Bruised Knuckles and Baby Names

Western Weyr - The Temple of Doom
It's just as well this weyr is of a decent size, given what its occupants have tried to store here. There are boxes lining one wall, tipped to have their open tops facing into the room, turned into a storage rack of sorts for goodness knows what treasures - the only thing that's clear is that there's plenty of the apparently 'precious' items. Along another wall is a set of shelves made from driftwood, again laden down with all manner of things. There's no division of sections here, so visitors will get to look straight onto whatever state of dress Rou'x's bed is in; and, more likely that not, it'll be unmade with pillows and blankets sleep-strewn across the deep, hard mattress. The only furniture the brownrider has procured comes in the form of a beaten up old sofa that's seen many a better turn, and a round table (the surface of which is hidden beneath, you guessed it, even /more/ stuff) with four mismatched chairs.

It's been one /hell/ of a day. After the revelations in the bowl, Rou'x is happy to slip awkwardly down off Indianath and limp into the security of her weyr. Not only is her thigh sore but her hand's aching from the punch she landed on Ir'e's cheek, and it's all she can do to keep away from the bed so as to not just fall onto it before Keely arrives. The weyr's in its typically cluttered state, organised chaos filling pretty much every surface - save for one. There, tucked up against one side of the bed, is a chest of drawers with a bow tied around one handle; they're wooden, antique-looking, with white paint and a faded floral pattern. It's by far the girliest thing in the whole place.

It has been quite the day. Keely still isn't sure what to make of things. On the one hand, she has a reason for why she's been feeling so run down and out of it. On the other hand, it won't be going away for quite a while and she now has to request special arrangements be made. Geimhreath lands lightly on the ledge, but flies off once the brunette has dismounted. Likely back to his own ledge and hollow for a nap. It's a slow, uncertain stride that takes the young woman into the weyr proper, but she stops with a surprised expression once she sees the drawers. "You… weren't kidding," she says, voice pitched softly. There, ah, must be something in her eyes for all the blinking she's doing when she looks to Rou'x. "Are… are ya certain?"

Now that Keely's there and has seen her gift, Rou'x sinks on the bed with a groan, kicking her feet up to be able to unlace and remove her boots. "Yeah, doll. I'm certain." Boots-free, she lies back on the bed, patting the space beside her to invite the bluerider to join her. "Do y'like it? I searched f'ever, lookin' for one I thought were real nice n' all." Covering a yawn with the hand she punched Ir'e with, Rou winces at the way it hurts. Her knuckles are already showing signs of possible bruising - they're red, at the very least. "I'm gonna try, KeeKee. I got thinkin' when we were on the island."

Keely doesn't spend long hovering over the drawers. They're certainly nicer than any of the initial furniture she's ended up with at her place. Mind, she scavenged all of that from the storage caverns. The bluerider makes her way to the bed, kicking off her boots as she goes. She climbs in and presses up to the brownrider. Noting the wince, she reaches out to take Rou'x's hand and — provided there's no resistance — begins to place gentle kisses on those knuckles. "I'm… so glad you're willing to try. I… ain't asking much. I know flights'll happen an' I know it may not work out, but…" she looks up to study the other woman. "I wanna try… 'cause y'never know unless ya do."

Rou'x doesn't resist at all. After a few moments she rolls onto her side, facing Keely. Her other hand comes up to tuck a stray strand of hair behind the girls ear, then she smiles tiredly. "I got thinkin' that I wouldn't know what t'do, if you got hurt or summat, or if y'weren't there f' some reason. That, n' I missed ya somethin' awful, Kee." Her eyes close for a moment, and then her smile fades a little when she opens them again. "This… /situation/ though, Kee, it's… /big/. I ain't got no clue how t'deal wi' it."

Eyes close partially as hair is tucked back. Lips curve in a slow smile and Keely leans in to kiss Rou'x. It's short, sweet, but very gentle. "I ain't going anywhere," she affirms, pulling back a bit to look the brownrider in the eye. The latter, though, causes a shift in expression. Kee frowns and lies back, hand rising to her stomach. "I… I dunno either. I'm kinda… I dunno. Excited, mebbe? But also terrified. I'd wanna be a good mom… definitely better than mine was, at least."

"Kee." Rou pushes herself up on one elbow, frowning at her lover - her almost weyrmate! She's about to say something then stops herself, takes a moment to gather her thoughts, then tries again. "I ain't so sure I want t'be a mum." There's a hint of worry there in her big, amber-like eyes, and she bites nervously down on her lip. "It ain't anything I've ever wanted. Not sure I'll /ever/ want it, n'… well, I dunno for sure if it's true, but… I been wondering since before them Healers told you t'day. It…. it'd make sense."

Keely's eyes shift, tracing Rou'x's body up until she's focusing on her face. There's a little smile in response. Almost mischievous in nature. "It'd explain why ya kept running out on me about to puke. I didn't /think/ I made ya that ill." Hand drifts from stomach, moving to snake around the brownrider and try to pull her closer. "I ain't too sure either, but… Ir'e seems… really interested an' that's, I dunno, beyond most riders. We wouldn't be alone in it." Then a broader smirk comes to her, eyes glinting. "An' iff'n it came down to it… we could just leave the kids with him." 'Cause Rhabel would /love/ that.

Rou'x allows herself to be pulled closer, curling an arm over Keely's waist. "It's cos've him that I'm even less sure, y'know? We hadda fight - sorta a fight, anyway. I told him he could go fuck himself wi' a spoon, or some shit like that." There's a little snort of laughter to punctuate her sentence there, and she dips her head, grinning. "He were dead keen on it when /you/ told him. He weren't so happy when I said mebbe I were up the duff, too."

"With a spoon? What happened?" Keely's brow furrows a bit and she squeezes Rou'x a bit tighter, other hand shifting to toy with the brownrider's hair. "He didn't seem keen so much as… realizin' that he could have a family? 'Cause it ain't like he can knock up Rhabel." There's a brief, but fleeting smirk at that thought. "An' he didn't seem… upset when you told him you might be also. More shocked, I think. Imagine finding out both yer ladies might become big an' crazy at the same time!"

Rou'x cups her hand around Kee's cheek, shrugging her shoulders. "It don't matter what happened, really. It happened, 's'all that matters." She closes her eyes, dropping her hand back down to the bluerider's waist. "I reckon I might go between f' a while, if I find out I'm… /delicate/ like that. But what'll you do, Kee? Y'said you're excited, but are y'ready? Do y'wanna do this?"

Keely draws a long breath, letting it out slowly. Her eyes close for a moment and when they open, she looks off and away. "I dunno that anyone is ever /ready/. I ain't never met anyone that was, at least. Y'get ready, but it's… I'mma get big an' have to take on lighter duties an' prolly be real crazy fer a while. Least all the women in the Caverns would get like that." Her gaze finally comes back to Rou'x, "I wanna do my best, though. It /is/ exciting. I feel like I'm about to go on some big adventure or somethin'."

Silence from Rou'x probably speaks more than she could ever try to say. She fiddles with the fabric of Keely's shirt, looking everywhere but at the bluerider. "There're other adventures t'go on. If it's what y'want, then…" Another silence, and she wrinkles her nose thoughtfully. "Then I'll try'n be a help to ya, or… whatever, but…" Her fiddling stops when she curves her hand down to press lightly over Kee's stomach. "It's pretty scary, doll."

Keely drops her hand from Rou'x's hair to cover the brownrider's hand on her stomach. She gives a small smile, though it wavers slightly. "It's scary, but… ain't the best adventures the ones you didn't plan for or choose?" She gives a little shrug and lifts from the bed a bit to place a kiss on Rou'x's forehead. "Iff'n you are preggers too an' decide to between it away… that's fine, but iff'n you choose to keep it, well. We can help each other out, y'know?"

"I dunno how we're gonna get it on if we've both got them big baby bellies." Rou'x huffs, knotting her fingers into Keely's and pursing her lips thoughtfully. "Can't be goin' between for a while though, anyways, cos've my leg. Healer reckons it's pretty deep, y'know? So no goin' between, no jumping about, no… heh, he said no vigorous sex, is what he said, but I reckon he were half jokin'. Still. It hurts, kinda. Like a sting-sorta feelin'."

"We'd figure it out," Keely says, grinning a little. "Th' women in the caverns would talk 'bout how they wanted sex even more when pregnant an' they always seemed to figure it out." Usually with a rider whose dragon didn't catch during a flight. The bluerider goes to kiss her partner proper, now, letting lips linger for a moment. "An' we've got months 'til we gotta worry 'bout that. Mebbe we can get our fill before then." At the mtnion of the leg, she pulls back and eyes flicker with some concern. "Wish I coulda kept you from getting hurt…"

Rou'x returns the kiss, though only half-heartedly; not for lack of enthusiasm, but more for lack of energy. "I reckon it happened in the water, when we all jumped in? Mebbe some cargo or some shit like that, floatin' about. Din't feel it, anyhow. Not until after. Nothin' you could've done for it, doll, butcha did help me after." Yawning again, Rou curls closer, snuggling in and settling down as if to go to sleep. "When d'you wanna bring some've your clothes over, Kee?"

"Still wish I coulda kept it from happening," Keely says, shifting in to cuddle up against Rou'x in response. "I felt this… terrible twist in my belly when I saw ya hurt. I was so cared." She nestles against the brownrider, yawning in response. They're contagious, y'know. "Mmm? Mebbe tomorrow… Right now I just wanna sleep with you."

Those last three words are /exactly/ what Rou'x wants to hear. She smiles, fidgeting about to get the pair of them into the most comfortable position. "Babe, I wanna just go t'sleep wi' you right now, too." A gentle kiss is pressed to Keely's cheek, and she nuzzles happily there for a long moment. "Y'could call y'baby Roukee. That'd be cute, right?"

Keely yawns again as she settles in, though it becomes a sigh once she finds that cozy spot. Mmhmm. The name suggested brings a small laugh and she wiggles up against Rou'x a little. More cuddles! More coziness! "I dunno Rou… Wouldn't it get confusin'? Unless people called it by its full name, we'd wonder iff'n it was us bein' called for."

"Oh. Oh yeah." Duh, Rou. She snuggles in closer, then smiles. "Theikeerou. Everyone's name's in it, then." Why she assumes she has a right to the name is anyone's guess, and is something that will have to be debated later as, seconds after her last sleep-mumbled suggestion, her breathing deepens to suggest she's already near enough asleep.

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