*Between* (Spoiler Alert: S'van Survives)

Spring - Day 25 of Month 5 of Turn 2714

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Weyrling Training Fiend
Half Moon Bay Weyr - Sky Over the Lagoon
Half Moon Bay Weyr - Over the Jungle
Half Moon Bay Weyr - Rock Over the Ocean

It is early morning at the training field, and the lessons are starting early. No more little things all big and serious lessns are to come forth now. Sundari is standing next to Irkevalth, the blue is settled resting in his straps after calling for Aedeluth and his lifemate to come forth for the Bweening lesson it eems. Sunny does these one at a time when starting and for a very important reason.

Aedeluth arrives, straps on and looking good; a new set recently made but thoroughly tested. He precedes S'van by a minute or more, the weyrling stifling a small yawn as he exits the barracks, pulling on his jacket as he goes. But it is just the one yawn, and once it has been expelled, he looks alert and maybe, just a touch, nervous for this all-important lesson. "Ma'am," he offers, saluting Sundari on his approach.

Sundari nods slightly once S'van and Aedeluth are there for the lesson. "I suppose you know what lesson this is and why it is so important?" She questions while Irkevalath eyes the bronze sligtly with a slow rumble of a greeting perhaps caught. It is a tense moment given what they are about to start teaching after all.

The seriousness of this moment is not lost on bronze or weyrling, though the former looks 'fighting ready' with quickly whirling eyes and a pervasive air of eager determination. Screens flicker in and out, excitement being reined in to an appropriate level. The weyrling is resolved, serious in the face of impending doom… er. Lessons. "Yes, ma'am," for both, offered quickly enough with a firm and determined tone of voice. He comes to rest beside Aedeluth, his right hand reaching out to rest against the bronze's foreleg.

Sundari nods slightly while she pulls out a pair of gloves and goggles from the pocket of her flight jacket. "Get mounted up then. He is stretched and ready to fly I would imagen?" This questioned while she glances to Aedeluth, his been doing well as of late but she needs to make sure after all.

As if in answer, Aedeluth spreads his wings and gives a decisive flap-flap, sending a rush of wind across the training field. The corner of S'van's mouth twitches upwards as he glances briefly at Aedeluth. "Yes. He has. He's warmed up and ready," probably ever since he woke up. At dawn. In anticipation of a lesson that *might* come but is certainly here now. It is only after the bronze has tucked his wings again and become still that S'van ascends, hauling himself aboard with practiced ease. Once settled atop his beast, there is a moment taken to snap himself in before he digs his own goggles and gloves out from pockets. Gloves go into his mouth, held firmly by his teeth as he pulls the goggles over his head. A moment is spent to fasten his jacket before those gloves are finally pulled onto his hands, where they ought to be. Aedeluth rumbles deep in his throat, and his wings spread once again as if in preparation. The weyrling offers a little thump-thump to his neck as if in agreement.

Sundari nods and turns to her dragon. "Once in the air Irkevalath will be giving the directions, you both have to follow the to the letter. Or… Things could get messy." For a few people honestly. "So mount up and we're head up to the sky." Sunny will wait for a answer to that while she sits upon Irkevalath's shoulders, straps in place. Once a answer is given the blue will leap up ino the air, wings opening an he is heading upwards rather quickly with a few powerful flaps of his wings.

"Of course," for following directions to the letter. This is certainly not a lesson that S'van is going to test boundaries in. And neither will Aedeluth. As Irkevalath rises, Aedeluth rocks back onto his hind legs, weight distributed onto the good left leg more than the weak right. But despite the malformed appendage, his launch to the sky is even and without stutter, bronze wings snap out and powerful downward strokes quickly brings him in line behind the blue. « We are ready, » announces the young bronze, speaking for his weyrling now that distance and movement make it difficult for speech.

« We will stay around the Weyr at first. All things I say you follow and do, al imagens I give you copy. A false move with this is not good. Living in stone is not fun. » Irkevalath offers to the bronze while he turns slightly in the air to look back at the pair. « Always keep a distance from other dragon, you do not want to come out from between to close to another. Remember the formations. » Sundari will let her dragon take the lead, offering little bits here and there but otherwise this is a dragon 'showtime' moment so to speak. Irk offers a image to Aedeluth, it is the sky above the Lagoon, high enough to be out of the way, but a easy spot that the blue knows all the Weyrlings all have seen many times by now. « Do you know this place? » The question is asked to make sure.

There is wordless agreement for the sentiment regarding becoming a stone stature. Smart-ass comments are withheld, for the seriousness of the moment and the firm hand on his neck. Yes. He knows. This is neither the time nor the place to get flippant. Words are absorbed. Processed. Put ito action as the bronze increases flying distance and falls into place as though there were a Wing of beasts in the air and not simply the pair. Code flickers and flares across his screens, slowing now and again in quiet contemplation, and then rushing away to be replaced by the offered image. Imperceptible from the distance is the tightening of fingers on straps, the quick exhale and roll of shoulders from the weyrling. « Yes. » Aedeluth knows the place. S'van knows the place.

« We go there first, I go first then you follow. Think of nothing else nly that place. You and your rider must have the same thought and then think of being there. » Irkevalath waits a momentbefore he shifts in the air. « We go, you follow… » With these words given the blue and his rider suddenly disappear from view and head *between*, the pair will appear over the Lagoon after three heartbeats and boh will look to the skies for a certain bronze dragon and weyrlng pair.

There is wordless acknowledgement and compliance. The image is held, strongly on all screens; firmly in the mind of bronze and weyrling. One moment, they are watching the blue pair, and then Irkevalath is gone. A heartbeat later, a pause only long enough to allow one more quick steadying breath. And then Aedeluth follows, vanishing in mid-air as he blinks Between. One… Two… Three… and they reappear over the Lagoon exactly as directed, a rush of cold air following their entry from the blackest-black. There is no crow of victory, no swell of pride, simply a solid confidence made more so at his victory. Aedeluth had not been worried; he knew he would be successful. This, more than flying, was natural.

Sundari nods slightly once seing the pair and gives her dragons a soft pat. "Onwards…" Is murmured to him while Irkevalath bugles out his praise to the bronze. « Very good… Next part of the lesson. Sometimes one must go to a place they have not before. Pay attention to the images I give you, and give them to your rider. » The images are of the forest out past the Weyr with a set of cliffs overlooking the sea. Open space and clear sky it would seem. « Do you understand? »

« Thank you. » The praise is received eagerly, and a smidge of smug pride seeps into the space between them. But the young dragon is not fooled; one jump at the behest and image of another is not enough. And so he is focused once again, the intensity of his mind's hum and drone rising in anticipation. S'van spares a moment to thump Aedeluth on the neck in praise as well, a wordless 'well done' passing between the pair. Back on task; image received, mulled over and given to S'van who fixes it in his mind as well. Once more, screens flash; image displayed in brilliant color with all the details that are given him. « I believe so. » A pause, and a confirmation. « We are to go here next. At your command. »

« We are to go there next. You must learn to pay atention to all images, as there are place you have never been. When going to a Weyr one uses the Star Sones there. For a out of the way place images can be used the same way. I havebeen to the cliffs many times so it is a place I trust you wil get there as well. » Irkevalath shifts in the air and dips down a bit. « Follow! » Then he disappears *between* once more three more heartbeats and he is soaring over the cliffs.

Though likely not the first time the Weyrling pair has heard such a thing, the words are still absorbed and not dismissed. A wave of confirmation; a nod of S'van's head. Both in agreement and acknowledgement of the words transmitted from the blue. « We will. » Because Aedeluth has no doubt that he will be just as successful in this as he was in the first jump. At the command, there is only a moment's pause before the bronze pair does as commanded, vanishing in the blink of an eye and then reappearing over the cliff.

Irkevalath bugles out as he sweeps down over the sky slightly turning to the side as the pair appear in the sky. « Beautiful! » The blue is very proud of his student at the moment and comes up near the bronze with a few flaps of his wings. « This is the last jump we will do, then we will head home. » The imagen given is that of open water, no land around for miles save one very large bit of rock that sticks out like a sore thumb. « Do you see? »

Again, it is the praise from the blue that heralds the wave of smug confidence from the bronze. Two successful jumps; he is proud. Even if success was the only option. To fail was to die, in this lesson. A thought that maybe weighs more heavily on the weyrling than his beast. S'van acknowledges the pair with a lift of his hand, though he relies on Aedeluth for communication. A little, encouraging thump to his bronze neck, and they are back to task, screens intent on the image, the bronze relays, « We see the rock » And he does. Open ocean. Rock. The only distinguishing thing among the deep blue waves and pale blue sky.

Irkevalath nods slightly and offers no words this time, no he disappear's like mist floating off in the breeze, Between he goes and it takes his last heartbeat to appear over the spot in question. Nothing but waves and the only thing is a large rock jutting out from the water. The waves roll across the sea and the pair wait for the approaching weyrlings to show themselves.

The third jump is just as easy as the last two, for the dragon at least. It is as natural as flying. As breathing. It is S'van who must relax as they progress. S'van who takes each success and allows it to ease the tension from his shoulders, and finally allow his mouth to turn up into a faint smile. And so they appear, sunlight glinting off bronze wings, above the open ocean and that irregular rock that has guided them. The wave of triumph is slower this time; Aedeluth has settled into a pattern. Though he does show his delight in a quick flash of screens and hum that is both mental and audible. « Where are we? » other than the open ocean. For Aedeluth does not see a point to remember such a place as this.

Irkevalath does not offer words this time, nope not paise right now! « It is the open water a dozen miles from the Weyr. I come here to fish sometimes… This rock form makes a good point to learn so I brought my rider here. » It does make sense, sometimes at simple as this rock can be used to prove that just about anything stable ould be used as a point of reference. « You did well… We are both please with your show. We will return to the training yard now. You recall it well by now? »

Aedeluth and S'van accept this answer easily, though the bronze-half is maybe not as interested in fishing and so, does not find the rock fascinating once it's purpose has been revealed. The point has been made, and was picked up on easily enough; a solid reference point in an otherwise desolate place. « Yes, we know it, » and without being asked, Aedeluth will flash this image onto his screens, offering an aerial view of the training field they have come to know as 'home'. What is fuzzy or vague is made crisp and detailed at the assistance of S'van, until a perfect picture is presented; the wooden barracks where he resides, the darkened weyrs in the stone-face, and the shape of the stones as they lay along the ground. All is presented. « Home. »

Irkevalath nods and us sweeps out over the waters and slipingbetween wihtout another word to the bronze. Three hearbeats later and he is gliding over the barracks with a deep bugle escaping him in the process.

The bronze is going to assume that Irkevalath's vanishing is his 'ok' to follow, for he does so almost immediately afterwards. Three heartbeats later, and he has reappeared over the training field. And this time, on this jump, he will bugle his victory to the Weyr. This time, he jumped himself home. At the visual from his weyrling, and not from the experienced pair. And so, to the bronze, they are triumphant in full. S'van just grins and thumps him on the neck twice, though the predominant feeling from him is relief. Aedeluth will be smug for the both of them.

Irkevalath wanted to see if thepair felt at easy enough to try it themselves or if they would call for help. The blue glides over the field and stays in the air waiting or the pair to return home so to speak. « You both may have the rest of the afternoon off. Make sure your rider oils you well as some going between will dry out your hide more so to some degree. Do not show images to the others and do not go betwen unless with a AWLM or us. Understand? »

More than comfortable; Aedeluth is ready to jump again. But he will not. Though the idea of being limited chafes, now that he knows he is capable. But it is a firm acknowledgement that he gives the blue, echoed in the crisp « Understood, » that he sends their way. And then, perhaps at the firm direction of his weyrling, he clarifies, « We will not jump. We will not share images. »

« With time and more lessons you will be allowed more freedom. For now, go and rest and get an extra meal. » Sundari shakes her head slighlying before the pair will turn and head higher into the sky, they have a few things to deal with before another set of lessons it seems.

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