SOS. Western, do you copy? Rescue TP: Archipelago POV

Western Weyr - Center of the Bowl
This is the center of the huge oval crater of the Weyr. Standing here you can see how immense it is. The cliff sides rise up all around you, dotted with the caves of the dragon rider's weyrs. To the west you can see the arch open to the sea. North is the hatching grounds, south you see the cave entrance to the living caverns, and to the south east the entrance to the infirmary, raised a little from the weyr wall.

An unmistakeable call to action is sent out to all dragons within Western Weyr, in the cloud-scudded darkness of night: «Archipelago! Report! Rescue required for a fleet in trouble!» Nitiduth's call to the wing he leads with his lifemate is claxon clear, as A'wrn waits in the central bowl to brief the riders who answer his call. "I have the coordinates," he says with the calmness that no doubt earned him his knot, as he spreads a map of the ocean surrounding Western out onto the floor, tapping a marked area. "The fleet is around here. There's a squall, bad enough to have capsized at least one ship at the last communication. We will go :between: to this reference," a small islet is tapped with his finger, "and will fly straight to the rescue site. Be prepared for a difficult flying situation." He pauses, drawing in a deep breath. "The evacuation will be simple: bronzes, browns, harness up and get on deck - /if you can/. You will harness who you can down there and blues, greens, you haul them up and carry them back to the island. It's the most sheltered, but with all that water… no going :between:." A'wrn straightens up, hands on his hips briefly before slipping his goggles down over his eyes and buttoning up his coat. "Got it? Mount up. We're leaving now… and good luck." The wingleader springs up onto his blue's back, and the two barely wait until the last rider is airborne to give the command to go :between:.

A call to action is no simple thing, but something that the riders have trained for. Which is why it doesn't take long at all for assembly to occur, even fully decked out in gear. V'ric's goggles hang around his neck as he jogs through the bowl, Loxiath having landed moments before. The dragon's typical shining melody of sound has given way to the morose tones of night, however, and the low rumbling mimics that of a storm as he drops his head toward his rider. V'ric listens, however, nodding in silence once or twice at the orders given, then proceeds to tug on the brown's straps. It takes him only a moment longer to haul himself into the seat, expression never changing as he straps himself into a harness before Loxiath launches skyward.

Keely is so not feeling it today, but that's not an excuse, is it? The bluerider is looking a little pale as she pulls goggles down over her face once they're sent off, but most likely just attribute it to the jitters of a first rescue. Geimhreath seems rather interested in this venture, which is unlike the blue. While her lifemate is always very dedicated in his duties and ensuring he follows everything to a T, he's never been as interested in… well, helping people out. But he's antsy enough that he just barely waits for Kee to settle herself in before he takes off.

Being a light sleeper or keeping odd hours sometimes has it's advantages and as the call goes out from Nitiduth for Archipelago to report, Ujinath is quick to pass on the message to his already awake rider. Kiena wastes little time in getting into full gear and suiting up her blue in his straps before they too are joining the rest now jogging towards the bowl. Her mouth drawn into a thin line, she asks no questions or makes no witty or sarcastic remark and her brows are knitted together in concentration, thought and perhaps worry as she listens to A'wrn's orders. A brisk nod is given to show she understands and then pulling her goggles over her eyes, she turns to Ujinath to mount up and buckle in. The blue looks rather calm, safe for the twitching of his tail and a rustling of his wings, but if Kiena is confident in this venture and rescue, then so is he. Once all is in order, Ujinath springs up into the air to follow the rest in formation.

Feeling good or not doesn't count when there's a duty to fulfill, as Rou'x discovers when Nitiduth's call is relayed to her through Indianath. She rolls from her bed, adrenaline banishing any grogginess she might have as she dresses in her waterproofs. Indianath crash-lands down in the bowl near to A'wrn, and Rou slips from his back to join the circle of riders around their wingleader, slipping in beside Keely and giving the bluerider a nervous little wrist-squeeze. She listens to the instructions, nodding when needed and then returning to her dragon when told to, while Indy takes to the sky once more, falling into formation to spring through into :between:.

Western Ocean – Somewhere off the Coast
No moon shines through the tumultuous build-up of thunderclouds; no light but the lightning which streaks angrily across the graphite sky to reflect upon the squall-tossed waves of the roiling ocean below. Thunder cracks as loud as the surf that breaks over the stricken fleet that bobs helplessly like so many toys each boat desperately trying to stay afloat as battering wave after wave smashes against hull and frantic sailor alike. Lashing rain is driven with stinging force by the tempestuous wind ensuring conditions are, at the very best, dire for all who dare to brave them.

Conditions over the island are rain-soaked but mild - at least compared to the storm that can be seen in the distance as a ominously dark graphite smudge. Flying into it, the true extent of the storm makes itself known: this is a squall of mammoth proportions, with lashing rain, lightning punctuating the heavy cloud cover that lets through increasingly less light as the conditions become worse. Powerful winds buffet dragonwings as much as they do the waves below, making a wider formation necessary to avoid mid-air collisions. As the wing draws closer to the fleet's location, conditions only become more demanding; but soon enough everyone is in position, with brown- and bronzeriders lowering themselves down onto the ships to start harnessing the sailors to the wind-caught straps lowered by the wing's blue- and greenriders.

Straps would be useless in such situations, really, and V'ric never bothered to buckle in upon takeoff. Fingers will be slipping around on wet buckles quite enough already. Loxiath's lean form makes a pass over the ship, jaw opening in a bugle deafened by thunder. V'ric gathers as much slack as he can for his own harness before taking the dive off of his dragon's back, the descent a wobbly one with the amount of wind. Even Loxiath has a bit of trouble maintaining his position. The brownrider's boots do eventually touch down on the deck, however, letting as much slack from his lead coil down with him. He makes a grab for the nearest sailor then, growling, though his voice raises to cut through the howl of the storm. "We're getting you out of here, gather your people together on the deck!" The man earns himself a shove then to get a move on, as V'ric moves to grab one of the swaying harnesses that have been sent down.

Though thankful for rain gear and goggles, Keely is still struggling to see through the lashing winds. She's pressed tight to Geimhreath's neck as the blue communicates with the other dragons to keep track of location and what's going on. She grunts a bit as an especially strong gust threatens to push the blue pair into a green. When they're in position, the young woman checks her own straps before sitting up against the tirade of wind and water to help manage the straps that are being lowered. "Steady… steeeady," she tells Geim, voice wavering a bit after a moment.

Ujinath appears from between and immediately struggles against the dire conditions that the squall has created and he finds himself now thrust into. It's one thing to train in preparation for this and another to experience it first hand, so it takes some time for the blue to sort himself out, encouraged and reassured by Kiena. She has pressed herself low to Ujinath's neck as well, wiping at her goggles in frustration as wind lashes rain into them and makes clear sight almost impossible. Waiting for another rough gust of wind to pass and for another rider pair to make their move, Kiena has Ujinath move into position, erring on the side of caution. Once settled and the blue holding as steady as he can manage in the air, the bluerider begins to lower another harness down as well, lips pressed in a tight and grim line of concentration.

Indianath hovers over a ship, even his massive bulk being knocked about by the powerful winds. He tries to hold as steady as possible though while Rou'x, buckled into her harness, makes her leap from his neck and down into the waters below; not onto the deck as expected, but into the bitter cold of the roiling ocean to snag a sailor who's been washed overboard. Indianath's call to his wingmates is scented with sandalwood; «Mine calls for a harness! In the water!» And when a rider complies and has a harness within reach, Rou'x buckles the sailor in to send him whirling off to safety. She's then hauled out of the water by her lifemate, settled onto the tilting deck of the nearest ship. Does it matter that she's already soaked, when there are waves crashing over the ship and rain pouring down from overhead? Not one bit! "We're here t' help! Three at a time— /no/!" When one of the sailors rushes forward, she shoves him back sharply, the rocking deck causing him to fall. "Y'gonna listen or we ain't gonna get this done right, y'hear?" There's a harness being lowered to her, which she grabs as she beckons to the first sailor. "C'mere. You, you n' you, now, get y'selves strapped in proper…" She double-checks to make sure they're secure, then has Indianath pass the go ahead to the bluerider above. «Mine says they're good to go!»

V'ric is having /none/ of the pushing and shoving either. The wind and waves rock the ship, but each passenger is secured as swiftly as possible in the three-man harnesses, and given brief instruction to hang on..and not flail around. The message is passed then, from rider to dragon, and then through the air. « Full harness! Rise into the night. » Another harness is snatched then in the dark as it swings by, the process beginning again as Loxiath purrs across the darkness to Geimhreath. «Steady as the rocks and the dead, little brother..»

A'wrn and Nitiduth flit back and forth between their wingmates, watching and assisting where needs be rather than participating full-on. «Ujinath! Take yours to Jasparroth, he requires assistance!» The smaller brown is battling to hold steady while his rider works on deck, trying to control the desperate sailors who are threatening to overwhelm him. Jasparroth sounds almost panicked as he calls to his wingmates, «Harness! Harness needed!» Then a wave washes over the ship that J'ck is assisting, knocking him - and several sailors - into the water. The brown dragon bellows out into the night to challenge the storm, winging upwards to pull his rider from the waves, only lowering him back down once assured that he's fine. With some careful manoeuvring from Jasparroth and some powerful swimming on his own behalf, J'ck gathers the sailors from the waters, waiting for the assistance of his wingmates.

Ujinath's mindvoice reaches out to all, stronger to Nitiduth and Jasparroth. «Understood! We are moving… now!» The blue keeps his reply short, his tone level but distracted only because he is focusing on the storm itself and his wingmate's position both. Timing it when the winds are as favorable as they can be in this mess of a squall, Kiena tightens her hold on the straps as her lifemate goes back out into the fray, buffeted by rains and gusts as Ujinath struggles to wing around to where Jasparroth and his rider J'ck are struggling. When he and the sailors are washed over into the waters, Ujinath voices his own bellow of alarm and Kiena's colorful string of cursing is unheard, words drowned out in the storm. Just as the bluerider considers taking her blue in lower to assist, J'ck and the sailors manage to get onboard again and Ujinath moves into position again, steadying as best he can so that his rider can lower the needed harnesses.

And… there goes the reason Keely was looking pale. Or perhaps it just compounded it? Some poor sailor is gonna get puked on, though he may not notice until later in the day, once on shore. The rider brings herself back to focus once she loses the contents of her stomach. « I have seen unsteady rocks, » is the return crackle of a fire to Loxiath from Geimhreath. Keely's hands, at least, are steady even if her stomach is not. She makes a few adjustments from the back, sliding a buckle here, releasing a bit there, to aid in steadying the harnesses that get knocked around by the wind. Once sailors are in place, Geim faces into the wind to take them to a safe place on shore.

With the last of the seamen on her small ship buckled up and sent off, Rou'x herself is hauled up by Indianath to be deposited unceremoniously alongside V'ric. She loses her footing as the boat lurches and tilts sharply, crashing hard to her knees, but she's quickly back on her feet as another wave washes over the deck. "V'ric!" Stumbling over to her fellow brownrider and wincing at what will undoubtedly become some serious bruising later, Rou'x rests her hand briefly on her wingmate's shoulder before waving for another harness to be lowered down, closer to the ship's bow. "Three here! Y'can split up a bit! An' don' you fuckers rush me, or I'll…" Her balled fist is raised up as she reaches out for another harness to start strapping more folks in. A fork of lightning streaks down just then, barely missing the blue and green hovering overhead awaiting their human cargo. It strikes the ship's deck, sending smouldering splinters flying.

Conditions are no better in the air either, as the rain slashes against the hides of those dragons battling to stay aloft. A creel from Maitayth is whipped away from her when she's caught by a massive gust that knocks near everyone off course, though the serpentine green gets it worse than her wingmates, her creeling quickly turning to a mournful sound of pain as her wing becomes strained. She dips rapidly towards the waves, though is captured quickly by bronze Chaeth, who hauls her up and, on the order of the wingleader, assists her to land.

V'ric sends up his next batch of sailors, wiping water away from his goggles when Rou'x lands down….and down further. He brings a hand up somewhat to help keep the other brownrider steady though once she's finally standing. "Calm yourself down first, Rou'x." He growls then, before the sky and deck light up with the lightning that comes barrelling down. His own movement is quick in response, grabbing the female brownrider to shield her a bit from flying debris. "Shit.." He doesn't stay in that position for long though, quickly righting himself to rush more sailors into the harnesses. "We need to hurry!"

« Mine is worried, » Geimhreath projects to Indianath, his fire a low smoulder in the wake of his focus on the task at hand. « Is yours well? » Though the lightning came as a startlement and Keely is concerned, she's able to remain focused… likely burying it all in the link with her lifemate. The blue has to swerve a bit to avoid Maitayth as she's knocked off course and the harnesses with soggy sailors nearly dip into the waves. It's with a grunt of frustration from the rider and a low growl from Geimhreath that they get back on course to fully deposit their rescuees on the shore before winging back out to the sinking ships.

Hurry indeed, as the lightning has ignited the cargo below decks, and despite all of the water and the wind, the orange flicker of flames can be seen through the gaping hole that the strike left behind. The smoke is whipped away by the storm but snatches of its acrid scent still make their way to those still on board, causing further panic as the men become frantic to be rescued and start to rush at the riders trying to help them. Similar situations arise on the fleet's other ships, though they're blessedly free of fire: one has capsized however, causing the rescuers to shift their focus to plucking sailors from the cargo-strewn, storm-tossed water.

Ujinath's head turns just as the lightning strikes nearby, the blue creeling in surprise and alarm again and for a moment he wavers from his position until Kiena can force him back on task. Gritting her teeth, she strains to keep the harness lines steady and not begin to sway to wildly from her lifemate's abrupt movements. Maitayth's struggles earn a passing glance and notice, the concern for them genuine but set aside as they focus solely on getting the sailors now harnessed into the air. As Ujinath sweeps his wings in powerful strokes to gain the height he needs, it's then that the orange flicker of flames is seen. «Fire in the cargo holds!» The blue sends out, even though the panic now on board is indication enough. With his harnesses full though, Ujinath has to fly back towards the island so that the sailors can be safely set back to land. They hurry as fast as the conditions will allow and the moment they're clear, Kiena has them flying back and ready for the next orders.

"Fire!" The call goes out amongst those men left about the largest ship of the fleet, and Rou'x's attention snaps to the hole that's lit up from within, while her lifemate echoes Ujinath's announcement, before answering Geimhreath. «Fire! Fire! Mine is… tiring. She requests your assistance!» Indianath is then buffeted by the wind, knocked out of his hovering position to drag his rider along the deck where she barrels into the crew. "Indy!" Back and stable once more - for the moment, at least. She's half-washed towards V'ric as a wave sweeps over them all, planting herself as steadily as she can by his side, and helping more sailors into their harnesses, before having Indy relay the go-ahead to lift them.

A'wrn sees the fire once his attention's called to it by Ujinath, and his blue lets out a challenging bellow. «Well spotted, Ujinath! Mine says to be aware of the fire spreading! Evacuate more quickly!» Moments pass with silence from the wingleader's lifemate, before he suddenly changes his orders. «Ujinath! Geimhreath! Sulyth! Yours will assist on deck!»

V'ric doesn't have a steady time of it either, though thankfully Loxiath's own shifting is minimal, and the tugs on his harness are nothing large enough to knock him off his feet. He growls though as the ship lurches, roughly shoving another person into a a harness. "You alright?" His voice raises to carry at Rou'x, though he doesn't look for her. The last few of the sailors, rowdy as they are to get harnessed and out of harms way, need more of his attention.

On deck? Geimhreath relays both Indianath's request and the wingleader's. Keely grits her teeth a bit before re-doing her straps. Instead of being lashed to Geim /and/ the harness, she's soon only attached to the harness. "Alright, we can do this. Stay focused… he'll notice, I promise." Some nudging to make sure her lifemate keeps on task? Probably. The blue angles lower towards the deck and as he nears, Keely slides down his foreleg to land… well, she tried to land in a crouch, but it becomes a stumble pulled short of sending her over the side by the harness. "AHH-ah-ha… haha." what starts as a yelp turns into nervous laughter as the brunette tries to find her footing.

Ujinath begins to swoop down through the winds and rain into position again for more evacuation, Kiena already readying another harness when A'wrn's orders change. Stifling her confusion and apprehension on going on deck, the bluerider guides her lifemate away as she shifts in her straps, head craning to get as clear a few as she can of the situation below. If she has to go down, she's not going blind — not completely anyways. With little space clear enough for a safe or steady landing, Ujinath winds up settling down near Geimhreath, though he's well enough away not to not be in his clutchsiblings path. It takes the blue longer to find stable purchase though, precious seconds lost before Kiena tightens her harness again and then dismounts, only to struggle then to find balance and footing as well. But she's stubborn and determined and thankfully in all this mess few will notice how pale she's become. Stepping closer to Keely, she reaches out with a hand to support her fellow bluerider if she still needs it. "Easy there!" Kiena pitches her voice as best she can over the crash of waves and the winds.

"Good… good," Rou'x replies to V'ric, yelling over the sound of the storm. Thunder crashes overhead as loud as the waves battering the ship, and Rou'x sends another trio of sailors up on a waiting blue. "Kee!" The brownrider reaches out to her wingmate, friend, lover, curling fingers around the girl's upper arm to tug her back to her feet. "Y'alright? Geimhreath good?" A single stroke of her hand across the teen's cheek is all the affection Keely will get though, before Rou'x returns her focus to the job at hand. "Kiena!" Rou'x's knocked towards her clutchsibling, boots slipping across the slick deck as she helps to buckle more folk in. She wastes no time in sending further sailors towards the bluerider.

The number of wingriders in the sky decreases gradually, as blues, greens, and the smaller browns and bronzes tire, succumb to injuries, or assist their injured wingmates to shore. Most of the ships by now are empty, tossed helplessly by the roiling waves, while the efforts are focused on rescuing those remaining on the final two ships. As the fire on the largest of the two continues to grow though, A'wrn can't help but worry; what if it reaches the ship's fuel tanks before it's doused by the storm? «Finish the exacuation /now/!» Nitiduth's command is sharp as the fire makes its way up onto the deck, outliving even the pounding rain and filling the air with choking smoke and steam. «All wingriders to switch to water evacuation of sailors! Send the remaining overboard, rescue them from the water!»

V'ric is all too happy to grab one of the remaining men by the collar, chucking him overboard. It's easy enough to do with the unsuspecting. Thankfully, there are few left needing such treatment. Still, he makes sure his own line's slack is free before diving in himself. It may be a bit harder to maintain control in the water, but a grabbing hand latches onto a harness to grab a cluster of waterlogged men together. « Up! Up! » Eventually, and after much swallowed water, Loxiath lifts Vel out of the water quite a ways, giving the man the opportunity to begin climbing back up.

Keely isn't harmed. Bruised a bit, perhaps, but not harmed. She blinks through her goggles, finally seeing Rou'x's face come into view through the rain and fogged lenses. "I'm good. Geim's good." She keeps her words clipped, not wanting to risk a full conversation in the weather and chaos. Knees bend a bit to make her more fluid in her movements and able to keep steady. As sailors are herded towards her, she gets them clipped into harnesses of their own to send them off with a waiting dragon to shore. The call comes to move to the water and Kee looks rather warily at the churning ocean. She waits to be sure there's a dragon in the air with waiting harnesses before ushering people overboard… and following herself. Sputtering water, she's soon helping sailors get secured to harnesses to be carried away. She doesn't immediately climb back to her lifemate, but spends a moment looking around to ensure no others need to be rescued from the waves.

Kiena grunts a bit as Rou'x is knocked towards her, the bluerider bracing herself though she's thrown off balance all the same as her boots slide on the slick deck. She doesn't get a chance to ask if her clutchsibling is okay before A'wrn is ordering them sharply to evacuate now. With most of the sailors being ferried to other wingriders, the bluerider goes after the stragglers, urging them into hurrying and assisting those she can, either into the last of the waiting harnesses if they need it and sending the rest into the waters. Ujinath takes wing again, blown a little off course as another gust catches him unprepared and having him warble in concern until he spots Kiena where she lingers only to be sure she has not overlooked anyone before diving into the churning waters. Now the real hard part begins, getting folk into the harness in an angry sea while trying to stay afloat yourself and it certainly pushes the bluerider to her limits. By the time she's gripping Ujinath's straps and hauling herself back up into place, Kiena's beginning to feel the first signs of tiring, but she shoves it aside and focuses on the situation at hand.

Rou'x has never been the strongest of swimmers, but she's given confidence by the fact that she's attached to Indianath. It takes plenty of persuading to get the remaining sailors to jump overboard though, and she's not at all adverse to borrowing V'ric's technique of simply grabbing and /forcing/ them off. Several are given hard shoves as she thinks they take too long to make up their minds, before she, too, makes a graceless plunge down into the water. She bobs up to the surface, gasps for air and nearly chokes on the spray that hits the back of her throat, before she swims towards the first sailor she can see to wrap her arm around him in a rescue hold, dragging him along to the nearest harness. Tired, cold, and fuelled by adrenaline, Rou'x straps him in and goes for the next one, aided by Indianath and his dragon'seye view of the scenario.

Even Nitiduth is beginning to tire, though he's trying his best to stay aloft as long as it takes. A'wrn, however, knows when to call it so as not to injure his lifemate. «We go to shore! Gather the remaining evacuees and follow!» With those orders given, the blueriding pair do one final sweep of the area, pointing out the locations of a few sailors who've been washed further away by the tide before winging their way to the island refuge.

Straining, V'ric finally manages the climb back up onto Loxiath, settling into the seat with a rush of breath. He frowns though a moment later, and Loxiath dives, precariously remaining above the waves as his rider shrugs out of his harness. He throws it down then for a man below him, helping to haul the straggler the short distance up onto the dragon. "Hold on!" The brown rises again, barely missing being sideswiped by a wave. Wings beat in the rain, as Loxiath then turns them back toward shore finally.

Even being a strong swimmer, Keely is beginning to flag like the others. As she climbs aboard Geimhreath, helping a sailor up as well, her hand slips. It's only thanks to the sailor's own grip that they don't both fall back to the waters. She coughs every so often, throat gone dry from the salt of the ocean and made worse by the biting winds. Once rider and soaked sailor are aboard, Geimhreath wings towards the island.

Ujinath, guided by Kiena and a few other wingriders, swings around to pick up one of the sailors washed away by the tide. Lingering only long enough to see them safely into the harness, the blueriding pair then turn back towards the island and make their way slowly towards it. Kiena has hunched herself into the straps, leaning low on Ujinath's neck and craning her head to glance down to be sure those in the harnesses below are stable. But they are tiring, despite the stubborness both from dragon and rider.

Two. Three… four? Four. Rou'x can make room for four, the final sailor she comes across. The brownrider swims towards him, using a combination of her own harness and the rigging for the other three to strap the fourth man into place. «I see no more!» Indianath declares once Rou'x starts the climb back up onto his back, buckling into the straps there. «We go now to the island!» Battling against the wind, the huge brown turns and heads towards the land, towing his cargo below him.

Something in the burning ship catches on fire with a huge bang, blistering the paintwork on the hull with the heat and force of the explosion. The ship creaks and groans, listing increasingly to port as water rushes in and fills its cargo bay. As the last of the dragons prepare to depart the boat goes bottoms-up, bow dipping down into the water as she starts the long journey to the bottom of the ocean, to join two of her fleet sisters.

Western Archipelago - Wide Shore
From this wide stony beach the storm is clearly visible though luckily this island is relatively sheltered. Still the squall's force is making itself known - rain pours thunder rolls and lightning flashes while the wind whips its way through the trees and causes the waves to break in foamy anger onto the glistening pebble beach. There's shelter of a sort to be had in amongst the trees though those with dragonkind will have no option but to manoeuvre on the shore.

On the pebbled shore the dragons from Archipelago lie resting, most with their riders. Weyrfolk are helping to tend those injured in the rescue, while the froth-crested waves continue to crash, whipper on by the wind, against the land. The rain here has at least stopped, though there's still no extra light other than what little manages to seep through the clouds above, and whatever sources the Westeners have brought with them.

Resting is, in fact..what V'ric is doing. Still completely soaked through, he's peeled out of half of his uniform. Wet clothing simply lays where he's thrown it, and for the time being he's making a trip around Loxiath, checking the dragon for damage. Though the brownrider hasn't come away completely unscathed either. Exploding debris showering across the deck have left him cut up in places, but nothing in terrible need of tending before Loxiath, at any rate. "You did wonderfully, don't worry."

Keely is still in her own wet gear, though the goggles have been pulled down to dangle at her collarbone like a strange piece of jewelry. Hair is at odd-angles, sticking this way and that from the salt and wind. Once the straps are off Geimhreath, she tugs her gloves off to begin checking over the blue's body and wings, ensuring no damage other than some likely strained muscles.

Indianath backwings tiredly, landing with a graceless thump that has his tail splashing down into the water. Not that he seems to mind; he's more concerned with Rou'x, who suddenly seems to be aware of an injury she's sustained. Without the adrenaline of the rescue to bouy her, the brownrider's suddenly very aware of how tired, aching and sore she is as she starts to dismount. With an uncharacteristic little whimper she looks down at her thigh, and to the long gash she hadn't even realised was there. It's bleeding pretty freely and clearly has been for a while, and either the shock or the hurt causes her leg to buckle under her when she finally hits the ground. Her dragon croons worriedly, pressing his muzzle into her hands to help her to her unsteady feet. «Mine requires a Healer!»

Ujinath arrives with more rescued sailors and likely some of the last and he angles downwards towards the pebbled shore. Swivelling his wings, he hovers while he's relieved of them and then uses the last of his strength to select a spot on the shoreline to rest. The moment he lands, he gives a low and exhausted sounding creel, breathing heavily as he folds his tired wings tightly to his sides. Kiena unbuckles herself, though her fingers fumble the buckles several times before she can free them. Her legs almost give out the moment she touches ground and she has to lean heavily against Ujinath's side, eyes closed as she steadies herself and then takes a slow, deep breath, gathering some reserved strength to tend to her lifemate. Satisfied that he has taken no harm and is only at his limit for endurance and strength, Kiena sinks to the ground and with her back against Ujinath's shoulder this time, begins to examine herself for any nicks or scratches, bruised for certain at least. At Indianth's call though, her head darts up, blue eyes seeking out the brownriding pair and even Ujinath gives a low and worried rumble.

Zi'on is still ordering people around, and packing up people to be transported back to the weyr so they're not stuck on the island. They've at least managed to get a few fires going, so it's easy to spot the island, and the tents and the dragons help shelter everyone from any leftover rain and wind. At the cue from Indy though, Zi'on takes up one of the stretchers with one of the other wingriders and runs out to the beach. "Somebody help Kiena into the tents!" They wrap a rudimentary bandage around the brownrider's thigh, then get her laying on the cot so they can transport her into the tent for those needing medical attention. "Got a rider over here that needs stitches!" Then he looks down at the brownrider. "Sorry, Rou. But I gotta get your pants off. I wish it were for something more fun than stitches." He says as he starts slowly working off her pants.

Elsia is still with the dragon healer, unwinding bandages as she sets a twisted wing. She turns to respond to Rou'x, or rather, Indianath's call for help. She's pretty quick to get a cot over. "Help me get her onto it?" she asks Zi'on, who's beat her there. "I can do the stitching."

V'ric looks from around Loxiath, brows furrowing together just a bit. The dragon rumbles lowly, and the rider does start to move…although he halts right after as Zi'on is there. And removing pants. He huffs out a breath then, tromping across the sand toward the tents when she's brought there. "You need a chaperone…" It's muttered softly down at Zi's head, even as he moves around -eyeing Elsia just a little- before he manages to get a look at Rou'x, looking over his fellow brownrider calmly enough. "Idiot."

Geimhreath doesn't relay Indianath's request. It just isn't important for him- there are healers present and neither he nor Keely are suited to it. So it's not until there are people racing with a stretcher to the brownrider that she's made aware. She starts to run, but the sand is slowing her enough that the effort is too much. Never mind the crowd around Rou'x. "Is everything okay?" she calls, eyes on V'ric primarily, "what happened?"

"I can get to the tents myself," Kiena grumbles, waving off anyone who approaches her. "Get moving! I ain't injured, I just gotta catch my breath. Go tend those who need it." Like Rou'x and the bluerider casts another worried glance towards her and then to Indianath as well. Seeing that she's in capable hands now though, Kiena focuses instead on getting to her feet. Ujinath turns his head to nuzzle his rider gently and the teen pauses long enough to console him before moving off, slowly and with her steps dragging and heavy as she weaves her way towards the tents. There she'll settle to rest again, but it won't take long before she's recovered enough and back to work, helping where she can and her skills are best used.

Rou'x doesn't seem all too pleased to be hauled onto a stretcher, and Indianath rumbles worriedly as he follows where she's being carted to. She grits her teeth at Zi's attempted joke, forcing a smile to try and ease the hurt. "Y'gonna get them off me easier next time, yeah?" She's only half co-operating though as she sits up to look over his shoulder at her lifemate, then beyond to where the others are. "Where's Kee? Kiena? V'r—- oh, there you are." A lopsided, tired smile is her response to the brownrider's comment, followed by a snort. "Y'callin' me that, or the Weyrleader?" When a Healer starts swabbing her up she hisses, wrinkling her nose. "Y'alright, Kee? 'S'everyone alright? How many'd we get?"

Elsia maybe misunderstands V'ric's look. "My mother was a Healer. I practically learned how to stitch wounds from the cradle." Her handiwork is everywhere. "Everyone's accounting for, right?" she asks in general, focusing on cleaning and numbing the area before she threads a curved surgical needle. "Sorry, Rou'x," she apologizes as she hands the needle to the healer and then applies pressure to hold the wound shut.

V'ric does not count as /crowd/. He is a /pillar/. A shirtless, scarred, and somewhat cut up pillar. He stands with his arms folded over his chest though, shrugging mildly. "Both fit the description, I suppose." Keely's approach earns his attention then, one hand lifting to settle on her shoulder lightly. "Plenty of debris flying out there, she took a worse hit of it than I ended up with." And while the brownrider might still be bleeding in places, the wounds that he has are superficial. Fingers give a squeeze then, moving so that he can trade places with the bluerider and allow her closer. His look slides to Elsia again then, brows lifting just a little. "I didn't say anything. I would assume you knew something of it, since you volunteered. The alternative.." The brownrider quietly shrugs.

A'wrn, having rested briefly, has been gathering information from the sailors being treated on shore. Clipboard in hand he comes to where the crowd is gathered - mainly because that's where the Weyrleader is, but also to check up on his wingmates, just in time to hear Rou'x's question. "Captain of the Sundance claims they left Ista with 112 across all seven ships. Our tally here was 109 on the first count, but they're doing the rounds to check again. B'rox and E'wrd have gone back out to do further sweeps to see if there's any we've missed." He flips a paper on his chart, frowning at the second page. "Three dragons injured; Maitayth, Sulyth and Nreth, wingsprains mostly, though Nreth pulled a muscle in landing badly, possibly fractured a toe. Five injured riders; one dislocated shoulder, one fractured wrist, two concussions and one thigh wound," he writes the last one as he says it. "Several with rope burn, though. Anyone else got anything to add?"

Careful V'ric! Keely's legs feel heavy enough that when he offers a hand to the shoulder, she starts to slump into it. As she wasn't on the ships as long as V'ric and Rou'x, her damage is much more in the bruised and strained category. The young woman's pale eyes take in the brownrider, eyes widening a bit as she gets to the gash. "Oh… is she going to be okay? I… I think I remember something about salt water being good for some wounds. Something about cleaning them? Is that the case here?" She glances to their wingleader and gives a small shake of the head. "I don't think so, sir… Just a lot of bruises and worn out dragons."

There's a needle. Sticking into her thigh. And no /numbweed/… or so she thinks, anyway. Rou'x tries her best to put on a brave face, but it's more a comical grimace as she sets her jaw and clamps down on her bottom lip, eyes scrunched shut. "Ow y'bugger Elsi but that hurts like a fuckin' bitch, y'know?! The fuck y'doin' that for?" She reaches out to grab at Vel's wrist, squeeeeezing it hard to give her some sort of outlet. "You not getting' pincushioned, V'ric? Y'gotta good bitta blood there, right on y' sexy chest…" She laughs, a forced, nervous, pained laugh, before reaching out for Keely, too. "Salt water stings less'n what Elsi's doin'!" Poor Elsia. She receives /such/ a glare!

"I know it hurts," says Elsia sympathetically, hands firm and steady while the healer works. "But you have to hold the skin together right, or it will heal all puckered and gnarly." Which is, obviously, undesirable. She glances at V'ric and says with her best evil healer face, "You're next, pumpkin."

"Not unless you want to count nicks and cuts." V'ric has plenty of those. There's a faint sigh though when Keely starts slumping, bracing himself to indeed act as a support column for tired people. He blinks however when his wrist is grabbed, looking down at Rou'x with the same deadpan face as before. "I didn't go and try to have my leg sheered off like you did. Unlike you, I don't need a healer." To which of course, a prompt and dark look is given to Elsia.

Keely wobbles when Rou'x grabs for her. The girl is weary and likely suffering from a sugar crash. She did lose the entire contents of her stomach on one poor sailor's head. The bluerider blinks a few times at the brownriders, then Elsia. "So she'll be alright?" V'ric is freed from support duty as the brunette sinks to her knees next to the injured brownrider, moving to clasp her hand. See! She's being all supportive.

Indianath sticks his big nose into the tent, crooning softly. Rou'x grumbles something under her breath, fidgeting as she squeezes V'ric's wrist more. "Y'could get some stuff put on them cuts though, yeah?" Out her hand goes to ruffle Keely's wet hair, grinning at the bluerider. "I'm /fine/, Kee, 's'only a cut. Ain't gonna kill me, right, Elsi?" Because it's only a cut! She frowns at the Healer, then at Indianath and his big head, then rolls her eyes and lies back down. "I'm bloody knackered. Mebbe might wanna throw up, too."

A'wrn steps away with Zi'on, discussing something in the corner of the tent. When they leave, there are new orders being passed around by anyone and everyone: all wet or injured people are to stay the night on the island, while anyone dry and with the ability to go :between: can start to carry the dry sailors back to the island. In the meantime, more supplies are arriving; food, lamps, blankets, dry clothes, and someone's got a bonfire blazing away on the beach, around which sodden seamen and riders alike are huddled in blankets, sipping soup or hot beverages.

"I put stuff on the cuts," she reassures Rou'x placidly. And then Elsia reassures Keely too by echoing the brownrider, "She'll be just fine. She just needs to rest, she's lost a bit of blood, but she will be feeling just fine in a day or two." The healer finishes up with a few neat knots and cuts the extra thread. She slaps a bandage over the stitches and nods her head in satisfaction.

"I'll get it taken care of." Probably not, but V'ric can say what he likes! Still, he works his wrist free from Rou'x's grip, finally making his way out of the tent a moment or two later..even if he has to nudge his way out past Indianath. He returns to sit with Loxiath near one of the fires since his clothes are still wet, slowly warming back up again.

"Well, I just…" Keely turns a bit red, feeling flustered over the concern she's shown. And so publicly to boot. "Least, uh… the harnesses all held." She glances over her shoulder as V'ric departs, expression wavering a bit. "I hope someone makes sure he's alright."

T'vas was doing the rounds, Jraireth having remained with Maitayth while the assistant weyrlingmaster checked in on folks and dragons alike. There wasn't much else the man could do, just make sure all the dragons he might or might not have had a hand in training as youngsters were taken care of, and at last, he returns to Jraireth's side, clutching a mug of hot klah between his hands to warm them. There's a soothing warble from the bronze, the brazen-hued dragon shuffling his wings a little. "So tired," he mutters, tilting his head to look up at the bronze, and then glancing towards Maitayth. "Will be glad when we can all go back."

"Y'got any spare pants? Anyone? Ain't gonna do t'hobble around in nowt but m'undies now, is it?" Nice as those underpants may be (or not, really, since Rou'x has no desire for fancy knickers), the brownrider would much rather be fully dressed. She pushes herself up, then groans as dizziness washes over her. "I reckon," she murmurs, rubbing the heel of her hand against her forehead, "that Vel'll be alright. Kinda fancy joinin' him out there by the fire, since it's bloody freezin' in here…" Which it isn't really, but exhaustion and bloodloss is paying it's toll. "Y'both wanna come on out n' sit wi'me?"

"I think I saw some riders delivering supplies. Maybe some clean pants came in. You might ask around. I'm going to go check on people out there, so take it easy, okay?" She smiles and gives both girls a pat on the shoulder and lets them be, going to wash her hands up in the water. She avoids the bonfire, even though it's getting chilly now that her adreneline isn't going. She finds T'vas, arms wrapped around herself. "Hey." Such magnificent words of wisdom and greeting!

Since it's just her leg and not anything above the waist, Keely dives in for a tight hug around Rou'x's shoulders once things are wrapped up with the suturing. "Oh Rou'x, I'm so sorry I didn't get over here quicker… Geim didn't tell me 'cause he didn't think I could do anything to help." Which is true, but all the same… "Let's… let's go get you some food. I'd offer my pants, but I don't think they'd fit." Being of a fairly form-fitting nature.

Jraireth rumbles softly again, the bronze dropping his head to nose in weary understanding at Tae's shoulder before he jerks his head up, gaze settling across Elsia. "Jrair—" there's a pause, T'vas breaking off his comment mid-sentence as the baker speaks to him. "El-seee," T'vas drawls out the woman's name. Well, part of it anyway. "Hey yourself," Words of magnificence and wisdom and greeting be hanged, everyone's worn to the bone. "Are you shivering? Are you cold?" Is the man blind, or just acting entirely too concerned. "Here," he's shucking off his oilskin slicker, tugging at his flight jacket beneath it. "Put this on, you'll freeze, and where would we all be without klah candy?" The jacket's offered towards her, solemnly-like.

Rou'x's under no illusions that Keely's pants might have even the slightest chance of fitting, considering the huge difference between two riders' lower half measurements. "Hey, y'alright, KeeKee, s'ok." She runs her hand over the bluerider's hair, then down to cup her chin affectionately. "A blanket'll have t'do for now. Ain't like I'm shy nor nothin', o'course." Winking, she slowly slides her legs over the edge of the table, lowering herself shakily, and slowly, down to touch down first with her uninjured side. The numbweed might have relieved whatever pain she had, but Rou'x still leans against the cot before moving any further. "You got enough left in ya t'gimme a hand, doll?"

Elsia startles when the bronze's head jerks up, eyes wide and about to take a step back. "I'm sorry," she apologizes. "I didn't mean to surprise you, Jraireth." A wan smile is given to the rider though, and it's a testament to how tired, or cold, she might be that she takes the jacket without protest and curls into it. "The world existed before klah candy, I'm sure somebody else will come along to make it after me. I'm just glad we didn't lose any riders or dragons tonight."

"I'll make sure to find you a blanket," Keely assures, stepping back as Rou'x finds her feet again. She may collapse from exhaustion later, but for now she slides in to put an arm around the brownrider's midsection. "I'll give ya as much as you need," she says, summoning up a bit of a smile.

"He's tired," T'vas offers the explanation for Elsia. "Just like everyone else, although he hasn't got the excuse of having been out there pulling people off the ships." the bronzerider gives a wan smile, strained perhaps by the weary toil of the night. Jraireth croons wearily, and Tae glances over at the dragon. "He accepts your apology though." Watching her put the jacket on, he nods in satisfaction. It's plenty warm, meant for the cold of between. "I'm very glad of that too," he says, moving a bit closer, his dragon hunkering down close to the ground, wings furled tightly against his sides. "You want to go sit by the fire or something? Or over here by Jraireth. You look tired, and ought to get off your feet." Solicitous fellow, aint he?

Elsia says as much: "You needn't be so… well, you don't need to cater to me. It won't be the first long night I've had, or the last." She looks briefly back at the fire and shakes her head. "Don't let me keep you, if you want to go over there. I'm…not much for large crowds and comraderie." She looks up at the sky. "Wish I could see the stars, though. I always feel a little more grounded seeing them still up there."

Leaning on Keely with her arm wrapped around the bluerider's waist, Rou'x steers them first to find some of that broth that's been brewing, and then to get klah, spiked, blissfully, with whisky that someone's thoughtfully brought along. Then, they hobble on over to the fire, settling in amongst everyone else while Rou'x flicks the end of her blanket around Keely's shoulders. All, it would seem, has been mended between them, as she rests her head on the younger rider's shoulder. "Y'did great, KeeKee. I were watchin' ya. You n' Geim did awesome." A quick look is given over her shoulder to Elsia and T'vas, then to her lifemate, then she sighs softly, tiredly. "Y'gonna stay here tonight wi' me? Gonna hafta fly back straight t'morrow."

The warmth both inside and out is making Keely sleepy. Her head tips, once they're settled, to rest against Rou'x's in turn. Like as not, they're supporting each other. Her hands are wrapped around her mug, savoring the warmth there as well. "We tried… I kept Geim focused by remindin' him that any good effort would likely be noticed by the Wingleader and others." She wiggles in closer to the brownrider. "I was plannin' on staying… He," meaning her lifemate, "is in no shape to fly tonight. He's not hurt, but he needs the rest. His wings are a bit strained."

"Just watching out for you," Tae comments to Elsia. "Maybe I'm trying to butter you up so you'll make more of those klah candies." he does grin, a little less weary now. "But if I'm hovering over you too much, you just need to say the word, and I'll back off." Really, he will. "I just need to sit down before my feet start screaming at me." There's a quick shake of his head. "And I'd rather not go mingle with anyone right now." He makes a waving motion at Jraireth, and the bronze settles, forearms crossed to make a nice little seat in front of him. "If you want to sit, he won't roll over and squish you or anything," Tae offers to Elsia, settling down on the bronze's arms, and leaning back against the dragon's chest. He's left plenty of room. "I'd like to see stars too," he comments, eyes closed wearily. "Ever been up to the Yokohama?"

More proof of how tired Elsia is, she settles next to him with a half-lidded smile. "Never thought for a moment he would." She even leans on him a little, all sleepy and perhaps more shaken than she really wants to admit. "Klah candies, huh? My mother warned me about boys like you." If she's still got the good humor to tease him, she's going to be just fine. "The yokohama?" She shakes her head, and all of the curls that have escaped their ribbon during this whole adventure end up in her face. "I can count on one hand the number of times I've ridden a dragon anywhere."

Rou'x snuggles in close to Keely once she's set down her empty mug and soup bowl, curling her arms around the bluerider and nestling them together for warmth, support, and comfort. "Stay wi' me," she says softly, lifting her head to gently kiss her wingmate's cheek. "I missed ya, Kee. An' I'm sorry f' flyin' out t'other day." They're very quiet words, but spoken truthfully, at least, as Rou'x sighs once more. "I don't wanna letcha go now, alright?"

"It's okay," Keely says in a distant tone. One that says volumes more than the words. Things like 'It doesn't matter anymore' and perhaps something about relief. She kisses Rou'x's forehead and settles in against the brownrider comfortably, "I ain't gonna leave and… I don't want you to let me go." The last is spoken very quietly, as she sets her own emptied mug aside and lifts a hand to rub at Rou'x's shoulder gently.

"Then we ain't going nowhere," Rou'x murmurs, half-asleep already. It's been a long day, and the physical exertion, plus the blood loss from her wound, on top of the tiredness she's already been feeling of late has drained every last drop of energy from her. Still sitting, still holding Keely, her eyes close and she drifts off to sleep. Nearby, Indianath lets down his vigilant posture once he's assured that his Rou'x is asleep and comfortable, so that he, too, can relax and recouperate.

T'vas has a pretty girl all leaning in against him. Such a lucky bronzer he is. Why, he'll even snug an arm around her shoulder, supporting her as he rests against Jraireth's chest, the bronze crooking his neck to regard the tired humans with draconic amusement. "He'll take good care of us," the bronzerider's voice sounds rather tired, muffled some. "Klah candies," he agrees. "Don't listen to your ma. Aint nothing to be warned about anyhow." Right, just keep thinking that, m'lad. "Yoko. Up there. Skies. Can see lotsa stars." There's a muffled yawn from him. "Take you someday if you want. Right now, sleep." He'll do the same thing. Resting, it's good for the body and soul. Especially after a long and frightful night of storm and bad stuff.

There's a lucky bluerider over here! Keely has a pretty girl snuggled up to her and despite how weary she is, she's got a bit of a smile on her face. Geimhreath has long since dozed off and it's not long before his rider is doing the same. Fortunately, she and Rou'x are propped up enough on one another that they don't topple over.

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