New Knots and Lectures

Western Weyr - Weyrleader's Office
This appears to be one of the spare private rooms, hastily reworked into an office space. Instead of the usual bed, clothespress, table and chairs, there's a filing cabinet, a floor lamp, and…a table and chairs. The table holds a smaller desk lamp, a personal computer with connection cables spilling down the back, a dispatch radio, plus a scattering of files, papers, and writing materials. Beside the workspace is a smaller endtable, seated upon which is a klah percolator and half a dozen mugs. None of the three chairs match each other, or the tables, but they seem to be solidly made and in good repair.
Piled up against one wall are half a dozen cartons, apparently also filled with files of some sort. The room is rather sparsely decorated, with only a scrap of faded carpet beneath the table and an embroidered wall hanging hung on the wall opposite the door, in bold copper and russet threads.

Zi'on has summoned Rou! By way of her wingleader, good old A'wrn. It isn't often Zi'on sends for a specific rider. And it isn't often he uses the chain of command to do it. Especially not when he's summoning someone he considers a friend. Also it's not common these days for Zi'on to take a direct hand in dealing with anything related to the wings. All of his orders generally are passed down through Ila'den, whose job it is to tend to intra-weyr affairs. While Zi'on attends to inter and extra-weyr affairs. So it might be a little scary for Rou. Then bronzer is sitting at his desk in his general weyrleadery clothes, all trimmed and scrubbed like he's going to a meeting or something, while he fills out some paperwork. The door to his office is left open. Oddly enough today he's actually got Thrall with him, the bronze perched on Zi'on's shoulder and behaving himself. At least for now.

Rou'x has at least made an effort to look slightly more presentable in order to answer her summons. She's wearing new-looking leathers with hastily-polished boots, with a crisp shirt tucked into her wide waistband. Her braid is left loose down her back, and conspicuous in its absence is the hat she's taken to wearing of late. Trying to ignore the butterflies in her stomach (and trying to battle the nausea that's caused by them and, well, /other/ things), she knocks quietly on the open door and presents herself in front of the Weyrleader. "Sir?" Oh yes, there's a whole lot of nerves in her voice as she speaks. "You want to see me, sir?"

Zi'on looks up from his paperwork as Rou steps into the doorway and makes her presence known. "Ah, Rou. Good. Have a seat." He motions to the chair in front of his desk. Once she's inside Zi'on gets up and goes to shut the door behind her so they won't be disturbed. Then he moves to the front of his desk, leaning back to half-sit on it with his arms folded across his chest. "I think we should have a bit of chat first, before I get to why I brought you here." There's something about the way he says it that sounds like there might be a lecture coming on. "So I heard you're pregnant. And Ir'e is the father?" Straight to the point!

The expression on the brownrider's face is as if she's been slapped with that first question. Rou'x's eyes open wide, her lips drawn thin, and she starts at Zi'on while fiddling with her fingers in her lap. "Is this because I punched him, sir? Cos he had that comin', y'know? An'… we dunno yet. /I/ dunno yet, I ain't… ain't been t' the Healers, I don't…" She stops, dropping her gaze down to her hands for a long moment of silence. "It's whatcha might call very complicated, sir."

Zi'on frowns to Rou. "You punched him? What for? Anyways, there's a -chance- you might be pregnant, no? This has nothing to do with you punching Ir'e. Your relationship is your own business. At least with him. No, what I heard is that you were out drinking. Do you know how dangerous that is to the baby?" This is coming from Zi'on, father of two! "Go to the healers. As soon as we're done here. No excuses. Get a whole physical while you're there. How's your leg doing, by the way? Healed up already?" At least since the lecture is over Zi'on is sounding a little bit less scary.

Rou'x shifts uncomfortably on her seat, wincing down into her lap at the dressing-down. "Sorry, sir. Yes, sir. I'll go straight t' the Healers… n' find out f'sure if I'm…" She can't /quite/ bring herself to say it, and is very glad of the change of subject. "I'm gettin' the stitches out in about a sevenday. Last time the Healers saw it they said it were healin' up nice. Gonna be a scar left, but that ain't so bad. D'you know Elsia? She stitched me up n' stuff, did a pretty good job even if she ain't a pro at it." The brownrider smiles softly, looking sheepishly up at Zi'on. "Should be right as rain in another fortnight or so."

Zi'on reaches over to give Rou's shoulder a squeeze. "I'll go with you if you want. Best to not leave these things up in the air for too long though." Since it'll obviously affect some of the brownrider's habits. "I just got mine out." He puts a foot up on his desk and pulls up his pant leg to show Rou the scar on his shin. "Though I didn't get mine for anything as awesome as rescuing people." He moves around then to sit at his desk, clearly feeling satisfied by the outcome of the lecture. "Anyways, the reason I called you here… As you probably know, your wingleader is getting a bit older. And to be honest with you, he never really much wanted the job after my father left. But most of the other wingriders were too inexperienced or too lazy to take over. So we had a bit of a chat after the big mission the other night to see where the wing is going. And we'd really like a strong rider pair to sit at the front of it. Even if they are on the inexperienced side."

"I'll be alright, sir, I'll… I'll suck it up n' just go do it. Keely'll be excited, even if I ain't." Rou'x forces a twitch of a smile, then admires the scar Zi'on's showing off to her. "I'd show ya mine sir, but it'd mean takin' my pants off. Ain't quite sure I'd wanna risk that in case y'girl found out n' weren't too happy… mebbe later, sometime?" She winks across as him, then settles quickly into a more serious tone as the real talk begins. Her fingers lace together and are settled into her lap, and she looks a little confused when she's done listening. "That's a shame about A'wrn, sir, he's been a good Wingleader. I been helpin' him a bit wi' paperwork n' stuff since the last incident. Did he ask f' me to help find someone new, sir?"

Zi'on pouts at Rou. "I'll go with you if you want, Rou. Stop calling me sir. You should have someone with you, Ir'e would be the best choice obviously. But if he won't go, I will." He laughs a bit to her then. "I saw it when it was fresh. So I'm good. When you get the stitches out maybe. We can compare scars out at the lagoon. Then Kiena won't be so mad." He nods a bit and shrugs. "It's better for him to stay out of the limelight. Instead he'll become wingsecond for a while under the new wingleader. To help them get adjusted and used to the job. And to help pick up a bit of the slack. Then later the new wingleader can pick someone of their liking." Zi'on thumbs through a stack of papers, picking out a bunch clipped together. "No. He didn't. He told me he wanted you as his replacement." Zi'on puts the stack of papers down in front of Rou on the desk. "If you're interested. It's a lot of responsibility and will be a lot of work for someone just out of weyrlinghood. But to start the job will be mostly paperwork, and cleaning up the shipwreck mess. What do you think?"

Whatever retort she had about Ir'e and scares is wiped clean away as Rou'x receives a proposition she certainly wasn't expecting. She gives Zi a look that's… well, mixed! Confused, excited, cautious - not sure that she's heard the right thing. But then she takes a peek at the top-most paper, and figures that this all is about as real as it gets. "Sir - Weyrleader. /Zi'on/. Y'sure I'm gonna be good at this, sir? 'cos I reckon I can whip through paperwork like no-one's business, sir… n' shit. I'd be /honoured/ t'wear a new knot for my wing's sake."

Zi'on grins to her. "No, I'm not sure. But there's only one way to find out. But I think you'll do fine. The hardest part is keeping your squad trained up and ready for emergencies like the one we had the other night. Maybe it's time we took a long look at some of the drills you guys go through. Perhaps we need more hands-on training. Also I developed a pulley system for dragons that I think it's time we tried to implement. There is always room for improvement. The paperwork will always be the paperwork though." He chuckles then reaches into his breast pocket to pull out a new knot for the brownrider. "You'll need to fill out the paperwork there. Then you and A'wrn and Ila'den will go over the details about the transition. I'm planning to start weekly status meetings for the leaders of the wings, as well." No one can ever say that Zi'on didn't run a tight ship. When it comes to the weyr, the bronzer is all business, even if those he keeps directly under him he considers friends.

"Yessir. I'll be happy t'take any n' all advice yourself, A'wrn n' anyone else may be willin' to hand over to me - I reckon there's plenty more we can be doin', n' I'd love t'see that pulley system of yours." Rou'x is trying to retain a level head, despite the excitement bubbling up inside of her. "Si— Zi'on, this's the best meetin' I've had all day, n' I don't mind tellin' ya that I'm wantin' to throw /everythin'/ I've got into Archipelago. I ain't keen on lettin' y'self or A'wrn down, not in any way at all."

Zi'on chuckles. "Well, it'll still be your wing. So you should try to think up your own ideas, too, wingleader. We don't want to work the wing to death, obviously. But some of the drills might be getting a bit tired. It might be good, for example, to get more wilderness training. Or to get swim lessons. Or fishing lessons. Or whatever. I'll let you mull it over. The weyr wasn't built in a day." Zi'on smiles to her. "Take your paperwork and start filling it out. I was serious about seeing the healers though. They're expecting you for a physical anyways for your new position. I've got some things to take care of here. Congrats, Rou. You deserve it." He gets up then to get the door for her.

"I'll get thinkin' on what we can do t' stir things up a bit, sir. Wilderness trainin' does sound like it'll hit the mark though!" Rou'x stands up and picks up the paperwork, holding it to her chest. "I'll be goin' t' the healers directly after I've dropped these in my weyr, sir— Zi'on. I'll let you know the outcome, if you'd like?" She smiles, stepping in sync with him as they walk towards the door. "Thank you for the opportunnity, sir. I look forward to making the best of it… n' proving I really do deserve it, o'course." Bobbing her head and smiling, Rou'x takes a step outside of the door. "See you later then, Weyrleader?" And off she goes!

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