Peeps chat on the beach. Dragons chat too.

Summer - Day 1 of Month 6 of Turn 2714
Half Moon Bay Weyr - Lagoon

A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Given the weyr's tropical climate, riders and dragons can be seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting nearly turn-round. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl.

It is evening time at the weyr, the heavy heat of the summer day kept many a person encased in the cooler stone of the weyr's internal rooms. This evening though people have come to the beach to cool down, tiki lanterns lit to guide their way. Amoung those at the water's edge is Kelani, setting out her towel on the beach in preparation for a swim.

As is their habit, ever since Aedeluth took to the skies, the bronze precedes the weyrling. High enough not to risk disaster, low enough to be easily seen, he flies in a serpentine pattern, dipping and spiraling in and out of the various currents, catching the breeze here and there, before rushing up or down at his leisure. Over the beach, then over the lagoon, he catches the setting sun against bronze sails as he plunges suddenly toward the water before pulling up at the last moment. It is only a minute or more before S'van has found his way to the sandy shore, dressed for swimming with towel slung over his shoulder. There's only a moment's pause as he tosses this bit of fabric somewhere dry, before he heads for the waters edge. "Hey, Kelani," is his pleasant greeting, spoken to alert her to his presence if nothing else.

Baylee makes her way toward the beach with Myrakath beside her. She too is dressed for swimming in a nice one piece with her towel slung over her shoulder. It seems others had the idea to hit the beach as well. There are S'van and Kelani to, "Hello." she calls to everyone. Myrakath makes her way toward the water kicking up sand as she hops toward the water and quickly immerses herself in it once she gets there.

The antics of the young dragons draw the attention of Kelani as she rises to head to the water's edge herself. She pauses to admire the young bronze only to get sand flicked in her face by the little green. Kelani at least is laughing as she wipes the sand from her face. The greetings of the weyrlings cause her to look over to them and she offers a wave, "Great minds think alike..I think this is the warmest day I have ever lived through." Well coming from Fort area, the summers were no doubt much milder.

"After that whole squid-thing, I don't think I'll ever take a clean beach for granted again," is S'van's dry reply, casting a quick smile towards the healer. "Hey, Baylee," he offers as friend and fellow-weyrling joins them. At least he has the sense to duck away from Myrakath's kick-up. Aedeluth is in the ocean now, lazily swimming despite the necessity of using his gimpy leg. The ocean is only slightly cooler than the air, but makes him feel buoyant in a way very different from flying. A flicker of a connection is established with Myrakath; an acknowledgement of her presence and close proximity, but lacking the warmth of a true greeting.

There is such a think as true stink and it lived on the beach. It may be hot but thats an improvement. Baylee lays her towel out on the sand and sits down on it, "Sorry." she says to Kelani having spotted the sand being kicked in her direction unintentioanlly. "Hi Sev." she says smiling. "How are you both doing?" she asks. Obviously everyone is better with Jim gone. Myrakath will swim back and forth mainly using her tail to provide thrust. Aed's non greeting is met with one of her own barely there greetings. Things are still frosty as ever.

"I admit at some reluctance to rushing back to the beach as well, but the area is well cleared of the stench now at least." Kelani says in agreement with S'van before turning her gaze out to the swimming dragons, a thoughtful look on her face. "They look to be slowing down in their has been wonderous to watch them grow and learn." She says almost wistfully and looks back to the weyrlings. "I am doing well, thought I would get some swimming practice in. How about you both?"

Aedeluth is not frosty; he is just bored. There is no animosity towards his clutch-sibling. Rather, he is simply dismissive of her, not directing much thought towards anyone but himself. Lazily he paddles, stretching muscles out and partaking in the therapy that has brought his gimpy leg as far along as it will probably ever get. S'van grimaces at the reminder, though he nods in agreement. "That storm probably helped things, after. Washed everything away. Coupled with the dragons coming down and tearing up the beach when they finally could again? It's like he never existed," though the memory shall linger. Forever. Probably as a nightmare. "I am doing good," is his answer for Baylee before he's nodding at Kelani. "That's why I'm here. Way too muggy out here not to get in the water." And so he will, wading in even as he casts a glance back towards the greenie on the beach. "You coming?"

Myrakath might be more frosty. But thats just her. She has strong opinions on everything. The green is more concerned with seeing how fast she can move through the water right now anyway. Having a tail really helps in this regard. "The storm did." Baylee says with a shrug, and yes that memory will remain with them all forever. Squid weyrlinghood. "I'll be out in a little bit. I'm just going to sit for a bit first." she explains before answering Kelani, "I'm doing alright."

"Thank Faranth for dragons." Kelani says with good humour as she heads down to the water's edge. She wades out into the waist deep water reveling in the cooler water. She then moves out just a little deeper before she starts swimming. Her technique and confidence drastically improved on the last time they might have witnessed her out here. No natural she is, but she has studied hard.

"Suit yourself," is S'van's reply to Baylee before he heads further out. He'll go so far as chest-deep before he falls back into the water to vanish for a moment. When he reemerges, it is simply to float along, relaxed and as at ease in the water as he is on land. There is the lazy flick of hand or arm to fight against the waves, but predominantly he allows himself to drift alone; fearless in the face of waves. The splashing nearby catches his attention, and he risks a lift of his head to gaze the healer's direction. "You seem pretty comfortable in the water now," he notes, letting his head drift back to make floating much easier. Aedeluth, for his part, is not floating. He is decidedly swimming; dog-paddling his way around the deeper water. A lazy extension drifts towards Myrakath; idle curiosity in the face of her zoom-zoom style of swimming.

Aedeluth projects to Myrakath « Are you in some sort of race with a fish? »

Baylee is more than content for the present to just lounge on the beach. There will be time for swimming soon enough. She does watch the others though, both of whom seem to be doing very well in the water, and even Aed who is moving about with ease. Myrakath continue to zip one direction and then another. Just like if she was running doing shin splints but in the water. Everything is about training and reaching peak levels of physical and mental fitness.

Myrakath projects to Aedeluth «No. I'm training. » Myrakath says with determination.

Kelani pauses in her laps at S'van's compliments and gently treads the water. "Well I wouldn't say completely comfortable, but its no longer my enemy. I need to work on relaxing..well thats what my teacher says." Given the somewhat stiff way she was swimming there is truth in it. Like someone doing it by the numbers, but still better than before. In this moment she is distracted once again by the dragons. "They seem to enjoy swimming as much as flying..and Aedeluth seems a bit better on the leg. Is it the hydrotherapy improving it?" Of course she would give a more healerly term for swimming.

"Who is your teacher?" wonders the weyrling, sending himself back the other direction with a little wave of his arm and kick of his leg. "Relaxing is the easy part. The more you relax, the more the water does the work for you." Case in point? S'van is barely doing anything at the moment, and seems pretty sure of himself. Aedeluth lifts his head at the mention of his name, eyes whirling brightly in the distance where he paddles through the deep water. His gaze does not last, though. Soon enough it is directed back to Myrakath, an amused snort offered to his little sister. "He is doing a lot better, yeah," agrees S'van. "And it probably is the therapy. But he definitely prefers flying. He's freakin' awesome in the air."

Myrakath senses that Aedeluth's mind hums and flickers with mild amusement, though sarcasm reigns supreme in his voice. « Training for what? A career change? » The impression of a smirk is heavily pressed between their minds. « You gonna be a dolphin now? »

The green dragon turns to look in the direction of her big brother for a few moments before continuing her laps back and forth. The picture of determination. Her rider on the other hand is the picture of relaxation at the moment just lounging on the beach. After a long day of work its important to relax. The weyrlings are reaching the ending of their training and soon enough graduation will roll around and then it will be off to work.

Myrakath projects to Aedeluth «Hardly. You have to work all your muscles if you want to be the best, and this is as good a way to do it as flying. I intend to be ready for anything that comes my way. »

"Well Tanit has been helping me here and Kalen as well when I visit Dolphincraft." Kelani responds and works on relaxing into a float on her back, taking long slow deep breaths to settle herself. There is some wavering for a moment before finally she does settle into it. "Well that is natural. Like patients who can't walk prefer the water for the water frees them of the reminder of their ailments." She says and perhaps hint to another reason why she is forcing herself to learn to swim, to become a better healer, even if she is tackling it more academic rigor than for the joy of it.

If Baylee is the picture of relaxation on the beach, S'van is the mirror of it on the water. He could almost be asleep, save for the little movements made to keep him from drifting the "wrong" direction. Whatever that is. "Eh… it helps him because he doesn't have to worry about compensating his weight as he moves the leg. But he'll never recover completely. There's not much you can do for a muscle that doesn't exist." As for her swimming lessons? "Oh, well. That's nice of her," for Tanit helping Kelani. However, that other name has him frowning just a bit, lips pressed thin. "Kalen, hm?" but that's all the comment he is apparently going to make. His movements become more purposeful as he turns over, decidedly swimming now as he heads toward the beach. He doesn't go far, though. Just far enough to grab his towel throw it over his head before dropping into the sand near Baylee. Aedeluth will just wallow in the water, wings spread as he lets the natural rocking of the ocean move him up and down, side to side.

Myrakath senses that Aedeluth is all dry amusement and crackling coded connections, screens flickering with a tiny green dragon facing giants. « And what do you think will come your way, honey? » he teases, delighting in egging her on just a little. « Don't you know there's no such thing as monsters? »

Baylee waits till the bronzerider plunks himself down beside her and smiles, "Have a nice swim?" she asks. Though she isn't worried what the answer will be. Its obvious that they are all having a nice relaxing evening. The green finishes whatever it was she was doing and moves up to the sand and shakes the water off before turning her head back toward the water and the bronze that is still there in it.

Aedeluth senses that Myrakath shows an ocean of tossing waves, « There are many challenges that could arise. You have to be ready for anything out there. And there are such a thing as monsters. We saw one here on this very beach…and don't call me honey. » Because Myrakath is so not his honey.

Kelani notes the tone of the question of Kalen. She has heard it before and she gives a little sigh, "I know I know, he has a reputation, but he has been ever the gentleman to me. I swear." She too makes her way back to the beach though mostly to wade in the shallower water as she pulls back her heavy wet curls from her face. As the green moves past, she makes way for her, flinching only a little as she showers nearby with water. Well she couldn't get more wet after all.

"A reputation for a reason," states the weyrling, voice flat. "And he's way too old for you," he decides firmly. As if he had some sort of a say in the matter. Grey eyes watch the healer idly, drifting between her shallow-water wading and the swimming bronze in the distance. S'van is not one to scowl darkly, though there is a furrow to his brows and his mouth is a thin line for some time before he softens a bit at Baylee's question. "Yeah. It was nice to drift. Though I prefer flying." A pause, and he wonders, "have you gone Between yet?" Aedeluth is not done in the water. Nope. Clearly, he can keep going when little hippity-hop sisters have found their limits.

Myrakath senses that Aedeluth tosses her waves right into the air; raindrops now, battering baby-soft against the mind. Insignificant. He scoffs. « That was no monster. That was a large hunk of calamari washed on the beach. Though I am curious to know, » gleefully so, « what would you have done if it had been alive, » and if she does not approve of honey, he will simply substitute it with « hmm, darling? »

S'van's response has Kelani standing up in the water, a hint of a frown on her lips. "What say you on the matter at all? I am sixteen and a half and quite capable of making my own decisions on the matter." Though perhaps in some ways naive to the task. "But if you must know he has been ever polite and not even a kiss when we went dancing." That said she makes her way back onto dry land and to her towel and grabbing it up to dry her hair in annoyance.

S'van snorts and turns his gaze decidedly away from the Healer, focusing on Aedeluth in the distance instead. "Sure, whatever. Fine. You're right. No business of mine what you do. Clearly you are a mature and worldly adult now, so you just go on and do who you want; No business of mine if you get your heart broken on the way." Grump. "Just don't come complaining to me when it ends up going south, cause I've tried to warn you." The idea that he's been a perfect gentleman has his eyebrow lifting, as if in disbelief. "Yeah. OK."

Kelani looks over to S'van with a tightness about her features at his words, "What care is it of yours? You act as though you are my father and you aren't that much older than me! It is not like I am going to marry him tomorrow or even ever. I have people telling me to relax and have more fun and when I try to I get fussed at as well." She says her voice raising a little, clearly having heard this before, and perhaps letting a bit of pride cloud things.

"Fuck, Kelani! I never said you were gonna marry the guy. And I already said you were right; it's none of my business. So if you wanna shove your tongue down his throat you go right ahead," says S'van with a roll of his eyes. "Just know you're definitely not the first, and you definitely won't be the last." And with that, the topic is dismissed for him; the weyrling settling back on his arms, palms in the sand and legs stretched out to catch the last rays of the sun as it sets. "I've got more than enough to worry about without adding you to the list." Grump-grump.

Baylee had been listening quietly to the back adn forth between Kelani and Sev. This must be a person that she has never met. He doesn't sound overly nice by all the things that Sev is saying about him, "There are some guys out there who will try to take advantage." Baylee will offer as helpfully as she can. She isn't in the position to offer any sort of advice, but if she can help she will. The green keeps her eyes fixed on the bronze, oh it is so on!

Krenn always has the best timing. With duties at the workshop done for the day, it seemed like a great time to come out and get a little sun. When he spies some familiar faces, he smiles brightly and waves to the weyrlings, making his way right over. Only when he gets a little closer does he pick up on the fact that there is an argument in progress. "… Hey there, everyone." He says with a casual, slightly nervous smile. "Everything good here?"

Aedeluth senses that Myrakath mentally snorts dismissively, «If it had been alive it would just be a matter of dropping a rock on it, or burning it with firestone. It's not that hard to think of creative things to deal with something like that…and I am not your darling either. »

Myrakath senses that Aedeluth projects the image of good ol' dead Jim, plucked from S'van's brain and displayed in technicolory glory on all screens, from all angles. « He was bigger than two of Ilyscaeth, » he reminds her dryly. « What 'rock' you gonna pick up to throw at him, baby? » as for the firestone idea? Mental laughter at the image of a tiny speck of green hovering around the great massive squid, a little tongue of fire poking from her mouth, ineffective at best. « Yeah. That'd work. »

Kelani looks away from S'van and to Baylee as she tries to explain things more gently. "I know. I know…but I am not so helpless I can't take care of myself and frankly have had enough warnings about him I will be watchful for it. Ok? Does that make you happy?" She says with a glance to S'van, "But he has made me feel safer in the water than I have ever had before." Her voice softening as she wraps the towel around her waist. "I will be careful, I promise.." She says with a sigh. There is a look up to the new arrival and gives a curt nod, "Yeah.."

S'van snorts. "Yeah, I'll bet he has," is his muttered comment, low enough it may go missed altogether. "Whatever. You do what you want." He repeats to Kelani, effectively washing his hands of it. It's Krenn's arrival that has him shifting his attention, and his position as he lifts an arm to give him a lazy wave of greeting. "Hey, Krenn." As for the state of things here? There's a shrug of tanned shoulders as he settles back onto both hands once more. "Fine." A beat, and he offers, "Survived Between." Though said rather neutral, there's just enough relief to betray how worried the weyrling had been about that lesson. Aedeluth has finally decided that he's had enough of the water and, with determined strokes, begins to paddle toward the shore.

Baylee is fully aware the healer can take care of herself, but still it doens't help that this man apparently has some sort of reputation. Still its none of her business at all. So she just falls silent and lets the topic drop. Which is good timing since thats when she hears Krenn's voice. She motions him over to sit beside her on the towel. "I'm going to be doing that soon I hope." Baylee says.

Myrakath projects to Aedeluth « I could find a rock and drop it as many times as I needed too. I may not be as big as the rest of you but I can lift things. »

There's an awkward moment when Krenn isn't exactly sure what he's walked in on. But Kelani says it's okay, which either means things are actually okay or they don't want him prying. Either way, that's a cue for him to drop the subject. He just nods to the healer before giving S'van a grin. "Well, that calls for a celebration! Do they let you all drink yet? I'll have you buy you an ale when they let you off the leash." He quickly accepts Baylee's invitation, giving her a warm smile as he settles by her on the towel. "You and Myra are going to do great. I'm guessing she's excited?"

Kelani glances to S'van, a saddened look upon her face before shaking her head and grabbing up her things. "I have some homework I need to attend to." She says and gives a little nod to Krenn and Baylee, "Good luck with your lessons." There is another look to S'van before she sighs and heads back up the beach to the weyr proper.

"Yeah," is S'van's answer to Krenn's call to celebrate, a grin growing on his face. "And they do. In moderation," he notes. "One or two, but not more. Not yet. Though I think I'll steer clear for now." A nod at Baylee, and an encouraging, "Should be soon, now. The lesson was good. Just relax and remember to focus. Sundari gave us the first three images before she had us visualize anything. By the last jump it felt… natural." Still. The thrill of the accomplishment is there, and he can't help but to look a touch proud. Kelani's retreat is not unexpected, though there may just be a flash of guilt across his expression as she leaves. At her passing, he offers only a brief, "Take care." Aedeluth has made it to shore, and comes to drip on his weyrling pointedly. S'van rolls his eyes but gets the hint, standing and moving to his side. "He needs oiling," he notes. "I'll see you later, Baylee. Krenn, it was good to see you again!" He ascends his dragon's side, ignoring the lack of riding straps and slippery hide. He'll just let Aedeluth fly him back to the barracks bare-back like the deviants they are

Myrakath senses that Aedeluth agrees with a giddy little, « Indeed. Tiny things. » Tiny rocks. Pebbles. « Next time we are invaded by massive, stinkin' sea creatures, I'll be sure to leave the task of disposal in your very capable claws. » But his attention is elsewhere now, the itch of dry hide drawing him away from teasing his sister. « See ya, sweetie, » he offers in farewell.

It seems that everyone is just headed out, "Bye Kelani." Baylee says with a wave of her hand. Hopefully the woman will have good luck with this Kalen fellow. Then she looks toward Sev as he explains between. There is every reason to be excited about all of that, "I think we are both looking forward to it." she says to Krenn and Sev at the same time. "Bye Sev." She adds as the bronze rider departs for oiling.

Aedeluth senses that Myrakath huffs, « You will see just what I'm capable of. » She refrains from making a remark about what he is capable of.

Krenn can't help but look just a little bit wryly amused by the exit from S'van and Kelani, lifting a hand to wave to both. "Have a pleasant evening." He calls before looking to Baylee. "I have the best timing, don't I?" He asks with a little chuckle. "Did I miss something exciting?" When Baylee expresses her enthusiasm about going between, he nods to her. "Good. You'll do great. Imagine, the freedom to go wherever you want."

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