Pier Pressure

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Lagoon

A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Given the weyr's tropical climate, riders and dragons can be seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting nearly turn-round. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl.

"I seem to be attracting a lot of those." Tani notes, with a dark laugh, "Friends I mean. Never used to have all that many back home, now I seem to have an overabundance. From famine to feast." She smirks.

Aedeluth would be seen before S'van. Long before him, actually. The young bronze wheels overhead, spiraling high into the air as if he were seeking the sun itself, only to tuck his wings and drop like a stone towards the water. Down, down, down, faster and faster until a flash of sun glints off of bronze sails as his wings snap out to catch the current, saving him from a crash into the water. Twists and turns and aerial acrobatics that would likely make the weyrlingmasters wince are offered in spades, though he minds his manners and stays far enough from the beach and the pier to avoid disaster and unnecessary buffeting. Eventually, the weyrling attached to the aerial-artist can be seen, and perhaps it is Aedeluth who told him where to go, for his steps are sure and purposeful as he heads out onto the pier toward Tanit and Kalen. "Hey."

Kalen chuckles at Tanit as he sits there with her on the dock, "Doesn't sound like a bad thing at all, friends are good for setting you straight or being there when the seas are rough". And then there is the bronze sky dancer, as the young bronze dragon wheels and rolls in the air Kalen has a very short moment of awestruck before he is brought out of it by the approach of the tall Weyrling. The Journeyman dolphineer will nod in a return greeting to the tall man giving him a friendly smile.

"That wasn't even a little bit egocentric." Tanit notes of the aerial escapade with a grin, as she spots the bronze weyrling, she grins at Kalen. "I'm not sure if you two have met officially or not. S'van of bronze Aedeluth, this is Journeyman Kalen, and don't tell the masters but he's the one you can thank for me not getting shipped off to Monaco."

Aerial acrobatics continue, though the bronze dragon appears oblivious to the audience. S'van is more or less ignoring him, save for a brief glance for Tanit's words. "He enjoys it," is his answer, the corner of his mouth lifting in an amused sort of smirk. "He flies much better than he walks, and after almost a Turn of being made to feel like he can't keep up?" shrug. "Let him play." As if anyone could stop the beast. A nod of his head for Kalen, a quick, "That's me," for the introduction Tanit makes for him, though the look he bestows upon the journeyman is rather intent for a moment there. "Hm." And then a shrug, and he drops down to join them at sitting on the pier. "Well. Thanks for that, then. Monaco's a rather long walk."

Kalen glances at Tanit and smirks before smiling at S'van "A pleasure to finally meet the friend who is more the brother she was always talking about." At the talk of not getting transferred he just looks at the water and will say "I have no idea what you are talking about, that dragon rider just happened to be found drunk in his room a few days after the new paperwork came though" He will shrug "nothing but happenstance really, besides I like to believe things come back around to people that deserve them"

A peal of full throaty laughter erupts sometime after the word brother, Sea-green eyes flashing. "Swim actually." Tanit notes grinning. "Of course you don't Kalen. Just like I didn't put Merc up to helping those apprentices find the dive boxes."

"That, too," for the long swim to Monaco, though the weyrling's amusement on the subject has faded just a touch with the words from Kalen, eyes narrowing a fraction as he studies the journeyman in further detail. There is a very 'I don't believe a word coming out of your mouth' look on his face, and that smirk of amusement has vanished, lips pressed into a thin line. At least he keeps his comments to himself and, after a glance at Tanit, S'van simply leans back onto his hands, letting his legs hang over the dock in a casual manner that belies the bit of tension in his shoulders.

Kalen laughs at Tanit and says "Of course you don't, I will just remember to mark down 'to much free time' on your evaluation later" he teases his apprentice. With a look back at the tall weyrling "How are you on this fine day?" If the dower man's mood is picked up on the Journeyman Dolphineer doesn't seem to be to bothered by it.

Tanit shoulder bumps Sev, sensing the tension. "No, you will tell the truth in my evaluation." Tanit notes with a laugh.

More suspicious than dour, though S'van isn't one to linger on negative emotions. Maybe it helps that he is now watching his dragon, and not the pair on the pier. "As well as can be expected," is his answer for how he is doing. The shoulder bump earns a bit of a grin and a flash of grey eyes for the pearldriver. "It's been monotonous lately; a lot of visualization training in preparation for going Between." He does a fair job of saying that with a neutral tone and straight face, though there's just a little tightness around his eyes. "Were you here for the squid incident?" he wonders of Kalen. "Though I can't imagine the dolphins enjoyed that situation in the least."

Kalen shakes his head "no I wasn't here I was out with the rest of the pod in there little cove where we stashed them. Mostly they rotate me to the hall and around lately till my Master gets his health back." When Tanit says he will tell the truth he shrugs saying "I just write what is there, if you were slacking off like some of the other ones then I would put it in there." Looking back at the bronzer he raises an eyebrow questioningly asking "You excited about that? Or has it lost its appeal? I ask because I have no frame of reference for it."

Tanit gets to her feet still sensing the tension with dark amusement. That she bodily shoves both men, aiming for the water is probably just a mark of her strange mood today, or the result of the player not being able to type coherent poses any longer and needing a nap. WHATEVER THE REASON. She waves a grinning farewell.

After being shoved into the water at least TWICE previously by Tanit, S'van is wise to her ways and TOTALLY AVOIDS THE SHOVE with a clever little duck of head and shoulders. (HAHA better luck next time!). He does, however, climb to his feet, following her exit with a rueful expression on his face. Over the lagoon, Aedeluth's aerial acrobatics become much more pointed, and after another stone-drop to the water, he spreads his wings and heads decisively for the bowl. "They're calling us back for lessons," he explains, bobbing his head at Kalen. "It was…" and here he hesitates slightly before continuing in a neutral tone, "nice to meet you."

Kalen is shoved but will just balance on his hands, no point in getting his nice clothes ruin. When the pair leaves he will wave to them saying "see you around, and it was Very nice to meet you too S'van" he will sit and lounge on the dock a while longer.

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