Relationship Woes

Western Weyr - Tiki Lounge Patio
As one walks onto the wood panelled flooring, they are greeted with the scent of burning oil, the likely source the various torches burning along the perimeter of the flooring. The flooring is littered with tables shaded with umbrellas, matching chairs tucked beneath when not in use. People of all sorts gather in clusters to talk or people watch. One can easily see into the tavern, its large windows usually open to the outside. Music flows in from inside, carried by the sea breeze, encouraging some people to dance, or even sing along.

Everyone knows that Zi'on is a fan of the Tiki Lounge's burgers. Oh yes, such a fan. Which is why he's here right now actually! It's later at Western, the sun is well on its way down, and the inside of the lounge is livening up with harper music and dancing. But the bronzer is here for food! Also a drink. Last time he was here he had a little -too much- to drink, but he's hoping today that won't be the case. He's at a table by himself eating a big burger that's been slobbered in a tangy spicy sauce and then bits of fruit, as well as the usual burger toppings. It's messy and dripping all over the place, but so delicious. He's also got a fruity drink and some tuber straws.

The last place that one would figure he'd show up, Th'ero… well, shows up. He pauses by the steps leading up to the patio, head cocked a little to the side as he hears the music. Once, he would have gone in and part-take in a few drinks and then lurk somewhere out of the way to watch the dancing (until he got enough liquid courage to join in). But not this night, oh no. He's a good little weyrling and not breaking rules. Just simply out for some fresh air while his young bronze sleeps. Escape isn't possible that often, so Th'ero takes it when he can. Eventually, the climbs the steps and goes to find himself a secluded spot among the tables and chairs but instead spots a familiar bronzerider. So he changes course and instead slides into a nearby chair, regardless if Zi'on was looking for company or not. "Evening." The'ero says, smiling slightly. "What is that? It looks delicious."

Zi'on didn't much take Th'ero for a big drinker, but he wasn't a big drinker really himself. There wasn't much need in the weyr really, there was plenty of debauchery to take part in even without being drunk. Zi'on wasn't that big on dancing himself, but he might do it if he were looking to impress the ladies. Or on a dare. The younger bronzer finishes his current bite and grins to Th'ero. "Hey. It's a Tiki Torpedo burger. You should get one if you're hungry. They're great, but messy." It's about this time that Zi'on notices a big glob of torpedo sauce on his shirt. "Gah, this always happens to me…" He sets down the burger and scoops the glob up with his finger and sticks it into his mouth. "How's it going?"

Th'ero isn't (or wasn't, if one wants to look at it like that) a big drinker either, save for a few times. Everyone indulges now and again, right? Especially among the few friends one might have. But his attention isn't focused on that; instead it is drawn to Zi'on and the delicious looking meal he's eating. There's a bit of an amused smirk over the sauce drippings, but in the end Th'ero keeps his comments to himself. Instead, he replies with: "I'll take your word for it. I'm hungry enough I think that anything will seem good." He admits, twisting in his chair a little to no doubt catch the attention of a server. When he glances back to Zi'on, Th'ero simply shrugs, though his smile doesn't falter. "Pretty well, actually." He begins, though soon snorts and adds. "Getting restless though. Is that a common thing?"

Zi'on and Th'ero can go out drinking later, once he's graduated and is allowed. Zi'on is a real man! And real men clean their shirts with their fingers. He's lucky Zi'on didn't lift his shirt into his mouth to lick it clean. "It's a little spicy though, I hope you're alright with that. Just get some water or a drink or something. Without alcohol, I guess." As Th'ero flags down a server he goes back to carefully eating. He had company now, no need to make a mess. "That's good. Restless? Yeah I guess.. in what way, though? You miss the company of Jey?" He laughs a bit. "Or just tired of the same old thing? Once your dragon is flying and you can ride then things are more exciting."

While he probably wouldn't admit it right off, Th'ero would probably like that once he's graduated and given freedom again. And even if Zi'on had licked his shirt clean, Th'ero would only have stared and probably continue not the say anything. At the mention of spicy, the weyrling grins. "I don't mind a bit of a kick. It's only when it's so overwhelming that you can't taste anything that it's a problem." A brow quirks up at the mention of non-alcoholic drinks and he smirks a little now. "I know better then to try." Th'ero admits, though he's distracted once the server arrives. He places an order, all smiles and politeness - which is not quite the Th'ero of old. When Zi'on mentions Jey, Th'ero reverts back to his usual self and colors a little, shifting a little in his seat. "Well… no, not like that. Though I guess that factors in too. I mean more just being able to go where I can." When the mention of flight is brought up by the bronzerider, he nods his head, grinning crookedly. "Exactly! We've been working towards being able to fly… I guess I'm just anxious to be done with it."

Zi'on would be sure to take Th'ero out once he was done being a weyrling. Out of everyone in the current class, Zi'on was closest with Th'ero. "Oh it's nothing like that. It's just got a little bit of kick to make it tangy." And apparently that suits Zi'on just fine, since he's already finished up his burger and is working on his straws. Zi'on gets another drink when the server comes by with Th'ero's order. "No? Have you told your dragon about her? He might be a little too young yet to understand I guess." There's a nod. "Yeah, it can be a little tough, first being a candidate, then being stuck while a weyrling. But when you're all graduated… you'll be able to fly and between anyplace you want! You'll have more freedom than ever, really. It's pretty nice. But things only get easier for you as you go on. Once they're hunting there's no more meat cutting, at the least. So you'll have more time for other things." He grins a bit. "Of course you won't have any privacy time with Jey for a while. I bet she's pretty antsy. I haven't seen her in a while. You guys are still an item, right?"

Having never been actually drunk of his feet, Th'ero may surprise Zi'on that day, but it's not for some time now. Out of all the riders, the bronzerider is the only one that the weyrling actually feels comfortable enough around to actually relax. The server has left with both their orders, so now it's the waiting game and Th'ero's attention is fixed on Zi'on. He gives a quick nod over the last comment about the burger, but the mention of relationships earns a bit of a frown. "I have, in a way, told him. He just asks a lot of questions, but I don't think it all sinks in. None of it has upset him though." Obviously, or it'd be news all over the Weyr by now. There's a snort and Th'ero is smirking a little as he leans back in his seat. "A little tough? I was Holdbred and figured I'd be nothing but a guard for the rest of my life." He pauses to spread his hands out, before resting his arms back down on the arm rests. "But I'm here now and I wouldn't change it for a thing … but being stuck in a spot /is/ getting a little chaffing." He takes a bit of a deep breath and then chuckles. "But I'll take your word for it again that it gets easy from here on. Was your training easy?" Seems a rather personal question to throw out there, but Th'ero has done it, though he hastily adds, "If you want to tell, that is." At the mention of Jey, Th'ero fidgets again and his gaze slides away, out towards the lagoon waters. "I guess? I only saw her briefly not long ago in the caverns, during lunch. It was … awkward. But we are still together, I think we agreed on that." He thinks?

All the other riders were old and crotchety! Actually, Zi'on was probably still one of the youngest riders around really. Most of the weyrlings this cycle were older than he is. "Ah. Well, eventually it'll make more sense. has he met Jey? I know with Suldith it takes him a little while to warm up to people. Some dragons are the jealous types I know, but Suldith can feel how happy Enka makes me, so he gets happy as well when she's around." Zi'on laughs a bit. "Well, now you're not a guard the rest of your life! You miss it?" He tilts his head at the other bronzer. "Training? Like weyrling training or after I joined the wing? I mean, weyrlinghood I would guess is the same for everyone, more or less. What did you want to know about it?" There's a nod about Jey. "Guess maybe she's been busy with the dolphins. But it's good that she's sticking around for you." He peers around and then leans across the table a bit. "Can I tell you a secret?"

Th'ero wouldn't know who was old or crotchety, but that's liable to change once he's working in a wing and more active about the Weyr. In fact, he probably doesn't know just how young Zi'on is. "No, he hasn't yet. I bring him down to the lagoon to swim, since he enjoys it, but I've not seen her there." He explains, before lapsing into silence while Zi'on speaks. His food arrives in the mean time and the bronzerider's drink, and Th'ero's attention slips away briefly to nod thanks to the server. But then his focus is back and he's smiling crookedly. "I didn't know it could work that way. I guess I'll have to really consider having Velokraeth meet her then." Then he shrugs his shoulders, reaching for the burger in front of him but doesn't take a bite quite yet. "A little of both, I guess? Mostly training and if you ever found anything tough." It seems innocent curiosity from Th'ero, that's for certain. Eventually, he takes a bite of his food, though has to promptly clean off sauce from his fingers. Shells, Zi'on wasn't kidding! - Th'ero's expression seems to say that clearly enough. There's only another nod given to the mention of Jey, though the weyrling does smile. But then the bronzerider is leaning across the table and out of habit, Th'ero leans a little forwards himself. "…sure?" he says, only a little reluctant.

Zi'on looks older than he is. Though his boyish pranks might make more sense if Th'ero knew he was only seventeen. The bronzer nods. "It'll make more sense to him once he's met her, and he can feel how you feel around her. Actions speak louder than words, especially with young dragons." The bronzer taps his chin a bit. "Well, I found the meat cutting to be tedious. Then they start making you repair straps all the time, and that gets old. There wasn't anything really too tough though. Betweening can be a little scary the first time, but that's about it, really." Messy but delicious! The bronzer peers around again. "If I wasn't with Enka I think I'd be chatting up Iris. She's cute, don't you think?"

And that there explains why Th'ero is so confused by Zi'on's tastes for pranks. If he knew, he wouldn't react the way he does when the bronzerider is up to one of his antics. "I'll remember that." He says, sounding pretty sincere. No doubt the weyrling is probably already thinking of the next chance he'll get to bring Velokraeth out to the lagoon already. Indeed, the burger may be messy, but it is delicious and Th'ero takes quite a few more bites while Zi'on talks. So far, the weyrling's clothing has escaped being sauced. "I don't mind the meat cutting." He muses, though he frowns a little, head tilting to the side. "Strap repair? For practice, I'm guessing?" At the mention of Between, Th'ero's frown deepens. "There's a test for that, isn't there? That's what I've heard, anyways." But the fact that Zi'on never seemed to have too much struggle seems to relieve Th'ero in some way. But all that relaxed nature vanishes in just a few words from the bronzerider. Food is ignored in favor of giving him an incredulous look. "Seriously?" he says, though he keeps his voice low. This is a secret, after all? Now poor Th'ero just looks awkward. "I…guess she is? I've never looked at Iris in that way." He sheepishly admits, before devouring more food.

Zi'on would likely still be up to the same antics five turns from now. Maybe. Depending. "Maybe you should try to set up something with Jey?" Apparently being a weyrling was more complicated, now you have to make appointments to see your girlfriend. "Yeah, for practice," he says about strap repair. "A test? Maybe. But by then you'll be so good you won't even care. I'm not saying it's not a good skill, but it can get old." Yes, even Zi'on can get through weyrlinghood! Without too much trouble, either, it would seem. There's a nod at the news about Iris. "Yeah. I dunno. I never really noticed too much until recently. For some reason I just have this crush on her. Hopefully it'll just… go away. Before I call her name out in bed on accident or something."

"How? She's got a busy schedule and so do I." Th'ero tries to explain, though it's sounding more and more like an excuse. The frown has returned and the weyrling begins to poke more at this food then actually eating it. A few tuber fries are sampled, but now that the burger is gone, his appetite seems to have slowed considerably. Again, there's another nod of his head as more of the training is explained, but Th'ero seems out of questions for now. Instead, he seems to be equally confused and now surprised by Zi'on's secret. "Just… out of the blue? I thought you said you were happy with Enka." This seems to be tough for Th'ero to wrap around his thoughts. So he can only offer an awkward, "Hopefully." In return, before Zi'on's next comment has him almost sputtering. Thankfully he's had no food or drink; otherwise he'd probably choke. Surprise wears off to an awkward laugh though. "That bad? She on your mind that much?" Oh, what's this? A little bit of teasing?

Zi'on blinks. "Well, send her a note? Or I'll try to flag her down so she can come talk to you. It's not like you're at different weyrs or anything. I'm sure there's a good time where you're both available." Zi'on sounds pretty confident in all of this. There's a shrug when the conversation turns back to Iris. "Well, sort of. I mean, I always thought she was cute and all. But I dunno. I've just been thinking about her more lately. I am happy with Enka. Just seems that since the hatching is over she doesn't have as much time as she used to. So maybe I'm starting to look elsewhere without even realizing it." He laughs. "Generally she's not when I'm with Enka. But.. I dunno. This always happens to me, though."

Th'ero flashes Zi'on a bit of a smirk and then simply shakes his head. "You've got a point there. Maybe I'll try to send one of my firelizards out after her. Or just leave a note on her hut." He says, gaze staring at his half-eaten plate of food. Now why hadn't he thought of a note until now? At the mention of cuteness, Th'ero has to stifle another laugh. The weyrling hasn't really given his opinion, but surely he has one. And maybe agrees with the bronzerider. "Really?" he asks again, as if still not quite believing what he's hearing from Zi'on. "I mean, Iris is a nice person and all. Just… I guess I never clued in, since I've been chasing Jey." But then Th'ero shrugs, grinning crookedly. "Enka /is/ the senior Weyrwoman. She's probably busy and doesn't mean to ignore you." He offers, trying to be helpful. But then he's blinking a bit, surprised a little once more. "What always happens?"

Zi'on nods. "Yeah, leave her a hut note. Or just show up at the hut. You can be all peeking in her window when she wakes up." He laughs a bit. Well, Th'ero is free to share is opinion of course. It might make Zi'on feel a bit better if it wasn't just him that thought Iris was cute? Or maybe he'd be worried about competition? Or something else. He nods a bit about Enka. "Yeah… I mean, I know she's the weyrwoman and all. It can be a bit rough. Part of my is worried too that we're kinda going no where. And eventually she's gonna want a commitment or something. Kids. Too young for that, really." He sighs a bit. "I always get a crush on someone while I'm in a happy relationship with someone else. Last time it didn't end too well, either."

"I'm not going to go as far as peeping in her windows!" Th'ero exclaims with a laugh. The whole idea just seems so outrageous to him, though he does nod his head a little in return. "The note will be just fine." The weyrling still seems to be stubborn about revealing his true opinions, less he be pegged as having crushes as well. "I… can kind of sympathize with that, in a way." Th'ero admits after a lengthy pause when Zi'on explains his worries with Enka. Then he gives the other bronzerider a long look. "Young? How young are you?" he asks, before giving Zi'on a bit of a sympathetic smile. He pushes his plate side, no doubt done with food for now. "That is a bit of a problem. And one of the reasons why I swore off relationships … well, until now anyways." There's a bit of an awkward shift again and suddenly Th'ero is sliding out of his seat and getting to his feet. "I need to get back." He offers by way of explanation, though he doesn't seem to be rushing off right away. "I think you should still give the relationship with Enka a shot. If it still looks rocky, well… maybe seek out Iris? Before others do." And is that a hint or a threat? Th'ero seems to be leaving that to Zi'on to decide, as he gives a quick wave and a lopsided smile and then he's hurrying away - and possibly not to the barracks.

Zi'on laughs a bit. "No? It's not really peeping if you have permission, right? I'll peep on her for you if you want. Just kidding! Just kidding!" The bronzer's tone changes when the topic switches back to his girl troubles. "I'm seventeen for a few more months." He nods as Th'ero gets up to head off. "Yeah. I think you might be right. Alright, I'll see you later Th'ero. Good luck with Jey!" The bronzer, well he'll probably stick around for a while before heading home. Or maybe to see Enka.

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