Life Lessons: Relationships suck. Siblings suck. Tanit is NOT having sex. Puppies are cute.

Day 13 of Month 5 of Turn 2714

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Living Caverns

Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

Spring at Half Moon Bay means rain. Copious amounts of rain. And copious amounts of rain mean wet, drowned-rat looking Weyrlings. Which is why Sev is leaving a trail of rather impressive puddles in his way as he stomps into the living caverns and toward the serving tables for a late lunch. He is totally ignorant of the heated glances and muttered curses being cast his direction for his continue dripping, helping himself to enough food for at least three people before he stalks a place to sit. In the back. Where he can drip in silence and solitude. Woe.

You know the beautiful thing about being a dolphineer? You are always wet. So the rain, doesn't seem to bother Tanit at all as she strides in from the muddy outdoors. Shaking her hair out like a canine at anyone who dares give her a dirty look for trailing puddles, grinning a mile wide. Bare feet slap against the stone floor, splashing in those impressive puddles, "You know. They do make towels." She calls from behind him in the food line. "Those big fluffy things, designed to absorb water?" The dolphineer in a craft wet suit, a pearl diver logo emblazoned on the back and her craft patch above her breast.

Rain at least means some of the juicier bits of Jim may get washed away as well. Kelani may have predicted an exposion of the great beast, but she didn't imagine it to be manmade or quite so proliferate in how it spread across the weyr. For her part she is dashing into the caverns, her bag carried protectively to her chest against the rain. Her usually bushy curly hair is fair plastered to her head from the dash from the Infirmary to here. As she gets into the dry she pauses for a moment just dripping in place. Drowned rat looking healer. As Tanit passes her shaking out like a dog she looks up for a moment, "I for one underestimated how wet one can get in such a short amount of time."

Coming up from the lower caverns and decidedly not dripping with sky tears, J'en appears, his fight jacket left casually open to reveal his crimson tanktop worn beneath. Heavy soled boots thunk a bit on stone before his steps slow as he pauses just inside the living cavern to take in those present. Brows lift minutely for the Tanit shaking and Kelani observation, but golden eyes come to reside on the unhappy weyrling who'd just taken a seat somewhere off to the side alone. Lashes lowering and chin lifting a few degrees, a moment's hesitation is the only thing that keeps long legs from carrying him S'van's direction. Once he arrives, he saddles up behind the seated figure and simply drapes himself over his moistened shoulders. Like a cape. Wordlessly.

There is a dry look for Tanit's 'towel' comment. "They don't do much good if you have to carry them through the rain, though… And why bother, when I have to go right back out there?" No point in attempting to dry off if he's just going to get soaked again. Kelani's plastered-down hair earns a bit of a snort of laughter, which he tries very hard to stifle before it should reach the young Healer's ears. Food is safer, so he turns his attention to his meal, stabbing random items in turn. Fork is lifted, a bite ready to be taken, when he finds himself with a new addition in the form of draping bronzerider. Fork dropped, chin dips, and a quick kiss is placed on one of those draping arms. "Sitting is probably more comfortable," he offers in amusement.

"Whatcha got in the bag Kelani?" The dolphineer decidedly ignoring the melting J'en and weyrling combination in favor of greeting the healer even if she has claimed the seat opposite of S'van. Ok so J'en does get a nod of greeting, but that is about it.

Kelani sets down her bag and just squeezes the water out of her hair before progressing into the cavern. At least the front of her is fairly drive from hunching over her bag in the dash across. She grabs up some warm Klah and a plate of food before joining the others at the table. There is a curious look and a nod of greeting for the rider-cape and a thoughtful glance to the capee as she sits next to Tanit. "At least the stench is gone, hmm?" She says with a brightness in her tone. "Some of the bits landed in the infirmary even..never seen people set to cleaning so fast or furiously." She sets her bag down at her feet, "Just my study books, I didn't want to get them wet."

Well Jae's riding jacket gets a kiss because it's currently covering his arms, but the jacket like it so it's all good. Something is murmured softly which S'van probably can hear seeing as their heads were at a matched level before he slides himself off so he can drop himself into a chair closest to the wall. This has the benefit of separating himself from the general populous, using the small gathering of people as a buffer. Lashes still low, his gaze slips to first Tanit and then Kelani, before it drops off and he offers a quiet nod in response to theirs.

Of course. Tanit claims a chair at his table and then ignores him. Very polite. S'van just sticks his tongue out at her, because he is an adult like that. But her comment does draw his attention toward the Healer's bag as well, though it's her hair he's staring at. It's just so… plastered to her head. Not that his is any better, surly. It's still dripping down onto his neck and shoulders, which are equally wet and drippy so… ignored. As conversation turns toward the discarded squid-creature, he just huffs a little and delays commenting, finally taking a bite of his food to occupy himself. The murmur gets a sideways glance and his free hand reaches out to capture the bronzerider's own when J'en slips into the chair beside him.

"Some of that, might have been our fault." Tani admits to Kelani rather guiltily, "I had a stress reaction to the combination of explosion and being covered in several week old squid guts, poor Sev had to carry me back to the infirmary and help me with the shower. I will never be able to eat squid again I think. And I'm going to start keeping a jar of that healer nose stuff on hand always." The dolphineer makes a face. "Was your wing part of the cleanup Jae?" She will ask now, sea green eyes drifting to the rider. "Ila and I are still trying to figure out who submitted the order for the explosives. You didn't hear anything about it by chance, did you?"

As her hair is stared at Kelani dark skin colours a bit and she hrmmphs before she tries to make some order of it with her fingers, brushing it away from her face. "You don't look that much better." She mutters as she twists the thick hair into a wet knot she holds in place with a pencil from her bag. There is another glance between the two bronzers before nodding ever so slightly and looking to the elder, "I think I have seen you about, but I don't have the pleasure of your name. I'm Kelani, Senior apprentice healer." She offers as introduction before looking back at Tanit and her admission. "The decontamination showers did get well used that day. It still holds some of the smell despite extra cleaning."

His shoulders only slightly stiff, eyes lost to something perhaps only he sees down along the floor, it's the touch to one of his hands that draws him back. A glance spared to S'van, he allows the interlacing of fingers, looking to Tanit as she addresses him directly. A single bob of his head, "All the wings got involved. Ain't like it wasn't everywhere and all over everythin'." he says quietly, Istan accent impossibly thick despite all the turns away from the island of his birth. As for her inquiry into things he might know, the man shakes his head gently. "Ain't no one said nothin' to meh about it. Heard the boom though." High Reaches probably heard that boom. It wasn't exactly subtle. Kelani is next to earn golden eyes settling momentarily upon her, "J'en, Wingleader of Archipelago, Journeyman of the computer craft, rider of bronze Leketh." Lots and lots of titles there, yep, but he falls back into companionable silence afterward rather effortlessly.

"Probably right about that," is S'van's answer to Kelani's mutter. Fork down, he reaches up to push the still-dripping hair from his eyes, though he refrains from dragging his fingers through it, lest he send water in every direction. "Still gotta return the borrowed clothes," he notes idly, as if it had just occurred to him. "And I'm just glad the thing is gone," is muttered for probably the one-millionth time, though the sentiment remains just as earnest as the first time he said it. "Just think of the crabs, Tanit." Not squid. The captured hand, interlaced fingers, gets a lingering squeeze. His plate is gently pushed towards the bronzerider, an invitation to partake if he wishes. There is certainly plenty of food there. "I'm wondering if whoever did it had permission at all. Honestly. Who thought blowing that thing up would be a good idea?" snort. "Aede enjoyed it well enough."

Tanit sighs, disappointed that the Istan doesn't have more information to offer, but there's a smile as she watches the hand squeeze. "Well hopefully they won't have to use them again for a while." Tani answers on the showers, before the word crab gets her attention. "I can catch some for you love birds if you like, maybe if you two get a day off and the weather holds you can have a nice dinner, Crab, oysters, the works." The Dolphincrafter suggests, with a shrug. "I don't know, but the Night market Is pretty cool, all kinds of stalls and vendors in. You guys should check it out when the weather clears."

"That must be an interesting craft.." Kelani offers conversationally tilting her head slightly, "Do you still get opportunity to study with your wing duties?" Much a question she has asked of other craft riders. The comment of love birds does bring a smile to her lips, but she holds back any comment of her own as she sets to eating her own meal. There is a glance up to Tanit at the mention of the night markets, "Well some of us apprentices are selling ointments and First aid kits we have made. Hopefully it will give us a bit of spending money to check out the other stalls."

There is no apology for the lack of further clarification or insight, saying nothing about squid inspired shower that had occurred between weyrling and dolphineer either, likely because J'en had already heard about it. He also doesn't explain why it was that he was absent for the whole explosion event and the majority of its clean up, despite the involvement of his wing. S'van clearly not the excuse, not with the aforementioned showering which he was also not a part of. But there is a hand squeeze that nearly eradicates the tension along the bronzerider's shoulders, gaze having drifted down to observe the meshing of long slender fingers. That is until Tanit speaks of love birds, golden eyes brought up to level upon her, "Or ya could brin' all 'em works back to Ista and share with Cenrie," he says, chin hoisted upwards. A single brow, pops slowly upwards into a quirk of challenging inquiry. It could be merely be suspicion, assumption, or maybe he knows something that he's just not sharing with the group. Maybe because he wanted to hear it directly from the source. Glancing to Kelani, "Not really," On studying, "Dragonriders can't get promoted past Senior Journeyman, so dun see the point in spendin' lots of time on it for nothin'." Oh, could be quite a lot of other things he would have liked to have said on the topic considering the twitches of facial muscles here and there he's probably unaware of, but his attention was back on Tanit who actually may very well be the source of them.

Fork idly picking through the items on his plate that he actually wishes to consume, S'van's attention is directed downwards and away from both Healer or Dolphineer. Crafts are just as easily dismissed; he neither has nor wants a crafter's knot, and it's far too much trouble to dig into a topic he knows nothing about. The lovebirds comment just gets an eyeroll from the weyrling; dismissed and uncommented upon. Tthe mention of a certain tattoo artists has his eyebrows lifted, and a glance shifting between bronzerider and pearldiver. "Did I miss something…" before he's fixed a very pointed look on the woman across the table. The Nightmarket is not directly commented on, though he will offer Kelani a quick, "The scented stuff you made to deal with the dead-thing was brilliant. So thank you again, for passing it out. If I have a chance to venture down there, I'll be sure to grab something from your table. Only fair, since you didn't get compensated before."

Tanit positively glows at the suggestion, not literally, she's not a glowbasket, but there is a warmth and giddiness to that grin that wasn't there a few moments earlier. Maybe she's wishing the tattoo artist was there at this moment to witness the facial twitching. "I had planned to actually, figured since I was diving anyway I might as well share the wealth so to speak." She plops her chin in hand fork poking at her food. "I don't know what he likes to drink though, got any suggestions?" She laughs at Sev's question, and her ears tint just the faintest bit of pink, "I'm dating Jae's brother, it's a relatively new development." And one she seems perfectly content with. For Kelani there is a grin, "I will have to purchase a few then from you."

Kelani looks thoughtful for a moment at J'en's words before nodding, "Such I have been told, though riders I have spoken with so far reckoned it a fair exchange. I can't imagine doing anything else." Watching the weyrlings have no doubt put thoughts in her own head should she ever get searched. She gives a little shrug and sets to her meal again though there is a glance to Tanit, "Well given how bloated it was it probably would have exploded anyway…but perhaps not with quite so much force. Well that is what my teacher said anyway who had come upon a body once that had done it. Left too long in the heat and …" She makes a explosive gesture with her hands. She looks across to S'van with a smile, "Well we were compensated by the ease in our workload and not having to clean up as much vomit. There are things beyond monetary compensation to a healer, but still your marks will be welcome." She glances up to Tanit and can't help but smile at the blushing Dolphineer, "Well I hope it goes well for you though I hope it doesn't mean you will leave us. I enjoy our swimming lessons."

J'en probably noted the food that had been pushed towards him earlier, but it's only now that he looks down at it and decidedly does not help himself. Not with the news that Tanit just dropped like the proverbial microphone. Golden eyes widen with the news, clearly news he was not privy to, and his mouth opens and closes seconds before his expression suddenly hardens to steely. Right now he resembled much more the old version of himself before there were things such as hand holding in the living cavern. "I'll kill 'im." he states bluntly and with decision, probably not meaning it. Right? Then again with that dark look on his face that might be a questionable assumption. What tension had left him returns in force and the dulled embers of his anger is stoked higher and higher with each passing moment. "Ain't I told 'im to keep 'is 'ands off? Ain't I said that to 'im when I dropped ya off in Ista, Tanit? The fuck….'ow…?" A rumbling growl quietly churns inside his chest, the fingers of his free left hand pinched at the bridge of his nose as he softly begins to count to himself. Poor Kelani and were Jae not having some sort of crisis, mental breakdown, or episode over there he might have shared his thoughts on dragonriders and their glass ceiling.

Well. That was unexpected news. Whatever S'van's thoughts on the matter, his attention is decisively diverted to the suddenly tense bronzerider making threats of a rather serious nature. That hand of his is squeezed just a *bit* harder for a moment before the weyrling's attention is back on Tanit with a distinctly, 'good job' look. At least he keeps his comments to himself, occupying his mouth with eating and not speaking. There is definitely an uncomfortable look about him that has nothing to do with the still-soaked clothes clinging to him. It's a look that says he has no idea what to do with this new information, and needs some time to process it. "I don't think it's so serious that she's about to up and relocate," says S'van to Kelani, grey eyes once more pinning on Tanit. "She's couldn't have known him for more than a few sevendays, right?" RIGHT?!

Tanit smiles at the healer. "That - is disgusting." As for being re-stationed? "Not to worry, the Hall has no plans to re-station me for a while though I did get a couple of sevens leave approved to go home and visit Black Moon. We might be looking at settling a pod there, and I have to collect samples of the pearl oysters for a project. " With this Tanit's attention turns to Sev, "It should be right after graduation if you and Jae would like to come and spend a few days on the beaches of Black Moon, I don't know if Cenrie would want to come or not, but I plan to ask him. Mom wants to meet him." And then, J'en's mouth opens Tanit goes from pink to down right scarlet. "Not that it is any of your business who I do or don't sleep with, but for your information we haven't slept together," Yet. "He's been more than a perfect gentleman. And while I appreciate your concern for my well being." Because on J'en's part she's going to assume pure motives behind the warnings, "You really don't get to say anything about who I do or do not spend my time with." Tanit glances to Sev, with a 'what the hell' expression because she doesn't understand the reaction at all, so he must know right?

At the reaction of J'en, Kelani's eyes widen a bit and she looks between him and Tanit to mark her own reaction. A glance over to S'van then down to her meal. Oh this meal is very interesting. The colours, the arrangement on the plate…the contrast of light and dark. S'van's response to her concerns and then Tanit's draws a nod from the healer. There is a glance between them but it settles on the dolphineer on how she will respond to the challenge to the relationship. Finally she looks back down to her plate, "I think…It is safer to remain single." She says half to herself. She has been on the edges of relationship conversations for sevendays and none of them seeemd to have ended well. At this point a little fluffball hurtles from the lower caverns with a young weyrbrat chasing after. The ball of black and white fluff beelines for the healer. "Sorry miss, she woke up and must have heard ya.." Kelani leans down and picks up ball of fluff, glad for the distraction just now. "Its ok.."

That there, is another side glance, this one towards S'van for that squeeze to Jae's hand. A look is shared between the two before golden eyes flicker to this and that person as relocation and complicated family visits are brought into existence. These sorts of things pale in comparison to another whammy of unsolicited information that slowly brings the bronzerider's hand to his lap, "That's mah brother," he replies almost too softly to be heard, staring at her like she'd just sprouted extra heads. "What 'e does with the contents of 'is pants, I dun even wanna think about. Why ya would think I'd want to know or suspect anythin' remotely involvin' all that, is beyond meh." It's now that he loosens the interplay of fingers, so he can stand up and pauses behind the weyrling's chair, managing to keep the growl and hiss low and quiet, keeping this from turning into some sort of scene people could whisper about. Though his hands which now rest of the brunette's damp shoulders might be doing some serious clamping. "Yeah, who ya do or dun fuck ain't none of mah business, but if it concerns mah only siblin' ya can bet Sev's sweet ass I get a say. Five minutes ago ya got googoo eyes for S'van and meh, and now yer gettin' all pink and squishy over mah brother." A soft 'che' sound bounces off the back of his clenched teeth as he releases poor S'van from his claws, a somewhat slightly softer apologetic type look extended towards Kelani, and with that he's outta there with quick steps towards the exit. Not stomping, oddly enough, right out into the bowl and the rain without so much as a single glance cast backwards.

And then Tanit goes and does this and that and says the things that make both weyrling and bronzerider kinda tense up. For perhaps very different reasons. S'van's head ducks; food being eaten rapidly now, to give him something to focus. There's a wince for the decisive declaration that her sexual exploits are none of their business, and while Sev may want to comment on that, J'en beats him to it. With a lot more words that just kinda make the weyrling look all the more uncomfortable. Yay. Discomfort. And to top it ALL OFF there is a freakin' dog. A FREAKIN' DOG running into the living caverns. "Why… is there a dog…" and there is eyetwitching happening for a very different reason now as his nose kind of curls up and he gives Kelani a clearly disapproving look for the fluff-ball in her arms. But it's the bronzerider who is suddenly standing, gripping his shoulders in a clawlike manner, and then heading for the door that gets his full and complete attention. Food forgotten, the weyrling stands as well. The look bestowed upon Tanit is hard to read; too much going on there to get a clear picture of where his mind is at, but he does grip her shoulder in a comforting, affectionate manner as he heads after J'en, right back into the rain.

So many things Tanit could say in response, cruel hateful hurtful things. But she says nothing, because while the time frame is utterly inaccurate, Jae does have a point. And rather than scarlet she just goes pale and quiet blinking rapidly. Nope there are no tears here. None at all. She gets just enough time to squeeze Sev's hand before he's gone back out into the rain, chasing after his boyfriend. "Sometimes, I think that's the wiser choice." She's using napkins as towels working on drying her face and hair. She's not crying nope. Puppy gets a look, and the dolphineer wiggles fingers low, "He's adorable."

Luckily Kelani has the distraction of fluffy puppy for this moment that she draws to sit in her lap. There is an enthusiastic greeting for her 'master' of little puppy kisses. "I missed you too Sava." She says softly before coaxing her to sit on the chair next to her with a bit of meat from her plate. Only her little ears are visable to all and sundry. "She was a gift from Ma's weyrmate. Her name is Sava." She says cheerfully "She is harmless, I promise." As the bronzerider rises Kelani looks up to him and gives a little awkward nod at the apolegetic look before glancing between S'van and Tanit then quickly back to her puppy, "I used to hate being an only child…Not so much anymore." She murmurs. Life lessons today, Relationships suck. Siblings suck. Tanit is NOT having sex. Puppies are cute. And so back to Tanit she looks as the Bronzers leave. "Yeah she is, her name is Sava."

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