Untold Dangers

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Lagoon
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Given the weyr's tropical climate, riders and dragons can be seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting nearly turn-round. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl.

It is alway fun washing dragon's right? No one thinks about chores like that when they are signing up to stand for a clutch now do they? Irkevalath is settled in the shallows, the healers finally given the OK for the blue to get back in the waters, doesn't mean there are still some healing scabs across his form, mostly found at his right shoulder and side, some even across his wing. Not to mention all his other coutless scars. So it is all set up, buckets, brushes, soapsand for he scrubbing and hey there is even some oil to be done after said scrubbing. Sundari is sitting on the sand glancing to the sky and hums softly while waiting for the few 'lucky' people that get to bath her dear troublesome dragon, thanks to the cast on her arm she isn't in the position to mind you. She has on a tanktop and shorts, a few scars peak out from across her back, an some at her left arm, an oh yes a set upon her left calf that looks as if something actually tried to take a bite out of her. Just one look at the Weyrling Master might make people think twice before actually becoming a rider!

Heryn is, perhaps, one of those people thinking twice. Clad in swim shorts and sandals, the bartender makes his way down towards the lagoon, a towel flung over one shoulder and an enormous mug of klah in one hand. Clearly, he's trying to fend off some of the tiredness that lingers in his gaze, chugging at the liquid as quickly as its temperature allows. He almost stops when he realizes it's Sundari and Irkevalath that he's been assigned to for the day's chore, if only because he remembers what happened last time he tried to bathe the blue, but after a second he rolls his eyes with a chuckle and heads down to stand near Sundari in the sand. "Hey," he greets when he finally draws close enough, blue-grey eyes peering closely at the cast restraining her arm. "They decided it was more than just a minor beating, hmm?," he asks with a gesture towards the cast before his gaze shifts out to her blue dragon. "Heard he fared a lot worse out of it, poor guy. Glad to see they're letting you guys out, though." He lingers for now, perhaps waiting for someone else to appear, content to make small talk before the real chore begins.

Dragon washing is certainly not Venryk's job for the day, but that doesn't mean he won't be doing it. No, he's following after a brownrider, but veers away from him after a quick discussion and instead heads for the lagoon. Oh sure, he might not be wearing swimming attire, but that matters little as pretty much standard clothing for him has become a tank top and shorts. Half Moon Bay is /hot/. Sandals, however, are quite resolutely shunned still. For all that the teen tends to talk, he perhaps wisely does not comment on any scars Sundari might be showing when he approaches. Though there is some staring. He grins however instead, lifting one hand up. "Hey! G'lum says he needs a little while with less me and more silence, so he told me to come over here. And hey, I'm not against getting in the water when it's absolutely hot out." Heryn's arrival is also met with a broad smile, though it's briefly muffled when he tugs his tank top over his head. "Did you bring enough klah for everyone in that thing, or is it just for you? You even have a towel though! You're /prepared/ for this." Venryk, alas, has no towel. Not that it's likely to matter in the sun. He drops down though to start working his shoes off as well, as the decidedly /not/ sandals take a bit of extra work.

Sundari lifts her good arm and slightly rubs at a bruise across her neck, yes /one/ of those again Heryn. A glance is ent to the voice and she looks a bit amused, a smile seen. "Hey there… Yeah… I'm lucky that way." As for Irk the blue opens his eyes to send a glance towards the ones that are to bath him, a soft snort escapes him, someone is not impressed. "He tends to always get the short end of the stick." Well just look at him… Sunny shifts brushing some sand off as she goes and offers a smile and nod to Venryk once he appears as well, a soft chuckle is heard at the talk of it being well hot. "I assure you, no one can ever be prepared when it comes to washing Irkevalath. Before D'nyl would help me it would take some time." She will not get started on how long it takes to oil the blue either. "Have you washed a dragon yet Venryk?" Well she knows Heryn has after all.

Heryn sees that bruise, and he tries really hard not to smirk really he does, even tries to hide it with another sip of klah but, well… he can't help it. She can probably see it no matter what. He's totally only amused by her words though. Really! "Lucky. That's certainly one word for it," he drawls, humor tempered by sympathy. "Maybe not the one I'd choose, but…" He shrugs; who he is to judge. He is, for one shining moment, injury-free for the first time since candidacy started after all. Heryn points a grin out towards Irkevalath for that snort, one hand raising to pat the air in a 'peace' gesture before blue-grey eyes shift over to the approaching Venryk. Mirth redoubles as his gaze flicks down to peer at the younger candidate's choice in footwear before dragging back up to his face again, chin dipping in a nod of greeting. "Hey, Venryk. G'lum sounds like an ass, you're better off with us anyways," Heryn replies with a sideways grin. There is a small flicker of surprise for the comment about his mug of klah, peering down at it as though he couldn't imagine someone drinking less than a pint every day. "I mean, usually it's just for me, but you're welcome to some if you need it?" Beam! There's a hard snort for Sunny's comment about never being prepared enough for bathing Irk, eyes rolling again with a low laugh. "Ain't that the truth. He dunked me last time. Totally uncalled for." But not totally unwelcome either - it was hot, and only getting hotter with the arrival of spring. One can only imagine what summer will be like!

Venryk remains seated while getting his shoes off, promptly plopping them on top of his dropped tunic. There's a quick look up at Sundari though, nodding briefly as he gets back to his feet again. "Oh sure, a couple of times here. Did some back at Fort now and again too. They find things for people to do so they don't get into too much trouble. …Kinda like candidacy, now that I think about it, just…all the time." There's a quick flash of a grin though, and he's promptly skootching right over to Heryn to take a sip out of his mug. He /offered/. Therefore, the healer is going to partake with a grin darted up at the bartender. Because that's what he needs. Caffeine. "Aw, G'lum's not so bad. I mean, I /have/ been talking a bit much..probably. I do that, I know, and I don't think he really 'signed up' for candidate watching, if you understand. Can't blame people for not wanting to do something they didn't volunteer for." Arms stretch out above his head then, and a look is cast into the water and the dragon waiting. "I can't say I mind dunking.. I like the water well enough!"

Sundari can only offer a faint grin back to Heryn as she catches his smirk, she doesn't gives a rats bootie what people think anymore on her well, hickies. Onwards though to the task at hand, she will also just ignore the comments to G'lum. "Irk is not a easy dragon to wash, he has well… Issues." Most have figured that out by now. "I can't really help thanks to the cast so you all get to have all the 'fun' today." She waves them on to follow as she moves on towards the shallow wandering in some to reach the blue. Irkevalath rumbles out softly while lifting his head up to lightly nose at his rider, an the two seem to have a slight conversation so to speak while the pair get moving. "He'll behave… Most likely. With Irk ou have to pay attention to his scars, some are tender some arn't, but they all need a good scrubbing to make it easier to oil him." She glances back to her dear 'helpers'. "His right shoulder and side is still sore, I suggest just being careful there and that wing too." Wth that said she grins. "Have fun boys."

There's a definite surprised blink when Venryk scootches right on over to partake of his klah, but Heryn doesn't resist or protest in the slightest. Instead, he offers the Healer brow-raised look of amusement, surrendering the mug for the time being so he can reach over and ruffle the boy's curly brown hair. "You're cute," he says though a chuckle as he moves to deposit his own accouterments, towel and sandals discarded sloppily to one side. "As for G'lum, I understand what you're saying, but I still thinks he sounds like an ass." Though, being a chatty person himself, maybe he just has a different view on the merits of having another extrovert around for company, unwelcome or not. Regarldess, he flicks a sharp grin over towards Sundari. "'Fun,' she says. More like 'trauma' and 'unpredictability,'" the candidate drawls, but it's ultimately good-natured as he wanders towards the water and the waiting Irkevalath. "We'll be careful though, big guy," is said towards the blue, gaze tracking over sensitive spots as they're pointed out, carefully marking new scabs and scarring with a nod as he chooses a bucket and fills it with water and a healthy dash of sweetsand. "They give you a time frame on getting your cast off?," is asked towards Sunny if only because he's curious.

At least Venryk doesn't try to /keep/ the klah mug. He's happy to surrender it again, laughing with the bit of hair ruffling he gets with a grin. "Yeah?" At least the healer doesn't seem to mind 'cute' being the descriptor. "We can't all be tall and muscled hotness, so I'll take it! Heh, this is probably much more interesting than following him around though, that's for sure." Poor G'lum. Forever labled the ass. There's a quick shake of his head though, before he starts trying to pay attention to the instruction given about Irk's specific washing issues. He even frowns just a bit, giving a quick glance over the affected areas pointed out. "Well can't blame him there, I guess.." He heads after Heryn toward the water though, nodding. "Yep, we'll be extra careful! It's a successful bath if nobody drowns during it, right?"

Sundari looks on amused as Venryk goes about stealing a drink from Heryn's mug and chuckles softly. "Hey… You made it from the last time, I see that as a good thing. Don't you?" She questions with an amused tone. Irkevalath is quietly watching the pair of boys, a yawn escapes him and he just relaxes reading for his spa treatment! Sunny looks to the cast, wiggling her fingers a bit. "Not fully sure actually. I broke my arm before, nearly in the same spot. This time is broken one bone and cracked the other." It isn't the fall that kills kiddies, it's that sudden stop, which in this case caused broken bones. A soft smile is sent to Venryk while she settles back to sitting on the sands once more. "Sure, no drowning is a good thing. But Irk hasn't drowned anyone yet." She pauses and chuckles a bit. "He nearly drowned once actually…" What /hasn't/ Irk nearly done?

Heryn does take the mug back, taking a long draught before depositing it off with his other stuff, but he does shoot Venryk an amused nod and a confirmed, "Yeah, 'course you are." Heryn still doesn't know what to do with people calling him hot, but he plays it off with humor anyways, brows jerking up and down in a playful bob. "True. The upkeep is exhausting, anyways. I don't recommend it. 'Cute' is the much better way to go." A beat, then. "What does G'lum even do, anyways?" There's no argument for this being more interesting, though. Instead he squints at Irkevalath as though debating just where to even start before apparently deciding to work from bottom to top. The tricky tail that got him is approached with a pat, brush dunked into his bucket before he applies it to the blue's hide and works quick, deft circles. Heryn levels a look back at Sunny for having survived last time, upturned lips belying his mirth. "'Surviving' is such a terrible way to measure the success of something," he jokes. "But yeah, to be fair, I did manage to make it through somehow. Probably for the best - I'm sure Czaiath wouldn't let him live it down if he'd drowned one of his searchees." There's a sympathetic wince for her broken bones however, expression sobering somewhat. "Ouch. That's rough, Sunny. Glad you got seen, I guess - the way you were going on in the infirmary, it sounded like you were just fine. How's that weyrling kid?"

Venryk gives a very serious nod to Heryn's recommendation. "It does sound pretty tiring.." The look gives way to a smile again though almost immediately, unable to hold the expression for too long. "What does..G'lum do? Uh. …Well that's a pretty good question. I mean..I followed him around after breakfast and he didn't really talk much..you know? I think he wanted to go back to bed. Or something." He does start wading out into the water a bit though, after grabbing up some of the scrubbing tools that are rather obviously needed. "Hey, /I'll/ be happy to judge success by being alive. Do a good job? Maybe not! But totally alive at the end…awesome." He's a bit hesitant to start once he actually gets there, though, a wary look given to the dragon's hide before he finally gets to scrubbing at it. Still, there's a vague wince for the talk of broken bones, looking away from Irk toward the shore again. "Geez, that's a lot of breaking things. And cracking things. And all..general else, I guess. But..yeah that's right! I forgot about him..the other one in the crash, right?"

Irkevalath shifts slightly, working tot ry and make it easier on the two, see? HE isn't that bad! A soft rumble of content soon escapes the blue, he does enjoy a bath with the scrubbyscrubbies. "Naw, I don't think Czaiath would have enjoyed it. I don't know how they get along as well as they do at times." Most likely the relationship between D'nyl and Sunny is what makes the bronze and blue really deal with one another. She smiles a bit, though it seems a bit more sad honestly. "I've had worse actually… A few broken bones well, I can handle that I suppose." A slight ah escapes her and she chuckles. "As long he stops pissing off D'nyl he'll be fine. Irk and I managed to take the brunt of the crash." Mostly the blue actually. "When it comes to teaching Weyrling's we tend to do that more often then not. Don't need young dragon's hurt, though I won't lie it does happen."

Heryn snorts for Venryk's serious play, eyes scrunching up around the corners as the noise turns into a laugh. "It is! Double the calisthenics, and you always have to be looking out so the sun hits you just so for optimal muscle-shadowing. And then there's the flexing. It's horrible." So dramatic! There's a second snort for Venryk having no idea what G'lum actually does, though, brow twitching up at his fellow candidate over a smirk. "He really is the worst, shells. The woman I followed around about a sevenday ago was dry as wherhide, but I at least learned a thing or two about sweeps before she sent me packing." A nasal laugh is given for the idea of being alive at the end of things being enough, but Heryn focuses on making it to the base of Irk's tail instead of answering. It's only Sunny's slightly sadder tone that draws his attention back to shore, the bartender observing her quietly before saying, "I guess you're right. In the grand scheme of things, there's plenty worse. Still, hope it patches up quickly. I'm sure it doesn't make your job any easier." There's a nod for the state of the weyrling half of the crash, and a bit of surprise for them taking the brunt of the fall. "Didn't think about that. Suppose that makes sense - better a veteran dragon who can handle it than a young one, so long as they learn from the mistake. Hmm." A shrug. "Well, if we happen to impress, I'm sure we'll do our best to be a lot more careful for you, hmm?," is asked much more lightly, brows twitching up over at Venryk as though to say, 'right?'

Venryk snickers right along with Heryn's continued dramatics, wading around in the water as he works on his side of Irk. There's a few places indeed where the healer is much more careful about how he scrubs though, casting a few quick glances up toward the head region. To make sure, of course. That he's not about to get unceremoniously flung in the opposite direction. "It's fine, it's fine. I followed another rider around who actually answered questions and talked to me about things. Can't all be winners at candidate duty, I guess." The fact that Sundari has had /worse/ than a couple of broken bones gets a worried look from the teen though, peeking her way again while she speaks. "Y..yeah! We'll be real careful and not go about crashing, or tripping, or falling into holes." …Because holes are the untold danger of weyrlinghood…obviously.

Sundari is left quiet for a few moments, her mind wandering enough that Irkevalath turns to look to his rider witha soft croon escaping the blue. The moment passes and she glances back to the pair and chuckles. "Most likely isn't the smartest move to do when a falling dragon is involved. But… they did crash into us, couldn't go between in time and I didn't know if S'en and his brown would have followed. I'm hoping they learn." She is soon laughing at the offer for them to be careful. "Don't say it, your already jinxing the next set of weyrlings!" Irk is a bit mroe settled once his rider's mind is back on the moment. To the point his tail lifts slightly, tip slowly twitching while a wing lifts up offering more of his side to the two dear washers.

"That's good, then," Heryn comments through a slight frown, having found a small patch of dirt in the ridges of the blue's tail that just didn't want to come off. "I guess you're right. I'm sure it's not everybody's idea of a good time, especially considering some of the people they could get stuck with. Could you imagine trying to tell Jassaran anything? Kid's a terrible know-it-all." Blue-grey eyes track up to Irkevalath for that crooning, following the dragon's gaze back to Sunny with a press of lips that twitch up slightly for her chuckle. "Maybe. Eventually. That or you'll have to hold them back and suffer their presence awhile longer," he says, eyes sparkling with the tease before he outright laughs for Venryk's list of trials. "Shells, what do you do in your free time, that falling into holes is on that list?," is asked, voice mock-incredulous as he nears the blue's twitching tailtip.

"Hey, there's no getting around it. Holes are a thing that happen!" Oh yes. Beware the holes. He keeps up the work though while he talks, finding a few dirtier places that need an extra bit of pressure. "I mean, it's not like I spent time falling /into/ holes or anything. But I mean, there's a ton of forest outside Fort. You think there's no holes? Hah! Not to mention I got a letter from my mom, did you know part of Fort /collapsed/? There's like whole areas that just..caved in and such. So I'm gonna put that on the list of ways I don't plan on hurting myself, either. Cave ins." There may in fact be a slight shudder involved in that. Who wants to imagine being crushed to death by falling rocks? Yeesh. He makes a slight face at the mention of Jassaran though. "Oh, Jass isn't../that/ bad.." It's..weak, really. Even the healer, talkative teen that he is, might just avoid the other candidate..a bit. He flashes a quick smile though in Sundari's direction, trying to at least look somewhat guilty. "I'll take full credit if things like that come true, ma'am! I'll start saying all sorts of things instead, like..potatoes will fill the barracks one morning! Because honestly? That'd be hilarious."

Sundari lets good arm fold raound a knee while she just watches the two as they work, she is a bit amused over this honestly, at least the blue is allowing it still! "Don't bring up what I have been thinking about ever since the accident." She would love nothing more then to hold S'en back for his actions, and honestly she does have the /power/ to do that! "Oh there are plenty of good times… Still need to take you lot out to one of te islands and giveyou a few days n the wild. Each group does it before the eggs hatch to give you guys a taste of what things might be like without a dragon." Oh yes that will be fun… Off in the wilds with Sundari and D'nyl? FEAR… Sunny offers a smile and chuckles as she hears them. "Holes huh?…" At the talk of Fort she makes a slight face. "Yeah I've heard about that, big mess too. Hopefully not to may people was hurt duing that mess."

Heryn smirks over at Sundari for that comment, one brow lifting ever so slightly. "Why not? It's within your scope of duties, from what I've heard," he says, though it's mostly in jest - he, too, hopes it can be learned from before further actions are taken. It's amusing to discuss in S'en's abscence, though! Said amusement persists into the beginning of Venryk's conversation about holes, Heryn's hands raising in a relenting gesture as he nods. "Yeah, you're right! It was just funny, how high it was on that list of otherwise real common stuff. Crashing, tripping, and holes," he says with a chuckle before the mention of Fort sobers him up, too, a wince scrunching blue-grey eyes. "Shells, yeah, heard about that, too, but didn't know any real details. Just that it'd happened. Was it that bad?," is asked of the boy and Sundari both as he finally reaches the end of Irkevalath's tail and moves on, forwards to one big blue haunch. "Jass is exactly that bad," Heryn argues, slightly more playful nature reemerging for that before he peers back at Sundari. "We're going to one of the islands? Really?" He seems excited at first, up until he really thinks about it, face scrunching up with a slight frown. "Wait, for how long?"

Venryk shrugs both shoulders again, head tilting. "She didn't give me too many details, just that some areas were like..completely blocked off and stuff. I know there was a big ol' bridge that connected some of the higher areas, and that's gone, too." Maybe it's lucky that Venryk isn't /in/ Fort for all of that mess. He shakes his head to halt that subject from dwelling too long in his mind. After all, there's mention of islands! The teen perks up, pausing in all of that cleaning in order to get a better view, brows arched upward. "We do? Really? As in like, sleeping outside and hunting for food and..well..wait a second, I don't know how to /do/ that.. Can we /bring/ food?"

Irkevalath shifts to settle a bit more on ne side, which will make Heryn's work that much hrader now it seems. Well, don't expect him to be super helpful! His tail slowly twitches and sways moving through the water to be a bit closer to Venryk now. Sundari shrugs a bit. "It is something that I can do, but at the same time I hate doing it. It it not a easy decision after all." That is a big deal, getting held back after all. "Though it is something I plan on speaking to D'nyl and Pierta over given everything that has happened." She ponders the name a moment it sems. "So what all has Jass done that has tormented you all so much?" Well now she is curious. As for the rest she looks amusedand chuckles softly. "It is possible… I need to talk to D'nyl about it. Why, you all allergic to the outside places beyond a weyr or somethin'?" A soft laugh is heard. "Oh come now, you think we wouldn't teach you something first?"

"Shells." It's possible Heryn hadn't heard about the bridge, judging from that wide-eyed look he flicks Ven's way, a small knit in his brow deepening as he considers it. "Well, I hope your mom's okay," he says, though clearly she was well enough to write, at any rate. There is a bit of a huff when Irkevalath moves, pulling the leg he was working on up and out of his reach, hands coming up to perch on his hips. "Listen, mister, you're the one that needs the bath, here," the candidate chides, though there's no heat in his words. Thinking a minute, he drops his brush to let it float on the water's surface before putting both hands on his bucket and throwing the contents up onto the blue's side with a satisfied look. Take that! "Yeah, I figured that was the case," the bartender says on the subject of S'en as he moves back up the beach to re-soap a new bucket of water. "Nobody wants to get held back. Then again, nobody wants a dangerous showoff, either." He gives her a shrug that expresses he's glad that's not a decision he has to make before heading back out into the water. "Jass is… Jass. He has this bad habit of thinking he's better than everybody else," Heryn murmurs, gaze flicking to Venryk for backup on the topic. As for the island camping, "Allergic? Nah! Just curious. Need to know if I have to pack a ready-bag, or if it's something you'll prepare us for." There is a suspicious squint Sundari's way for that soft laugh. "Yeah, no, that's real reassuring. Definitely packing a ready-bag," he says to Venryk with a wink.

All that movement! Venryk waits as Irk starts to /move/, drawing his hands away from where he'd started scrubbing again. Oh, just making it hard for Heryn? That's fine. He's a bit too busy trying to scrub though to notice any suspicious tail action though. He nods through the work however. "Oh yeah, my family's fine. Though I'm kinda glad I /wasn't/ around. I sure don't want to be anywhere that ceilings are coming down..even if it's not right on top of me." There's a hint of laughter at the continued mention of Jass, sighing. "I'm sure he'll get over it /eventually/. ..I mean..I would hope he would, but come on..can't imagine anyone being like that forever." He puffs out a breath, letting it ruffle the bit of hair that tends to fall into his face, before rubbing a bare arm against his face. "Okay, I'm letting Heryn pack for me. So long as we know..kinda what to do I guess it should be fine though. I'm gonna pack like..an extra bag full of bandages and numbweed though. Just in case."

Irkevalath lets out a soft rumble right back to Heryn's comments on the bath at the moment. A swirling eye opens to look towards the brotender and his head tilts with a soft croon soon heard, said hindpaw is lifted and a wave of water is sent towards Heryn for splashing the water upon him. Take that back! As for his tail it shifts and wiggles slowly in the water before attemping to bump against Venryk's leg to try and send him splashing back into the water. Sundari blinks and chuckles a bit. "I think his done with standing still… It happens." So much for him 'behaving' it seems. As for the rest she nods a bit pondering. "That's too bad, this isn't ag ame of who is better then who else. People don't understand that it seems." She has to deal with it during /each/ clutch. As ofor the rest she chuckles and is soon grinning. "Well, just have to wait and see now won't you?" She questions with a teasing tone. "The point of it is to see how you get along wihtout help, in the wilds… I will allow only certain things to go, bandages and numbweed will be a few of the things of course."

"Yeah, shells, I'm glad you weren't around, either," Heryn mumbles, that frown lingering just another moment before he shakes his head and keeps scrubbing. "Anyways, maybe you're right. Maybe Jass'll get over it. Maybe not. Either way, we'll hopefully be through with him here in a while. If nothing else, he'll die of sheer repugnance for the idea of having to camp in the outdoors." The idea amuses him way too much, and Irk's splash comes at just the right time to knock the smirk off his face. "Eugh, pleh, rude!," he splutters through a laugh, shoving dangling wet hair out of his eyes before bopping his brush against the blue's foot. Despite his joviality, the bartender nods for Sundari's talk about things they can take with them, gaze going distant as he ponders what else that could be while dutifully returning to cleaning. If said thoughts just happen to keep him quiet through the rest of the chore, wellll…

Venryk takes a quick peek around the bulk of the dragon to grin at Heryn happily. "I'd much rather be here, anyway!" Laughing, he shakes his head while getting back to work, nodding. "Well of /course/. I can only imagine what kind of horrible wounds people are going to get while camping about. Splinters, for instance." Thankfully, he won't list /other/ more horrific injuries that could occur. Who knows when his abilities as the local prophet will come to pass! The tail bumping into his legs has the desired effect, however. Or perhaps a bit..more, really. The teen stumbles his way back with an undignified, completely loud…shriek before falling backward in the water. Oops? At least it's not deep or anything, and he very easily sits back up again with wide eyes, spluttering. Bewildered healer is bewildered! At least, until he figures out it was a /tail/. Thankfully not an EEL. Or some other creature.

Sundari laughs now while he slowly stands up, brushing off some sand from her shorts. "Right right… I didn't die, neither will you all." Trust her, if there as a chance for her to go it would have happened already so a little camping trip wil be fine boys! Irk is up and moves, wings opening and casting a shadow across the two that have been srubbing him, he croons and rumbles before leaning his hea down to actually give Heryn's a rather icky slurp across the cheek before he is moving off to deeper water. "An that is all with bathing Irk today it seems." She pauses while glancing to Venryk, just eeming to figure out why he well fell and coughs a bit before just grining. "Sorry.. You alright there?" She is assuming all is welll there at least.

Well, so much for that distant thoughtfulness. Venryk's splash tears his attention back from wherever it went, the bartender leaning to peeer over at his fellow candidate, eyes scrunched up in a big old grin. "Heh. Was gonna warn you - he did that to me, too - but…" Well, why ruin the fun. There's certainly enough of it to go around. That draconic slurp earns a fullbodied shudder and a, "Pluh" from the bartender, shoulders up and hands both flicking out in a disgusted gesture that drops both bucket and brush. "Gross." Thoroughly scandalized, Heryn just stands there for a second, staring off into space before adding. "Well I don't know about you, but now I need a bath." And out he goes into deeper water with no further preamble, and who knows if he'll even come back when he's done! That might be enough 'fun' for one day!

"Oh, I think I'll live." Venryk is just mightly wet, really. Which seems fine, considering they were already /in/ the water. He works at getting to his feet though, and making sure his shorts stay put. They're not swim trunks, after all! Water soaking in makes them a bit heavy. Fingers shove through his wet hair to keep it out of his face though, looking after Heryn with a laugh. "So I have /you/ to blame for it, huh? Oh sure, fine, swim away!" It's hard to threaten while trying not to giggle. Really. He shakes his head though and trudges /out/ of the water though. To steal Heryn's towel.

Sundari just blinks and holds back a laugh there for a mere moment as Heryn is licked by the fleeing blue, she is soon laughing and shakes her head. "Sorry Heryn… If it helps I think he likes you now." NOW so that ould prove he wasn't to crazy about the bartender before? A shake of her head is seen. "You all did good, thanks for giving him a bath I appricate it." A glance is sent to Venryk and she nods with a grin. "Glad to hear your not easy to break then. You two can have the rest of the afternoon off after dealing with him." She will then wander off with a slight wave sent towards the pair, and Irk may just try and stalk Heryn there a bit ifhe gets to far out in the water!

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