Troublesome Firelizards and Klah Candy

Western Weyr - Center of the Bowl
This is the center of the huge oval crater of the Weyr. Standing here you can see how immense it is. The cliff sides rise up all around you, dotted with the caves of the dragon rider's weyrs. To the west you can see the arch open to the sea. North is the hatching grounds, south you see the cave entrance to the living caverns, and to the south east the entrance to the infirmary, raised a little from the weyr wall.

A flash of dark shadow across the ground, broad wings and the unmistakeable sound of wind against wingsails, as with a deft yet heavy thud, Jraireth drops to the ground of the Bowl, Tae scrambling down with as much grace as anyone can muster with a bag of books tucked up under one arm, pausing to lean against his dragon's dark bronze side. "No, no," his voice, argument-loud carries a bit, "I'm not going to read you that book. I'm going to return these and get something else." There's a loud rumble from Jraireth, the bronze's tail thumping down across the sand and dirt. "It's not a good book. And I'm /not/ going to read it to you after we confiscated it from one of the weyrlings last time."

Elsia is strolling, like she's prone to do when she's not required in the kitchen. She has her basket, as always, though today it holds not food or spices, but a small green firelizard curled up asleep. She looks up at the whoosh of wings, and her attention is drawn by the man fighting with his dragon. "What book?" she asks politely, a smile on her face.

The sound of two disgruntled firelizards announces the arrival of Areia. On one shoulder is a young brown - on the other, a baby blue. The two are chittering and hissing at each other and poor Arei is stuck right in the middle. She stops and sighs. "Alright, quit!" And with one hand, she shoves the brown off. In the quiet that follows, she hears T'vas and Elsia. Curiousity gets the better of her and she wanders over with a smile.

"It's not something we /want/ to discuss," T'vas pushes away from Jraireth's side as the bronze gives another low rumble of sound, clutching the book bag tighter against his chest. "It's a very bad book, and a weyrling /should/ not have had it in the first place." he answers Elsia at her query. "Not that I've anything against it," comes a hasty addendum, "but I would much prefer to be reading something like the Complexities of Between and Mathematics to Jraireth than let him get worked up over a book like that. He might as well go chase greens if that's what he was interested in." There's a stern look cast at the bronze, before the rider tilts his head a trifle towards Elsia. "In either case, I'd just as soon avoid talking about it altogether." Areia gets a lifted hand, a little waggle of his wrist in a wave, before both young ladies are offered a wry smile. "Perhaps we should change the subject before Jraireth seeks to press the issue?"

Elsia blinks at T'vas a few times, her smile sliding off to give him a blank look. "I'm sorry," she begins uncertainly, "But a book like what?" In Elsia's world, every book is a good one, you know. "Was it a book of scary stories?" But then she shrugs her shoulders and agrees easily, "Of course, I'm sorry. We won't talk about it." She looks sideways and her smile blooms again for her friend. "Hello, Areia! Are they giving you trouble, too?" The firelizards are nodded to.

Areia raises on her tiptoes to peer at the book. "It can't be that bad." She reasons, eyes flicking from the dragon to the rider. "Unless it some sort of smutty romance. Or, something." But the matter is dropped, especially as Elsia mentions the firelizards. "You have no idea." She replies dryly. "They hate each other. Why? I don't know. But they won't leave each other alone and I'm about to tear out my hair." She heaves a giant sigh, glaring at the blue blob still on her shoulder.

Jraireth arches his neck, drawing his haunches up underneath him so that his tail lies curled against the curve of his hip, and in doing so, placing himself at a better angle to scrutinize both young women. The dragon whuffs softly, and T'vas shoots an exasperated frown at the dragon before shrugging and plastering an attempt at a smile on his face. "We're /not/ talking about it." he states firmly, his gaze regarding Elsia for one long moment before her apology is given and that faux smile grows a little warmer and more genuine. "Instead, can I ask if you would recommend the treatise on Thread patterns that we found at Landing?" The poor girls, Tae might as well be speaking another language, no? The topic of conversation turns then to the firelizards, and the bronzerider seizes on that as a safer subject to be had. "They all seem young," he observes. "How long have you had them?" The question is for both Elsia and Areia. "Never got a firelizard myself, although there was a time when I was back at Ierne, thought it might be nice to have one to send messages to Quinn. Before we uh … parted ways."

Elsia gives Areia a scandalized look. "As if someone would write such things!" she blanches. "That's positively indecent, Areia." She gives T'vas another apologetic smile, folding her hands together over the handle of her basket. "I'm sure that a book on Thread patterns would be fascinating," she agrees. "Thread is a wholly fascinating subject, though I am, of course, glad it is a subject of the past, and not a threat of the present." She glances down into the basket at the minty colored green, and then flicks her curls back over her shoulder when she looks up again. "Taffy is…" she pauses to count, and continues, "Just under a month old now. I can't speak to her usefulness, as yet, but she does seem to like my klah candies."

Areia watches the dragon, expression brightening. "'lo, Jraireth." She says belatedly with a smile and that smile widens at Elsia's reaction. "I would." She states, obviously teasing the baker. Her attention is again captured by T'vas and she echos Elsia. "Thread patterns, of course." She nods carefully. "I'll have to check into that one." The firelizard talk makes her glance over to where the brown had landed, still glaring at the baby blue. "Shore is, um, a little less than a turn. This one-" She shoves a thumb toward the blue, who squeaks. "A few days now." The young woman's eyes roll. "Although I'm starting to regret Impressing more than one."

"You'd be surprised," T'vas puts in, managing a broader grin at the look on the baker's face, "to see what you can find in the markets at Ierne WeyrHold. Some of it is probably made of a lot stronger stuff than mere smutty romance novels." There's a good-natured expression on his face now, the tide of conversation having turned enough that Jraireth's attention seems less focused on book, and more on girls, the bronze himself letting out a soft warble of greeting on the heels of Areia's words. "Thank you," Tae comments then, "Jraireth does like complex ideas, although I sometimes wish he could turn the pages of a book himself. And not keep me up of a night reading for him. That one more chapter always gets me in the end." When the firelizards are mentioned upon, the young man looks thoughtful. "Have they been giving you a lot of trouble then?"

The look on Elsia's face is best described as 'scandalized.' She opens her mouth and closes it several times, looking a bit like a fish. Finally she blows out a breath and makes a pinched face. "Well I suppose there are those who can't get their jollies the /proper/ way," she says stiffly. She inhales and settles herself and offers the dragon a smile. "Hello, Jraireth," she echos, and even offers out a hand in case he wants a scratch. She'll let the subject of troubling firelizards fall to Areia. Hers is behaving, after all.

Areia brushes her hair back from her face with a thoughtful expression. "I've always wondered what a dragon would be like." She grins. "Not enough to want one, though. No offense, darlin'." She adds quickly to the bronze. "I just have my hands full with too many creatures as it is." Speaking of creatures… She reaches up to pat the blue firelizard. "A lot of trouble is one way to put it." She shrugs, looking a bit lost. "I just can't get them to behave. They're always fighting or Shore is picking on the baby. Maybe he's jealous." She pauses, then taps her lip with one finger. "Hm, yeah, that might be it."

T'vas's expression takes on something of a smug feline-in-the-cream smile, his attention traded in equal doses between Baker and Weyrlass, and Elsia's attempt at mimicking a landed fish does little to help the man in keeping his composure. He laughs. Nicely, at least, but it's obviously a laugh. "The… look… on your… face," the words are gasped out between chuckles, pressing a hand against his mouth to stifle the sounds, shoulders shaking just so. "I prefer the proper way myself," he puts in to Elsia, winking cheerfully at her. "Though with weyrlings being uh … denied as they are… I'd hardly blame them. Exceptin the fact that they need to focus on their studies, rather." Jraireth croons softly, head lowering, muzzle extended towards the proffered scratch. "He'd like it, very much." Tae puts in for his lifemate. "And none taken," the mention of offense on Areia's part is brushed off. "Jraireth isn't one to hold not wanting a dragon against anyone." There's a pause from the bronzerider, and he nods. "Never having had one of my own, I've no idea if they can get jealous or not. But that might explain it. Jealousy over the new little one."

"And what's wrong with my face?" teases Elsia as she reaches a hand up, up to scratch carefully. "The weyrlings should have more self-restraint anyway. It's not as if it's forever!" T'vas's wink earns a bit of a blush. "I'm sure you do," she says primly and returns her attention to the hidey things. "Well, children get jealous, and firelizards are very similar to children, so I imagine they could get jealous, yes."

Areia can't help but be amused by T'vas's amusement, so she's grinning wide. Her amused glance goes from the bronzerider to the baker, then back again, before she finally focuses somewhere on the ground. "Ah, well. I'll have to talk to him." She shoots a glare at the brown in question. "Or… something. Meanwhile I guess I play the middle man." That determined, she turns to Elsia with curiousity. "So, on a another topic, have you been baking anything nummy recently? T'vas, have you tried her stuff yet? Oh, it's amazing."

"Nothing!" T'vas will vehemently deny that there's /anything/ wrong with a girl's face, because that just isn't done when it comes to the reputation of a bronzerider. "Even when you're standing there mouth-agog like a fish in need of water, there's absolutely positively nothing wrong with your face." Flatterer, plus, Tae's likely sticking his foot in his mouth somehow, it's standard operating procedure no doubt. "Weyrlings always need more self-restraint. They'll get plenty of action later on, just need to be patient and wait for it." He does chuckle a little, glancing over at Jraireth who's crooning softly at the gentle touch of Elsia's hand against his muzzle. "Maybe in time, he will stop being jealous," this is directed towards Areia. "Might just have to give it time, or have a rider or someone have their dragon speak to him about behaving. "You bake then?" He regards Elsia for a moment, curious and interested, "what kind of things? I'm afraid I haven't sampled anything of yours yet."

Elsia lifts an eyebrow and sniffs. "Indeed," she agrees. Close call, there, T'vas! "Everyone could use a bit more self-restraint." Even the queen of self-restraint. She looks over her shoulder to grin at Areia. "Flatterer. You're just hoping I give you more treats, aren't you?" for T'vas, she answers, "I make candies mostly, but I make some desserts, too, when the mood strikes me or necessity demands it. Here, I have…" she pats around her hips and finds her pocket, pulling out a pouch that's got little candies wrapped in waxed paper. She offers the pouch to the two of them. "Klah candies. Don't bite them, you might break a tooth."

Of course, 90% of Western knows about Areia's klah addiction… Or at least, they should. "Klah… candy?" She repeats with a sort of horror mixed with admiration in her voice. "Really?" She takes the packet, taking one before offering it to T'vas. As the sweet gets popped into her mouth, she practically melts. "I knew you were my friend for a good reason." She tells Elsia through the candy. "Can I order about 500 of these? Or… oh gosh, could you teach me how to make them?"

Close call indeed! T'vas offers a wry smile at Elsia, knowing better to open his mouth further and dig himself into a deep hole he'd never get out of. "Not that a lack of self-restraint hurts anyone," he does point out, "but knowing when to wait and when not to… " a long pause, and an eloquent shrug are his only means of continuing that line of thought. "Although dragons can make it difficult to restrain one's self from time to time." There's a sound from Jraireth, something like a snicker. 'What', it seems to say, 'who me?' "Klah candies." The very idea is pondered, Tae accepoting the offered treat and unwrapping it, the confection tucked in against his cheek with the tip of his tongue. "Mmm," comes a mumbled vote of admiration and approval before he speaks again. "These are good. Ought to make them for riders on sweeps. Great way to get your klah without having to try and pour it into a cup on the back of a dragon."

Elsia chuckles at Areia. "You say that every time I bring you klah flavored. I /am/ trying to open a shop in the market, you know…if I ever get the funds." Ah, money, the bane of all existance, the heart of the world. She nods at T'vas's approval and smiles at him. "Well, it's just klah flavoring. I reduce it down until it's a very thick syrup and then use a small amount to flavor things. But it does perk you up if you're in need of a quick pep me up."

Areia smirks a bit at the bronze dragon, regarding him with a raised eyebrow until Elsia grabs her attention. "I know." She admits. "But klah… anything… you know." She grins brightly. "One day, we'll have time, and you'll teach me, yes you will." Her grin turns goofy and she mouths the candy. Phantom on her shoulder cheeps and she frowns. "None for you! You're hyper enough as it is."

"You'd make a fortune," T'vas remarks to Elsia, his cheek still puffed out with tongue and candy, and a very obvious look of enjoyment on his face. "It certainly makes for a nice pep up. I'm sure people would go crazy for it. You'd be rich." Except of course to make a small fortune in business, the old saying usually goes that you start with a large fortune. "Maybe find a business partner," he suggests. "Someone who'd front the marks in exchange for a share of the profits." Jraireth huffs again, muzzle pushing firmly against Elsia's hand, wehile still keeping one multi-facted eye trained in Areia's direction. "He wouldn't mind a harder scritch," the bronzerider puts in then. "Or another hand." Just in case the other young lady happened to want to pay attention to the dragon, that is.

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