Like A Squid In the Night...

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Candidates' Barracks
Carved from a natural bubble in the volcanic stone, this small dorm room has room enough to hold around two dozen occupants comfortably. Along the walls are stationed sets of cots and clothes presses, each made up to the standards of the weyrwoman. Above, the soft white light from electric lamps cast down during waking hours.

It's early. Too early. Jaelyn has to practically drag himself out of bed so he can pull on a raggedy looking t-shirt on over his upper body. It had more holes in it than one of the strainers they used to drain pasta in the kitchens. Eyes barely open, he staggers a little towards the workbench that he'd been told to keep tidy but hadn't cleaned up yet. Dropping himself into the wheeled stool before it, he fumbles for the top of the glow basket he kept nearby, and winces as it instantly illuminates the area. "Ugh.." he groans, scratching idly at his stomach before a yawn catches him off guard, feeling around for his screwdriver. There was work to be done before PT. How he hated PT. When his fingers fail to find what he always put in the exact same spot, wakefulness crept upon him like a cannon ball. "…the fuck?" There is some frantic searching on, under and around the rest of his craft tools before he instantly shoots daggers at his closed door.

THUD. THUD. THUD. WHAM! The door to Jaelyn's room slams OPEN rather than closed this time and the computer crafter glares at the only two people that remained in the candidate barracks. After all, it was well past noon. Someone had overslept, again. "Who the FUCK TOOK IT?!"

Garland freezes in place where he was trying to help Nari with her ridiculously long hair, fingers tangled about half-way through braiding the rebellious unkempt mass of red curls back into a single plat at the back of her head. He didn't know Jaelyn all that well, as the guy usually kept to himself and was about as approachable as a wounded wild feline on a personal level. "Uh…" he says, deep gray eyes darting from the irate teenager and then instantly away. He shuffles a little closer to Nari, as if the tall willowy woman was going to save him from his impending doom.

Nari startles when the door slams, turning wide emerald eyes upon Jaelyn, brows shooting upwards dramatically. "Who took what, Jaelyn?" she asks, that initial reaction aside she wasn't nearly as put off by the boy's antics as others were. She had older and younger brothers, and a family of redheads meant tempers flared all the time. She doesn't wait for the answer, already sighing and trying to sooth poor Garland's frazzled nerves. "He's not going to bite y'know. He's all bark…" she assures quietly and perhaps too quietly for the avenging angel of death over there to hear her, because hey, you never know.

"Mah PTZ #45 with Shock Resistance!" Jaelyn growls, stomping over to Venryk's cot and press and making a mess of it as he yanks, pulls and tosses everything aside he can get his hands on, and snarls when he fails to uncover his missing item.

Unable to help it, Garland starts to tremble. He'd never been in a fight before in his life, and the way that Jaelyn was going on and on it was looking like someone was going to get punched. He was going to die, this was how it was all going to end. Swallowing hard, shaking hands attempt to try and continue working on that braid, the Igen born hairdresser attempting to pull all his wits about him at once and just finish something before his final rest. "Yes he does!" he hisses back at Nari, though how he might of come to know that for sure is left up to her imagining because he's not telling.

A blink, "Your what?" Nari stares at the computer crafter candidate, immediately trying to get up and stop him when he starts tearing up people's bunks, but unfortunately she had a fearful attachment tangled up in her hair and her butt is dropped right back down on the place it had only momentarily been lifted from. "Jaelyn! Stop it!" she tries instead, shooting a narrowed glare over her shoulder at the shaking Garland. "I don't want to know how you know that. I really don't. Don't tell me. I'm serious, Garland. Don't." She had warned him not to get involved.

Not finding it among Venryk's things, he immediately moves on to Citrayzleat's possessions, tossing this and that everywhere without a single care in the world, other than his precious PTZ #45. "A screwdriver….it's a fuckin' screwdriver!" he snaps at Nari, and then shoots a truly poisonous look at the back of Garland's blond haired head. "Dun remember ya complainin' none at the time." Ears like a bat this one, and there's another snarl when his search is unproductive yet again. "Oh ya better not be the one…" he grumbles dangerously under his breath as he begins throwing Heryn's things everywhere like he just doesn't care. Which, he probably doesn't. At all.

There is a twitch, for the both of them. Honestly, Garland wasn't going to tell anyone anything about nothing, like ever. Secret. He is going to be very quiet now, like he wasn't even there, and maybe looks just the tiniest bit guilty. It was rather hard to ignore the fact that things kept whizzing by his head, and one or two things bouncing off the back of his leg or shoulder as Jaelyn frantically searches for a screwdriver of all things. He'll just let Nari handle him, because he was done speaking for now, because his mouth was obviously untrustworthy. That hair wasn't going to braid itself, and it was a perfect distraction from the way his face suddenly felt so hot.

"Faranth, Garland." Nari breathes, letting out the heaviest sigh of her life. Thankfully the hairdresser was far enough down her braid now that she could drop her head into her hand and groan. Something falls onto her cot from Heryn's press, and she idly fingers the fabric of the tunic, letting her mind wander. Whatever she was thinking about, sets her own freckled cheeks ablaze and she catches herself before she let out a longing sigh. Now was not the time to be daydreaming about abs! "JAELYN!" She lifts her voice to a shrill tone, as a small pillow smacks her upside the head and then flops down onto the bed beside her rump.

Jaelyn had indeed moved on to Emiallis' cot, and was not being careful in the least. He sends a scowl Nari's way, "WHAT?" Golden eyes flick to the firelizard pillow he'd just chucked over his shoulder, and then just goes back to rummaging and upturning. "Ya'll live." Grumble, growl, snarl. Nolan was next, that perfectly neat and tidy spot honed in on like a ping on his radar. "Oh ho ho…." It had to be the smithcrafter right? Right? Toss, flip, toss, toss.

Garland was doing an excellent job pretending not to be there right now, completely ignoring the fact that the possessions of half a dozen candidates were starting to pile up around his feet. This just was not happening. Nari's resigned comment brings him back around the time that he's finishing off the braid at last, "It was a moment of weakness, Nar…I swear. He's just so…so…" His type. He couldn't resist a bad boy, no matter how much he felt like his life was on the line, it was worth it. As he's tying off the plat, he'll just let his own mind wander a bit, and let the barracks melt away to better times like that sunset at the lagoon.

Hair done, Nari bats away Garland's lingering fingers and tosses him a look of utter disappointment, giving him a complete scan up and down before she tsks and shakes her head. "Really? REALLY!?", she chastises and picks up the tiny pillow that had been haphazardly tossed her way, smacking the delicately built seventeen turn old on the hip a few times. "Don't come crying to me when your heart gets broken again. Faranth! You are hope…less…" Something glinting catches her attention out of the corner of her eye, and she slowly lets her gaze track to one of the squid tanks. "Oh shards." Pursing her lips, her eyes dart to Jaelyn who was now done with Nolan, and Lexava's areas and was halfway through Lukhanyo's. She can only watch as more things are thrown and jumbled up like some sort of insane jigsaw puzzle. "Jaelyn…the squids…"

The computer crafter flips Lukhanyo's mattresss, "Chop THIS!!" Jaelyn heaves, and then kicks the frame of the cot when he finds nothing there either. "Not ya, huh? Who…who…." Rage and destruction on his mind, there was Pritkin's cot sitting there all safe and unassuming. His eyes narrow to the slittiest of slits, he he stomps over there to start that whole upturning and whirlwind process all over again. "I thought we were BROS!!" he calls out like a battlecry, and he's nearly done with the poor guard candidate's cot by the time what Nari says is processed and he stops in mid-pillow decasing. "What?" he asks, breathless at this point and panting as if he'd gone to PT as he should have. Instantly his golden gaze flips to the squid tanks and his jaw drops, about the same time his hands let go of the partially stripped pillow. "NOOOO!" He nearly collides with Garland as he trips over all the stuff he'd scattered all over the floor, and plants himself bodily up against it. Palms flush with the glass, he presses his face into it as well and spies the bright orange and yellow handle of his PTZ #45 with Shock Protection sticking up and out of one of the coral formations, covered in glitter. There are a few sacred moments of silence before he growls with rage, "SON OF A BITCH!!!!! LUCY!!"

With nothing left to distract him, considering Jaelyn's rage couldn't be ignored even with the memory of the hottest of kisses beside moon shimmered waters, the hairdresser candidate nearly jumps out of his skin. Not when he's nearly knocked into, but rather the sound that follows afterwards. He can't even focus on what his friend was trying to tell him right now. Dark gray eyes zone in on the mournful cry of the computer crafter, and he begins to worry his lip so hard that he tastes copper. "I don't think that's going to be a problem, Nari." he murmurs barely above a whisper. There were bad boys, and then there was Jaelyn. "I-I-I have to go…." he says, and flees. He doesn't even care if it makes him look like a coward, he didn't want to be there anymore. Nope. He's gone.

Nari can only watch with a deflated look as Garland runs for the hills, a frown hung on her lips as deep emerald eyes follow his graceful exit. She had to give him credit for managing to successfully traverse the minefield of belongings that were strewn all over the previously spotless barracks floor. Though, that might pale in the light of the fact that he had abandoned her to dealing with Jaelyn all on her own. Oh, she's so get him for that. Straightening out her sundress, she bravely approaches the glass glued computer crafter. She had the benefit of being just a bit taller than him as well as older, so she could make this maneuver with no small amount of confidence. "You…named…your screwdriver?" she asks coolly, folding her arms over her chest and giving the back of Jae's head a long suffering look.

Jaelyn completely ignores the escaping Garland, though should he be the one responsible for this, a reckoning would come! Oh yes! He equally pays no mind to Nari for a while, brows knit in concern for Lucy, who has his full and undivided attention now she had finally been found. Though, after a few growled comments that should not be repeated in polite company and even a nice little anger-fueled fist pound against the glass that sends the squids retreating to stand guard around their newest acquisition, he shoots them and then Nari a glare that promises instant death. "Yes. I. Did." he spits, looking her up and down before back to the squid patrol his gaze goes, "Dun worry Lucy, I'll get ya out of there…somehow…" he promises, voice taking on a truly strange tone of affection as he caresses the glass.

Nari's brows lift again, giving Jaelyn a deeply dubious look before she just shakes her head, and then glances back to the squids and the screwdriver. "Well, good luck I guess…" she sighs, pressing a hand to the bridge of his nose to try and work out the headache that was steadily building. This was the weirdest collection of people she had ever met, and it just wasn't getting any better. "Though, you should probably give up on…Lucy…and think about cleaning up the mess you made. Just a suggestion." She was done, this was it, she was giving up and getting the heck out of dodge. She was allowed a single drink a day, and by Faranth's shinny ass she was going to go and have one. She goes to pat Jaelyn's shoulder as she starts towards the door, but thinks better of it. Curling the hand the hovered over his shoulder for a moment, she just drops it to her side and heads out for that drink.

There was nothing on Jaelyn's mind other than Lucy right now, and sure he could hear someone saying something about giving up and cleaning something but it doesn't sink in at all. When he finally can pull his eyes off of his absconded screwdriver, there is no one left within to comment on the current state of the barracks, and cleaning being furthest from his thoughts. Finding a step stool, he sets it up beside the tank, and climbs up so that he can reach inside. So it might be no small wonder when he appears in the Infirmary a short time later with more than his fair share of squid bites all up and down the length of his left forearm with murder on his mind. And Lucy? She had truly gone to sleep with the squiddies.

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