Half Moon Bay Weyr - Infirmary
This long, rectangular cavern smells faintly of antiseptic and strongly of pleasant medicinal herbs. The general atmosphere is one of bustling but orderly quiet and strict cleanliness. The back of the room is dominated by a small hearth for heat and medicinal preparations and by swinging double doors that lead to a small DragonHealing bay, an emergency surgery for human patients, the main storage, and the staff area where Healers can eat, shower, change, and the like during their longer shifts. The front of the room is a waiting and reception area where patients and staff can check in to receive treatment and begin work, respectively. The east wall of the room features examination, birthing, recovery and outpatient treatment rooms while the opposite wall is curtained off to provide privacy and bed-space for patients requiring overnight care.

Venryk has been in the infirmary. Sure, he had lessons today, but once they were done with, and he'd spent quite a bit of time /cleaning/ in the barracks, he'd wandered off to the infirmary to help out. He's found himself settled on one of the chairs for the time being, rolling untidy gauze back into tight spools. /Someone/ apparently, didn't put things back very orderly. But that's what apprentices are for! He tucks a little bit of gauze finally into the spool and then gets up, reaching to put it into a cabinet a bit high up.

After the mess he had made in the barracks, Jaelyn had no choice but to end up here again of all places, the infirmary. At least he doesn't make a huge scene, entering? He's ushered quietly off towards the back, as he was not an unfamiliar face around here. He drops himself onto the edge of the medical bed, as an assigned healer examines the squid bites thoroughly before applying some redwort to cleanse the wounds. It's about when she starts wrapping his left forearm with gauze, that he might alert Venryk to his presence. There was a distinctly unhappy expression plastered on his face as she pulls a little too tight, and he snaps at her mercilessly, "FUCK! Ain't no one around here know what the…" My those are some colorful words there, aren't they? "…they're doin' around here?! Let go!" The woman immediately lifts her hands up and holds them palm out before taking a few steps back and then away. "All yours, Venryk." she says in an even tone of her own, leaving the apprentice to finish her task. She wasn't getting paid enough for this crap.

Really, the fact that people came and went from the infirmary was no secret. There went another, and two more had been in before that! Though the loudly cursing voice of Jaelyn is a bit harder to miss. The boy peers over his shoulder for a moment, staring just a little when the other healer takes him over to tend to squid bites. There's a shared look with the healer though when she retrieves the gauze, and the teen offers a helpless shrug. Aaand then there's the outburst. Venryk sighs slightly and makes his way over, reaching to help start reworking the too-tight bandage. "You cut that out, right now." A sharp tone from the jovial healer? Why yes, yes that is, even while he works at gently readjusting the tightly bound strip of fabric.

"Fuck ya." Jaelyn growls at Venryk's sharp retort, but at least has the mind to keep it down to a dull roar, apparently have been reminded of time and place. Golden eyes are cast the way of the poor healer that he'd chased off, though he wasn't so much as glaring at her as glaring in general at the back of her heels. Why she had dumped the most troublesome of patients in his lap, was anyone's guess, but he was Venryk's problem now. She goes back to stacking and sorting in his stead. Jaelyn falls quiet at least, save for a few hisses and twitches as the very sore squid bites are one by one hidden away behind the gauze. He drops his chin into the palm of his hand, maybe shooting a few of his glaring glares Venryk's way, not that he thinks it'll at all send the younger boy running. If anyone was used to his demeanor, it was definitely him.

Venryk gives a little snort for the response, but ties off and tucks the gauze so it won't come loose easily. "That's not going to get anywhere with me, I can't /believe/ you did that." There's a pause then, and a sigh as he eyes Jaelyn. "Well never mind, I take that back. I can believe you did that, I just can't believe you didn't smash the tanks, too." Was /anyone/ in the barracks happy about the absolute mess that was made? Probably not, and that includes Venryk. Though he doesn't /look/ particularly angry at least. More exasperated. Though his arms fold across his chest after a moment, frowning at the other boy. "You thought /I/ took it?" Ah, the crux of the issue.

With his arm wrapped securely and not tight enough to cut off circulation, a sideways glare for Ms.Pulls-Too-Hard, Jaelyn examines the work but doesn't offer any thanks despite his lack of complaint. Big surprise there. Instead he shoots Venryk a nasty look best reserved for the squids responsible for the abduction of his screwdriver than for the guy who just did a damn fine job. "Do I look like I fuckin' care?" he growls low, and slips from the cot to the floor. He's gained some inches, color, and muscle since arriving at Half Moon Bay and now could properly loom over the boy with whom he had once shared an equal height. "How the fuck should I know?" He'll just touch a hand to his forearm and then look angry, which is normal for him even when his favorite screwdriver isn't being horded by squid overlords like some kind of trophy. That deadly look to tossed Venryk's way though when he asks him that last question, "Ya took my fuckin' clothes without askin' didn't ya?" he states nice and flat, even if it still sounded pissed off.

Looming or not, Venryk doesn't at all wither away from Jaelyn. Just because he's starting to grow, doesn't mean all of the sudden the anger will intimidate him. He simply lifts a finger and pokes the boy right in the chest. "I gave those /back/, and you know I'm not any good with tools, so I wouldn't have any reason to take it." He picks up the rest of the gauze then, moving to return it back to the cabinet, reaching up again. Oh sure, he's put on muscle of his own, but that height thing hasn't changed yet for him. There's still a little stretch he has to do to get the item where he wants it. "You never look like you care, Jae, even when you do. I'm sorry that you lost your screwdriver, but you can't punish everyone else for it. Maybe someone put it in the tank, maybe someone put my shoe in there, but everybody can't be blamed for it together."

Jaelyn had some growing yet to do, but he has no clue that he was already a handful of inches close to his full adult height already. He growls at the finger that's poked into his chest, but doesn't smack the offending hand away at least. "Fact of the matter is, ya didn't ask." he gripes back, lifting his voice a bit from its hushed hissing as Venryk walks away from him while he's still talking. His gaze follows the healer apprentice as he moves away, gaze narrowing for the other boy's words. No, he was not going to help with the putting away of things, no matter how little or much that Venryk struggles with it. Helpful wasn't even in his vocabulary on a good day, and today had been anything but good. "Yeah, someone did, and I'm gunna find out who." he snarls, leaving out what he might do to that person should he uncover who was at fault. "Fuckin' WATCH meh." Arm no longer an immediate priority, he's on his way out with that last seething comment, as usual completely and utterly ignoring Venryk's sage advice. One might start to wonder why it was that the curly haired boy put up with him at all.

One /does/ have to wonder. Venryk does manage on his own to get things put away again, and then sighs yet again when Jaelyn starts to stomp out. Really, there are days when the healer just can't be /full/ of the energy he usually has. Today might be one of them. But he closes up the cabinet again and promptly trails Jaelyn right out..because why not? "Nobody has any reason to be doing it though, so I don't see how. I've asked, and nobody's admitted to it. And don't you even think about threatening anyone." There's a quick look given sideways at the other teen, brows arching ever so slightly. "You have /got/ to calm down. Let's just..I dunno. Get something to eat and sit somewhere quiet..or something. /Or/ we could go look into getting you a new screwdriver." His lips turn into a faint frown again though, before he turns his gaze back into the direction of travel.

The infirmary doors are flung open with a shove of his hands, and he marches himself right down the corridor. "Sure they do, to mess with meh." he grumbles, not seeming to be of a mind to tell Venryk to get lost at least. "Like whoever's responsible is gunna just come out and admit it…" There was a snort for that. Silly Venryk, didn't you know the world was out to get him? He stops dead in his tracks though and is suddenly pointing an accusing finger at the younger boy, rather stabbing it in his general direction. "Stop tellin' me what the fuck I should be doin'. Ya ain't mah mom and if ya were mah dad I'd be havin' this conversation with mah fist. So shut the fuck up and get lost!" Okay, now he was. Wheeling back around, he continues his journey of revenge for dear sweet innocent Lucy down the hallway, growling at some uninvolved resident along the way who jumps back and stares after the enraged boy.

"Of course I'm not your /parents/. I'm your friend!" Venryk /is/ frustrated. There's no getting around that, as he snaps right back at Jaelyn. Is he still following? Sure he is. For a little while, at least. Eventually he slows a bit and just stares after the other teen, if a bit sadly. Friends? Well, maybe. "I'm trying to keep you out of even more trouble, idiot.." There's a slight shake of his head though, before he seems to think better of it, turning and heading off a different way.

Is Jaelyn listening anymore? Doesn't look like it, as he keeps on trudging with heavy footsteps in his intended direction. Though he does snort loudly when he's called a friend, whatever that means. He continues down the corridor like a big thickheaded jerk and eventually turns a corner and disappears from sight. The sad look and the fact that Venryk has stopped following him likely lost on his royal single-mindedness. Where he goes and does from there, is completely his own fault. The healer apprentice tried.

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