She's Crazy!

Half Moon Bay Weyr - East Bowl
The eastern end of the crater that forms the Weyr. The cliffs rise to the east, north and south of you, small openings in the face are individual weyrs of dragons and their riders. To the north is the large ledge and cave mouth of the Queen's weyr, with a wide ramp and stairs made by skilled stone masons providing access to the bowl floor. To the east is the Weyrling training area and the barracks, where young riders and dragons learn to work together.

As the cool of the evening falls, Feyruth glides lazily down into the eastern end of the bowl, close to the carnival but not too close. After depositing her rider on the bowl floor, the gold walks over to where a young blue is rest and chases him off with teeth and talons. The blue flees with a sqwack noise and Feyruth sprawls in his place, taking up as much room as she possibly can. Meanwhile Janja has been watching the whole thing and chewing nervously on her fingernails. "Oh dear." She mutters. A particularly loud laugh comes from the nearest booth and Jan turns to look at what's going on. "Too close."

Serena had arrived at the weyr for the very first time this morning. The morning was filled with searching for employment, and finding a place to sleep. After being successful in only in the latter category she has come to the conclusion that it could have been a worse first day, at least she accomplished half of what she set out to do. Now she is doing what any sensible young woman would do when in a new place - get out there and explore your surroundings. And explore she has, the weyr is bigger than she had anticipated it being and all that walking has tired her out. Still she must hang on and continue to poke her nose everywhere so that she has a mental map of the place. It is this mental mapping that has brought her out to the eastern bowl this evening. Getting used to the dragons wandering this way and that is going to take some getting used too. She keeps telling herself that they are not violent animals and that they are just like people..sorta..really big, powerful, sorta oily people. Still when she spots the gold stealing the place from the younger blue it does give her pause. She halts her forward motion and just stares. Golds are big.

Feyruth's eyes remain open as she watches her rider and the carnival. When another person enters her vision she gives a low rumbling growl. Janja squeaks, turning to where Feyruth is now focused: Serena. "Oh. Um, hi. Where you looking for me?" she asks with a tight smile. She walks towards the other woman, arms sort of flapping at her sides as if she were trying to herd the other ahead of her, towards the booths and conveniently away from the gold. "I'm Janja. You?" Yet even with the question the weyrwoman only seems to be half attentive and her gaze flashes back and forth restlessly across the bowl. Everything about the woman is jumpy.

A look of complete confusion settles upon Serena's face. What did she do to earn a growl? Course that could be the way that dragons say hello for all she knows, but it doesn't sound friendly at all. The confusion is only compounded when she spots Janja coming at her all fidgety and jittery looking. "Uhhhhh…" is Serena's response to Janja's query. No she wasn't looking for anyone in particular just..looking. Before she knows what is happening she is being herded by Janja toward booths. Ok. This is getting more strange with every passing moment, "Serena." she states simply. Then she asks the question that is foremost on her mind, "Are you ok?" The subtext being 'you don't look ok.'

Janja visibly starts. "Oh um." She chuckles, relaxing for just a moment. "Yes. I'm fine." There's a pause as she thinks for just a moment, adding possibly more honestly than one would want. "Or I will be. We'll all be fine." A fugitive glance goes to the gold, but Jan's attention moves back to Serena and she smiles. "Won't be too much longer, just need to get most of the folks cleared out." It also sounds like she mutters "I hope." under her breath but that might be misheard. "Welcome to Half Moon, Serena. Are you here for the festivities?" The last is accompanied by a hand wave towards the lights and excitement down in the other end of the weyr.

Serena does her best to not show the apprehension that she is feeling on her face. She's with a crazy person right now. That can be the only explanation, or perhaps someone who got into a healers stash of herbs or something. Clearly people on normal air don't behave like this. She ever so slightly edges away from the booth, but tries to make its as natural a movement as she can so as not to draw attention, "That's right we are all going to be ok." she parrots back in the most soothing voice she can manage in the circumstances. She had heard that there was some sort of event going on and had seen it momentarily when she passed by, but that wasn't the reason she came here. Still crazy person doesn't need to hear the whole story, "Yes. That's right I've come for the festivities." she says with a somewhat forced smile, "They are lovely. Have you tried clearing all the people out there too?" Sorry carnival people. Serena just threw you under the bus.

If Serena is showing apprehension, Jan doesn't notice. However the woman is moving in the right direction and with each step /away/ from the queen, her rider's tension eases a micrometer. "No. No need to push them out. Not yet anyways. I'm hoping they will be gone on their own in time. If not…" She shrugs. "Nothing to do about that just yet." She gives what Jan assumes is a comforting smile. "Not to worry. You're safe over here and we'll do everything we can to get everyone out who wants to." Janja rubs her hands over her cloths, smoothing out a few wrinkles here and there. "So are you selling or just playing? There were some really neat games earlier. I won a stuff canine for Javelin." She babbles as if this were all meaningful for someone not of the weyr.

Definitely crazy or on herbs. Definitely. Serena continues her very slight steps away from the booth, but not putting more than a foot of distance between her and the crazy woman. Not yet, "You know. I should still go give them a heads up. Just to let them know that…" she pauses because she really isn't sure at all what Janja is on about and she doesn't want to mis-speak and anger her. "…about the thing." That's as safe as its going to get probably. Someone telling you that you are safe and that they will try to get you out before the mystery doom happens is not at all reassuring. "I'm just playing.." she says continuing to edge away, and when she finally has a couple of feet between them she turns and bolts directly away from Janja and away from the dragon. She'll head toward the carnival, "Gotta go. Bye!" she says waving a hand in the air.

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