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Half Moon Bay Weyr - Corrals

Enclosed by a wooden fence on one side and the steep walls of the weyr on the other is a couple acres of grass that holds the Weyr's herdbeasts and wherry flock. While this dragon feeding area is smaller than most of the Weyrs on Pern, there is still enough room for a large dragon to swoop down and grab his dinner with relative ease.

The morning finds S'van and Aedeluth at the corrals. The young bronze circles high, seeming more inclined to enjoy his flight than his breakfast, catching the light of the rising sun on unfurled sails and well-oiled hide. Though summer has hit the Weyr, the early morning air is cool enough to be comfortable and lacks the oppressive humidity that will no doubt invade soon enough. Jacket laid across the rail beneath him, Sev is leaning against the fence and appears relaxed and lost in his thoughts.

Yawning widely and not bothering to cover his mouth while he does it, J'en strolls in from the direction of the east bowl without hurried footsteps, while Leketh seems more lively in how he times his dive just right to avoid colliding with the circling Aedeluth to pick off a large wherry. There is only the briefest of pauses when the bronze is beginning to feast, before his rider seems to notice that the corrals were not as vacant of human folk as he'd probably been imagining. Not that he seems to mind, not with the way he alters his path so that it ends in Sev's general vicinity. Jacket left open, casually, to reveal the crimson tank top beneath, he eases himself back upon the railing beside the weyrling. Elbows hooked over the uppermost rail, content it appears, to just be in quiet companionship and let S'van remain lost to whatever thoughts he may be having. Well, other than the fact he's made sure that one of those elbows is ever so slightly touching one of his, every bit of him relaxed down to the very last muscle fiber.

S'van is not so lost in his thoughts that he does not notice the descent of a rather large and familiar bronze dragon. But his gaze goes first to Aedeluth. The bronze lingers in the air, and any response he may have to Leketh's arrival is kept to himself. He does not want a wherry. He wants a herdbeast. That herdbeast. Though it's another circle or two before he finally decides to attack. Once he does, his lazy circle becomes a focused drive, a precise attack that ends in the death of a 'beast before it could even cry out in terror. Only as Aedeluth's head descends does S'van turn his gaze away from the corrals and toward the approaching bronzerider. A soft "Hey," as he joins him on the rail, the weyrling shifting slightly at the touch of his elbow. A little lean, and he presses a kiss to his jacket-clad shoulder before he turns to watch the dragons once more.

J'en pays no mind to the rendering of flesh going on just behind him, not when the weyrling he was so very fond of was not even a millimeter away, lashes lowering to nearly seal away his sight entirely for the soft greeting and equally soft kiss to his leather covered shoulder. "Mah jacket thanks ya," he muses with the smallest of smirks, golden eyes seen to slight just so towards S'van a moment later. Though as the taller man goes back to observe dragon breakfasting, the bronzerider seems content to return his gaze to the tree across from him, more than willing to let silence fall back over them without the need to fill the silence in with needless chit chat about the weather or some such nonsense. Leketh was eating and while he might extend a low pitched croon in greeting to his fellow bronze, that is all, save for the occasional rip and tear of flesh between mouthfuls. Well, and a few floating feathers.

Aedeluth settles into his meal, ignoring Leketh with a kind of active ignoring that really says he's totally aware of the bronze dragon just over there, and is ignoring him because he wants to. Because Aedeluth is an ass. And his asshole behavior is on-point today. There is only a small smirk from the weyrling for this display, before his attention is firmly on the bronzerider at his side. Even as Aedeluth makes a mess, gruesomely rending flesh from bone, the weyrling has already dismissed him. There's an alteration, a shift in his posture as he pushes just slightly away from the fence and takes the one step to the side required to transition himself from standing beside him and turn it into standing before him. Hand back on the rail, this time with a bronzerider caught between him and the fence, he leans in to kiss his lips with just as soft and swift a gesture as had been previously bestowed upon his shoulder. "Better?" he asks with mild amusement.

When it comes to being ignored, Leketh is the ultimate champion of acceptance in that particular area, not even seeming to expect any sort of response for the younger bronze who would be sharing his ledge in only a few months time. He's already back to eating neatly and without any inclination to have more of his meal on him than in him as Aedeluth does. J'en, on the other hand, remains relatively unmoving even as S'van relocates himself. It's only when the weyrling is actually standing before him with his hands on the railing behind, that he tips his head back for the kiss that comes to be pressed upon his lips. Far too quickly for his own tastes, brows lifting upwards minutely even as a smile tugs at the left corner of his mouth, "Hmm, I think ya can do better than that," he replies with no less amusement, the snort of his lifemate from his place inside the corrals just as ignored as Aedeluth had his greeting. So, yes, the pale hided beast was quite used to all sorts of sentient beings pretending he didn't exist. "Dun't ya?" J'en tips his chin up just a bit more, but otherwise doesn't move another muscle, every bit of him just as relaxed as he had been when he arrived.

Sharing his ledge? Claiming his ledge, more like. Though details such as these could be worked out later; when stone walls replaced wooden barracks permanently. Until then, Aedeluth will focus himself on his victim, using claws and teeth to tear apart the creature beneath him. Perhaps it is morbid curiosity. Perhaps it is for Leketh's sake that he is so messy. A show; even if he is ignoring him. Though most likely it is simply to frustrate his weyrling who must spend long hours washing the gore from him once he was finished. But alas, S'van is ignoring him much more thoroughly than Aedeluth is ignoring Leketh. And so it is that the weyrling misses the lift of the bronze head, the angle of muzzle towards the bowl and the answer to a silent question imposed upon him. Does he seek to inform his lifemate that he may have company coming? Of course not! That would spoil all the fun. And so S'van is ignorant of the potential approach of doom, attention settled firmly on his future weyrmate and that amused response.
There is no verbal reply to the words, no answer for the spoken question. It's the chin tilt, that subtle challenge that prompts the lift of an eyebrow and a small twitch to the corner of his mouth that speaks volumes about where his mind is at. This time when he moves to kiss him there is a shift of his body to accompany it, a pressing in against the bronzerider on the fence that puts them flush together. When their lips meet again, it is anything but chaste; a deep and driving kiss that lands somewhere just shy of dominating.

Of company, Leketh knows not. Whatever special frequency that the younger bronze is tuned into bestowing information of impending doom that yet approaches from the east, goes unnoticed. The elder of the two dragons was nearly finished already with his prey that was considerably less creature than pile of empty feathers and bones at this point, pausing only to lick at his own muzzle spotless. He garnered no pleasure in making more work for his lifemate, and thus did not seek to bring it. As for J'en? There was only S'van and his wordless eyebrow twitch, enough to make his shoulders bounce in silent laughter even as the weyrling before him presses himself flush against his body and bring his mouth down upon his. Briefly that chuckle is given voice, blending seamlessly into a sharp inhale followed by a soft and appreciative hmm. At the same time, his arms finally move, just so he can gently rest his hands upon Sev's narrow hips. The kiss is certainly returned, but Jae shows no indication that he felt the need to smooch S'van into submission, letting him be as near aggressive as he liked and just enjoying himself in the process.

There is growing amusement from the beast that calls S'van his own. If the human half of this pair were to pay any sort of attention to his dragon, this may be cause for concern and suspicion. Regrettably, S'van is not paying any attention to the bronze. He is ignorant of the dragon who has halted in his feast and is, instead, pointing his muzzle straight toward the pair on the fence. Waiting. Watching. Radiating anticipation. For the weyrling, there is only the bronzerider against the fence and the way his kiss has halted that laughter before it has really begun. J'en wanted 'better' and so, S'van is going to give it to him. His right hand is moved, relocated from the fence and lifted to wrap around the neck of his 'mate, fingers firm but gentle in their press against his skin. Teeth and tongue, aggressive and possessive in their pursuit of his mouth, seeking to claim him even if his challenge was not being contested.

It is about now that the pale figure approaching the corrals could be seen, if anyone really cared to look. After having every letter sent seemingly ignored, and missing him the first time she came to visit, Sephany has employed the telepathic abilities of the green dragon she came with to seek out Aedeluth to tell her exactly where her deviant brother has hidden himself this time. The bronze was, apparently, all too happy to give up this information, and it was not such a far walk from the bowl that the young weaver would demand an escort from her Fortian taxi service. And so she approaches, a lithe figure in delicate fabrics, long, blonde hair hanging in a loose braid down her back, pale cheeks flushed from the growing heat of the morning and the exertion of her walk. There is nothing about her to mark her as the blood-kin of S'van except for the matching grey eyes. Eyes that are now laser focused on the pair at the fence. There is a first surprise, then embarrassment, and then annoyance in her expression, though she does not slow her steps. Rather than announce herself with shrieking and hollering (as a certain goldrider had) or threaten pails of icy fish-water (as a certain dolphineer had), the weaver will simply continue her walk, sidle on up to that fence, and lean oh-so-casually against it with a few feet between herself and the entangled pair. "I am rather disappointed, Seven. Surely you are aware that this sort of thing is typically better expressed behind closed doors, hm?"

Swinging his head towards the practically gloating Aedeluth, Leketh watches him with curiously whirring blue facets. He would ask what has made the younger dragon so giddy and on the edge of his metaphorical seat, but he knew him well enough to assume that he wouldn't get a straight answer if any at all even if he did. Instead, he tries to make out what it is that was being so focused on with such rapt attention, if only to spy the pale and seemingly delicate figure that approaches. It does not take him long to dismiss the tiny human female as any threat to either larger human male's welfare and that is where is interest in all this ceases. A snort from Leketh, soon spreading his wings, and taking to the air to return to his ledge so he can sun himself. He did not understand what was so thrilling about the her arrival, but he would leave Aedeluth to whatever enjoyment he was gaining from it. J'en, was not extended the courtesy of being included in dragon pondering, only half aware that Leketh had taken off and left him there to fend for himself. Not that he minded, no. Definitely not minding lips, tongue and teeth or the way they were being so thoroughly being applied to him. That hand at the back of his neck though, that makes him shudder noticeably and draws a very soft groan up to be lost in the deepening of breath, slowly being drawn into a growing attempt to make up for the ground he'd lost just sitting back and enjoying being kissed. A need for more of S'van swelling with each passing second as his grip tightens on those hips, brows drawn suddenly downwards at the sound of an unfamiliar female voice. Drawing his head back and away only so much as necessary to turn it towards the origin, the longest length of his hair falls over one golden eye, lashes still low as he peers at the girl only a few feet away. A few panting exchanges of breath past parted lips and he slides his gaze the weyrling's way. "This is startin' to be a thin'." he grumbles.

Aedeluth is fit to burst. Really. It is just all too much for the young bronze. Leketh's exit goes unnoticed, the bronze fixed on the coming doom. Only it is no so impressive, once she is actually there, leaning against that fence, behaving casually. Snort. Boring. And back to his meal he goes. S'van, however, does not find this situation at all amusing or boring. Annoying. A little surprising. But not at all amusing. He had been very happily caught up in the physical form of the body against him, in the taste and depth of the mouth he was seeking to devour. Thoroughly focused on the shudder and deepening of breath that were all very good signs in his eyes. And then there's that intrusive voice, and that nickname that makes the hair on the back of his neck on end. The groan in his throat is not at all lust-drive. Oh no. That sound is complete exasperation and annoyance, which is highlighted on his expression as the kiss is broken and words are exchanged. A grunt of acknowledgement for his sister, though he doesn't bother to release J'en from his grasp, content to stay right where he was even with an audience. A glance her direction, a meeting of her gaze, and then back to the bronzerider. "Jae, my sister Sephany. Sephany, this is J'en." Apparently, no other explanation is needed. "Nice of you to drop by. Thanks for the warning." Sarcasm now.

Sephany is doing a rather good job of maintaining her composure in the face of finding her brother's tongue stuffed down another person's throat. There's no flush to her cheeks, or widening of her eyes, no real outward sign that this situation or the people (or rather, person) involved was out of the ordinary in anyway. Rather, it is found in the subtle things; the way her casual-lean becomes not so casual, and the way that her disapproving look becomes a little less… settled on her face as her attention is caught and shifted away from reprimanding her brother and much more firmly on the sizing up of his partner, when her response to the words that drift her direction takes a little longer than they likely should. "What do you mean, a thing?" and there it is, the lift of her eyebrow that so closely matches her brother in expression. But she does not wait for an answer, likely not expecting one in the first place, before she simply offers, "Nice to finally meet you. Not that I can say Sev has told me anything at all," and another rather pointed look to her offending brother, "though Tanit has been most… informative." At least J'en gets her smile, even if Sev just gets glared at. "If you bothered to answer a single one of my letters, I may have warned you. As it is, I feel as though you have been avoiding me, which is rather rude!"

Speaking of arched brows, Jae's visible one does lift a bit, looking back to all that paleness that represents the littlest of the eight children Sev's mother bore. He wasn't exactly shoving the weyrling off of him, not bothered apparently that there was negative personal space separating them from one another, even taking their visitor into consideration. Whatever is gleaned from the bronzerider's observation on Sephany's comfort level is kept to himself, not even acknowledged, much the same way that all he doesn't even as much as nod once for the hasty introduction. Additionally, J'en leaves the question as to 'the thing' he spoke of alone, either because he picked up on the rhetorical nature of the question posed to him or he just didn't have any intention to answer in the first place. A soft snort is his response to Tanit being informative, "No doubt," he says capriciously, new stiffness found in the bronzerider's shoulders with an audible creak of leather as they tighten. Golden eyes then return to S'van, "That ain't the one ya were yellin' about way back when, this one's too young." A jerk of his head the blonde one's way as to indicate that he was talking about her, but falls into silence as the conversation turns off of him and towards sibling things. A sigh for this, staring off expressionlessly off as they squabble or have a tiff, whatever this exchange was that made him feel like the fifth wheel of a wagon. "Ya'll wanna be alone to discuss this shit?" This is asked of S'van, who is being given 'the look' that the dominate partner in any relationship tends to toss their other half when they disapprove of behavior or actions either current or uncovered.

S'van is trying really freakin' hard to ignore his sister. So he does not catch those subtle signs that something has set her off. And it is pretty likely that, even if he had been looking at her, he would not have noticed anything out of the ordinary. Where Sephany is concerned, he has blinders. So the question from the bronzerider has him briefly startled. "No, of course it wasn't her," he repeats, though there's really no need to do so. There's a look on his face caught somewhere between surprise and incredulity for the idea. "That was Estraly." Like names freakin' matter. Really. He's just buying time and avoiding the glare that he can feel burning into the side of his face. Of course, it's not any better on the other side, either, as now he is getting the look. "No." He does not want to be alone with his sister, damnit. He wants to go back to obsessively kissing him and ignore the blonde irritation that has decided to claim the fence rail as if she had no intention of leaving. But really. What is he to do? He's caught between two people who have perfected that oh-so-meaningful look of 'you've dun fucked up' so after a moment of hesitation, likely prompted by the sudden tension in the body against him, he stands up a bit straighter and releases the fence, putting only the barest bit of space between himself and the bronzerider. The hand at his neck drops, but only to catch at his waist, unwilling to abandon him completely. "Can this wait?" is obviously directed toward Sephany. Mention of her ignored letters is, also, ignored.

Sephany could stay here all day. Really. That is what her posture says. All. Day. With a glare pinned on her brother for transgressions both voiced and not. There is a sparing glance for J'en, a little flicker of a frown at his response to her mention of Tanit, but no answering comment from the blond. A considering tilt of her head, an appraising look for the bronzerider, though her thoughts on him are difficult to discern. A decision is ultimately reached, and she pushes away from the fence and stands primly before them both. The mention of her elder sister, though it may inspire some curiosity, garners no response from the weaver. The continued dismissal from her brother? That smarts, and it shows in the way her expression falters just then, just a little, before there is a determined set to her mouth and a lift of her chin. "No," she echoes the weyrling, grey glare vanishing when she shifts her focus once more from S'van to J'en. Toward him, she is simply neutral. "That won't be necessary. I came to see him, and I did. I came to meet you, and I did," though her voice turns rather dry at this point, "so I suppose I can see myself back home." Despite her words, it is another few heartbeats before she moves, and when she does it is to walk purposely toward the pair and soundly kick S'van in the shin. "Fucking write me back, asshole!" and then she is turning around and striding away, moving with a grace and dignity that defies her anger, and is clearly a gesture of dismissal of the pair left behind at the corral fence.

Looking as if he would like to be anywhere then stuck between two siblings being pissy with one another for two completely different reasons, J'en suffers through it with a roll of his uncovered eye towards the sky. There his gaze remains even if his own rhetorical question is answered by both, pointedly remaining out of the conversation as it devolves around him. He is just a bronzerider shaped statue someone mysteriously placed here against the fence, be not alarmed, although he does track that look again back to his mate. What had started out as a perfectly good morning with no irritated younger sisters, had drastically changed, even if there wasn't any blame being passed at the moment. He just wanted his pleasantly blissful moment back filled with handsome young bronzerider kisses and bodies mushed up against fences, as it was now there wasn't even that as S'van puts air between them making his front feel lonely and cold. Sulking now, those tension racked shoulders droop and he crosses his arms loosely over his waist, making a barrier of his own. He watches with his one eyes as Sephany says all of the things and marches off. The look that is then leveled upon S'van by J'en, arm slightly looped around his waist or no, is not one that would have welcomed one of those 'now where were we before we were so rudely interrupted' type responses to the current situation. Not that Sephany's kick to her brother's shin really allowed for such, though it does send Jae's brows upwards somewhat. Cue another sigh, "Go do somethin' about that," he says, jerking his chin towards the retreating girl. His tone of voice does not leave much room for argument either, his expression rather expectant. He might even be counting, because he looked like he was about three drumbeats away from tapping his foot and sprouting a rolling pin from his palm.

Right about now, there is a very real 'fuck my life' expression plastered across the weyrling's face. And maybe the smugly-smug emotions rolling off of his bronze has finally been picked up on, because there is a decided look directed at the bronze who has long-since abandoned his breakfast in favor of the family drama happening over yonder. Who him? Yes. Totally guilty. Not even gonna lie. But S'van does not have time to linger on this. Not with the darkening look from his sister or the increased tension from his future weyrmate. His retreat was meant to lesson that, not increase it. There is an apologetic look directed toward the bronzerider, and his arm tightens briefly as if he meant to pull them close once again. But Sephany's words are ringing in his ears, and his attention shifts back to the petite blond as she declares that she is leaving. He did not catch the wavering of her expression, but he knows her well enough to tell when something is wrong. It makes him frown, and look a bit guilty, and maybe even consider apologizing… until she's kicking him in the shin and swearing at him. "Fuck!" because although there is very little power packed behind that tiny, slippered-foot, it still smarts. There is definite hesitation on the part of the weyrling, caught up in indecision about the 'right' way to handle this new development. And really, he looks about ready to let her stalk off before J'en is issuing his own demand. But still, there is hesitation. And even if his actions are in direct contradiction of the look being leveled at him, Sev is still going to lean in and kiss him soundly before he does as he is told and chases after Sephany. It is not much of a chase; she is tiny and is not exactly running. He is tall, with long legs and a long stride, and he IS jogging. So she does not get far before he's reaching for her arm to halt forward progress.

Maybe, just maybe, Sephany feels badly about interrupting the pair of them. But it is also very likely that those feelings have been thoroughly kicked out of her brain in favor of resounding anger and hurt at being dismissed. It is also one-hundred percent certain that the young blond knows her brother extremely well, and anticipated his chasing after her, even if she did not expect J'en to prompt him as well. There is the barest twitch to the corner of her mouth before his hand finds her arm and she's being pulled around. Expression back to dark and angry, grey eyes meet their match. "Whatever you want to say, don't. You've said enough, and I simply do not want to hear it. I am not going to apologize for arriving unannounced, because it is your own damn fault for never writing me. Write me a fucking letter, Sev. Or I will show up again," A threat that is made deadly serious with the way her voice drops and her tone goes flat rather than furious. There's a brief flash of her gaze back, to the bronzerider on the fence who has no fucking right to look so damn hot without trying, and then back to S'van. "And I won't care if what part of your anatomy is buried in him, I will not leave until you speak to me. But right now, I am leaving." With a wrench of her arm, she breaks the hold he has on her and turns back around to continue her retreat.

There is stiffly received kisses for S'van, who gets a begrudging return for the token of affection, but no less version of that look that expects so much obedience that anyone observing would be able to tell immediately who was the one really in charge here. J'en says nothing as the weyrling jogs off to catch up with his little sister, only there for as long as it takes for Sephany to tirade for a bit and even glance his way before he's pushing himself off the fence and strolling with an unhurried stride towards the stables and fallen tree field without so much as a clue left to point the baffled younger man in his general direction. Aedeluth would be of no help either in this regard, because Jae had gotten a pretty good idea that he was only really out to get S'van and could care less about anyone else. If it caused his lifemate discomfort, rest assured he'd keep the direction he'd headed to himself. So off he goes to catch a ride on Leketh who would be waiting for him, off to other places so that either the siblings could figure out their deal or brood over bad choices. Whichever really. J'en really did want his nice quiet morning back.

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