Pinky Promise

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Galleries
An amphitheater cut of rock with row after row of hard benches to sit on. The galleries have a good view of the sands below and the action that takes place there during every hatching. Despite the times, people still come to see the new pairs formed and place bets on the outcome.

The morning after the debacle in the barracks find Heryn in the galleries. Forgoing proper seating in order to sit in the dip between the benches, the bartender has made himself impressively small, enough so that he might not be noticed if someone wasn't outright looking for him. Though he has his customary Heryn-sized mug of klah, it's been abandoned off to one side, the fact that it's still faintly steaming some indication of how recently he's snuck up into the galleries to peer down at the sands. Despite the caffeinated beverage, Heryn looks tired, dark tunnelcat markings visible under both eyes, chin resting on forearms, which are in turn perched atop drawn-up knees. The middle knuckle of his right hand is covered with a single butterfly bandage - most likely worn to appease a certain Healer than for any real need.

Sundari is actually looking for the dear bartender, she's had a busy morning, dealing with reports, talking toth Weyrwoman, guards everything and then some. By the way there will be a guard posted outide the barraks at night from now, or at least when she get's that paperwork done. A green firelizard appears upon a perch from between and then a bronze appears and glides down to settle upon a seat next to Heryn and croons up at him curious like with a slight glittering gleam there in his little swirling gaze. The pair belong to Sunny, and when word is out that they found him the WLM is making her way up the steps looking over the room. She is quiet for a few moments once catching sight of Heryn, a light breath escaping her before she moves on over to where he is. "Hey there…" Is offerd after a moment. She a brown bag with her, and rattles it a bit, looking perhaps hopeful. "Want some cookies?"

For all that he's a muscle-bound loudmouth, Heryn is smart; the sudden appearance of not one, but two firelizards that linger despite his lack of food clues him in to the fact that he's being sought out. Though he wisely doesn't hide, he might slouch just a bit lower with a sigh and a 'you've betrayed me' look for the little bronze flit. He has no idea who the pair belongs to, but he doesn't seem terribly surprised when it's revealed to be Sundari. Blue-grey eyes swivel up to look the woman over when she moves into his line of sight, bandaged hand lifting in a wave with an uttered, "Hey." His mouth immediately opens as if he might say something else, but that bag is rattled before he can manage. The bartender's brows lift slightly, gaze flicking from the bag to the bluerider and back several times before he squints. "You trying to sweeten me up before you sentence me to a sevenday of extra chores?" The accusation is playful, but there's a hint of real concern and apology in his gaze before he finally nods. "Yes, please."

Sundari lets herg aze linger on his hand for a moment before she is sitting down letting him take the bag of cookies in the process. Her gaze lingers on the sands while her left hand lifts to scratch at her neck a moment. "No, I'm not going to punish you Heryn. I had to get your mind back on track." This said with a soft tone. "If you had continued after Ila'den it would have gotten nasty." For who? More then a few with how things had been going. From the looks of it Sunny has gotten little sleep, those might be the same cloths she had on last night too. Her cast has a bunch of childlike scribbles and pantings of dragons and flowers upon it. "Is your hand alright?"

Heryn takes the bag and takes entirely too much time about opening it, peeking inside before fishing one out and glancing it over before taking a bite of it. A second one is fished out and sat on his knee, the first sticking out of his mouth as he uses both hands to roll the bag back up and set it onto the seat next to her. "Thanks," is said of the treats, but he offers no immediate comment on the rest. Instead, he takes small, thoughtful bites out of the cookie, polishing about half of it off before speaking again. "I'd probably deserve it if you did, but that was a good call. It worked." Another pause, and then. "And you're right. I shouldn't've done it in the first place, I just…" His mouth works open and shut, but he can't seem to find the right words, so he shakes his head instead. "Anyways, I'm sorry, regardless." He looks up at her as he says it, taking another second to look her over before pointing a small frown down at his hand. "Oh, yeah. I'm fine." He flexes the hand to demonstrate. Totally functional. "Cita. You'd think I was a fragile flower, the way she goes on. Are you alright?" Because I mean… pot calling kettle here, but she looked just a little rough.

"You hit a rider, a past Weyrleader… Yeah you do deserve it." Sundari offers with an amused tone while letting her left arm move to snag hold of the bag and opens it for a cookie. "I don't blame you, I would have done it too honestly. He has no right to do that to anyone." She takes a bite from the cookie whileher gaze stays on the sands. "Just don't get into anymore fights and we're call it even. How's that?" This questioned with a glance towards him. As for the question she looks amused. "I'm fine." She is always 'fine' though so that shouldn't be a surprize. "She cares about you it seems, let her have her moment to worry over you."

Heryn blinks for that, gaze whipping back up to Sundari, cookie paused halfway to his mouth, which is half-ways open and more than a little unflattering. "A past what?," is asked, voice not quite incredulous, but pretty darn close. He's quiet for a second, attempting to digest that as he stares out towards the dark egg-shapes on the sand. Of all the things he expected, that was perhaps the last. It takes a minute - that's a big revelation - but eventually, his gaze wanders back her way, and if his expression is anything to judge by, Sundari has just raised herself in the bartender's esteem. "Thanks," is said again. "For saying that. Not for me, or about Ila'den, but for the concept in general. Way too many people are entirely too content to let stuff like that go." There is a quiet, nasal laugh for the deal she offers, eyes crinkling around the corners with a nod. "It's a deal. I'll even pinky-swear on it." He raises his little finger, completely serious, so she can take it in hers if she wants to. There's a snort, then, for her stoic answer, eyes rolling ceilingwards. "Sure you are. The fact that you look like you need to be ordered a week of bedrest is totally coincidental." As for Cita: "Hmm. Maybe she does. She's just so intense about it." He isn't used to any mothering at all, especially intense mothering!

Sundari caught that look from him, a soft smile seen and she nods a touch. "Ila'den was Weyrleader for a spell, after Zi'on left actually." There is a slight pause. "It was btter times then… I don't know what has hapened with Ila, he wasn't always warm and bubbly, but his never been this bad." There is a bit of sadness seen ther while she chews on another bite of cookie, her mind wandering sightly. A glance is sent towards him once more and she smiles a bit before nodding. "Your welcome… I'm just sorry it happened still." As for the pinky-swear she laughs a touchand lifts her right hand, cast and all and goes to do the swearing of the PINKIES! "Please… This is nothing." Actually it is, not thta she is trying to makea contest out of t. "Cita is a healer, what did you expect? They are good at such things."

"Shells." Heryn's eyes widen expressively with a tiny little headshake, needlessly emphasizing how surprising he finds that. "I would not have guessed that for all the marks in the world." Though maybe, now that she's said it, he can see where it might've worked, in the person that'd tripped them both to the ground to fight over a squirt bottle. "Hmm." It's something to think about, anyways, as he reaches up to patpat her leg in a gentle 'there, there' manner. It's a totally earnest gesture, not sarcastic in the slightest as he uses her silence to eat up the rest of his first cookie. Hands dust off errant crumbs before he offers up a shrug. "It isn't anything for you to be sorry about. Shouldn't've happened, but it did, and hopefully now it won't happen again." He had, after all, made a promise, and nobody breaks a pinky promise! There's a faint squint at her for saying this is nothing, breath puffing out in what might be a huff, a laugh, or both. "That's not the point. Having been worse before doesn't mean you gotta be 'fine' now," he says, grinning by the end of the statement as he shakes his head. "So stubborn." Again, quote the pot to the kettle. "I guess you're right, though. I'm sure being a Healer requires some level of intensity. It's just scary when suddenly it's on you," Heryn adds with a chuckle.

Sundari looks amused and nods a touch. "I know, stranger things have happened yeah?" She questions with an amused tone. Oh the good days, back before everything went crazy a few turns back. A soft chuckle is heard. "Not the point… It should have never happend. Is Pritkin alright?" She wasn't able to stay long enough once getting the poor kid to the infirmary. "No.. That will not happen again." She will be making rule changes that is for certain. A soft oh is heard and she eyes him lightly. "Really? Of coure I'm stubborn, have to be n my lineof work with all you younglings around to annoy the heck outa me after all." She totally means that in the most amusing sort of way. "Oh I've seen a few healers way worse then her honestly in stuff like that."

"Have they?," Heryn asks, back to joking about it now that the initial awe has worn off. "I'm pretty sure if you had asked me five minutes ago what the strangest thing I could imagine was, I would have said 'Ila'den being weyrleader.'" His mirth turns down a few notches for the mention of Pritkin, though, blue-grey eyes wincing slightly. "Ah, I dunno. I helped Jaelyn get him to the infirmary, but then I kind of… stomped off," and likely hasn't been back since. His clothing probably looks a little familiar, too. "I'm sure he's fine, though. The kid's tough. I'm pretty sure he trains out more than I do." Which is apparently impressive. "And D'nyl? He looked like he was about to have a coronary there for a second." Heryn shoots Sunny a curious look for her assurance that it really won't happen again, one eyebrow lifting to nonverbally ask her to explain without actually asking out loud, in case she isn't of a mind to share. The look fades quickly, regardless, replaced by an honest laugh for her description of her line of work. "Yeah, yeah, you got me there. Pretty sure I told you just the other day I'd try not to be a bother on you, and here we are!" It's said just as much in jest, though his gaze does grow a little more serious again as his eyes travel back out across those eggs, something that might be nervousness showing on his face. "Have you? Shells. I've made a habit of avoiding them, but it always seemed the ones I met had no personality to speak of, as opposed to too much."

Sundari nods and chuckles softly. "Well I will have to search for him later to make sure." This said softly at the idea still wishing she knewwhat caused the issue. She hums a bit. "D'nyl… Is alright." Though she seems worried over that answer for a moment as for the rest she chuckles softly. "Rules will need to be changed, and I will be posting a guard outside the barracks and the weyling barracks when that time comes as well." Good luck sneaking out now kiddies! "Your not a bother Heryn, things happen for reason that we can not explain always. We may never have a reason behind this but it was going to hppen one way or another." This said softly while her gaze lowers to rest upon the scars present upon her left wrist, her right has the same save it is hidden by the cast. "Yeah.. I've spent my fair bitof time with the healers. I would have rather missed them mind you." She chuckles. "When I was a weyrling I fell asleep on the beach and got an awful sunburn, was in the infirmary over a sevenday too." So not how the scars was made but not the point.

Heryn nods for her having to go search for Pritkin. "Yeah, if he doesn't show up to morning PT, he might need looking after." That'll be the real test! He nods for the idea of D'nyl being alright, not pushing or prying any further, though he does say, "Well, be sure to thank him for me, too." Both of Heryn's eyebrows raise, though, for the reveal of her plans, expression somewhere between surprised and disappointed. "Shells, if you're posting guards, what kind of rules do you have to change?" As though stopping all the inevitable late-night sneakage wasn't enough! Sadface. Still, he nods for her sagely wisdom, eyes scrunching up around the corners with a real smile and a faint, "Thanks, Sunny." His gaze follows hers towards scarred wrists, and a flicker of that protective anger Heryn displayed the night before registers on his face, but he's quick to wipe it out and look away again. Not his monkeys. Not his circus. Breathe. "From what I've heard you tell of your adventures with Irk, I'm not surprised," he says, also going for jovial instead of asking about the scars. "Did he get a sunburn, too?" That's asked a little more wonderingly, honestly curious for the answer.

Sundari smiles and nods. "I shall tell him, no worries." She chuckles and shrugs. "Mostly that only certain people are allowed in the barracks." Though honestly before last night Ila'den would have been allowed. "I need to work on the fine print so to speak on the matter." Can't have crazy people running in and grabbing people to drag them off to certain death now can they? She smiles a bit. "Just imagen the ones that I haven't told you." A soft laugh is soon heard. "Yep, not as bad thought but he was as well. You have no idea how hard it is to keep a young dragon like Irk down and covered in numbweed. Especially when I was in the same boat."

Heryn 'ahs' for that rule change, nodding in understanding. "Right, that does make sense. I thought you meant something more on the lines of how the candidates operate. Pairing us off or making a buddy system or something. Seemed a little extreme," he says with a chuckle. It grows into a full-grown laugh for all the stories she hasn't told, chin dipping in a nod. "I can honestly only imagine. For as much as you joke about chasing around your weyrlings, I can only imagine the weyrlingmasters that had to chase you two!" His face does scrunch sympathetically, though. "Shells, yeah, bet that wasn't easy at all. Huh. Sorry, there's just lots of things you don't think about when it comes to dragons. Sunburn, being one of them. I feel… massively unprepared, considering how close we are to standing." He admits that in one great rush, like tearing off a bandaid - maybe the faster he says it, the faster it'll be over.

Sundari ahs softly and looks at him a bit amused like and is soon grinning. "So… Pair you all up huh? I never hought about that actually." She lightly tapes a finger aganst her chair. "Now who could I match you up with…" A soft laugh is heard. "Well… How do you think I got my job?" SHE might be joking… Then again who knows? A soft smile is sent his way before she looks over to the sands. "Your do fine… But I undertand the thoughts you have there. I honestly didn't think I would impress.. I had only been here for a few months before being asked to stand."

Uh oh. He should never have given her ideas…! "And you can go ahead and unthink it right now and pretend I never said it!," Heryn says with a laugh, eyeing that look she's giving him warily. "Me? Hey, what do you know, I think we have an odd number of candidates. I can be the odd man out." Beam! He does snort, though, dropping the act for her 'joke.' "Ah ha, the truth comes out! You gave your weyrlingmaster an aneurysm and then took his job. Tsk." Still, the humor fades only too fast when she, too, glances towards the sands. His eyes follow, only nodding quietly for a moment. "Yeah… Guess we'll have to see." A beat, then. "But anyways, I should get going. You need to rest, and I need a bath before they waken everyone else for PT." The bartender finally stands from his scrunched pose, stretching hugely before fetching is mug and his second cookie up into his hands. "And Sunny? Thanks again." Flicking her a crooked grin and a wave, he heads for the exit, still tired, but looking a lot better than before.

"Much too late I am afraid to say." Sundari offers with an amused tone, a soft laugh heard once more. Oh just waiting until they go out on the trip! She is offering him a grin. "Me?… You think I could do something like that to someone?" IT is possible, well no not really. "Just take it one day at a time. Though I have to also say, if it doesn't happen don't give up hope. Your lifemate might just not be there thi time is all." She offers with a soft tone and smile seen. As he moves to leave a nod is seen along with her smile still seen. "Your welcome Heryn. See you later for lessons." A slight wave is seen while she just stays put for now watching the sands while her thoughts wander for certain.

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