Guilt Jewelry

Western Weyr - Open Market
The sweeping canopy of the lush, green tropics gives way in this place to a massive clearing, spanning what must be a great many acres in a bustling, hubbub of noise, color, and activity. Rich golden-red terra cotta bricks line the marketplace grounds, providing a clean, bright place to walk and a level ground to set up shop on. The central part of the marketplace is an open bazaar, where people come to set up temporary shops in tents, out of carts and wagons, and some right on the ground with their wares laid out for anyone to see. The centralmost point of the open market is a massive, marble fountain rising up into a spire from who's top runs a cascade of water down the sides, gurgling over the intricate, mounted sculptures of all manners of Pernese creatures from dragons to whers to runners and all large and small, down into a large pool where silvery-white dolphins of stone leap and play.The smells of rich foods and sweet pastries and exotic tropical fruits competes with the less tantilizing scents of fresh caught fish and livestock for sale and those waiting patiently beside their owners carts or pastured in the temporary pens while their owners do some shopping. The colors of goods and the vivid swaths of tents and canvas wagons makes the place alive with brilliance, and at most all hours of the day there is a flurry of activity to behold.

The world is pretty much perfect today - according to Rou'x, anyway! There are scudding puffball clouds overhead in the bright blue sky, warm sunshine and a gentle breeze to freshen things up. As it's coming up to lunchtime the marketplace is pretty busy, with folks bobbing about in and out of tents and wagons, buying or hawking their goods. When the brownrider arrives with Keely beside her, she just pauses for a moment to take it all in - then grins at her bluerider lover. "I wanna buy ya somethin' nice, KeeKee. Whatcha wantin'?"

Keely has been in high spirits. A bit tired and sluggish, but in good spirits. She tucks a hand into Rou'x's elbow as the brownrider pauses to look around. She looks a little surprised at the question, but smiles nonetheless. "Oh goodness… I was just thinking of mebbe buying something. Apparently my mother, instead of seeing me, just gave the Weyr staff marks for me sometimes. Someone finally remembered to pass them on." She shrugs a little, then brightens, "Oh! I know. You could help me decide on a bed to have made and then we could get some nice blankets and stuff for it."

"Oh, are y'gonna buy a new bed, then? I kinda like the one you've got… but then again, it's nearly always got you in it, don't it?" Rou'x grins, giving Keely a wink. She then starts to gently steer them towards a nearby stall that looks promising - there's lots of wood around it and someone planing boards in the back of the tent, so that's a good sign, isn't it? "D'you wanna do the talkin', doll?" The brownrider squeezes Kee gently, nudging her forward a little.

"Haaaa," Keely says, nudging at Rou'x a bit. She smirks, "Y'ain't the one sleeping in it night after night." She glances over the stall, leaning around to peer towards the person working in the back. "When I had a, uh, follow-up with the Healers to discuss stuff, they said I'll want something that'll support my back." She drifts away from the brownrider a bit, squeezing at her wrist as she does so. "Hullo?" she calls into the stall, waiting for the woodworker to look up. The two women are hovering by a stall just inside the market, where someone is clearly working with wood. There's a fewe display pieces and a lot of wood about. The market is fairly busy as lunch time gets into full swing.

A bronze dragon flies from the direction of the weyr and makes a flourish of a landing in the field next to the marketplace. It is not one, but two figures that dismount from the dragon and approach the Market. "You got to see this wood Marcus, you been moaning about finding the right colour for your lute and I reckon this guy has it." The bronzerider is saying to his companion. Both men are wearing journeyman harper badges on their shoulders and strike a path towards the woodworker and carpenter areas. "I don't want some cheap piece of redwood Ly'am, you sure about this?" Ly'am claps his hand on his friend's back and laugh, "Trust me Marcus, you will like this!"

Rou'x wrinkles her nose at the Healery-talk. "Oh yeah. I guess you'd hafta start lookin' for somethin' for that, right?" She looks uncomfortable for a moment, shifting her weight from one foot to the other. "What sorta wood y'lookin' for, doll? I like the dark stuff best. Hey, 'scuse me?" The brownrider waggles her fingers at someone behind the counter of the stall, trying to capture his attention. "What's ya wood like? Y'got any've that dark stuff from Southern?" Because she's assuming that what she likes, Keely will like! The approach of Ly'am and the unknown man has her bobbing her head to them both in greeting. "Afternoon!"

"Mebbe y'should start coming with me on my visits," Keely says to Rou'x, leaning slightly on the stall's counter as she glances around at the various wood varieties. "I know it's all weird and shit, but… I want ya to be involved." She grins briefly, glancing to the woodworker as he comes up, "Dark, but with a little bit of red. Uhm, I dunno what sorta woods those are called." She glances to Rou'x, hoping maybe the brownrider can supply the name. Or past her, to the approaching harpers. "Redwood… issit really dark or like, that lighter red kind?"

Marcus smirks and shakes his head, "Famous last words, eh? Nothing good ever comes when you say that Ly'am." The bronzerider gets a distraught look upon this face, "You wound me Marcus!" He clasps his hands over his heart dramatically, before he grins, "Ok…when it comes to instrument making you can trust me?" He clarifies before giving the fellow harper an elbow nudge. They come upon the group waiting at the Carpenter stand and the harpers give a nod to Rou'x and Keely, "Good afternoon ladies, if I had known we would come upon such beauty here today we would have surely shown up earlier." Ly'am is heard to say in greeting, but Marcus just shakes his head at his overly friendly mate and looks to Keely, "A bit lighter, and just seems to glow when its varnished. It is such a golden red that it hardly needs any work outside a bit of polish and oil."

"Wait, whoa, KeeKee, that's… summat we oughta talk about later, I reckon." Because right now it's making Rou'x shift uneasily. Babytalk! And… flirting? Good distraction. "Flatterer," the brownrider laughs, curling her arm around Keely's waist. "Can't say y'ain't all that bad to look on y'self, though… both of you." Despite having her girlfriend right by her side, Rou'x has no shame in responding to the bronzerider in kind. "D'you really want redwood, Kee? 'Cos Ly'am -" thank you, Indy, for supplying the name - "makes it sound real pretty like."

"Of course," Keely says, glancing sidelong at Rou'x. She leans into the arm around her, smirking briefly at Ly'am. "We just arrived ourselves, so I think it was perfect timing." She glances back to the woodworker, then to the two harpers again. "Hmm… Is there a wood similar, but darker?" She shrugs a little, looking to Rou'x, "It sounds pretty, but most of what I've got is pretty dark. It's already so unmatched, I don't wanna make it worse."

"I aim to please Ma'am." Ly'am says with a courtly bow to Rou'x and a wink to Keely. There seems a goodnatured tone to his flattery at least. "You are Shameless, Ly'am, absolutely Shameless." Marcus comments with at least humour in his tone for his harper friend. As the question of the wood gets turned back to the harpers, Ly'am looks to Marcus, "Well, I suppose it depends on what you need it for. Need a hard wood or a soft wood.." Marcus nods and continues, "what kind of pressure is it gonna be under, what kind of environment will it be in." Why would these two harpers know so much about wood? "Mahogany and Rosewood both have such dark lovely tones. It does not have quite that golden vibrancy of the redwoods, but there is still a richness to both of them."

"Hard wood, f'sure. It's for KeeKee's bed, ain't it? Wouldn't be no good if it were soft enough t'break." Rou'x chuckles, giving her girl a squeeze. "Ain't he a gent, though, Kee?" She gives Ly'am a sidelong look, sweeping her honey-coloured eyes the length of him from his toes up. The she nods her head in appreciation, and grins lopsidedly. "Y'gotta wonder sometimes," the brownrider says softly, almost purringly, "what it mighta been like t'be a greenrider. Think've all the hot sex we coulda been havin' wi' guys like /that/, Kee… n' the sex I still coulda been havin' wi' you in the meantime between proddiness."

Keely flushes briefly at the things insinuated by Rou'x's comment on wood hardness. Ahem. She leans into the squeeze, smirking somewhat. "Oh sure, hot sex with guys like him, but think about all the old or mean or gross riders." She makes a brief face, turning to the man at the stall who has been waiting so patiently. "Do you have any samples of… ah, mahogany or rosewood? Which one would be better for a bed?"

"Either one of them should do it then." Ly'am responds with a grin, "If it is good enough for a harp, a bed should be fine. You would not believe how much tension a harp wood is under!" Instrument makers! Therein lies that riddle. Marcus though blushes at the open talk between the riders and turns his attention to the wood on the table. "Well you are far luckier with a blue weyrmate. I had one…and boy was she a fun ride." Ly'am says with a waggle of brows at Rou'x. Marcus snorts at that, "And that song you wrote about her nearly got you turned out of your own weyr." Ly'am nudges his made in the ribs, "A woman shows you she cares by the volume of her anger." He says with a grin. "She must have cared about you a whole lot that night then." Marcus replies before picking up a piece of wood, "You were right Ly'am…this will be perfect for the project." Ly'am gives an ever innocent look to the ladies before turning his attention back to his friend and his project, "Told ya so mate, now you just pass your marks over and we can get back to the workshop and get it made!" The bronzerider tips his head to the ladies again, "It was a pleasure meeting you gals, enjoy the rest of the market."

"He called us weyrmates." Rou'x murmurs to Keely once the bronzerider and his friend have gone. She doesn't quite look at Keely then, focusing on the guy behind the stall, who's looking for samples of the requested wood. When they're slid across, it's a welcome change of subject. "Ooh, Kee, this one's nice! Do you like this one? It'll match with some of the wood you've got, I'll bet." The sample she's chosen is picked up and waggled at the bluerider, before she runs a finger along it, top to bottom. "It'll look good, too. Is this the sorta colour you wanted?"

"We /are/ discussing purchasing a bed," Keely points out, but her smile is somewhat fleeting as she notices Rou'x is avoiding her gaze. There's a soft sigh as she reaches out to take the sample from the brownrider. "Mmm… I do like it." She holds it up a bit, letting the light catch it. "Dark, with a hint of color…" The brunette turns back to the salesman with a small grin, "Can ya make a large bed? Mebbe one of those sorts with, uh, posts on it? So I could get a canopy. I've always wanted one of those. They seem… fancy."

Rou'x rests her hand on the small of Keely's back, watching and listening to the bluerider as she speaks with the pro. "Ooh yeah, one've them ones with posts? That'd be real fancy, KeeKee, it'd suit ya for /sure/!" She smiles, then picks up another sample of wood to fiddle with. "I like this'un. If I were t'get a bed made, I'd have it done wi' this, only I'd stain it /real/ dark. Y'can get a walnut stain that'll make it almost look black, y'know."

"You'd have to put bright blankets and such on it, to balance that out," Keely teases, glancing over to the wood sample Rou'x holds. The woodcrafter brings out a book with some sketches and the bluerider begins to flip through. She stops on a fairly basic four-poster and taps it. "That one… Can ya make it with the, ah… mahogany for me?"

After looking briefly at the sketch, Rou'x seems to be getting fidgety. Impatient, perhaps. She frowns at some activity nearby, then curls her arm further around Keely, standing just behind her. Her hand splays across the bluerider's belly, and she leans in to kiss her ear gently. "I wanna take you to another stall when we're done, ok?"

Keely tilts her head slightly, glancing to Rou'x. There's a brief frown, but she tips her head in a nod. "Of course. Lemme just get this settled." She lifts a hand to cover the other's at her stomach. An order form is filled out and the down payment on the piece offered. The bluerider turns then in her lover's arms. "Alright. That's settled… where to?"

Rou'x leans in to give Keely a kiss - a soft, almost chaste one on her lips while she cups her cheeks. Then she drops her hands to Kee's hips, before capturing one of the rider's hands to lead her off and along the rows of stalls. "Over here." 'Here' seems to be a decent way away though, as it takes them almost to the other side of the market… and to a store that's filled with jewellery and gemstones. "Pick summat, KeeKee. I wantcha to choose anythin' y'like the look of."

There's a smile after that kiss. A very happy, floaty kind of smile. Keely seems more than willing to be led along through the market, gaze drifting this way and that. Perhaps storing locations of stalls for future shopping trips. Like the new blankets and pillows she'll have to get for that bed she just ordered. When Rou'x leads her into the stall with jewelry, her eyes go a bit big. She glances to the brownrider, "What? I… oh, oh Rou… I, ah." At least it's a good kind of dumbfounded.

Rou'x laughs at Keely's reaction, giving her a squeeze. "Well… almost anythin', alright? I ain't made've marks, but I've got a few stored up. I wanna make y'know that I'm tryin', y'know? Things're a bit weird right now…" Her gaze drops down to the baby-belly, and she frowns fleetingly. "But it'll be ok. Once I got it figured out, we'll be ok."

"I… I dunno what to say or do, Rou," Keely says, blue eyes still wide as she turns to the brownrider. "No one's ever bought me much of anythin' and… I ain't never had any jewelry." Except random cords and scraps and threads that all kids and teenagers make into jewelry.

"Neither've I, not really, but I wantcha t'have summat, Kee." Rou'x strokes her fingers through the bluerider's hair, tucking back behind her ear and then sweeping her fingers along her jaw, to her chin. "Mebbe we can start wi' summat simple. Mebbe like… this'un?" The necklace she picks up is a black leather thong, with a few thick beads of coloured stone suspended from it.

Keely's breath catches a bit as Rou'x's fingers brush along her jawline. Eyes close and she gives a little shudder. When they open again, she smiles warmly. "Alright," she murmurs, glancing to the necklace. The young woman tips her head a bit, thoughtful. "Well… I want somethin' I can wear, even during drills. That… I think I could tuck that under the collat of m'jacket."

"Yeah? D'you like this one? Y'can look at the others too, o'course, pick whatever one you want most." Rou'x puts the necklace back amongst the others, then takes a step back to curl her arms around Keely's waist, pressing up against her back. "Or I can getcha summat else, if you'd like? I just wanna give ya somethin', KeeKee."

"I dunno," Keely admits, glancing at her feet briefly. A stray thought strikes and she laughs softly, "I oughta appreciate my feet… 'fore I know it, I won't see 'em for a while." She lifts her chin and leans back against Rou'x. "I ain't thought of much for ya… though I had figured I oughta get you a dresser or shelf or somethin'. Mebbe you can use my place to store some excess trinkets y'collect."

Rou'x laughs, shaking her head, then pressing her cheek to Keely's. "Don' be silly, doll. You don't gotta get me nothin'. I'm just happy knowin' I got you, y'know?" She gives a gentle squeeze, then points to the bracelets. "Do ya like any've them? I could come n' put some shelves up if ya wanted some, but I ain't gonna clutter your place up, KeeKee. Not when I've got plenty more space left in mine t'fill."

"I just want ya to know that my weyr is open to ya, if ya need any space. Some clothes for when I keep ya over, shelves to put stuff on. Ain't like I'm using much of the space at all." Keely leans in against Rou'x, glancing to the bracelets. She steps up to touch a few, turning them this way and that. "Y'think I could get one secure enough t'wear all the time?"

"Thanks, babe." Rou'x kisses Keely's cheek, then squeezes her again. "I dunno if you'll find one that'll stay on always, but mebbe? Y'mean even when you're in the bath'n stuff like that? Cos I reckon then it'd have t'be metal, only metal don't do so good when y'go between, does it? My buckles always end up freezin' when we pop back out."

"Hmm… Well, I can take it off during the bath. I just don't wanna have to worry about it all the time, y'know? I wanna be able to wear it all day." Keely leans in to Rou'x and nuzzles the woman's neck a bit. "Mebbe a leather cuff, with beads or somethin? Bet that'd work…"

"Whatever you'd like, Kee. You'd look good with a cuff." The nuzzling distracts Rou'x. She moans quietly in appreciation, tilting her head to be able to kiss and nibble in return, breathing warm breath over her lover's jaw. "The quicker you make up your mind," she murmurs in between nibbles, "the quicker I can get you back to my weyr."

"Didn't realize we had such an agenda," Keely says with a soft laugh, placing a hand along Rou'x's jaw as she kisses the brownrider. It's a sensual moment before she's pulling away, letting hand drift down neck, to shoulder, then off of arm. The bluerider turns to start looking over the cuffs. "Mmm… maybe something with blue beads, for Geim."

Rou'x lingers back a little when Kee pulls away, sticking her hands into the pockets of her shorts and watching what's going on around them. "Blue'd be perfect, doll. It'd match your eyes as well as Geim's hide." She rocks back on her heels, then leans forward and kisses the bluerider's shoulder. "If ya don't wanna come back to my weyr it's alright, y'know. We'll get some lunch or somethin' here, yeah?"

"I was teasing you, silly," Keely says, glancing over her shoulder with a smirk. "I ain't about to turn down alone time with ya. Especially in the middle of the day… on a day I'm feeling so good, at that." She picks up a cuff with pale blue beads and fastens it on to check it out. "How's your leg healin' up?"

Rou'x leans in close, whispering something into Keely's ear in very hushed tones. Once she's said it she grins, gently squeezes the bluerider's hand, then turns to look at the jewellery at the other end of the stall. "Oh, it's doin' alright. Healers reckon I might be able to get the stitches out soon, which'll be good. I'm gonna have a scar, though. Elsi din't do a bad job, but she ain't got the finesse of a Healer, y'know?"

Keely flushes somewhat at those whispers, biting her lip as she watches Rou'x. Eyelids lower a bit as she traces gaze down the brownrider's body, thoughtful. "Mmm… that's good. An', well, good luck she was there? V'ric or me would've probably made matters worse." She comes up alongside Rou, holding up her wrist to show the cuff. "Whaddya think? I like how it feels."

Rou'x captures Keely's hand, drawing it to her lips so she can kiss right down to the cuff. "I love it. D'you want that one? I'll buy ya that one, babe." She fumbles in the mark pouch that's strung on her belt, handing over the marks that the stall owner asks for. "Now…" Her arms are curled around Keely's waist and she draws her away, grinning lopsidedly - mischievously! "… tell me whatcha wanna do, gorgeous, cos I got all the time on Pern for ya right now."

Keely's eyes sparkle with mild amusement at those kisses. "This one's good, yes," she says, grinning a little. "The leather's like you… Dark, sometimes cool to the touch, but strong… an' then there's blue, for me an' my Geimhreath." She settles into Rou'x's arms when they curl around her, settling an arm of her own around the brownrider. "I like yer idea of going back to your weyr… Can't think of a better way to spend an afternoon."

"That sounds like a damn perfect idea, doll. C'mon." Rou'x grins, giving Keely a little kiss on her forehead. "Let's go home, yeah?" Knotting her fingers with her girl's, Rou'x leads the way back to where their dragons are waiting, setting the pace somewhat slower than usual, what with the little limp she's still got and all.

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