Barely Coping

Western Weyr - The Temple of Doom
It's just as well this weyr is of a decent size, given what its occupants have tried to store here. There are boxes lining one wall, tipped to have their open tops facing into the room, turned into a storage rack of sorts for goodness knows what treasures - the only thing that's clear is that there's plenty of the apparently 'precious' items. Along another wall is a set of shelves made from driftwood, again laden down with all manner of things. There's no division of sections here, so visitors will get to look straight onto whatever state of dress Rou'x's bed is in; and, more likely that not, it'll be unmade with pillows and blankets sleep-strewn across the deep, hard mattress. The only furniture the brownrider has procured comes in the form of a beaten up old sofa that's seen many a better turn, and a round table (the surface of which is hidden beneath, you guessed it, even /more/ stuff) with four mismatched chairs.

Indianath is curled up on his couch, head tucked around under his wing. He would appear to be the weyr's only occupant at present though, as an inspection will reveal that Rou'x is nowhere to be seen - while her mattress, pillows and blanket are also missing. There's paperwork all over her table, and the trinkets normally kept there are scattered across the floor - almost as if she's just swept her arm over the surface to send them flying.

Geimhreath flies away almost as soon as Keely's feet touch down on the ledge. The blue, clearly, has /no/ interest being at Indianath's ledge. Avoiding his new wingleader, apparently. At least if he can on his terms. The brunette steps slowly into the weyr, casting a glance around in search of Rou'x. She fusses a bit with the cuff on her wrist, glancing sidelong at the brown dragon. There's a small breath and she heads towards the trinkets all over the floor. Each is slowly picked up and placed back on the table.

Indianath lifts his head and watches Keely curiously, eyes whirling a mix of blue-green. He snakes his neck out towards her after she's finished tidying, making a soft wuffling sound to capture her attention. Then he raises his wing, and look! There's a sleeping Rou'x, mattress and all, tucked up with the blanket right under her chin and her bare feet poking out of the bottom.

Keely turns at that puff of warm, dragon-y air and blinks at the brown. The wing is raised and her eyebrows rise with it. She smiles briefly to Indy. "Thanks," she says quietly, making her way over towards Rou'x. Figuring the reveal was an invitation. "Rou," she calls softly as she settles down on the edge of the mattress, reaching out to brush aside some of the rider's hair. "Hey…"

Rou'x's eyes are closed and puffy, red-rimmed as if she's been crying. She stirs only slightly when Keely touches her, giving a sleepy little moan before turning her head more into the pillow she's hugging so tightly. Indianath lowers his head to watch, breathing warm air over both of them. His rider curls up into a tighter ball, fingers clenched into her pillow.

A slight frown twitches across Keely's features when she catches sight of Rou'x's eyes. "Rou," she says softly, shifting in closer as she kicks her boots off. She makes to cuddle up against the brownrider. "What's wrong?"

Perhaps with the help of her lifemate, Rou wakes up and casts a glance over her shoulder to see Keely. She groans into her pillow, hiding her face for a few minutes, before murmuring into it. Realising that's probably not going to be heard, she then lifts her head and stares blankly at Indianath's leathery-brown side. "I'm pregnant."

"Yeh?" Keely shifts closer to put an arm around the brownrider. "Ain't really surprised and at least that means y'ain't really ill or somethin'." She lifts her hand to brush fingers through Rou'x's hair. "I'm sorry, Rou… Least, uh… y'got me. An' Ir'e. Y'know he'll take care of ya."

Rolling over, Rou'x faces Keely and looks at her, poker-faced. "Kee. I don't know if I want it. If I don't keep it, Ir'e… he came, he threatened me, he /shook/ me. I hit him, but…" Her eyes close again for a few seconds, and she sighs. "I've got a wing to look after now. How can I keep a kid, if I've got a wing, too?"

"The wing… Geim told me. He's… ah, furious. He wanted me to take over after, yeah." Keely shrugs a little. /She/ doesn't care about promotions. That's all on her power-seeking lifemate. She frowns a little, watching Rou'x. "Does Zi'on know? Mebbe if you explain to him… I mean, a kid is kinda.. more important than a wing. Mebbe someone else can run it 'til yer ready?" She slides both arms around Rou'x, pulling the brownrider against her. "Ir'e… he cares. He may get mad an' all, but he cares. Kids're important to him an' I understand why they are… Y'owe it to him, at least. Even if ya just give it up to him to raise."

"Zi knows. He ordered me t' go to the infirmary. I had to get a check-up… n' he told me not to drink any more. I guess good news travels fast." Rou'x sighs, nestling into Keely's chest. "KeeKee, how can I 'owe' it to him? It was just an accident, n' it's my body - how can I /owe/ him when it's nine months — /seven/ months, now — of /my/ life, n' /my/ body?"

"'Cause fer all he knew, we were taking the stuff that avoids this sorta thing," Keely points out softly, continuing to stroke Rou'x's hair. "He… he loves Rhabel, fer whatever reason, an' wants kids… which Rhab has no interest in, even if he could somehow conceive 'em." She exhales slowly in a small sigh, "Y'gotta understand… Ir'e an' I, we're both weyrbrats. I knew my parents, but only barely. He didn't at all. It's… hard to grow up like that. Yer just one outta many. Y'never get to tell someone about her successes or cry on someone when yer sad. No gifts or special outings… Ir'e, he wants t'be able to raise kids in a better environment than that."

"I weren't no weyrbrat n' I din't get them special outings nor nothin', either. Mebbe a gift on my turnday or summat, but my folks weren't exactly the type t' spend time doin' much that weren't for the farm." Rou'x pushes herself up on one arm, leaning back against Indianath's warm side and holding out her arms for Keely to come to her. "KeeKee. The thought of bein' pregnant scares the shit outta me. Kids… they weren't on my agenda. I din't wanna have none, which is part've why my brother took me away from home in the first place, since my folks were startin' t' talk about trying' to get me hooked up wi' a husband. But…" She sighs, rubbing her hand over her forehead roughly. "I don't have it in my t'hurt this one."

Keely slides in towards Rou'x, making to slip an arm around the brownrider. The free hand? Set to continue stroking her lover's hair. "Ain't like I was plannin' on having any either," she says quietly, "But… life does that. Were ya plannin' on Impressing a brown? Bein' made Wingleader? These things happen, Rou'x. Life… it does crazy shit an' we just gotta adapt to it."

Rou'x wraps both arms around her lover, holding her close. "Yeah, but Indianath n' bein' a Wingleader ain't gonna knock me outta commission for no time. A baby's so diff'rent. Indy din't scare me when he found me. Being Wingleader scares me a bit, but it also makes me nervous. That there's summat growing in my belly right now that Ir'e n' I made… don't that freak you out at all? You're takin' it all so calmly."

"Well… it freaks me out, yeah." Rou'x's gotten to miss out on the times Keely wanders all mopey around the Weyr, or cries at night when she's alone. Yay hormones! "But… I dunno. Ain't nothin' to be done about it, y'know? We're here, best to… handle it." She snuggles in against Rou'x, "I tried runnin' away from my problems once an' it didn't help none. They were still there, I felt worse, and… I guess now I know to just make the best of it, yeah? Lookit us. We get to be pregnant and make Ir'e crazy together. That's gotta count for /somethin'/."

Looking down at Keely with a gentle sort of expression on her face, Rou'x shakes her head. "But I don't think it does count for summat, not so much f' me. If I din't know that goin' between n' ending this would fuck up my relationship wi' Ir'e even more n' f'even longer, I'd be plannin' on it as soon as the Healers cleared me." She strokes the back of her fingers along Keely's cheek, then tilts her chin up for a soft kiss on the lips. "KeeKee… what scares me most is what this might do t'us."

"Rou… Iff'n it's upsetting you this much… y'oughta talk to Ir'e. I mean, if he cares about ya, he'd understand, right?" Keely isn't sure at this point, but she cares about her people! "I… I dunno, won't it ruin any friendship you have with him if ya end up resenting him by the time the kid is born?" She presses fingertips into Rou'x's lower back, massaging gently. "What… might it to to us that yer afraid of?"

Rou'x shakes her head. "I spoke t'him already. He's not willin' t' shift from thinkin' that I'll be worse'n thread if I hurt 'his' baby. An' since the Healers said I'm about two months on, it's def'nitely his. You didn't hear him, Keely. He were… /so/ pissed off. All I needed were my best friend t' tell me it'd be alright, n' all he could do were shake me n' shout at me." She shakes her head again, then rests her cheek on Keely's hair. "What'll happen when we're both pregnant? What about when we're both mums? We ain't gonna want t' be sleepin' t'gether… n' maybe you'll want your baby more'n you want me."

Keely rolls to her back a bit, tugging Rou'x to her as she listens to the brownrider. "Y'gotta imagine Ir'e is freakin' out also… Give 'im some time, mebbe? It's kinda… a lot t'take in. One night of flight fun an' /two/ ladies knocked up? That's a pretty big deal." She kisses Rou'x's hair lightly. "Y'can't think like that, Rou… What if Ir'e shows up t'morrow an' says Rhab left 'im an' he wants you? What if one of us gets hurt in trainin'? What if we get transferred to another Weyr for a while? All sorts of stuff can happen an'…" She trails off, sighing softly. "Yer th' one that didn't wanna plan on nothin', Rou. Yer the one goin' an' makin' out with girls at th' Tiki Lounge." Yes, she knows. "Y'can't… y'can't make assumptions about me an' what might happen. It ain't fair."

"Yeah." Rou'x says it slowly, drawing out the syllable almost thoughtfully. She looks straight ahead at nothing in particular, then draws in a deep breath. It's held for a few seconds, then she exhales. "I did say that, din't I? An' I did do that wi' Elsia, yeah. An' y'know what?" She leans away a little, loosening her hold so that she can look at Keely with an expression that's a bit /too/ blank. "I did more'n just make out wi' her in front've Ila n' everyone. I took her skinny dippin' for the first time. She's got fuckin' beautiful tits, Keely, n' they feel fuckin' /awesome/. An' y'know what else?" She pauses for a second, blinking at the bluerider. "I would've had her up in here, if she'd've come."

Instead of the apology or at least understanding reaction that Keely had expected, this is what she gets in return. As Rou'x goes further into detail, the bluerider pulls back herself. In fact, she slowly gets to her feet, stepping away from the mattress. And away from Indianath. "I… uhm…" instead of lashing out or throwing punches, she instead goes a bit fuzzy as she summons Geim, who lands on the ledge. "I think I might be a little ill…. uh, the… yeah, pregnant." It's a valid excuse, even if it's an incorrect one. The teen is soon fleeing for her lifemate.

When Keely gets up, Rou'x curls her knees up to her chest and hugs them there. "Yeah. I betcha are." Her expression remains deadpan, with her puffy eyes and lips drawn tight. "Don't be late for drills, Keely. Mornin' sickness ain't an excuse when I'm draggin' my arse out to do them, too."

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