Western Weyr - The Temple of Doom
It's just as well this weyr is of a decent size, given what its occupants have tried to store here. There are boxes lining one wall, tipped to have their open tops facing into the room, turned into a storage rack of sorts for goodness knows what treasures - the only thing that's clear is that there's plenty of the apparently 'precious' items. Along another wall is a set of shelves made from driftwood, again laden down with all manner of things. There's no division of sections here, so visitors will get to look straight onto whatever state of dress Rou'x's bed is in; and, more likely that not, it'll be unmade with pillows and blankets sleep-strewn across the deep, hard mattress. The only furniture the brownrider has procured comes in the form of a beaten up old sofa that's seen many a better turn, and a round table (the surface of which is hidden beneath, you guessed it, even /more/ stuff) with four mismatched chairs.

Mid-afternoon finds Rou'x alone in her weyr, not even Indianath around for company. She's stretched out across her bed, surrounded by paperwork and books that she's poring through. Given that it's warm outside she's wearing the bare minimum to retain decency: an oversized vest and a pair of boxer-like undies. There's a tray with half-eaten nibbly bits resting on the bed beside her, and a half-drunk pitcher of juice settled on it. Clasped in her hand though is a glass filled with something that looks distinctly like red wine.

Perhaps Ir'e wasn't really thinking that Rou'x would be home, being that that big brown lug is nowhere to be found, but he still has Yiskatiresiath swing by just on the off chance that he's lucky and she's trapped! He marches through her dragon's area and into her weyr like he owns the place. "Rou'x!" He nearly growls her name before he comes up short at the sight of her and her scantily cladness and.. /wine/. "For Faranth's sake." The words are ground out between his teeth before he marches right up to her and snatches that glass that looks to be filled with wine, out of her hand with a snarl. "Just what do you think you're doing?"

Without Indianath to warn her that she's got company, Rou'x is startled by the appearance of Ir'e and only just manages not to spill her wine. Not that it matters, as it's snatched from her hand before she can respond. She pushes herself up onto her knees then slips off the bed, looking at the bluerider with eyes wide as saucers and her mouth open in surprise - and also irritation. "Paperwork. Studyin'. What's it look like, numbskull? The fuck d'you want, anyway? Unless you've changed y'mind and decided y'wanna c'mon back for seconds, huh?"

"Looks like you're the one being a numbskull, or perhaps just an irresponsible twit. Either way, I'm not just gunna stand by and watch you do this, not when there's a possibility you're carrying my kid." The bluerider places the cup of wine down on the nearest table and pins her with slit eyes. "And I think us sleeping together already got us into a heap of trouble. I'm not about to go back for more." Although he's having a hard time keeping his eyes to himself. It's not like he can /help/ himself, he's a full blooded man after all who can't very easily ignore an attractive woman running around in clothes like /that/.

"Who said I'm carryin' your bloody baby? I ain't been told I'm knocked up." But Ir'e's touched a nerve, and Rou'x is looking at him shiftily, unable to meet his gaze for more than a couple of pouty seconds at a time. She crosses her arms stubbornly across her chest, glaring somewhere in the region of the bluerider's chest. "What's it to you, Ir'e? What's it matter to you, any of it?" As she's speaking, she reaches out to reclaim her glass of wine.

Ir'e's chocolate brown eyes seem to blaze, warming to a lighter hue as his hand snaps out and he knocks the glass from her hand so that it shatters upon the ground. Yup. He's a lil pissed. "Who said? You did! You're the one who said you think you might be in the same condition as Kee. You just hadn't checked with the healers. And-" His teeth snap shut as he grinds the next words out, "-instead of going to the healer yourself you go and start drinking like a fucking fish." And that's about when he reaches out and grabs a hold of her shoulders to give her a shake, not an overly hard one, but it isn't exactly pleasant at the same time either, "Why're you treating me like I don't care 'bout you now? Just 'cause I don't wanna shag you again doesn't mean I'm not still your friend you know. I care about your wellbeing, and I care about the fact that you might be pregnant with my kid. So pull your fucking head out of your ass and start being a little more responsible."

Rou'x's response to the shaking and the lecture is to slam the heel of her hand forward into Ir'e's solar plexus, pushing him forcefully back while she steps away. Her cheeks are flushed with anger, her bottom lip jutting out stubbornly. She shakes the hand she hit him with, flexing her fingers. "/Might/! I said /maybe/! I don't know! I don't /want/ to know! I don't… Ir'e, I don't…" That jutting lip starts to quiver just a little, then her nose screws up as she tries not to let the tears that are threatening to fall come. A little pre-crying whimper comes from her, and she drops onto the edge of her bed, dropping her elbows to her knees and leaning forward with her head in between them. Her fingers clasp together over the bun that her braid is twisted up into, and she's near enough silent, save for the occasion little sniffle.

Well, if Rou'x wanted some sort of comforting, she's got another thing coming after she slams her hand into his stomach and he goes down like an overly large sack of bricks in a coughing fit. He wasn't exactly expecting her to knock the wind out of him like that, so there's surprise as well as pain as he doubles over onto her weyr floor. Ow. Perhaps if he had been expecting a move such as that it wouldn't have been so bad but.. yeah. It's only after several minutes pass and he rocks back into a sitting position rather than a crumpled one, that he's glaring all the more fiercely at the brownrider. "So instead of going to the healers and verifying the 'might' you just decide to drink and perhaps harm the potential child? What the fuck Rou'x, grow some fucking balls and go to the healers. And if you aren't pregnant, than I won't give a shit what you wanna do to your body. But as long as there's a possibility that you're carrying my kid, I'm not just gunna idly sit by and watch." But for all his words he's still eventually crawling over to her bed so that he can drag her into his arms and offer her a hug, that is, if she allows it. If not, he'll just give her space.

It's allowed! It's most definitely allowed, as Rou'x takes it even further by curling up against him, drawing her knees up into his lap and… nestling. She doesn't cry but she does make one or two tiny sobbing sounds, while her fingers knot into the fabric of Ir'e's shirt. Eventually she finds it in her to talk again, and she leans back to look up at him when she does - but there's no sign of her shifting from where she's wormed her way into his lap. Her words are carefully thought-out, spoken slowly and quietly. "I don't want a baby, Ir'e. I can't go between. I won't be able to ride with my wing. I won't be able to go on rescues. I won't be able to /have sex/."

Ir'e doesn't seem to overly mind that Rou'x has made a second home in his lap. He keeps strong arms around her, pulling her closer when she doesn't resist the initial movement. Oh look, he even I rubbing her back and stuff trying to talk her down. "Well I'm sorry that you're in this position now 'cause of me." Because he's the one that has the cock after all so it obviously wasn't /Keely's/ fault. "But there are other things you could do, if you are, to be useful right? And I dunno, I'm not a healer but I thought a rider can still between just not as often? Maybe that's something you should look into before you get all panicked about it." A sigh falls away from his lips before he continues on, "I want the baby, Rou'x, if you don't. I do. So please don't hurt it." Awww. And then he places a kiss on the crown of her head and laughs, "I highly doubt that being pregnant is gunna make it so you can't have sex, sweetie, I think you just might have to become a bit more creative."

Once Ir'e asks her not to hurt the baby, Rou'x turns to look at him with a pained, conflicted expression - which quickly devolves into full-on waterworks. It's not often that Rou'x cries; it's not often that she shows she's /got/ that much of a softer side, but the evidence of it is quickly dampening Ir'e's tunic where she presses her face against his shoulder. When the tears have subsided enough for her to be able to speak, she presses her cheek to his neck and sighs a deep, shuddering sigh. "I don't want to hurt it. I don't want it… but I /do/ want it… I'm so /confused/, Thei, I don't know what to /do/."

Ir'e makes soothing noises as he rubs his hand down her back and the back of her head, massaging at her neck to try to get her to calm down. He's completely out of his element here, but he's trying his best! "Shhh, it's okay Rou, it's okay." Even if it's really not /okay/ for either of them, he can try to make them both feel a bit better, right? "Well, you can't do anything about it, if there is indeed a baby in there. But you can at least go to the healers and check, can't you? And you can try to be better about not drinking and stuff for now, can't you? And once you find out for sure or not, we can discuss what to do, right? Rhabel's not thrilled at the idea of me having kids, but I think he'll accept it. And if I take it, that means you can still come and be a part of its life if you wanted, and if you didn't, you could just be the fun aunt and it would never have to know."

"No, no, Ir'e, I can't do that." Rou'x rests her hand on his shoulder, looking at him with still-wet eyes and shaking her head. "If I'm giving it away, it's going /away/. Not here. Not where I can see it. I don't want it here, not if I don't want it, it has to go somewhere else — Ista. To my mum. My mum n' my sisters, they''ll take care've it, they'll be good with it, yeah?" She clutches at his tunic, knotting fingers into the fabric and tugging on it gently, but firmly. "I ain't Kee, Thei. She's excited. I'm… I'm terrified."

And that's about when Thei's protective arms release her so she tumbles out of his lap and onto the floor. "No? What the hell Rou. It's my kid too. You can't just.. send it away from /me/. If you don't want it, fine, I get it, but to make me suffer too? How is that solving anything when at least one of its parents want it." Ir'e pushes off the floor and walks away from her for fear of trying to strangle her or something. "What in Faranth's name is there to be terrified about? It's just a kid. You don't even have to do anything with it if you don't want. But I'm not just gunna stand by and let you send it away. I won't do that to my kid. It's not fair to me, but then lots of women like to do selfish things with kids that took two to make, don't they?" That's about when he starts heading to the door. "Whatever, nothing I say seems to be getting through to you."

Rou'x scrambles after him, reaching out to grab his wrist. "Don't go, Ir'e, please, don't /go/." She squeezes tight, tugging him back to her. "This is my decision. Y'can't punish me f' wantin' to do what /I/ want - it's my body, my decision! You didn't even /mean/ to make this baby, it was as much of an accident as anythin' is, n' wouldja have known if we hadn't said nothin'? I've slept with S'ol since then with Indie caught Tarieth, what's to say it ain't /his/?" She tugs on him again, looking up at him in a mix of anger and… something. Something composed of a hundred other things.

Ir'e shakes her hand off of him the second she touches skin, "Why should I stay Rou? When that's all you're doing, is thinking 'bout yourself? Do you give a damn about me or my feelings on this matter?" He wants to say more, say so much more but he decides it's better if he just keeps his mouth shut or well, he had planned on keeping it shut. "just 'cause it was an accident doesn't mean I don't want it." He snaps and then falls silent when she mentions S'ol, barely keeping his anger under control. "Go see the damn healers and figure out who's kid it is and then if it's S'ol's I'll back off and you can go do whatever you want with the thing without fear of retribution. But I told you Rou, I won't stand by and just let you do whatever without considering me and my role in all of this. I won't let a child of mine be brought up without me." That last sentence is said with unwavering determination. "It's a life, remember that. Not just a sharding inconvenience for you."

Indianath crashlands with a thud on the ledge outside, rumbling as he comes to a halt outside of the entrance to Rou'x's living quarters. He lowers his head so that his big, whirling eye is blocking the entrance, and Rou'x expression goes distant as she speaks to him. When she returns her attention to the bluerider, she looks almost sad, but determined, as the set of her jaw suggests. "Ir'e." Slow, steady - calm, even. "You were my best friend. You're meant to /support/ me in this, you're meant to tell me it's all going to be ok, no matter what I decide. I /need/ my best friend now, not someone who's going to chastise me for not knowing what I want."

"How can you expect me to tell you that I'm okay with the thought of you potentially killing my child?" Ir'e hisses at her, whirling around when Indianath goes and blocks his only exit route. Damn meddling dragons! "I can't do that. I can't lie to you. I can't pretend not to care. And if that's what you want out of a friendship, perhaps we were never best friends. 'cause I'd never want my friends to lie to me." He pins her with a level gaze, one that has had all the warmth drain from it as he tosses his thumb over his shoulder at the big brown snout, "Tell him to move. We don't seem to have anything else to talk about since neither of us are gunna change our minds."

"He'll move, but don't /go/, Ir'e, I don't want you to go, not like this!" Rou'x reaches for his wrist again, holding it lightly. "Am I going to have to do something against my will, that I don't know if I /can/ do, just to make things better with you? Do I have to put my career in Archipelago on hold, n' my life on hold, n' everything else, just to make /you/ happy? Tell me how this is gonna be fixed, Ir'e, cos I don't accept it like this!"

Ir'e's wrist is tense due to the muscles that encase it being strained. "No, in the end you can do whatever you need to do. But I can't promise you I'll be okay with the choice you end up making. I'm sorry, but I can't.. lie to you and tell you I'll support you with whatever you choose. Because.. I don't." And then he's yanking his arm away once more, "It's not just about making me happy Rou'x, it's about taking responsibility for you not taking your sharding green stuff to prevent this from happening if you didn't want no sharding kid. It's a /life/ and it deserves to have the chance to have a life instead of you just wanting to get rid of it 'cause of your career. But perhaps you should talk to the healers and see what a pregnant woman can and can't still do before you freak out and blow this out of proportion." As to that last bit, he just shrugs at her, "I don't know how this is gunna be fixed, I suppose that's all on you, isn't it? Go to the healers. Then we'll talk." And with that being said he shoves his way out of the weyr if Indy still hasn't moved. Grr.

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