight to Rou'x, hugging the woman tightly. "Oh Rou'x… I know this is hard an' I know you can't make promises, but… being willing to try, that's all I wanted!" Then there's the proclamation to Ir'e and she leans back a bit, confused again. "What."

"No, you can't. I mean, I understand, if you don't want a kid and stuff, but.. I've always wanted kids and I don't want you just throwing this away." Ir'e admits rather quickly before he's devolving into silence for Kee and Rou'x's lil private moment. He shifts from foot to foot, looking rather uncomfortable to be witnessing this declaration of love as it is before he's blinking, "Mighta got what?" Because really, the boy is pretty oblivious to womanly things seeing as how he's never spent an overly long amount of time with them.

Rou'x sniffs noisily, rubbing the back of her hand under her nose. "I toldja, Kee, on the island. I don't wantcha t' leave." She slips her arm around the teen's waist, drawing her in close to her side and turning, at the same time, to face Ir'e. "It ain't confirmed. I don't know. But after hearin' Kee sayin' she's been sick n' the reasons why… Mebbe. I think mebbe I mighta got it too, cos it…" She draws a sharp, shuddering breath, shifting her gaze down to her toes. "Fits."

"I'm not plannin' on leaving," Keely says quietly to Rou'x, winding an arm around her waist in return. She blinks at the brownrider's revelation and can't help but smirk. "Oh Faranth.. Wouldn't that be just…." something. She can't even find the words, shaking her head as she lifts her free hand to scrub at her eyes. "I… I honestly don't wanna be rid of it. Especially not if you're interested. There's just, I dunno, too many kids whose parents weren't interested in them." Kee's mom is a fine example. "So we can… we can talk later. I think." She turns to Rou'x a bit, "Y'wanna… show me the drawers?" Though it's clear she's interested in the brownrider much more than those drawers as she tugs her in the direction of their lifemates.

Ir'e isn't quite sure what to say to the possibility that Rou'x is also pregnant with his kid. So instead he just stares at the pair, blinks several times before he shakes his head and turns away, "Well, both of you.. come.. find me when you're ready to talk and figure things out. Don't want either of you doing something ya might regret. Rhab might not be thrilled at the idea of me becoming a dad-" Actually, Rhab said he wouldn't have anything to do with kids, if Ir'e had any, but that's besides the point, "-but I'm more than willing to parent them. It's something I always wanted." Aww. His dream! And with those words Ir'e glances over his shoulder, gives a wary smile and then is out to chase his dragon down to get a ride back up to his weyr so he can process what just happened.

Rou'x looks at Ir'e with an expression that's as confused as it is, well, everything. Her emotions are all mixed up! She doesn't have anything to say before he leaves though, but she does have Indianath pass on a message To Yiskatiresiath. «Mine tells yours she hopes he doesn't hurt too much.» It's an apology… of sorts. The brownrider turns to Keely then, cupping the girl's cheeks in her work-roughened hands and drawing her close for a kiss. "I'll see you up there," she murmurs softly, pressing a soft kiss to her forehead. Indianath is conveniently close by, and she reluctantly lets go of Kee to clamber up his side, so that the big brown can carry her home.

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