Nieleth Clutches

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Row after row of hard benches to sit on, with a good view of the sands below and the action that takes place there during every hatching.. Despite the times, people still come to see the new pairs formed and place bets on the outcome.

Middle of the night as per usual for this one, Nieleth has waited until everyone is asleep before she's waddled out onto the sands, the mental call going out to her Herald of spring to get his bronze butt down to the sands to start digging holes for the modest clutch to come. For once Orla was awoken to the sounds of the gold leaving their weyr and has dressed and wandered up to the galleries to keep out of the way and watch, leaning against the balcony.

Dhonzayth's bronze butt took a fair bit of nudging to get moving, the bronze reluctant at first to move, giving L'ton a nudge as well. A gentle explanation to a very pregnant Lissi and L'ton escapes to the galleries while Dhonzayth turns to the sands, settling in to digging. L'ton's still rather dishevelled, yawning as he meanders up the stairs.

It's good that those big Golden beauties can be rather convincing when the need arises, Nieleth's soft instructions sweep out to the bronze with a tenderness that certainly wasn't evident at the flight. « Dig me two long furrows please. » She tells him as she waddles round the sands to find just the right space. Orla just as dishevelled probably, she likes her beauty sleep afterall. "Hiya Darling, I take it he woke you on the way out?" Her tone apologetic as she waves him over to join her.

Dhonzayth is happy to oblige the big golden beauty, greeting her with a touch of muzzle to muzzle before the brassy bronze settles in to begin to dig, shifting the sand this way and that until he's satisfied with his first long gouge in the sand. A hand runs through Ton's hair as the bronzerider joins Orla with a soft sigh, flopping down next to her as he stifles a yawn. "Though it t'was Lissi, or something. Good thing she ain't up though, proddy and pregnant ain't such a good combination." Or, rather a very good, but very exhausting combination.

Nieleth returns the affectionate little draconic kiss, waiting until the furrow is dug before she waddles over and starts the business off laying the eggs into this the first one. Orla offers up a smile to the bronzer, "I hope she didn't mind you keeping you out of the way that night and the next day?" She checks, having not really seen him to be able to check the more personal side of things. "Though if she's pregnant she may have been glad of the respite."

While Nieleth is busy with that first furrow, DHonzayth is settling down to finish the other, seemingly satisfied, and turning to help cover each egg as it arrives. "Mmm, she made sure Ah made it up ta her, so in the end t'was all good." He leans back, stretching his arms along the backs of the seats. "Mm, ya'd think that, but.." A wink. "Greenriders are fun."

Nieleth continues through the motions with dutiful care and attention. Orla watches for a while then leans back into the seat, head tilting back to rest on his outstretched arm, "So are gold riders." She replies with an equally cheeky wink. "Just depends on the fun I suppose?" She checks, "I never did manage to find a reason to call you in for a meeting did I?"

L'ton grins, shifting his hand to rest it lightly on her shoulder, even as he moves just a little closer. "Ah know ya'll are ta, but ya ain't waiting at home fer me, now are ya?" He winks at her again, before chuckling. "Ya ain't, but now its only natural fer a Junior ta meet with a Wingleader, right?"

Orla chuckles at that, "Not at home no, that's her luck not mine." She replies even as she shifts in against him, resting her head on his shoulder, it's not like there is anyone around to see, her eyes remain focused on Nieleth though who is just getting to the end of the first planting furrow, a line of three eggs laid now and mostly covered by Dhonzayth. "Actually I have an inspection to do in a day or so out at one of the new builds, I'll put your name down for taking me out to it, another woodcrafter will be good for that."

"Tis that good luck, or bad luck?" L'ton teases her as she shifts in, arm settled companionably enough over her shouders as she leans. Dhon finishes covering the last egg, pausing near Nieleth to offer her an encouraging nuzzle, before he glances back at the eggs. "Ah suppose Ah can manage that, prolly be good ta tug Dhon off now and then ta give yer poor lifemate some space."

Orla aims a finger into his side as she snuggles in. "Depends on who you're talking to at the time." She replies with a deep throated laugh. "I'm not jealous or anything if that's your worry, I don't think either of us would survive long if I had you at my beck and call every day and night." Down on the sands, Nieleth returns the nuzzle with her bronze before directing him to another spot. « Another furrow here sweetie. » She tells him, « Make sure it's lined up with the first one. » Little demands perhaps, but then again would you argue with an egg heavy queen? "So long as he brings her back some flowers or food she'll be happy enough to lend him out to me."

"Hardly worried about jealousy.." He chuckles, shaking his head. "Maybe a bit curious, but." He grins, shifting away from the poke. "Ya, much as Ah love ya women, dunno if'n Ah could handle two of ya.. Lissi's gonna break me, at this rate." He jokes a little, shaking his head, as Dhonzayth sets about lining up a second furrow for his 'mate, making it a little longer this time.

Orla tilts her head round to glance up at him, catching the grin. "Don't worry yourself. I'm not going to go chasing you down or anything, or try and steal you away from her." She turns back to watch Nieleth, snuggling back in beside him. "Though you know where my weyr is if you do get too curious." She teases. Nieleth meantime heaps praises and gentle encouragement on the bronze as he digs out the next furrow for her to start on the next row of eggs.

"Ah think there's more than enough Ton ta go 'round, least now and again, once this baby comes." He nudges her a little. "Ah think Ah just got my answer." He smirks, settling back. "Glad at least one goldrider here ain't out ta get me, though Ah ain't so sure what ta think of Rea no more." Dhonzayth basks in his 'mate's praise, finishing off the furrow and returning to Nieleth's side, showing it off.

Orla laughs and wraps and arm around him. "You better be able to make good if you're going to make promises like that." She grins and settles again. "What's wrong with Rea, doesn't she like you?" She asks him. The gold croons a happy warble to the bronzes efforts and points him to start the next furrow while she starts to lay her eggs in this new longer furrow.

"Have Ah ever lied ta ya?" He asks with a smirk, even though they've hardly had enough interaction for him to do so. "Ah dunno. She flipped out any time she saw me, cause Dhon caught that gold of hers, first time she went up. But.. when she gave me the knot, she hugged me, and actually gave me a kiss. Darn mixed signals, if'n ya ask me." He shakes his head,arm squeezing her shoulders gently. Dhonzayth lingers, watching the gold for a minute before settling back to digging another row.

"Not that I'm aware off, unless you have anything to confess to me." Orla replies, "I know I was scared witless at the prospect of most of my flights." She replies, "There are some pretty repulsive men out there, though I've been lucky so far with her flights. I can imagine if I was a bit sensitive, waking up next to someone with your reputation would likely send me into a fit as well. Though do you mean your wingleader knot?" She checks, "And when did Dhon catch hers?" Nieleth continues the laborious task of laying her eggs, going more quickly now that she's got a bit of rhythm going.

"Ain't nothing Ah know of." L'ton grins, before making a face at Orla's explanation. "Ah.. guess so? But if'n Ah even showed my face 'round, after that, she let me have it. Fer turns and turns, t'was her gold's first flight, shards.. more than a handful of turns back, now." He shakes his head, but then nods. "Aye, wingleader's knot… why?" Dhon finishes another row, crooning encouragingly to Nieleth, moving to cover each egg as the gold moves on.

Nieleth keeps going, another four in the second furrow before she moves round to the third furrow, hopefully for the last of the batch. Starting to tire a bit with the effort. "Maybe it was her first time in the sack, that does strange things to some women I hear." Orla replies. "Not that I bothered, I'm not the blushing type." She grins, "So she's had enough time to get over it and welcomed you this time." It's a good offer of an explanation. "She'll be fast asleep as soon as she finishes this lot." She points out of the labouring gold.

Dhonzayth repositions the third of the second batch before covering them with sand as well, gently touching muzzle to gold side to encourage the laboring gold. "Ah dunno, she didn't say anything but.." He shrugs, seeming to give up at trying to figure out the moods of women. "Ah hope its all sorted out, though.. sorta feel bad that that jerk took off, but ain't never did think much of that bronzerider she was with."

Orla oohs gossip. "Which bronze rider?" She asks, her tone suddenly curious. "Though to your credit, I didn't scare you off after our day together. Nieleth is certainly glad that you're still around for Dhonzayth to be here to help her out." Nieleth gets moving over onto the third row, another two eggs deposited into the furrow before she flops down, exhausted but not yet finished, a weary croon going back to the bronze's encouragement.

"N'kor. Ain't liked him since he got inta it with Lissi over being with me. Nor when he took 'meera's babe. Dun much like her either, but ain't no man should act like that." Ton mutters a little, shaking his head, before relaxing a little to smile at her. "Nah, takes lots more than that ta scare me off, even 'meera didn't manage ta do it." Dhonzayth settles sand around those two eggs, before his pale muzzle gently nuzzles Nieleth again. Its okay, big goldie.

Orla thinks about that for a bit. "He was a bit of a git when I knew him as well, that was back at Xanadu we were both candidates down there. He was one of the ones that was sat on his ass while me and the girls fixed up a building, a new post had to be raised to support the roof of the building after a dragon landed on the thing trying to scare off a feline." She makes no more reference to any other incidents though. There's a big wheeze from the gold at the nuzzling and she pushes up to her feet again, shifting forward into place for the next egg.

"Ah just dun get it. Was half tempted ta push him off my ledge, when he showed up at Ista." He mutters a little, shaking his head. "He'd best not get any ideas 'bout Mai either, now that he's there." The bronzerider quiets, thinking it seems, even as Dhonzayth hovers with a bit of a worrying croon.

Orla chuckles a little and pats a hand companionably to his side. "Don't worry about it, deal with him later if he sniffs around where she shouldn't." A little pat and she hugs in, falling quiet while she gives Nieleth some mental encouragement. The gold finishes of and moves on again, one last egg appearing to make it up to eleven before she creeps round to curl round the top end of the clutch, head flopping down onto her paws.

"If'n he sniffs 'round where he shouldn't, shards will he regret it." He mutters under his breath, before she hugs in and he shakes his head a little, pulling his attention back to the matter at hand, managing a little smile for her. "She done good, sweets… Eleven!" He offers, even as Dhon covers up the last egg and moves to gently curl up with the gold to guard for now.

Orla nods her head into his shoulder a little. "Her biggest clutch yet." She murmurs with a proud sigh. The gold croons ever so gently, her weariness showing as she barely manages to snuggle into the bronze herself, waves of tired contentment issuing forth, every inch the proud mom as she closes her eyes, her tail curling round to entwine with the bronzes.

"Mmm, see, Dhon's good fer something ta."L'ton says with a wink, teasing her gently as he sits there, looking out over the sands, sitting comfortably with rider even as his lifemate sits comfortably with dragon. "Done good, Ah think.." He comments with a grin. "Ya did, ta."

Orla smiles, content herself, can't quite help the feeling of weariness emanating from her dragon affect her as well. "Seeing as he's getting settled in down there you're not getting back to your weyr tonight." She murmurs, "Come back to mine for the rest of the night, I can at least offer you a comfy bed and me to cuddle into while we sleep." She pauses before adding. "Just to sleep, I unfortunately have work to attend to in the morning that can't wait."

L'ton stifles a yawn, shaking his head at Dhonzayth. "Shardin' beast.. he offers as token protest, before nodding and squeezing her shoulders. "Best ta not be ta tired, and 'set Lissi again. Poor woman's fit ta pop, and Ah dun wanna send her inta early labor." He murmurs, shaking her shoulders a little to get her moving.

Orla bobs her head a little as she pushes herself up from the seat and stands, stretching a bit before she offers her hand to him. "Come on then handsome, I need my beauty sleep." She tells him with a grin as she glances fondly out at the two dragons curled up on the sands.

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