Girl Talk

Day 13 of Month 5 of Turn 2714 - immediately following the 'life lessons' scene

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Living Caverns

Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

The dolphineer gets up from the table briefly, returning with towels, and a mug of something far stronger than klah, one towel over her head to better hide the swirl of emotions left in the departing bronzriders' wake. She sniffles a little, and laughs. "I did too, but I find now that I prefer them to over complicated love interests." She pulls a bit of wherry off her plate to offer the pup, because focusing on something cute is so much better right now.

The offer of Wherry does have Sava climbing from her chair, across Kelani's lap and gently taking the offered meat from fingers, plumed tail wagging the whole time. "Yes…love seems very complicated." She says with a glance towards the exit where the bronzers left. "And people seem fond of warning people off such as well as if we were not capable of defending our own virtues if we wanted." She says with a sigh and continues to her meal.

Sephany is not dressed for the rain. She is not dressed for Fort, either. Rather, she is dressed for the desert; loose and flowing dress, headscarf to protect from the sun. None of it helps in the fight against the rain, however, and she enters the Living Caverns looking quite a sight. All that thin, breeze fabric is clinging rather tightly to the svelt woman's body, garner more than a few looks as she walks further in. Someone kind offers her a towel, which is gratefully accepted as she moves towards the pots of Klah… and runs into Tanit, who she will just casually follow back to the table. "Hello!" at least the rain hasn't dampened her spirit, though the faces of her table companions might. "Uh oh… what happened?" because girl intuition is a thing, and clearly something happened. "AND OH MY FARANTH SHE IS SO DAMN CUTE!!!!" for the puppy, naturally.

"People are complicated." Tanit decides though the last gets a laugh, "As it turns out wasn't my virtue that was the problem." Sephany's delight however earns a smile from the dolphineer, "You just missed your brother he and his delightful boyfriend just stormed off." Is the word used in sarcasm, why yes, yes it is. "And I'm a terrible person. Beyond that, everything is rainbows." The dolphineer laughs, "How have you been dear, Sev told me you were stationed at Fort."

Sava is quite naturally soaking up the attention of Tanit and now another looks upon her and she yips playfully at the weaver. Kelani smiles at her puppy, "Her name is Sava. She is about six months old now." The question though is met with a hint of a sad smile but she lets Tanit give the answer for it. At the mention of Fort, Kelani looks up more brightly, "How is at Fort at the moment? I missed the winter snows." She motions to the vacated spot across from them still holding her brother's plate. "I suppose I am glad enough to have met what all the worry was about surrounding your brother…and he seems happy enough with him." She gives a little shrug at that.

"Joy," is Sephany's slightly sarcastic reply for having missed her brother, and a glance is spared for the direction she came. "I'm starting to take this personally," she murmurs to herself, followed with a quick roll of her eyes. "I've yet to meet him," she admits of the boyfriend, taking the offered chair easily enough, nose wrinkling at the plate of food. "This must have been Sev's…" but she doesn't even wait for confirmation before she picks up a bit of fruit that had been left behind to nibble. "Hmm. She's adorable," again, for the puppy, and her eyes go all bright and misty in that classic 'OMG SO CUTE' look that girls can get. "How are you a terrible person?" is asked of Tanit, even if in the next breath, she is answering Kelani with, "Just as wet as Half Moon, unfortunately. The snow has melted, and the lake has thawed out," wistfully.

Tanit laughs, "I wouldn't. He misses you, something terrible. I can send pest after him once - they cool off." Tanit will move to where she can pet Sava if the small canine allows. "I did not see you at the dance, but I don't know how you can like that much cold." Tani murmurs. "Because I'm dating his boyfriend's brother weeks after being forced to admit a crush on Sev and Jae." She waves a hand. "Terrible person. I don't really give a shit anymore." Drink, drink, sip sip..

"And still as cold as ice I reckon?" Kelani responds with a half smile and glances to Tanit, "That's why I never learned to swim proper. To play in the snow is one thing, but quite another to soak yourself in it." She gives a little shiver of her shoulders at that. Sava settles in Kelani's lap, waiting on the offerings of the others. The admission from Tanit causes Kelani to look up at her , to the exit and back to Tanit, "Oh…but" She starts and looks down at her plate for a moment, "Still…if they like…each other why would it matter if you like the brother?"

"I was there," says Sephany, "Though I slipped out much earlier than most. I go to bed very early," she admits a bit sheepishly. As for the weather? "I love it. I love ice skating. Got to see Telgar and High Reaches recently and practice some more. They still have a bit of ice, though I think Telgar will be thawed before…" but her words fade off as Tanit explains. And that… That… is a lot of information for the little Weaver to take in, and Sephany's expression briefly mirrors her brother in the flurry of emotions that cross it. She, at least, is able to process information at a relatively faster pace, so after the confusion, then surprise, and SHOCK, she settles on empathy and a soft, "Oh… Tanit…" in a voice that says 'I get it' even if she doesn't have personal experience in the situation. "You're not a terrible person. Boys are just weird." At Kelani's observation, Sephany just smiles a bit more impishly and explains, "I don't think that is the problem here… brothers complicate things. And boys are… weird," she says again with a bit of a knowing sigh.

"I've never seen Telgar or High Reaches, I admit I'm a little Jealous." Tanit laughs, grinning at Seph, Kelani's question gets a sigh, "You'd have to ask Mr. Sea Urchin (Jae) that one. Sev doesn't care who I date so long as A. They are good for me and B. He doesn't have to hear details." She rakes long fingers through her short shorn hair and smiles at Sephany. "It's ok, prickly face will either get over his two year old temper tantrum or he won't. But I suppose I should be happy, because any attraction I might have felt for him is utterly gone." The dolphineer sighs, "But really enough of this gloomy talk. Lets talk about happy things."

Kelani gives a nod to Sephany's observation, "Yeah, boys are weird and nice at time same time." She says with a little wistful sigh of her own as she strokes the pup in her lap. The pup that will forever look like a pup no doubt from the small and fluffy state of her even at 1/2 a turn old. The skating adventures of Sephany at least bring a smile to her lips, "Well that sounds exciting…visiting all these places. I am only starting to explore a bit duties permitting." At the declaration to talk of happy things, Kelani looks thoughtful for a moment, "Well..I got to help set a bad break today. The journeyman said I did a really good job at it." Yep, thats cheerful talk for Apprentice Healers.

"This was my first time," admits Sephany, looking delighted to have had the opportunity. "I'm almost glad Zevuki forced it on me." Which is a lie. She's totally glad he did. The title bestowed upon her brother's boyfriend, "Mr. sea urchin…" is repeated in a soft murmur, though she won't request any more clarification than that. Not with Tanit's decisive request to discuss 'happy things'. "Nice?" she asks, glancing at Kelani. "Like a boy, do you?" she teases, grey eyes twinkling as she picks up another bit of fruit from her brother's discarded plate. Of course, that line of questioning is effectively halted when the Healer decides setting a bad break counts as 'happy things' to talk about, which just leads the weaver to laughter. "Good for you, then. Excellent. Can't say I've had the privilege of doing that, but I did have a wonderful day myself. Rain aside."

"Someone you have your eye on?" Tanit asks of Kelani, not missing that sigh at all. "Was it trauma you were wanting to specialize in when you made journeyman? That must have felt wonderful." Tani tosses Sephany a look, the kind that says I will explain everything later in great detail.

As they catch her sigh Kelani gives a little shrug, "I don't know. I had a date with him and everyone warned he would be less than a gentleman, but he was ..perhaps more than one. I almost wonder if something is wrong with me." She says in such contradiction but gives a little shrug. As the questions get back to her 'happy story' she grins at Sephany's laughter, "Well I guess it wasn't happy for the lad…but yeah, I want to specialize in Trauma, so being able to do stuff like that …well it makes me happy and maybe I can get my junior badge sooner the more I can do."

Sephany's look says very clearly that she will be holding Tanit to that promise. She wants ALL THE DETAILS! For now, though, she reaches for her mug of Klah, fingers curling around the ceramic as she pulls some of its warmth for herself. The towel on her shoulders provides some relief, but there's still a chill lingering on the rain-soaked weaver. "Who was it?" is asked of Kelani's mystery date, even though it is highly likely Sephany would not know them. Potential boyfriends and mystery dates are way more interesting than broken legs and journeyman knots, even if she will politely listen and appropriately answer with, "how exciting!"

"Oh! Who is Zevuki?" Tanit grins wider, because this is the sort of thing girls can talk about, and any juicy information that Sev isn't privy to because he's the big brother is always a win. This wouldn't have to do with a particular Journeyman Dolphincrafter would it?" Tanit guesses, with an amused twitch of her lips.

Tanit's guess draws a nod from Kelani, "Yeah, He took me to a dance hall at Ista and we danced and had a nice dinner and then…well that was all. He was very polite the whole time." She says almost with a tone of disapointment, though she sounds quite conflicted all the same. She gives a little shrug as she reaches for her Klah to listen to the gossip Sephany has to share.

"He is… an Igen guard who I met during the Search and Rescue games at Fort Weyr," says Sephany, though her tone says there's a bit more to the story. "He's interesting. And we have run into each other a few times since then. His niece has taken a fancy to one of the boys at Fort, and he accompanied as chaperone one day. He's very polite." Which doesn't really say much at all, really. Klah is sipped, and there's a moment of close-eyed enjoyment for the warmth it provides. "I do not know that name," she admits. "Though if he is a Dolphineer, that makes sense. Fort doesn't have much use for dolphineers." Kelani's reaction gets a head tilt and a little frown. "Why do you look disappointed by his behavior? I would think being treated with respect was a good thing…"

Tanit smiles sweetly, she has a sense about these things. "Did he leave it open for more dates? Or did he just shoot down the sex?" Tanit asks. "I love Ista. The beaches there are almost like the ones back home, Jae and his brother Cenrie are from there. It's where my tattoo was done." She grins at Seph, "Kalen was my instructor when I went away to hall. He's quite chivalrous actually."

Kelani gives a little sigh, "A kiss might have been nice?" She says with a little shrug, perhaps having a harper's notion of romance. Being swept off the feet and all that. "I know I should be happy that he was very respectful…" She leans back in her seat and glances up at Tanit's question and she blinks, ", I don't mean.. but…" She flusters a bit at that implication, "I suppose things are still open about more dates..just had the storm and all that followed and haven't had a chance to meet him again." She says before looking back to the weaver, "So the guard…do you like him?"

The Weyr-bred weaver appreciates the bluntness. Truly she does. There is a bright gleam in her grey eyes, and a very wide grin on her pale face, as she barely contains her giggling at Tanit's pointed question. Kelani's answer is met with great anticipation, and she rolls her eyes once it's uttered. "At least you know he likes you, hm? If you want a kiss that badly? just grab him and give him one!" is her advice on the subject, even if it may not be advice she would follow herself. "At the very least, you can ask about another date, and see how he responds. If he accepts, it's likely he is just being overly cautions. Sometimes men are weird like that," as if she had SO MUCH EXPERIENCE there. "Ista is wonderful," agrees Sephany. "My father lives there, so Sev and I spent quite a bit of time at the Weyr too…" so much travel. Which isn't nearly as interesting as a tattoo! "You have a tattoo?!" which is part shock and part awe. As for Kelani's question? "Hmm… that is a difficult question to answer… what do you mean by 'like'?" She's not being difficult, she really does need clarification. "He is a good person, from what I have seen."

Tanit laughs, "You are still very young, I'm guessing 15 or 16 maybe?" Never mind how little difference that is from Tanit's own age. "Give it a couple years, and keep pursuing the dates. I'm sure he will warm right up to you. And sometimes there's a concern that when you are older, dating someone younger that you are perceived as taking advantage of them." The talk of the tattoo gets a grin, and Tanit will unzip her wetsuit enough for Sephany to see the pink lotus flower inked just below her bikini top on the breast bone. "I'm dating the artist. Which is what started the fight."

"Yeah, think I was more comfortable in our lessons than at the dinner. I think I like him..but well…I never really have been on a proper date before. Not sure if I like the idea of the idea or the reality of the idea." Kelani says and glances at where the Bronzers had sat, "Then I see others have the passion and there is so much drama as well. It is all very confusing." At the guess of her age, she looks up to Tanit, "16.." Going on 17. She may be a bit naive. She does brighten up at the mention of tattoos. "There was a tattoo Artist that came through here a few days ago. But I think he had a different name."

The age comment has pale eyebrows lifting, and Sephany looks between Tanit and Kelani briefly before asking, "How old is this guy…" though there's just curiosity there, no judgement. The tattoo is given an eager look, and a soft sigh. "Bet it hurt," even if she's still a bit more intrigued than disturbed by the idea of ink being injected to the body. "So… wait a moment, let me understand this correctly… the tattoo artist is the boy you're dating, who is also the brother of my brother's boyfriend?" This is starting to get complicated. "I… hm." But no more questions. Just a pointed 'YOU WILL TELL ME EVERYTHING LATER' look for the diver. As for Kelani's situation… Sephany drops her elbow to the table, chin going into her palm, as she considers the Healer across from her. "Hm. I understand. Sometimes the idea of a thing ends up being so much more amazing than the actual… thing." A little smile, though it wavers when it comes to her brother's situation. "I… don't know a lot about that, to be honest, but from what I have gathered… I wouldn't use their situation as a guide to compare relationships… Sev's situation seems incredibly different from most relationships…" and there's a glance for Tanit, to either confirm or deny this information.

"Kalen is 19 maybe 20?" Moving over to sit closer to Seph. "That is the trick isn't it? Knowing when you are in love with the idea or the reality." Her mug lifted nearly draining the cup. "I will let you in on a secret. One of the things that I love about Cen? He won't be intimate in that way with me until my heart and mind are settled." Tanit smiles softly with this admission. "I've had more - passion than I can rightly remember, having people who genuinely love and care about you? Those are rare."

The advice of the others causes Kelani to look thoughtful for a moment as she continues to stroke the puppy that has fallen asleep in her lap. "I guess we will see next time I see him. I suppose…I am not sitting here pining for him, but it was a nice night still." She gives a little shrug and its clear she is not completely blinded by infatuation, just caught up in the idea of it. "Kalen is 20 I think.." She answers half distracted by her own thoughts. She finally looks up at the pair, "Well thank you both for something to think about."

"Oh! That's not so old, then," says the fifteen-turn-old. "If he was thirty, maybe I could see an issue…"then again, maybe not? With Sephany, it may be hard to tell where she draws the line. There's a grin for the Healer, which softens into something more sympathetic as she offers, "If you're not into him, then don't try and force it. You are young… love takes time. And passion is… well. Passionate." A little twitch to the corner of her mouth, a playful smile beginning. "You're in a Weyr… if you just want a night of fun, I am sure someone would be happy to provide that to you." Which contrasts so very sharply with Tanit's comment on what she loves about her new beau. "Oh? Wow. That is… unique," and she does sound rather impressed by him. "I hope he really means that, and isn't just saying it to get your trust…"

Tanit smiles. "Can't say I make the best life choices, but I don't mind giving another viewpoint." Tanit nods, "It's easier here than even the island sailors that come in back home." She shrugs. "Who knows.

Kelani gives a little shrug, "I guess I don't know what I really want just yet other than making Journeyman and getting as much experience I can while I am here, but I was reminded that I should try to do more than just that." She says with a half smile. "He sounds like a nice guy Tanit."

"The Weyr has a reputation for a reason," is Sephany's contribution to the easy sex to be had, flashing a grin at Tanit. "And it can be fun, but… only if that is what you want. Otherwise, I recommend waiting." Grey eyes study the healer, and she makes a quick decision in the form of a statement. "You're not Weyrbred, are you, Kelani?" Right or wrong, she's going with it. "There is nothing wrong with focusing on your craft. I am certainly focused on mine. And if a relationship would complicate that, then wait. It is an individual decision that everyone must make. Besides," she grins, "it was only one date. Not exactly a lifetime commitment."

Tanit says, "You can live without men." Tanit notes, "I mean it's not as fun. But it can be done."

Kelani shakes her head at Sephany's question, "Raised between Harper and Healer crafthalls. My Da is a teacher at the Harper hall. My Ma is a rider, but well she visited and stuff on turndays, but we only really got to know each other recently. This is the first weyr I have spent any amount of time at." She smiles at the other advice given by both women, "Yeah, time will tell I guess. I did enjoy the dancing at least."

Tanit says, "Dancing is always fun, especially when you have a partner who can. I swear Seph, we have to force your brother to practice dancing, otherwise it will be a mark of shame on the weyr. It is ridiculous how many of these men have two left feet."

"This is true," notes Sephany of Tanit's observation. "There are always women." It's probably a joke. Kelani's history gets a soft "oh," and then a much louder, "So, you grew up in Fort's territory! How funny, that you are here now, and I am there?" Even if she did not grow up at Half Moon Bay. DETAILS. "My parents are in Igen and Ista weyr, respectively. Neither of them are dragonriders. It's… complicated," she adds, perhaps anticipating a question regarding the unique living arrangement of her. "Ooh…" for dancing. "I love it! Kelani, do you dance?" because she must dance, right? "But you are right about Sev and… dancing. He's hopeless. Though maybe now that the giant has stopped growing…"

Kelani brightens up at the talk of dancing, "Yeah, I can dance. The harpers must learn to play for dancers and so there must be people to dance at the hall. I was dancing perhaps as early as I could walk. Da would dance with me on his feet until I learned the steps." She seems quite a bit closer to her Dad by the sounds of things. As for the locale, "It has taken a bit of getting used to with the heat around here. I swear it does not get as warm in Summer at fort as it is in Winter here."

Tanit says, "YES." Tanit all but snarls. "I swear every time I blink he grows an inch." Tanit smiles, "You know that's something else that I've wondered Seph, is the rest of your family fair haired like you?" As for the heat, Tani grins. "I love it. But I grew up here, well not this island, but another in the chain."

"Wonderful! Oh, we should go dancing some time!" is said for the three of them, Sephany's smile wide with delight at the prospect. There's a bit of uncomfortable squiring in her chair, and she pinches at the fabric still clinging to her skin. "I can't confirm or deny that," for the weather, "as this will be my first summer at Fort. But I do appreciate the cooler climate, even if it's raining buckets up there as well, right now." Another grimace, and she finishes her Klah in two more gulps. "My parents are rather tall," says the weaver with a note of apology. "But I think I've finished growing. I certainly hope I have. I think I like my height right where it is." Plus, it makes clothes design much easier if she's not compensating for growing bodies. A sigh, and she shifts again. "I am sorry, but I am going to have to change out of this… water is dripping in places it really ought not to go, and if I don't find something to stop clinging, I may get molested in the hallway." The last part is surly a joke, and she certainly doesn't seem concerned about it. "It was nice to meet you, Kelani. And nice to see you again, Tanit."

"Maybe I will talk to the local harper about doing a dance night here." Kelani says with enthusiasm. She may have chosen the path of the healer, but there is certainly harper in her blood. As Sephany begs leave she smiles, "Yeah, I am getting a bit itchy myself as the clothes dry." She says scooping sleeping pup from lap in one arm and her bookbag with another.

"Do it!" Is Tanit's advice, the diver getting up, to depart as well. "Seph I will catch you again before you depart."

"It's a date!" are the parting words from the Weaver for the driver before she is disappearing into the lower caverns, squelching only a little in her soggy clothes.

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