Flirting Failure and Friendships

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Lagoon
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Given the weyr's tropical climate, riders and dragons can be seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting nearly turn-round. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl.

Early morning brings many things - hangovers, daylight, early birds and the worms they so covet, and candidates looking to escape from the duties they've been assigned. This particular morning it's the latter that is visible, sauntering slowly along the edge of the lagoon and occasionally stopping to pick up a stray stone that'd made its way onto the sand. The offending missiles are tossed gently into the water, sinking with a satisfying *plop*, and quickly forgotten about. As for the candidate himself - Lukhanyo seems to be suffering from a slight case of bedhead, and for all he's shirking his chores he doesn't seem too aware of his surroundings. Yet.

It was a long shift last night and Aerza certainly look like she's suffered from it. Unfortunately, sleep seems to be escaping her at the moment. The red-head wanders down the beach, hair swinging at the waist. Today she isn't in leathers, just a simple pair of shorts and a t-shirt that does wonders to show off a number of scars on arms and legs. Ah, and one mustn't forget the short blade at her hip. Surprisingly said weapon is a toned down from what she used to carry. Grump-face in place, the bluerider wanders down the beach with shoes held in hand instead of on her feet where they belong. It's on a glance upwards that she notices the Lukhanyo. There's a brief second of consideration and her conclusion is apparently "not a threat".

Lukhanyo's attention is, for the time, on the beach in front of him. Another stone is collected and hurled to a watery death, and as he bends to pick up a second he manages to catch a glimpse of movement out of the corner of his eye. Suddenly he straightens, clearly expecting the worst, but when he spots Aerza there's a relaxation to both is posture and expression, back to the nonchalance of earlier. This time the stone is ignored, this time he changes direction to move towards her, and there's a definite twinkle to his eyes. "Forgive me." As soon as he's close enough to be heard he begins speaking, slowly closing the gap between them, "I'm supposed to be meeting someone here. A rider. I'm to be their intern for the day. I'm rather hoping that would be you?" Both question and statement, all accompanied by a beaming smile.

"For what?" Aerza's eyes narrow just the slightest with suspicion. Still not a threat but…well, she hasn't seen his face around. Then again, that's what happens when one works far too much. Her gaze searches for some sort of knot to identify him, but that no longer seems necessary. "You're a candidate then? Or weyrling?" Who else does rider shadowing after all! Her brows knit together just the slightest at his question though, and there's certainly no smile offered in return. "Daran didn't /mention/ anything about me taking on someone for the day….when were you supposed to meet them?" Hands move to her hips now and her fingers tap lightly. "And my shift isn't until later today anyhow." Apparently he hasn't given her reason not to believe him yet!

"Indeed." Lukhanyo nods, smile still firmly in place. "Your candidate, I hope. Unfortunately, I didn't catch the name of the person I was supposed to be meeting, but here we both are so I can only assume…." He falls silent then, but the smile remains beaming away and… yes that was a definite glance down towards her legs for a second.

"Only I'm here by chance and you're here on purpose….I'll have Min check with Czaiath when he wakes up." Aerza taps her fingers at her hips again, lips still pursed just the slightest. "And if you /are/ supposed to be following me, I haven't a clue what to do with you right now. Hell, /I'm/ supposed to be sleeping not babysitting right now." An eyebrow raises when he glances down towards her legs and it's then that he receives an icy glare. "Yes. Scars. No need to ask about them or stare too long."

Lukhanyo's grin goes up a few watts at the mention of sleeping, though he at least seems to have the sense to not voice the (rather obvious) thought that runs through his mind. Instead he settles for, "Accidental meetings are sometimes the most fun, though of course that depends on the company. Perhaps it wasn't you I was meant to meet, but I must admit that thought does disappoint me more than a little." There's a flicker of disappointment in his expression at the mention of 'babysitting', and almost shock at the rebuke for looking at her legs. "My apologies, I find it hard to look away from perfection. Scars or none."

Aerza is silent for a few moments while the candidate just keeps….talking. "You have a lot of words. Can't you just come out and say what you're trying to say without all the extra fluff?" The rider just shakes her head before sighing, "Well, whether you're supposed to be shadowing me or not, you've got to have something to do? Daran's lost his touch if you've got time to just wander around." Of course, then there's a comment on her legs and the redhead just….well stares. For a few seconds it's kind of blank look as she tries to comprehend this person before her. And her lips are kind of curling upwards in not quite a snarl but close, "Don't be a smartass."

Lukhanyo does a quick mental defluffing, or at the very least blinks a lot and tries a different tactic. "Not wandering, waiting. And then you appeared like the brightest of Rukbat's rays to brighten my day." There's a momentary wince at the overuse of bright, but he soldiers on regardless in spite of the snarl. "I merely speak the truth… um… forgive me, I didn't catch your name."

"I /what/?" Aerza just can't seem to comprehend this candidate standing before her. "Where do these words come from? You've got to have at least three screws loose in that head of yours." The redhead snorts for a moment before dropping her hands from her hips. "Aerza, Azminath's rider and D'nyl's sister." She's actually marginally civil so she'll offer a handshake. "And you are….?"

The mention of D'nyl clearly sets warning bells ringing in the back of Lukhanyo's mind - it's there written clearly in his expression 'warning warning abort abort' a look just this side of panic. "I am?" He laughs slightly, reaching for her offered hand, "About to lose a bet in a big way. There's this book you see and… oh never mind. You are very beautiful, but you're not my rider that I'm to intern with. A shame really, but that's the truth."

Aerza seems a little /too/ satisfied with the reaction she's getting now. In fact, there's even the faintest hint of a smile as her lips curl upwards. "Your name…I missed your name." She'll give his hand a light shake before letting it drop to her side again. "There's a book, and a bet about what exactly?" She's zeroed in on that, and quite deftly ignoring the compliments on her physical appearance. "Though it's nice to finally hear some truth from you."

Early morning has found its way to Half Moon Bay and the lagoon hasn't quite drawn up its usual crowd yet. Still there are a couple of people on the beach, Aerza and Lukhanyo included!

"Ah but if I told you everything then it might give the others an advantage." Which others Lukhanyo isn't quick to add, in fact even this story seems to be rather lacking in details. "It's Luka, by the way. And I genuinely am very pleased to meet you Aerza." When he says her name it's softly done, and he smiles once more. "Beautiful name, has anyone ever told you that?"

Nolan wanders down to the beach, a few weights in his hands as he jogs along. The smith spotting Luka speaking to someone, running over to the two of them with a smile. "Hey Luka! who's this?" He motioned towards Aerza with his hand sit holding the weight.

"Riiiiiight, yes of course. I'd ruin the entire bet." Aerza snorts just the slightest. "Course, I could always help wit the bet. For a small cut of course." There's a small glint in her eyes now, perhaps not the most comforting of looks but not quite a glare. Course then he's going all fluffy again and the bluerider wrinkles her nose. "You just don't get tired of acting like that, do you Luka? And Azminath appreciates the sentiment, he does think he chose a rather good name for me." And ah look, another one of the white knots! She'll give Nolan that same quick glance she did upon first spying Luka and….also harmless. "Aerza." She can introduce herself you see, grump-face included!

Lukhanyo laughs, "Can't blame me for trying, right? And since the bet is for chores I'm not entirely sure you would want to kiss me for a share of NOLAN!" A share of Nolan? That would be the shocked panicky look back on Luka's face again, this time directed at the other candidate. "Hey. You're up early." One hand lifts to rub at the back of his neck. "This is… yeah. What she said." Flustered.

Nolan grins and inclines his head to Aerza with his moving to introduce himself just as Luka shouted his name. "Yes, that.." He gives a small laugh, "I wonder what a share of Nolan is worth? Any idea Aerza?" He turns to face Luka a broad smile replacing his sly grin.

Clearly this was not the kind of bet Aerza was thinking about. She makes a face and then lifts her eyebrows when one of the candidates is looking extremely panicky. Interesting! "You know I think I'll let you keep this uh…share of Nolan." Faranth, there's a full blown smirk on the rider's face now. "So…Nolan. Are you on the beach this morning to shadow riders too?" The expression on her face has returned to something more monotone now as she considers the weight-holding candidate.

Lukhanyo blinks, confusion taking over from shock. "What? No, not a share of… you know, never mind. This whole conversation just took a turn for the weird. Can we start again? Good morning Nolan, this is beautiful bluerider Aerza. Aerza, this is Nolan."

Nolan gives a pause at Aerza's question looking side-eyed at Luka. "No… I'm out for a jog before my chores today." He lifts the weights in his hands higher as if to prove his point. "I'm thankful for the introduction Luka, though you forgot to mention to her how handsome I am." He gives a laugh before gently putting the weights down and offering a hand to Aerza, "Pleasure to meet you Aerza."

"Again with the fluff….." Aerza runs a hand through her hair before shaking her head in Luka's direction. There's another arched eyebrow at the side-long glance Nolan shoots towards the other candidate. "You /are/ actually shadowing a rider today, aren't you?" That's when her gaze slides towards Nolan and though she'll take his hand to give it a shake, there's now a teensy frown on her features. "I'm sure it just slipped his mind. Well met, Nolan." She's going to have a headache after this, she can feel it already.

Lukhanyo swipes one finger in an X over his heart, "Honestly and truly, you can even check in the barracks if you want. My cot's third on the left." Was that a wink? It did look suspiciously like a wink, but he lifts a hand to wipe at the eye so perhaps it was merely an itch. "Wouldn't do for you to be getting a big head Nolan, besides you're not my type."

Nolan shrugs his shoulders. "I wouldn't know what his chore is for the day, I didn't check before I went for my jog this morning." He scratches his beard in thought for the moment. "Though Luka if you happened to want to switch chores for the day that would be fine with me."

"Or I could check with D'nyl. A touch easier than finding my way to your cot….no?" Aerza looks downright evil for a couple of seconds. "And what chores do /you/ have for the day Nolan?" Now the redhead just proceeds to glance between the two before tilting her head to the side. "

Lukhanyo laughs, nodding once to concede the point, "Less fun perhaps? Maybe?" There's a very vague attempt at looking cute, that's fairly quickly ruined by laughter. "I guess that depends on exactly who I'm supposed to be shadowing and what your chores are Nolan. I'm afraid if I do end up with Aerza there's nothing you could do to convince me to swap."

Nolan smiled at Aerza as he nudged his bronze firelizard off his shoulder with a nod, the flit disapeared before reappearing and chittering to nolan before landing on his shoulder again, nestled with the other two lizards. "I'm washing dragons today with Jaelyn." He grinned at Lukhanyo with a nod, "I'm sure you would love to work with him. He's such pleasent company." The candidate clearly thinks otherwise but keeps his mouth shut about that.

Aerza claps her hands together quite suddenly, "Perfect. Azminath needs a good wash, Nolan. I'll have to bring him down to you and the other white knot." Fear not, he's quite fun and the very opposite of Aerza! "Luka just mentioned a few minutes before you got here that he has another rider to shadow so….well, I think I'll have to miss out on working with him today." Such a pity! "He has important learning experiences to attend to after all."

Blink. Blink. STARE. "But I… he…." If it were possible for an expression to contain several very strong swear words, then Lukhanyo's current one would be a gold medal winner. "At least I can watch until my rider gets here." Oh there's a definite hint of disappointment in his tone, but he does cast another glance down towards Aerza's legs. "I didn't completely lose."

Nolan nods his head to Aerza, "I look forward to meeting your lifemate. I'll be sure to keep him entertained while we clean him, any special spots that need extra care I should know about? I know some dragons are very particular." He grins, he's never been one to shy away from hard work even if he does have to work with Jaelyn. "Well, I don't start cleaning til after breakfast is done. I'll have a stand set up not far from here to make advantage of the tiki lounge being nearby so riders can entertain themselves while the dragons enjoy there bath."

Aha, score one for Aerza. At least, she's counting Luka's expression as a win in her book. In fact, it actually prompts a quiet chuckle from the redhead. "Or you could help Nolan. Great excuse to be late for rider shadowing." But that would also mean work! The horror! There's a thoughtful tilt of her head as she considers the question from Nolan and then a shake of her head, "Not in particular. Just uh, watch out for his tail. Better pick a spot that isn't near any rocks and such. He's a bit…enthusiastic." That would be putting it mildly. "Not a bad set up. Washes for the dragons, drinks for the riders…" Because yes, she'll drink before noon. "I'll bring him by."

"That depends on where you would be while we were working?" Lukhanyo grins, not quite able to resist one more tiny little flirt. "Though I may well have been spirited away by the time breakfast is done. Of course if he happens to get Dirty" Definite empasis on the D "again quickly then you know where to find me." He grins across at Nolan, then adds, "Nolan's a bit enthusiastic too, I'm sure they'll get on." Insult or compliment? Could be both.

Nolan smiled at the rider with a nod. "It's why I pick the beach, I've met a few dragons namely my grandfather's that had a bit of a enthusiastic personality." He is glad to see he already had his first dragon of the morning lined up, less time he would have of just him and Jaelyn. He raises a brow at Lukhanyo's possible compliment. "Aye, I am. Some of us have a solid work ethic." He flashes a grin at his fellow candidate.

"Well, that'll just have to be an infinite mystery with you being spirited away and all that." Aerza smirks before rolling her eyes once again. "Oh yes, I'll know exactly where to find you." The bluerider glances between the two of them at the exchange of words and tilts her head to the said. "No love lost between the two of you, is there?" It's mildly amusing!

Lukhanyo snorts out a laugh. "Ah you wound me Aerza. Wound me!" Though for some reason he's smiling, and not entirely looking too hurt. "Admit it, I'm growing on you." He doesn't leave much time for agreement (or denial) and quickly adds, "Nolan's one of the good ones, even if he is a bit too enthusiastic sometimes. Some of us like to sleep."

Nolan smiles and shakes his head at Aerza's question of their friendship. "Oh no Lukhanyo is one of my favourite candidates to work with… When he works." He gives a soft chuckled. "It's a good guy and means well just guess the woodcraft doesn't teach as much work ethic as smithcraft does."

It's good that Luka doesn't give Aerza time to respond! She just lets the comment slide with a slight eye-roll before smirking at the two. "They should pair you two up for chores more often. Sounds like you could teach each other a few things about occasionally slacking off and occasionally working a bit harder."

"Hah! All that steam's rotted your brain Smithy." Lukhanyo almost forgets Aerza for a moment. Almost. "Woodies work twice as hard, but we know how to play hard as well." This time it's definitely a wink that he aims at Aerza, no attempt at all made to hide it.

Nolan laughs at his fellow candidate, he gives him a pat on the back, "that's a solid one, thought it seems to take the smith craft saying of work hard play hard." He laughs harder at the thought of the conversation he had with Lukhanyo about that. "Well, I should go eat some breakfast and then set up shop for the dragons this morning." He picks up his weights looking like he was getting ready to go. "Pleasure meeting you Aerza, I'll see you for pick up and drop off today."

"Are you /always/ like this? It's got to get old." Aerza sighs before turning to Nolan. "Eat a big breakfast, you'll need the energy." There's a faint, very faint, grin. "Min and I will see you in a bit then." She'll even throw a wave in the candidate's direction.

Lukhanyo laughs, "Right because you guys definitely came up with it. Go get your pancakes before we find out who really said it first." The teasing is obvious, the grin on his face showing it as being utterly without animosity. Once Nolan gets a little distance away he turns his full attention back to Aerza (unlucky her). "So… Since you have a date with one candidate, how about a date with another too?"

"You know very well that dragon washing isn't a date in any sense of the word." Aerza shakes her head before lifting one side of her lips in another tiny snarl-type thing. "I /could/ arrange a date for your face with my fist." Does nothing scare this one off? Though D'nyl might be upset with her if she broke one of the candidates at this point in time.

Lukhanyo laughs, lifting his hands in surrender, "Okay, okay, you win. Had to give it one last try before I admitted defeat. Don't suppose you'd give me a kiss so I could win the bet though?" Even as he says it he's taking a step backwards out of reach, grinning all the time.

"You know, if I wasn't convinced you're a complete tart and the reward was worth it I might have said yes, but…" But instead she's still going to step forward and aim a kick at his shins. Though Aerza doesn't /actually/ plan on making contact. It's more of a warning shot. The woman's fast. She's trained to fight her entire life, though she's much better with a knife.

Lukhanyo lets out a squeak that's definitely not big, butch, or manly. As the kick misses (barely) he freezes, looking down towards his leg and her foot. "Wow you're good. And that wasn't a line. Shells I thought you were going to geld me there." A grin slowly spreads across his face as he takes another step backwards, dropping in a quick nodded bow "I should leave before you decide to put those skills to proper use. Let you get some sleep."

"Thank you, that's one compliment I'll take." Aerza grins and then raises a hand to waggle her fingers at the candidate's retreating form. "Don't worry, I would never go that far. Good luck today though." Score 2 for Aerza! Though really, she does need to catch up on whatever sleep she can get between dragon washing and sweeps later!

Lukhanyo's bow this time is more elaborate, and he keeps walking away from her backwards taking his life in his hands by shouting back, "And you're still beautiful." With that he turns and runs off, before she gets any more ideas about gelding.

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