Platonic Showers - Dead Jim Aftermath

Day 5 of Month 5 of Turn 2714
Half Moon Bay Weyr - Infirmary

This long, rectangular cavern smells faintly of antiseptic and strongly of pleasant medicinal herbs. The general atmosphere is one of bustling but orderly quiet and strict cleanliness. The back of the room is dominated by a small hearth for heat and medicinal preparations and by swinging double doors that lead to a small DragonHealing bay, an emergency surgery for human patients, the main storage, and the staff area where Healers can eat, shower, change, and the like during their longer shifts. The front of the room is a waiting and reception area where patients and staff can check in to receive treatment and begin work, respectively. The east wall of the room features examination, birthing, recovery and outpatient treatment rooms while the opposite wall is curtained off to provide privacy and bed-space for patients requiring overnight care.

Half Moon Bay can certainly handle most of the routine and sometimes urgent treatment needs of its residents here. It lacks some of the equipment available at the main Healer Hall. Once they are stabilized, patients requiring specialized or ongoing care are surely transferred there.

Certainly, the Healers were aware that something had happened out at the lagoon. A giant squid, being exploded by dynamite or whatever it was that had been stuffed into it, is sure to make a racket. But regardless, what they are probably NOT expecting is the gore-covered weyrling to come stomping through the door, with an equally gore-covered dolphineer in his arms. And while the weyrling may be fit, he is not super-human, and the infirmary is a LONG FREAKIN’ WALK from the beach. So he’s a little winded, and perfectly happy to GENTLY lay down Tanit on the first available bed, despite the wide-eyed looks they are getting. “It’s not our blood,” is the first thing out of his mouth, to assure them that emergency care was needed. “She’s… just gone crazy or something,” is all he has to say when a Healer approaches to take stock of the situation.

“Squid go boom.” Because this is a perfectly logical explanation for why they are utterly covered in sea monster gore. Except that the shock is starting to wear off, slowly. The healer checking her pupils and reflexes. “I take it someone got permission to use explosives on our guest?” The older man notes looking at the state of weyrling and dolphineer with a disgusted sigh. “You're both going to have to hose off and strip. You're a walking infection waiting to happen. Give me a few moments, I’ll bring you towels and clothes.” And after that he’ll assess further damages.

“Yeah,” is all that S’van says to Tanit’s accurate though rather… unusually description of the events on the lagoon. It’s followed very quickly by another, “Yeah,” in answer to the Healer’s question. “Someone stupid,” because who blows up a squid? Course… he can’t say much considering he was there to witness. “Alright,” for showering and stripping. “At least I wore my bad clothes,” and not his good leathers. “Tanit,” and now his voice is a bit hesitant, dropping into that annoying tone that parents tend to use for a fussing child, “Are you able to walk, or do I need to carry you again?” Cause he will… if he has to. But maybe doesn’t want that whole skin-to-skin thing that a shower would require.

The shockiness at least seems to be wearing off bit by bit. “I might vomit.” She admits reaching for a towel. Trying to wipe her face off at least, fingers scraping for the zipper to the dive suit, and starting to pull the tab down. Trying very hard to ignore the smell. She starts to get up but wobbles. If it were just the smell maybe she’d have been fine but the texture that greets her fingers as she starts to peel the wetsuit from her skin has her dry heaving. And sitting back down. “Just dump a bucket over me.”

Maybe it is because he was previously a butcher, but the general ‘gross’ that is covering his body does not seem to affect S’van as it does Tanit. The smell… maybe would be doing something for him if he hadn’t smeared the healer concoction beneath his nose (even if it can’t mask everything. Not with things LITERALLY under his nose). Maybe it is his focus on the task at hand, namely Tanit, that has him suitably distracted from the overwhelmingly upsetting situation. “I don’t think they would like that,” he says, already stripping out of his own shirt, looking for somewhere to dispose of it. Like hell he wants it back. “Come on,” and this time, rather than picking her up, he’ll just duck and sling her arm around his shoulders, assisting rather than carrying. “If you’re gonna throw up, warning me first so we can stop walking.” Thankfully, the showers are not far, as they are escorted to the private area usually reserved for on-call Healers. “You first,” and then there’s a general awkwardness as he wonders idly, “Erm. You gonna be able to get out of that by yourself?” At least he’ll turn on the water for her, even if it turns out to be for the selfish reason of throwing his head beneath the spray to rinse his face and hair quickly.

Tanit may not admit it, but with the goop sticking in zippers, and the general slimy grossness. “Just grab a pair of scissors.” She hisses, wobbling on her feet. “It’s ruined anyway.” She does her best really not to throw up, leaning hard against the wall. “Climbing all over that thing for a week, is nothing next to wearing it She gives up stepping into the shower suit and all, pressing her forehead against the wall. “At least I can hear normally again, no ringing in her ears.” She sniffles. “Was anyone actually hurt?”

The idea of taking scissors to her dive suit is a bit much for the weyrling, and he hesitates long enough that she just decides to go in, suite and all, saving him the hassle of either submitting or refusing. “I don’t think so,” for people being hurt. “I think we’re just all very gross…” which prompts him to duck his head back under the water and scrub-scrub at his head for a moment before stepping out of the direct spray. “Come here,” and there’s a gentle hand on her arm, fingers grasping. “Stand under the water and I’ll get your hair. You can lean on the wall or on me, whichever is easier.” The ‘just don’t throw up’ is left unspoken.

Fortunately for Tanit, Sev has a lot of height and muscle on her it makes it easy to rest her forehead against his chest and just focus on breathing. “Can you get the zipper too?” She asks softly all effort focused on not throwing up on her very nice friend. “I’m not naked underneath if that’s what you're worried about. I have a swimsuit on.” Not that she usually needs to give such warnings but given the situation, she feels the need to voice it. “And I do have a good dive suit, this one is one I can get rid of.” The water feels good. So she just holds still eyes closed.

Gentle fingers massage at her scalp, ensuring that no gross gunk is going to remain in her hair once she’s out of the water. “Uh, okay…” even if S’van is still apprehensive about trying to remove that dive suit. But the need to get rid of the gross is one he knows all too well by now. It is this empathy that he uses to steel himself towards actually doing as asked, fingers fumbling for the slippery zipper before he’s got it. The angle, with her head against his chest, is a bit awkward as he can’t exactly see what he is doing, but he manages. “Can you get the arms,” and for support, he’ll just put firm hands at a safe place at her waist. “And good, cause I don’t think you’re gonna wanna keep it after all this…”

Trembling under the flow of water, she focuses on her breathing, trying very hard not to have poor S’van wear her lunch. His hands at her waist, she fumbles to peel back the suit from her arms, almost gagging as chunks sluice off over her hands. “I don’t think I’ll ever be able to eat squid again.” The suit pushed down to where she can step out and kick it aside The urge to retch comes again, and it’s just about all she can manage to stand there and not throw up. “I’m sorry.” Eyes closing again as she lifts her mouth up to the spray rinsing and spitting away a few times, before she goes back to leaning against Sev. Being mostly clean helps at least, because she’s managing to process without giggling. “Were you seriously about to get into a fight with Ila’den because he was yelling at me?” Oh don’t worry Sev, the horror of the Princess dear god don’t puke on me carry will come to her later. “I swear by all the Seas whatever idiot came up with that idea is an absolute dead man.” The healer sets towels outside the shower, and fresh clothes, sweats from the look of them. If he has anything to say about the shared shower space he wisely keeps it to himself for now. Clearing his throat he calls, “Once you two are done in there, come back out and we’ll finish the examination. Go back to the same cot, we already stripped the bedding and changed it.”

S’van is very grateful to not be wearing Tanit’s lunch; he has enough gross bits on him that he does not need anything additional to grace his person. “Just close your eyes and don’t think about it,” is his oh-so-helpful advice on the situation. As it is, he is doing a mighty fine job of ignoring the gore and blood soaking into his pants and sliding down places he just really doesn’t want things to go. But distraction comes in the form of a question, to which the weyrling can’t help but smirk just a little at. “I wasn’t gonna get into a fight for him yelling at you,” he corrects, “Only if he looked like he was going to hit you.” But there’s definitely relief there that he didn’t have to put preparation to use. “I didn’t really think he would but…” shrug. Threats made towards the unknown culprit of this ridiculous idea are met without comment in favor of the Healer arriving with towels. “Come on,” is her warning that he’s about to direct her toward the hall again. It’s a little shuffling type walk, allowing for her to brace against him until she’s out of the shower and against the wall. “Towel…” though it’s just kinda draped around her shoulders. “Stay.” Because he is SO DONE with the gross cling of blood-and-gore that has become his cotton pants, and he would dearly love to rinse off properly without Tanit in the shower with him.

Tanit is compliant. Not of enough mind to understand why she is being kicked out of the lovely running water, but not fighting it either. She stays put huddling into the giant towel of fluffiness. “I am not sure he's the kind of person to start swinging.” She notes replaying the scene in her head. “He tried to pull both of us to safety.” something about this surprising her.
S’van is finally, finally able to peel off the ruin that was once a pair of pants, tossing them toward a corner where they hit the ground with a squelching sound. And then under the shower, to scrub vigorously at everything on his body in an attempt to rid the feel and stench of that unfortunate incident. “I don’t know him,” he says of Ila’den, voice raised to carry out to where Tanit leans against the wall. “And I wasn’t going to take the chance.” But now? There’s quiet consideration for the events on the beach, and he nods his head even though she can’t see. “Yeah, he did.” Instinct to protect? That is something S’van understands. Another moment and he shuts off the water. “Close your eyes,” before he makes a move for the second towel. It barely touches skin before he’s reaching for the provided sweats, pulling them on quickly. Covered once again, there’s a gentle touch to Tanit’s shoulder and a quick, “Do you want to get dressed, or just take the towel?” cause she’s not exactly naked, even if there’s definitely more of her skin showing than Sev has seen… ever.

“This thing is ruined too.” tugging at the shoulders of the old grey one peice and peeling it off wobbly as she pulls the sweat pants up under the towel and the shirt down over it. Nudity concerns about the last thing on her mind as she pulls the towel free. “Thafnk you. For helping.” She manages as the stink starts to subside. The offending garments in a pile. She stares at the matronly old swimsuit. ”And that will be a trip to the Weaverhall. Damn Sea monster. I still feel nauseous. This is stupid.” She sulks realizing how much like a girl she reacted and hating her body for it.

Sev will just… look over this way and avert his eyes to something safe (Oh, look at that lovely ceiling!) for that swimsuit ditching and sweat-clothes donning. His own towel is put back to use, draped around his shoulders to catch the dripping water from his hair. He takes her thanks as an ‘all clear’ and peeks her direction quickly to ensure everything that needs to be covered is, indeed, covered. An amused sounding exhale, and he brushes the sentiment aside with a teasing, “What else was I gonna do? Leave you sitting on a cot, covered in all of that filth?” A gentle tug on the side of her shirt, a little prompting to move off the wall and back towards the infirmary proper and the cot waiting there. “Why do you wear anything under your dive suite in the first place?” he wonders idly. Although maybe in this situation, he’s rather grateful that she did. As for the nausea? “I think the Healers have something that can help with that. And it’s fine. It’s probably a normal reaction…” even if he’s, from all appearances, not at all sick at the sight, sound or smell that permeated the event and lingers still. “You good to walk?”

And this is why Sev is the best friend. Who else would risk her puking on them, or completely politely ignore the nudity? Nobody. ”You could have left it to the healers.” She notes with dark amusement, “But I don’t think that even crossed your mind.” The clothing under the dive suit question earns an arch of a brow. “It’s kind of like wearing rubber, things chafe. ” Matter of fact. “I think so. The shaking stopped. ” She tests this naturally. Still wobbly but more solid Than she had been an hour ago. “I mean I will likely have nightmares about this.”

“I could have,” he agrees thoughtfully, “But I thought that might be a bit awkward for you.” Which means no. Tanit is right. He didn’t even consider the thought for a moment. Nevermind that being in a shower with HIM might have been just as awkward… (DETAILS). “Huh, well. OK then,” for wearing rubber. “Can’t say I’ve ever worn a rubber suite, so I will take your word for it,” though the thought makes him grin a bit too widely. Consideration is given for the way she stands, the little bit of wobbling resulting in an outstretched arm that is an offer for support rather than an effort to catch or grab her. Clearly, the dolphineer is feeling more like herself, which results in Sev granting a bit more independence and a lot less coddling. But the support is there, if she wants it. “Lean on me, if you think you might fall,” but he won’t force it. No more carrying. “I don’t know if I will have nightmares,” he murmurs thoughtfully, “though I doubt I will forget it soon. And Aedeluth is unlikely to let it go, either. After he got over the shock of the blast and concern for your safety, he became insufferably gleeful. He’s still trying to talk Fascath into trying to blow something else up.”

Tanit will allow herself to lean on her friend, but then Tanit has never been a fan of any falling. “Tell Aede I’m sorry, and that I appreciate him being so brave as to come to the rescue.” Briefly recalling the bronze muzzle and Catwin. “Cat’s ok right?” Wondering about the damaged bluerider with a soft sniff as she huddles deeper into the towel. “The last thing we need is pyromaniac fire breathers. They’d have the weyr in cinders in a matter of seconds.” looping her arm through Sev’s. “It still boggles my mind that something that large, That monstrous was lurking in our oceans. Kind of reminds me of just how little of the world I’ve seen. How’s Seph by the way. I haven’t seen her.”

The trip to the cot is not a long one, though progress is hindered by slow and precarious steps. “Aede says not to worry about it,” though likely the bronze’s choice of words was decidedly different, and a lot less acceptable for polite conversation, than the ones S’van uses in their stead. “Cat is fine. Spared the gore by hiding under Fascath, though I’d imagine she’s having a fun time scrubbing him clean now. Especially given the lagoon is probably full of that… muck.” Slow steps. Steady support. “I’m just kinda glad it was dead when it washed up. Imagine if it had been alive?” Not a pleasant thought. “And Seph is fine. She’s posted at Fort and apparently loving the snow.” Snort. “She even went ice skating.”

“You gotta love that quirky blue.” The diver grins. Though talk of the lagoon has her head tilting. “We will probably have crabs for months.” There’s a speculative look with the thought. “The sea is full of scavengers. Probably have the place cleaned spotless in a few weeks.” Tanit scrunches her nose at the idea of the thing being alive. “We would have been obligated to try to get him back into the water. But the thing is even with all the data we got. We still don’t really know anything about the animal.” And that’s enough to scare the diver. “Fort. I hate Fort. Too fucking damn cold.”

“Yeah…” That is all that S’van will say, because he has no clue about crabs, or scavengers of the ocean, or giant dead sea monsters of doom that wash up on beaches. All he knows is that it exploded on him, and he didn’t like that one little bit. And that he’s glad it is gone, gone, GONE now. So he will just nod his head, and agree with Tanit, and maybe offer an eager little, “sounds delicious,” for all the wonderful crab that will be had. A firm gesture is made towards the bed, a decidedly demanding point of his finger as he issues a much more polite sounding, “Sit,” as he waves a healer back over. “Seph loves it,” he admits. “Can’t get enough of it, even if by now it’s early spring.”

Tanit complies, once more, but surely this isn’t a lasting effect, though she pats the space next to her on the cot. “On the condition that you sit too. I might pass out just from having to crane my head hup to look at you.” Resting her head against his arm if he actually does choose to follow her request, eyes closing again. “Good that she is enjoying herself, though I know you miss her something fierce. She seems like a very sweet girl, your sister.” Sitting feels good, and by the time the healers come by again, proclaim that she should be back to normal in a day or two, and force her down some terrible concoction. The dolphineer is already starting to yawn. “You and Aede seem to be getting along better, bit by bit.”

There’s a soft snort of dry amusement for the comment on his height, but S’van is happy enough to join her on the cot. Who needs to stand when they can sit? He’s also perfectly fine with his arm being used as pillow, even if it’s not exactly soft and squishy. “I do…” miss Sephany, though there’s a bit of hesitation in the way he says this, continuing with a thoughtful, “But things are different, now. Since she went to the Hall, and especially now that I Impressed Aede… I dunno. It’s hard to explain.” Sisters growing up, moving on. Becoming independent. It makes him frown and causes a little wrinkle to form on his forehead. “She’s coming for graduation,” he notes, before the Healer arrives to make sure Tanit doesn’t need to be committed or something. The concoction is eyed suspiciously, and he looks rather relieved when it’s not forced on him. “We are,” he agrees. “Though I think… mutual understanding is a better description. At least he’s not fighting me on the important things.” Beat. “He doesn’t threaten to share embarrassing things anymore. Instead, he just likes to force them on me at awkward times.” Yawning is noted, but there’s no move to leave yet. Sitting is comfortable, now that they don’t smell like dead squid.

“You two have bigger lives, that aren’t as dependent as on one another?” Tanit guesses, perfectly happy to take full advantage of the now ‘nice smelling’ Sev pillow. “Or you still aren’t used to thinking of her as a grown woman, instead of just your baby sister.” This is a thing for Sev, and Tani very much knows it. “Oh? What kinds of embarrassing things?” Knowing full well the weyrling probably won’t tell her. “That will be nice, Seph’s a sweet girl.” She chuckles, “And learning which battles to fight and which ones to give up on never hurts.”

“The first,” decides S’van, frowning much more darkly for the idea of his sister growing up. “She will always be my baby sister.” Sweet. Innocent. In his eyes at least. “But we’re not kids at Igen anymore, so…” shrug. It is what it is, and there is a resignation in his heart and expression.

There is only a little shift in his position, a scooting back that takes care not to disturb Tanit on his shoulder. A small snort and a roll of his eyes for those embarrassing things. “Half of them you already know. And at least one of them you participated in,” is all he will say on the subject. “He likes you,” he tells her. “Which is unusual. He doesn’t tend to like people.” A beat. “He likes Jae, too,” he notes idly.

Tani sighs, giggling a little, though this time from the healery concoction. “Seph’s a smart girl, she will be ok. You won’t be able to protect her from all the bad things that happen. But she will still be ok Sev. I promise.” Adjusting again to get comfortable. Tanit exhales slowly, “Not much breaks my brain, but that - dribbling out my ears like half solidified jello. I feel like I should be concerned, but maybe he has good taste and very poor judgment when it comes to people?” She ventures of the bronze. Though she smirks at Jae’s name, “He’s your lifemate Sev. He may enjoy putting you off balance, Faranth knows I do. But at the end of the day, you belong to him by his own choice. He knows what will make you happy. Jae - twisted as he can be, makes you happy.”

“She is.” Smart. “And tough,” he adds. But despite the knowledge of this, and Tanit’s logical words, there is still the look on his face that says he has doubts. But those are the doubts of an older brother, who will never be satisfied that his sister is safe unless he is personally doing the saving. But he shrugs his shoulders and lets it go. “Your brain seems to be well on the way to mended,” he teases. “For a while there, you did have me a little worried.” He just won’t mention how worried. As for Aede’s choice in people? He just grins a little more widely than is probably necessary. “I would take it as a compliment. He is discerning. And he likes Jae because… well it’s hard to explain. But it goes beyond the fact that I love him. And he’s not twisted,” presumably meaning J’en.

“I’m not sure about mended, but I’m not giggling like a school girl, so that seems to be an improvement at least.” Tanit smirks, though it fades a little at the mention of worry. “I’m sorry for that too, seems like I’ve been doing it a lot lately. Making you worry.” As for the bronze’s taste in people, she just laughs, but Jae’s name causes a frown, or rather it is specifically the last four that have her attention. “Sev, you - a person doesn’t…” She stops, focusing on a deep breath and tries again. “The things Jaelyn has experienced, you don’t survive that kind of trama without taking on scars. I don’t mean the kind you can physically see either. It can twist you up inside, changes the way you think about yourself.” Sea green eyes fixed on the stone floor, “He’s not - whole.” She frowns as the drugs make it harder to focus, the words not coming out quite right. “I think because of you maybe, he’s starting to heal bit by bit. But it will be a slow thing.”

School girl giggles get a raised eyebrow, but no comment from the weyrling. Even if there’s a mischievous little smirk lingering at the corner of his mouth. But it fades when the conversation turns to the bronzerider, expression hardening into something much more serious. “I don’t like the word twisted. It implies he’s…” but whatever it is that the word implies, S’van cannot seem to find it. “I know. Trust me. I am well aware of the trauma, and the scars. Hidden or otherwise.” There is no comment about the healing process, or his part in it. It is not something he can, or wishes, to comment on. “Let’s worry about your own head, and not someone else’s, hm?” is murmured after a moment, though his tone is gentle in an attempt to soften the rebuke.

Whatever retort sits coiled on her tongue gets swallowed down, along with the bitter aftertaste of the healer’s draught. “Don’t you know me well enough by now to know that it is easier for me to figure out other people’s minds rather than deal with the mess that is my own?” Self-deprecating laughter accompanying the words, but she doesn’t broach the topic again. “I’m fine Sev, if I haven’t died yet by this point in my life, I don’t think I’m going to do so at all.” Though her eyes do become heavier lidded, snuggling in against the offered arm reflexively.

Arm snakes out, wrapping around the dolphineer’s waist to provide support as well as a little friendly affection. A silent show of understanding. “Maybe you should consider a career change?” he tease. “Tanit the MindHealer…” but maybe there is something about the way she’s leaning, or breathing, or even speaking, that leads the weyrling to offer, “Do you want me to walk you back to your room before you fall asleep? Or do you want to sleep in the infirmary?”

“I’m pretty sure they intended that draught to knock me out and stay here.” She sighs, though the thought of her own clean bed sounds so very good. “Nah, I like fish better than I like the people.” A healer peeks in and confirms that she can leave provided she has someone to check on her throughout the night. “T’san will. He’s looked after me in far worse shape. So yeah, if you don’t mind walking me back.” It beats sticking around while the decontamination showers are still in use.

“Probably a good thing,” for her decision to abstain from making mindhealing a career. S’van’s grin is in full force for a moment there, even if she can’t see it. “Alright then, let’s go. I really want to change back into proper clothes,” considering what he was given is likely a few sizes smaller than is comfortable for him. His arm is removed, but he’s careful about moving to ensure she doesn’t topple over. “Come on,” and once more, there is the support there, arm around her waist to support her walking. Though if that proves ineffective, he has NO PROBLEM doing the princess-carry thing again. (Mwahahaha). “I’ll have Aede speak his green for you,” he offers. “He seems like a nice guy, your cousin. I should meet him at some point.”

“He’s the best.” Tani says of her cousin, “You’d probably like him. Unless he started hitting on you, for which I apologize.” She yawns the medicine kicking in enough that Sev gets to do the princess carry, but T’san will meet him halfway at least. Tanit is out cold long before the exchange ever happens however. .

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