BEWARE...the Tarts?

From: Lukhanyo
To: Aerza
Subject: An IC Delivery

It arrives one day without any warning or fanfare - a simple white box, tied up with a pretty blue bow. There're no markings on it, no name to attribute it to, in fact nobody could even say who it was that delivered it to your weyr. Inside the box, carefully snuggled in individual little paper cups, are six little fruit tarts.

It’s after a very long shift that Aerza and Azminath return to their weyr. The redhead slides down, immediately tossing her flight jacket to the side. She wasn’t expecting a package…which is why she nearly trips over the white box. Nearly. “What the….” There’s a moment of confusion as she stares down at the thing, but there’s no identifying card or note or anything really. Suspicious, so suspicious. « It doesn’t smell suspicious….» At least not according to Azminath. But that doesn’t exactly ease her worries.

Aerza doesn’t pick up the box. Instead she pops inside her weyr and returns with…well a stick. She crouches down as far away from possible and gives the box a poke. No movement. Probably a good sign. « I smell food….LET ME EA—» “Shut it, Min!” There’s a growl of frustration from the redhead before she pokes it again. « It’s not going to /explode/.» Her prompt response is ‘it might’.

It’s quite sad how long this goes on. It’s probably a good 15 minutes or so that Aerza spends poking and circling the box. « Oh get ON with it, or I’ll just do it myself.» This of course earns a huff from the rider. She uses the stick to pull at the ribbon until the bow comes undone (which takes another several minutes) and then pops open the lid. Still using the stick of course.

Whatever she was expecting, tarts were not it. There’s a brief moment of pure confusion and surprise from Aerza. She tilts her head to the side, staring at the little pastries. “What….that….wait….” Her brows begin to knit together and there’s a scowl starting to form on her face. There it goes, there’s the light bulb. “That cheeky TART!” There’s a grunt from the now red haired /and/ red faced rider followed by a snarl. And from Azminath….« BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!»

Saucy. Irritating. TART.

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