Feelings versus Opinions

Western Weyr - Corrals
Enclosed by a high wooden fence on one side and the steep walls of the weyr on the other is a half acre of grass that holds the Weyr's herdbeasts and wherry flock. While this dragon feeding area is smaller than most of the Weyrs on Pern, there is still enough room for a large dragon to swoop down and grab his dinner with relative ease.

It early in summer at Western, and today it is just hot. The first really hot and humid day at the tropical weyr. After sweeps Suldith wanted to grab a bite to eat, which left his rider out in the sweltering heat. Zi'on is currently sitting against the fence to the corrals, his shirt off and instead draped over his head to shield himself from the sun. Suldith doesn't seem to mind the temperature, though. He's dragging his kill over towards where Zi'on is, leaving the herdbeasts to scatter around him.

Suldith isn't the only one who wants a bite to eat, despite the sweltering temperature of the day. Velokraeth glides in from above, his landing less then graceful but with legs like his, it's enough to pass by with. There's a low rumble given to Suldith in greeting, the fresh kill eyed hungrily but then the younger bronze is giving the scattering herds a very thorough look over. Pity they're all worked up! Which means - more work for his kill. Th'ero arrives not long after Velokraeth, his shirt still on but unlaced as much as possible. No doubt he's considering Zi'on's option of shirtless-ness. There's a wave given to the other bronzerider and then he's leaning up against the corral fence. "I'd think it'd be too hot to hunt, let alone eat…" He mutters, shaking his head a little.

This was probably a bad time to come count heads apparently, or so Enka learns when she trudges through the heat and dust — and oh Faranth, is she going to need a bath when she gets back to her place — toting a big clipboard with her. "Shells," comes the goldrider's mutter, a look of disgruntlement crossing her face as she sees the two bronzes at their feeding. "Do I ever have some bad timin'." And how! Well, so much for actually working, Enka tosses the clipboard off to the side, it clattering against the fence before she hooks a foot over the bottom rail, and leans her arms across the top, peeking down at Zi'on. "Hey there," Th'ero's going to get a wave as well, the goldrider shading her eyes with a hand as she watches Velokraeth. "He doin' all right?" she calls over to the weyrling bronzerider.

Suldith gives a warble in greeting to the slightly smaller bronze. At least most of the 'beasts were packed to one side of the corrals now? Even if they were skittish because there was a dragon in the pens with them. Suldith is busy devouring his kill though, so eventually they'll start to ignore him. Zi'on waves to Th'ero. "Psh. It doesn't bother them in the slightest. Sometimes I think it's fun for them to watch us suffer." He turns to peer at Suldith. His eyes move to Enka then. "Heh. Sorry." He pats her calf a bit, since that's really all he can reach. "Should just say there's no feeding between such and such a time. Or something."

"I think you've got it right there. If it's not odd hours, it's the worst of the weather." Th'ero muses towards Zi'on, smirking a little, though he's startled into distraction when a clipboard is suddenly rattled against the fence, his gaze following Enka as she settles herself nearby. The wave is returned and the weyrling actually smiles - well, a little anyways. "He's doing fine, thanks for asking." He replies, just as Velokraeth finally makes a selection in the herds and promptly makes his kill, dragging it awkwardly off to the side, though still within sight and hearing distance of both riders and his own while he feeds. Th'ero only watches his bronze long enough to be sure he's settled before his attention shifts and he glances between Enka and Zi'on. "Did we interrupt something?" he asks, frowning in confusion as he catches only the last bit of Zi'on's remark.

"Aint your fault," Enka grins a bit at Zi'on, "it's own own fault for wantin' to come down here and check my numbers to see if the computer got the right number of herdbeasts." Because now she doesn't have to worry about losing forty-five herdbeasts on paper anymore, at least not through her abysmal muddling of sums and numbers. "Didn't know that Suldith wanted to eat. I think once they've settled down, I'll tell Mir to send word around that there won't be any huntin' allowed for a couple of hours." She gives Th'ero a slight smile. "Good. I was checkin' in with Iris the other day on Shadhavarth, just makin' sure all of Mir's babies are doin' good." A pause then, and she shakes her head. "Not really, no."

Zi'on nods to Th'ero. "Bleh. I'm sweatin' just sitting here." He looks up at the other bronzer then. "Did you ever hook up with Jey? Or she still pretty busy with things?" Suldith is busy finishing up his meal, which is why he hasn't come over to greet Enka with a bloody muzzle. The younger bronzer looks up to Enka then. "Seems to be plenty of them out there." He picks up the clipboard to look over how many there ought to be. Minus the couple that just got eaten, of course. "How's Shadharvath doing? I see how it is. Now that Suldith is full grown he's not a Mir baby anymore, hm?" He teases Enka a little. "Interrupt?"

"Shame there isn't shade nearby" Th'ero sighs a little, pointedly raising one his hands to wipe the back of it across his brow. The gesture only serves to plaster some of his longer hair against the side of his head, but it's obvious the heat is getting to the weyrling too. Even so,Th'ero leans more comfortably against the fence, propping himself up by one of the posts and loosely crossing his arms over his chest. "I haven't seen her since our short lunch a month or so ago. She must be busy." Th'ero replies, though he sounds uncertain and frowns before giving a curious look to Enka when she mentions Iris, a slight smile curving at the corners of his mouth. "And she's doing well too, I take it?" he asks, despite the oddity of the question. Wouldn't he know, being a weyrling? But then there's an awkward moment when Zi'on asks a similar question, and suddenly Th'ero is back to looking to Velokraeth, though the young bronze is still very occupied in devouring his kill and oblivious to the conversations.

Enka laughs. "Wasn't much of a picic for me walkin' here. Hot, sweaty, dusty, I am so takin' a nice cool bath when I get back home," the goldrider peeks down at Zi'on as he looks on the clipboard. There /should/ be about twenty-five herdbeasts counted, but then there's a few that are being eaten, or will be eaten, and then the numbers might be a little off then. It's a good thing that Suldith hasn't come over to greet Enka. It's not the blood she's worried about, or the dragon drool, but, but she'd hate to deprive him of the enjoyment of his food. "She's doin' well, Iris says," there's a pause, and a laugh, Enka leaning through the fence rails to grin at Zi'on. "He'll always be a Mir baby," she says, looks a little pleased by that teasing. "I just see him more often than not." The weyrling bronzerider gets a wry smile and nod. "Oh yes, so she is. Been practiin' her typin' on the computers."

"Mm. We need a great big tree right on the side of the pastures so that people can sit under it. Course I could always just tell Suldith I don't feel like watching him eat, too." Zi'on nods a bit to the weyrling about Jey. "Sorry." He gives Th'ero a sort of sympathetic look. There's a blink then when he's asking about Iris, too. The bronzer blinks a bit at the number of herdbeasts on the sheet. "We only keep twenty-five at a time? Seems like there ought to be more." He grins a bit to Enka. "Well, I would hope he just don't switch mothers all the sudden like. If he does… well then someone must'a been timing it." There's a bit of a nod from Zi'on about Iris. He doesn't seem too interested in the actual answer, though he might be trying to fake that he isn't interested, too.

There's a bit of a wishful look to Th'ero's expression when Enka mentions a cool bath, but the likelihood of him snagging time once Velokraeth is finished eating is slim, unless the young bronze wishes for one himself. And Enka's numbers are about to be negative another herdbeast as the young bronze moves off with an awkward lumbering gait to snag a second helping. "A tree would be nice, but I think you've got the easier option right there. Just… not watching." Th'ero admits with a bit of a lopsided grin directed to Zi'on. The sympathetic look is simply shrugged at and the weyrling picks idly at the post he's leaning against. "Nothing to be sorry about. It's always been like that." He admits, before turning his attention back to Enka. There's a bit of a surprised look. "Typing on computers?" he asks, sounding puzzled before it clicks in. "Oh. Paperwork of sorts?"

"Seems to me," Enka puts in, "that maybe we ought to put up a shade awnin' or somethin' for people to stay under while their dragons are eatin'. Unless of course," she pauses, nods and continues, "their riders just tell them they're goin' to to take off and not watch." She purses her lips, regarding Zi'on for a moment when he asks that question. "Gettin' a new bunch of herdbeasts in the next few days," she answers, "they're in quarantine outside the Weyr right now. Wanted to see if we had twenty-five or less before we brought them in. Means the new ones aren't sick, and can't get these sick too." Because the last thing anyone wants to do is eat a sick herdbeast or let their dragon eat one. "Mmhmm," she answers Th'ero. "Lucky you that you don't have to learn it if you don't want."

Zi'on is considering joining Enka for that cool bath. Of course he doesn't want to embarrass anyone, so he doesn't mention such things. There's a bit of a blink from Zi'on as the smaller bronze goes for a second herdbeast. "Is he hungry today? Or does he always eat this much?" Zi'on looks around a bit. "I bet we could find a good spot to plant a tree or two." There's a bit of a nod to the other bronzer before he looks to Enka. "Ah. Don't they let the ones here have calves?" Zi'on certainly did want any mad beast disease or anything like that. And her certainly didn't want Suldith getting sick either. "It's a good skill to have though, if you're interested."

Th'ero seems to have lapsed into a bit of a silent lull as his thoughts are drawn elsewhere, though most likely he's just been drawn in by some inner monologue from Velokraeth. Eventually though, his attention does turn back to Enka and Zi'on, though he still seems distracted at first. "Huh, no. I guess I am lucky, in a sense. Never could figure out the lure of computers or technology." The last word he stumbles over a moment, as if hesitant that he's using the right term. "I…never considered learning how to use computers." He admits to Zi'on, though as he glances over to the bronzerider, he includes the Weyrwoman in with it. Th'ero then quirks a brow to Zi'on's next question, smirking a little. "He's hungry and usually eats one or two. Depends on the size and his mood." There's a bit of a chuckle then. "Don't worry, he won't dwindle the stock too much." He muses, though his glance does slide back out to where Velokraeth is picking the last of his second meal clean. The young bronze does seem satisfied, rumbling in a pleased tone to emphasize that point, ruffling his wings and stretching out. Ahh, nothing like a nice meal to set the day!

And Zi'on would be really welcome to join her. But again, Enka isn't going to mention it either, it's not something to hide, but … it's probably not the time or place for such a turn of canversation. "It'd take a while for a tree to grow though, but maybe we could plant a tree and put up an awning or somethin' until it was big enough." she pauses, and wiggles her fingers at Zi'on. "You wanna give me that clipboard back? I think the herdbeasts here aren't goin' to have calves. Dragons might eat them before they do. We've got breedin' stock though." Where dragons can't get to them. She does nod at Th'ero again. "Can't blame you, although things have become so much easier for me since I got that computer."

"They're alright." Zi'on says about computers. "They've grown on me, actually. I guess. Maybe because I understand how to use them a bit better. The ones at Landing have all sorts of information in them. You can sit and read for hours and hours." He speaks from experience, really. There's a nod to Th'ero then. "Don't let him get fat tail or whatever, though from gorging himself. Though I guess you already have a handle on that." Suldith is done with his mean, and he's chewing on some bones while the firelizards swarm in to pick at all the meats the bronze couldn't get to. Zi'on nods to Enka. "Yeah. Then once the tree is big enough you don't have to worry 'bout the awning." The bronzer hands Enka the clipboard… then as she goes to snag it he pulls it away from her! He chuckles. What a jerk he is. "Ah, true." He says about the herdbeasts.

"I won't let him gorge himself, trust me. I've heard enough stories and tales of what happens." Th'ero says in reassurance, though he seems amused over the whole idea. There's another glance given between both Zi'on and Enka when they start mentioning trees and awnings, while he only tries not to look too lost. What he does grasp, he seems to agree with as he's nodding along in agreement. When the subject of computers comes up again though, he smiles slightly to Enka. "Really? Just easier to organize or record? I hear they're good for that too." Again, he seems skeptical, though Zi'on is given a curious look now too. "Ahh, so you've been to Landing too? And I've heard of the computers there. Kiley got me some information from them once." He chuckles a little, resuming the idle picking at the post he's rested against. "So it's not hard to learn the basics?" Th'ero asks after another short lapse of silence, glancing up to look between the two riders again.

Enka laughs. "Oh shells, fat tail. I remember when I was a weyrlin'. Seemed like that was the question everyone kept askin' me. And I had to tell them no." she wiggles through the bars of the fence to accept the clipboard from Zi'on, but when he pulls it away like that, she punches him in the shoulder, it's not a hard punch, but he is being a jerk. "Hey," the bronzer's going to get a little mock-scowly face from the goldrider. "Well, easier to organize and record." she answers Th'ero. "Saves me havin' books and papers all over the place."

Zi'on grins and nods to Th'ero. "Yeah, you're not really the irresponsible type I guess." Where as Zi'on might egg his dragon on to eat and eat and eat until he gets sick. He nods to Th'ero. "Yeah I've been there a whole bunch of times. I usually take Kiley when she has to go back. And soon I'll be going there myself since I'm starting up with the techcraft. You should go at least once, once your dragon can take you." He nods. "You might need to know how too, in cause you become a weyrleader or something." There's a grunt as Enka punches him, and he chuckles. "Ow! Fine, here." He pretends to toss it like a frisbee over the fence, but then relents and lets Enka take it. "Plus they can do sums on their own."

"Guess that would be their main purpose, wouldn't it?" Th'ero admits in reply to Enka, chuckling a little as he watches the exchange between her and Zi'on over the clipboard. He rolls his eyes a little at Zi'on's first comment; smirk returning along with a bit of a sarcastic tone. "Oh yes, I'm quite the responsible type." He then snorts softly and shakes his head again, switching subjects once more. "What prompted you to the Techcraft?" Th'ero asks, sounding genuinely interested, before grinning faintly. "Landing is on my lists of places to go to, once we're cleared." He admits, before blinking and giving Zi'on a blank expression. Weyrleader seems not to be a word that crossed Th'ero's mind. "I guess I would…" he finally replies, though he sounds hesitant, as if cautious of his reply. That is, until Velokraeth snorts sharply at him, the bronze having finished with his meal and now waddles closer to the trio by the fence. "It's something I'll consider learning then, when I have time." Th'ero adds in, with a bit of a sheepish smile.

He'd better not toss the clipboard over the fence like a frisbee. Or Enka might have to punch Zi'on again. That's just too mean. "They can. There's a whole program and software that you just type the numbers in, and the computer adds everythin' up, just like that." she's snagged the clipboard now, and snaps her fingers of her other hand. With that, she wiggles back through the fence, and starts away. "I'm goin' to go take a bath." is her explanation. "Can come back here after the ruckus has died down, and count herdbeasts."

Zi'on grins to Th'ero. "What? You're not? I think you are. More responsible than say… Enka." He laughs. "I'm just teasing. But you're probably more responsible than I am, at least." Not that that was a hard thing to be. There are eight-turn-olds more responsible than Zi'on is. There's a shrug about his venture into the techcraft. "I dunno. I knew a techcrafter from a while back. She taught me some of the basics. Then with all the new computers and stuff I guess I just looked into it a little further. Decided I liked it well enough. You got plenty of other stuff to learn though, anyways. Once you're graduated you'll have more free time." Zi'on gives Enka a puppy-dog look. But he's busy talking to Th'ero right now, so maybe he'll surprise her later. "Alright, Enka." Not even a kiss goodbye. Zi'on tries not to look too put out.

Th'ero gives a slight whistle when Enka confirms that computers can also help with sums. That seems to amuse the weyrling, though there still is curiosity there as well. "Sounds like these computers almost make some parts of life too easy." He says before giving the Weyrwoman a farewell wave as she wiggles through the fence and walks away. Seems like the conversation has distracted Th'ero enough from the heat that he's lingering longer then he normally would. Velokraeth probably plays his own part in keeping him there as well, the bronze's insatiable curiosity no doubt in motion. Again, Th'ero smirks and gives a short, sharp laugh. "I have my moments." He hints, though his tone is also teasing. So is it a lie or the truth? But then he's sobered again and his expression is strictly interest and curiosity as he glances to Zi'on. "It's a good craft, I'd think. And if you like it, then I suppose that's all that matters right?" There's a frown then. "Oh, I know there's still much more for me to learn. I'm still itching for freedom all the same." At the puppy-dog look Zi'on gives Enka, then the not so hidden putout look, Th'ero is hard pressed not to start chuckling. Instead, he pretends that he simply just did not see anything.

Zi'on laughs a bit. "How can life be too easy? Though I guess that would depend on how good you are at sums." If one was already good at sums for example, they might not add any value at all. Suldith flutters outside of the pens so the herdbeasts can spread themselves out. He's taken a bone with him though, to chew on. "Yeah, I like it. It's a manly craft, so my da was alright with it." Moreso than he was with harper. "Eh, you'll be there soon enough. You told Velokraeth at all about the places you want to visit when you're all graduated?" Zi'on might not appreciate the chuckling too much. And the way he's frowning right now says that he's already probably reading too much into Enka's departure technique.

Velokraeth follows Suldith's example of leaving the corrals, though he's sans any bones or other snacks. He lands with a bit of a thump that turns into a stumbling lope, but the bronze manages it without face planting into the dirt. Even so, he seems to straighten himself up taller, giving a slight chuff. No one saw that. Th'ero is distracted from Zi'on for a moment to side-glance at the young bronze, but soon he's blinking and focusing back on the bronzerider. "Heh, your father is particular about the Craft you choose?" he asks, sounding like he's almost understanding, perhaps sympathetic, to such situations. "I had a father like that, though he was determined to keep me tied with the sea and fishing." Th'ero openly admits, which is not usual for the weyrling to do. Trust, perhaps? Or is it Velokraeth's work again? "More like he worked it out of me, but yes. He's wanting to go, particularly north first." There's a soft snort from Th'ero to that detail, but he doesn't chuckle or anything of the sort when he notices the frown on Zi'on's expression. He does pry a little though, by asking, "Something bugging you?"

Suldith blinks a bit at the younger bronze. There's a warble to him to make sure he hasn't hurt himself. Zi'on peers at Th'ero. "Yeah. He wouldn't let me be a harper. Too girly. Even though that's what ma wanted me to do." Zi'on nods to Th'ero. "Da wasn't particular about me going into his craft, but he wanted me to stand. Heh, north, hm? He might change his mind once he has to sit in the snow for a while." Zi'on sigh and grumbles a bit at the question, leaning back against the post he's sitting in front of. "Eh… not really."

Velokraeth holds his oversized head up with a touch of pride, though he seems to take Suldith's concerned warble well enough. He's fine! Honest. Just a minor miscalculation, of course! There's a rustle of his wings and then he settles down comfortably to soak in some sun, which won't be hard with so much open space. Th'ero looks a little surprised by Zi'on's response. "How is Harper girly?" he asks, smirking. "Never really classified the Crafts that way… but to each their own." Now the weyrling is blinking again, puzzlement crossing his features. "Your father is a rider then?" There's a bit of a chuckle then and before he realizes what he's said, it's out. "I'd love to see my father's reaction if he knew." He mutters, before clearing his throat and hastily switching subjects. "I think that's what spurred him to go. I've never seen snow and now he's dead set to see it." Th'ero shrugs a little, though grimaces. "I'm not too sure we'll linger long in the northern climates." At Zi'on's sigh, the weyrling simply smirks again, though it does soften to a smile. "Not really?" Th'ero presses, before adding. "Don't believe you there." There's a pause, as if he considers pushing the matter. In the end, he does. "Does it have to do with Enka?"

Suldith is used to rescuing people, but he's never rescued another dragon before. And certainly not one trying to hop a fence. So he's glad Velokraeth is fine! And he goes back to gnawing on his bone and looking happy. "Well, you know.." Zi'on starts. "A lot of male harpers are like male greenriders." He nods. "Yeah. You didn't know? My da is L'ton." Surely Th'ero knows who is who around the weyr by now. "You've never seen snow before? Heh. Well then I guess you're both in for a 'treat'. For me, I'd rather be here where it's warm all year round." Zi'on looks over to Th'ero then. "It's nothing. I just don't know how to take… that. Yeah. Enka."

Velokraeth wasn't hopping fences! That was a glide - err, okay maybe it was a hop. There's a sheepish dip of the young bronze head and he seems to preoccupy himself with sunbathing and a bit of preening to clean off his talons. Th'ero's entire attention seems focused on Zi'on, though his example of Harpers and greenriders only seem to further confuse the weyrling. "Are you… serious?" he asks, clearly not having known this. Granted, Th'ero knows little of anything it seems. This includes Zi'on's father. Yes, he had been at the Weyr for sometime before being Searched, but he probably was not paying attention to who was who beyond ranks or what he needed to know. So there's only another blank look for a moment. "Ahh, no… I didn't know L'ton was your father." Th'ero openly admits, lifting a hand up to rub at the back of his neck awkwardly. At the mention of snow being a treat, the weyrling chuckles. "We'll go and see what the hype is about. But I agree, I prefer warmth." Then his mood sobers again and he nods his head, keeping his expression neutral. "Ahh." Is all he simply says at first, before adding in. "Don't know how to take what?"

Zi'on nods to Th'ero. "Well, I mean it's not -always true. But it is a stereotype, yeah. I don't really know too many male harpers, so I can't say if it's entirely true or not. And you know, you tend to pick things up from the people around you and all.." Even though Zi'on wasn't homosexual, he could end up picking up some of their mannerisms or something. And L'ton would be having none of that! There's a nod about his father. "Mm. He's my wingleader, too. I was at Telgar for a while. It's pretty cold up there most of the year. I wasn't a fan, but some people like it." He wiggles a finger in the direction of Enka's weyr. "You saw how she left. Like we barely even know each other."

"I've seen plenty of Harpers, but I don't know any personally either. I don't tend to look too much into stereotypes." Th'ero begins to admit, though it's only a half-truth and eventually he adds, "If I can help it." So most likely he's taking some of what Zi'on is taking seriously, though no doubt will dig around to see what is and is not true. "You don't find it awkward that your father is your Wingleader?" Th'ero asks, simply curious. Seems he's an endless pit of questions this day, though it's not the first time. When Zi'on gestures towards Enka's weyr, his gaze follows, but only briefly. Soon he's glancing back to the other bronzerider, one brow quirked up. "Well, yes… I saw. But she was also distracted with work." Th'ero points out, no doubt trying to be helpful. "That could be why?"

Zi'on shrugs and nods. "I just worry if I'm not aware of them I might end up becoming one! Like my da." He shudders. "Womanizin' and all of that. That's what -we're- known for." He says to the other bronzer. He wiggles a bit. "Eh… awkward? It was at first I guess. He was always harder on me than the other riders in my skill level. But since I'm more experienced now and he's looking to retire it's not so bad. I figure it'll probably be worse when they name a new wingleader. It'll be awkward then, I bet. Since they won't know much how to deal with me probably." There's a bit of a grunt from Zi'on. "I guess. Maybe." Though he doesn't sound very convinced.

Recognition hits with that particular stereotype that much is clear by Th'ero's change in expression. So he's not a complete lost cause. "That's such an old stereotype though." He points out, before frowning a little. "You don't seem to come off as /that/ type, though." Th'ero offers and it's the truth judging by the sincerity in his tone. But there is so little that he actually knows of Zi'on. There's a bit of a sympathetic look when the other bronzerider points out the possible awkwardness within the Wing. "It's probably awkward with any leadership change. Actually… I usually find any sort of change awkward." Noticing that's probably not helping things, Th'ero clears his throat and continues on, though it's obvious the weyrling is getting into unfamiliar territory. "Well, it should work out in the end? It'll take time, but if things worked with your own father being a Wingleader, a new Wingleader shouldn't be as difficult?" At the grunt from Zi'on, Th'ero only sighs a little, scrubbing at his face. How does he always wind up in relationship discussions? He can barely work out his own. "Have you ever tried voicing your concern to her? Directly?"

Zi'on gets a droll look on his face. "Unfortunately it ain't never died because people keep on perpetuating it. Not all of us, obviously. Sometimes I think it might be easier bein' like that. Then you don't have to worry about what the girl thinks of you all the time. You ain't gotta buy her anything or tell her she's pretty and that you love her all the time." He laughs. "Not that I really do any of that stuff anyways." Suuure. "I guess it probably is awkward. Best if you have a wingsecond, I guess. Since they'd already be sort of in command.: Because Zi'on assumes Th'ero knows more than he does about girls. Also because he engages Zi'on in conversation about them, instead of just telling him to quit his bitchin'. There's a grumble. "You mean about my -feelings-? I dunno. I try not to get into talks like that. You never know where they'll go."

Th'ero grimaces a little, mouth drawn down into a thin line at the thought of being classified under that stereotype. "Easier I guess for some, but I wouldn't be able to stomach it. Stereotype or not, if it isn't you… then why pretend?" Sounds like an awful case of "Pot calling kettle black" when it comes to Th'ero, he who hides being masks like shields. Seems like quite a bit of Velokraeth is wearing off on the weyrling though, for him to spout something like that. There's a brief grin when Zi'on laughs, Th'ero not bothering to tease the bronzerider on that for the moment. "I guess a Wingsecond would help things, in that case." He agrees, nodding his head a little. When it comes to girls, Th'ero is actually a little clueless, especially if things get serious. The grumble earns a snort from the weyrling. "Yes, you're /feelings/ — or opinions. However you want to put it." He smirks, though soon he's chuckling. "It's… tricky. And doesn't always work. You're right about that. But what other options are there?"

Zi'on chuckles. "No? It must be easier to do for some people, since I've not had much luck with girls in general. Though I guess I've been with Enka now for a while. Over a turn now." Faranth forbid Th'ero start asking Zi'on for advice though. Hopefully the older bronzer knows better. "Mm. I think a wingsecond would. But my da ain't got one. Unless he does and I don't know who it is." He peers at Th'ero then. "Opinions. I like that better. Generally when you start to tell a girl your feelings you end up losing. It turns out they have a lot more feelings than we do. And they remember all of them back at least six months or more. The other option is I just bottle it up inside where it can fester as a mental illness. I dunno. I'll think on it."

"What, and you think I have? Look where I am concerning relationships." Th'ero mutters, pushing himself up and off the fence. Perhaps he does know better then to ask or perhaps he figures now is not the time to pester Zi'on with his own worries when the bronzerider already has enough on his mind concerning Enka. "Oh, I had assumed there was a Wingsecond in your wing… I think I see now what you mean by the awkwardness of a leadership change." When Zi'on peers at him, Th'ero only grins before abruptly laughing once he's given his view on opinions versus feelings. At the last bit though, Th'ero fixes a serious look on Zi'on, brows knitting together in a slightly concerned frown. "Shells, I really hope you're joking on that. I think sharing opinions is a far better solution. And saner." It would seem that while Th'ero has ignored the heat of the day up to this point, Velokraeth has had enough of the sun - in this location anyways. The misshapen bronze slowly gets to his feet, stretching out and giving a low rumble towards Th'ero. "Looks like I've got to cut this short. He's wanting to swim." The weyrling points out, giving an apologetic look to Zi'on as he does. "Not half a bad idea, considering how hot it is." He mutters, before an impatient snort from the young bronze has Th'ero reluctantly moving. "You're welcome to join in, if you and Suldith have the time. If not well… guess I'll see you around." He offers, smiling crookedly as he begins to shuffle away, Velokraeth already several paces ahead of him despite the young bronze's waddle-like gait.

Zi'on blinks at Th'ero. "Where are you?" Clearly things still weren't hunky-dory with Th'ero and Jey, otherwise he wouldn't have said that, right? Zi'on might be able to tell Th'ero how to get there, but once he's there he wouldn't have any clue either. "I'm only half-joking. I don't know which half, either." He wiggles a finger at the bronzer. He gets up with Th'ero starts heading off towards the beach. "Eh… I better go find Enka I guess. Thanks, though. We'll see you guys later." It was quicker to just hop on Suldith and take a short glide to the weyrwoman's bit of caverns, so that's what Zi'on does.

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