Of Dangers Untold

Good thing about transport is, when there are Senior Weyrlings they have to do as they are told, even S'en and his brown. Irkevalath is settled off in the edge of a clearing, and just eyeing the jungle that rests not to far from him. They are on a Island, one with tall trees, a faint call of some animal and there is a slight smell, oh yes it is the smell of the WILD! The Island does have a beach where rocky shores are found among the large sand like spaces which offer some a insight into the water around and what may actually be living there. They have been at the Island since early morning, a few lessons here and there and then everyone was allowed to go of in PAIRS to explore the island, but the rul was they had to always have the sea in their sights to some degree. While hey was off exploring Sundari and D'nyl had been a bit busy getting things ready for the next lesson, which seems to be something dealing with plants, berries and the like. There is also a station set up with a ring of rocks and some different piles of wood, another with long branches and a few knives, one with another set of poles and thin line and hooks and then one more wth a bit of tarp and wood. So now Sunny and D'nyl wait for the kiddies to come back, it is nearly the time agreed upon for them to return after all.

Venryk had packed! Oh yes, he had a few things that he brought along, including a nice bundle of bandage materials..just in case. But at least he managed to dress appropriately for the outing. He's found himself a new pair of shoes at least, and loose shorts and a tank make up the rest of his clothing. At least he's not going to be overly hot on the island. Exploring time was mostly spent with him eyeballing the local foliage..within sight of the beach of course, and the teenager has a number of leaves in his possession when he does make his return, looking quite happy with the haul.

Jaelyn is sitting, on a rock, beneath the shade of a tree. That is not happiness to see the great outdoors, no. The computer crafter was strictly an indoors type, and has no qualms about showing it as he has his arms currently crossed over his chest and is glaring off in no particular direction. When people paired off, he deliberately chose the fattest and most unable partner so that they had turn back and remain at the camp of sorts before even making it halfway up the crest of a hill. Fatty was still huffing and puffing as D'nyl and Sundari are setting up what will most likely be his final curtain call over there. At least he dressed appropriately in long pants, a tank top and hiking boots. His trademark beanie and goggles sit perched on his head, grumbling something or another to himself before setting his sights on the Sir Huffin' Stuff. "Ya took three frickin' steps dude…" he growls flatly, golden eyes narrowed. "How're ya still here?" Like Mr. Personality had any room to talk, though goes to show that even his salvation was not spared.

Heryn wasn't shy; he went exploring. Sure, he's scratched to hell by the time he makes it back to the beach, and there's what is either a big shiny bug or a leaf poking out of his hair at a jaunty angle, but the man is clearly having the time of his life. Go figure. The woman at his side looks significantly less thrilled, and is glaring daggers at him as she moves as far down the beach as she can to get away from the bartender while still remaining part of the gathering group. Nadarya and the wilderness: non-simpatico. "Hey, Ven!" Totally oblivious to needle-eyes, Heryn trots down the beach towards the Healer, head canting to one side to peer at his rather wide collection of leaves. "Souvenirs?" He only jests. Jaelyn is spied up there among the shadows, blue-grey eyes picking him out unerringly, a spot of dark clothing amidst shadows that earns a jovial wave and then a 'come here' flick of his fingers. Ugh. Isn't he the worst when he's all cheerful like this? Eventually, his gaze wanders the stations, one brow lifting at them all before flicking over to Sunny and D'nyl. "This looks… fun." And also suspiciously like the beginning of a Hunger Games sequel.

Citayzleat is clutching her medical kit like it's a teddy bear, tight against her chest as she wobbles on new-colt legs down from the beach. Cofei is far ahead, and even the bright-chipper candidate looks a little done with Cita. For her part, the older healer looks…murderous. She's got mud on her breeches, twigs in her vest, and she looks like she might like to throttle the first person to comment on the state of her hair (read: there might be an avian nesting in it). She's not been industrious, or very far at all, in spite of the amount of mud she's accumulated. "Are we going home now?" The healer candidate wonders, hopefully, of the Weyrlingmasters, firmly ignoring the stuff scattered around. If she ignores it, it doesn't exist.

Emiallis is fairing about as well as Nadarya is. Her partner took her hiking. In her normal clothing. The lass she's with comes bounding out of the tree cover, just about skipping in delight, and Emi plods out, face flushed and her legs covered in scratches, with one actually dribbling a drop of blood down her leg, near the knee. She's flushed from the exertion and the skipping girl gets a growl before Emi is finding her own secluded place, near the shade of the trees, but not anywhere near them. "Please!" Is Emi's pleading response to Cita's question. She arrived just in time to hear it.

Sundari brushes her hands off, pausing to get a bit of dirt off her cast that is sticking to it and makes a faint face at the thing, she'll have to get a new one at this rate. She glances up and over the beach area to see who all is about it seems. Hearing the question from Cita she is only amused at the thought. "Nope." This said with an amused tone. "Alright everyone, come on over and listen up. Going to explain what we're really doing out here." See they wasn't out here to get lost, or find bugs to run into, or well other things..

Venryk looks aside, and brightens immediately at being called. "Oh hey! You're back. Did you..fall in there?" Though at least he doesn't look too worried about it, pointing a bit at Heryn's hair since he's likely not to be able to reach. "You've got stuff in you're hair. …I kinda think it's moving but it might be just the wind. Or it's going to burrow into your skull..can't be sure." His collection of leaves gets a quick look and a nod, even as he rearranges the stack. "Sort of. Good for comparison with my book back at the barracks, so I can make sure of what they are. This is so exciting!" The point and finger motion at Jaelyn earns a look toward the other boy in question, expression faltering just a little before the smile is right back in place. "C'mon, Jae!" At least he'll get in on trying to get the scowling teen to move. As for the..curious setup on the beach, the healer just shakes his head. "Any idea what they're doing?" With Cita and Emi also back, his eyes just widen fairly at them. Erm..well. Nature was unkind. "It doesn't look like we're going yet." And as Sundari confirms it, he simply waves a hand in her direction. See? Alas, they are stuck a bit longer. There's a quick look at Heryn then, still rather curious, but he goes quickly to put his leaves down near his stuff before joining the gathering group of candidates.

Huffin' and Puffin' can only wheeze at Jaelyn in response, which makes the fifteen turn old growl back in response before thrusting himself up to his feet and leaving him to die alone. It was hard to miss the flag down from six foot three of muscle wrapped sunshine over there, but arms are refolded and he pointedly looks away. Don't. Want. To. His gaze falls on Cita as she emerges from the wilderness, scanning over first her appearance and then over to Emiallis, before his eyes narrow once again. "…they're definitely tryin' to thin the herd." he mumbles to himself, shooting a somewhat accusatory glance over the way of the weyrlingmasters. Along the way he spies Venryk, and at the same times hears that they are to be gathering. A subtle frown appears instantly, "Great." One more soft growl and he starts trudging over to gather with the other, not because he wants to mind you.

Oh Cita, my dear SWEET summer child, if you think the literal bird's nest is going to go without comment, you have another thing coming. "Man, where did you go?," Heryn asks, eyes widening comically. "Shells, Nady, we clearly went the wrong way… Nady?" Only now does he notice that Nadarya is nowhere to be scene, likely having finally spied the tasks laid out before them and 'nope'd the hell on out of there. To where is anybody's guess, but surely there had to be someplace better than here. Shrug. Emiallis's entrance is marked with a wince for her torn knee, and he might just be pointing her out to Cita, who has that fancy-dancy med kit and may as well use it as more than a security blanket. As for Venryk: "Huh? No, I didn't fall, but there was a cliff and I wanted to get to the top of it to see if there was a good view. There wasn't," he says with a sheepish neck-scratch. "Just a whole lot of brambles and a bird that about scared Nady out of her wits." And, apparently, a bug!, which turns out to be a leaf in the end when the bartender plucks it out of his hair, laughing low. "Thanks. Wonder how long that's been there. Wanna add it to your collection?," he asks with a wink, though if not, he'll just let it fall to the sand. Jaelyn's stubbornness only earns a completely unhelpful chuckle, one that only increases when he ends up having to join them anyways, because Heryn is simply the worst. Why do people even like him? "Afternoon, sunshine," he drawls with a sharp flick of his eyebrows before focusing to hear what the Weyrlingmaster has to say.

"Shells, Emiallis." Cita winces, grasping her kit and waving it now. "Will you let me put a little tape and gauze on that?" She wonders of the knee, nodding Heryn-wards, shooting Sundari a look best described as despairing. WHY must you HURT her. She doesn't respond (if you can't say anything NICE…), but she does creep a little closer, already pulling out a little roll of tape and some gauze. She shoots Venryk a look that's a little less patient than usual — closer to pouting, even, narrowed eyes and all. Jaelyn gets much the same kind of look, as Cita fashions a makeshift bandage of the supplies, waving it vaguely at Emi. They're trapped, trapped like rats, no way home until the evil Weyrlingmasters agree with it! Woe! Despair! "Shard you, Heryn. You and your sharding…" The healer trails off, waving vaguely. Your YOU-NESS, HERYN.

Nature is always unkind to Emiallis. Even sitting in the sun and soaking up rays usually has some backlash for the ginger, either in the form of more freckles or peeling skin. Sundari is leveled an extremely unamused look, but she's had her share of additional chores, so she sits in that loose semi-circle that's starting to form, tucking her skirts around her legs. Skips-A-Lot just about has her nose in whatever Sunny and D'nyl are up to with her curiosity. Cita is given a startled look, and then the girl is nodding, extending that leg for bandaging. Have a little show - that you'd normally see anyways - men. "Please." That at least seems to be Emiallis' word of the day. Because if she says anything else, she's going to get another eight days of double chores.

Sundari blinks a few times while peering at the lot of them. Really…? She then loks a bit amused and soon shakes her head choosing it seems to go on. Just suck it up and deal with it! "I had to actually stay out here a few days when I did this." She offers with an amused tone before waving a hand t othe other stations. "So this is areas for use to see just what skills you have. One for making a tent, another for putting line on a fishing poll, one for making a spear, how to make a fire, and then this one here is to see what plants and berries are 'no-no's when out in the bush." She offers while letting her gaze drift back to each one before her, lingering on a few before going on. "This is just a little bit of what you would learn IF you happen to impress a dragon. We feels these skills are needed just in case there are any reason for you lot to be out in the wilds for a night, so you need to know how to survive just a bit and not expect your dragon to do everything."

Venryk /did/ snag that extra leaf, because one can never have enough samples! Hurrah! There's a bit of a laugh from the teenager though, tipping his head to the side ever so slightly. "Not even a good view though? What a let down! Though I guess the bird was probably mightily offended, too. You're lucky you don't have something else all in your hair." Jaelyn having to join them is met with a faint smile though, and a hand promptly giving him a faint pat on the back for at least /being/ there. It's..something, even if it is mandatory. Then the explanation starts, and the boy peers at the different stations, brightening once again and pointing toward the one with plants. "Oh! I know that one! Well I probably do..you know. Most likely. I'd have to really look." As for the rest, well, it's time for the healer to learn some things.

As Jaelyn finally joins the others (he most certainly did drag his feet to make the relatively short distance as long as possible), he grumbles something at Heryn that is just not nice at all, arms still crossed loosely in front of him, squinting some now that he was basking in the full glory of direct sunlight. It's a wonder he doesn't start sizzling then burst into flame and before going up like flash paper into a pile of ashes to be blown back on the four winds to civilization. Sure his very lightly tanned skin showed some time spent among the living, but it was a far cry from being decribed as a tan. What there is, is more unintelligible grumbling, arms and shoulders tightening. Citayzleat's care of Emiallis is ignored for the most part, other than a very passing glance that direction because healer stuff was obviously as interesting to him as fresh hair and trees. Though when the woman starts cursing, admittedly ineffectually, at Heryn golden eyes return to her and he just might have a fleeting little half-smirk for about a split second. "Heh." he snorts, but quickly schools his expression back to something much more neutral, but leaning certainly towards unthrilled. Even Venryk's little pat on the back doesn't seem to be improving the computer crafter's mood, in fact he might even begin to sulk as the little 'activities' are shown and explained. "Ugh." he sighs.

It must be Heryn's turnday. The sun is shining. Everyone's mad at him for blowing rainbows out his butt. They're going to make spears. Could things get any better? Heryn points a bright, twinkly sort of smile over at Citayzleat for her trailed-off attempt to swear at him, entirely too amused, though he feigns offense when his entire person is gestured at. "Gasp! There's nothing wrong with my sharding…" He, too, gestures at his entire person before allowing the woman to tend to Emiallis. The injured girl is favored with what might actually be a sympathetic look, but it doesn't last - instead, he surrenders the leaf to Venryk with a solemn nod. "The only side not immediately blocked by trees had a truly excellent view of the cliff next to it - which was covered in more trees." He is aggrieved! Still, he visibly perks up for all of those tasks, clearly unable to decide which to venture towards next, though he does point an interested look towards the younger Healer. "Do you? Wanna show me a few? Because that's one place where I'm utterly clueless." Well. There's more than one, but shhh. He'll sling one arm around the grumbling Jaelyn's shoulders in the meantime though, clearly intending to drag him along with a cheerful, "Yeah, yeah. Stop saying such horrible things about my mother and come on." He eyes Sunny in passing before asking, "Do we get to stay out here for a few days?" QUICK. Somebody shove a sock in his mouth before he gives her more terrible ideas!

Emiallis is so out of her element, it's almost funny. Her eyebrows are drawn together in a quite pathetic and almost simpering expression. "In what situation would we ever be out here?" There comes that mouth, again. At least she sounds mildly distressed instead of sassy like she did last time. "This is… this is… no!" Apparently what 'this is' can't even be verbalized by the teenage girl. There's a hiss as the cut is wiped clean-ish and a distress-annoyed look as Cita cinches a bandage around the cut, a bit tighter than it really needs to be for the non-severity. The stations are given a glance over - quite pointlessly for her, since she knows how to do none of them - before her eyes track back to the weyrlingmaster. Pampered hold girl wants to go home now. For the most part she's been in her own miserable world and not paying attention to the others. Until Heryn's last comment. That earns a full on glare from the girl. "Heryn." That thought is just abhorrent!

Nolan had found plenty of interesting plants and animals but payed attention while Sundari spoke, He gave a friendly nudge to Heryn to show his friend he was here. His three growing firelizards took up his shoulders all resting in the sun, the smith grinned as he heard mention of crafting a spear. He listened a bit closer now then before.

Sundari is quiet for a moment, a brow lifting as she glances from one to another, at least a /few/ of them seem interested in things. She all but grins to Heryn. "I wish that was the case." She offers with a soft whistle at the idea of getting to let them stay out in the middle of NO WHERE for a few days. "Now, as a treat I will let you guys pick where you would like to start in out of this lot of things." At the moment the group is standing around a little table that has leaves, berries and the like upon it. There is a station that is basically a little rock circle with some small piles of wood off to the side, another with long branches for spear making, one for how to sting up a fishing pool and finally one that is for putting a shelter up including a bti of tarp and branches. A glance is sent to Emiallis just watching her a moment, perhaps pondering what to say. "Every rider learns this.. I do mean /every/ rider. Why? Because one never knows JUST what might happen when out for a days travel. If you have a problem with this Emialis then I'm unsure why you think you'd be able to take care of a dragon which I assure you it more work then any drudge has anywhere in Pern."

Jaelyn startles when the muscle slab that is Heryn's arm slips over his shoulders, shooting the poor bartender a look that could have withered fruit on the vine, but really doesn't seem to be having much of a choice in the whole being dragged along thing. "I wasn't talkin' about yer mother…" he protests, setting a record there for most meaningful scowl as he intentionally makes the dragging part of this little adventure as difficult as possible for the older candidate. He simply stares with wide golden eyes, offended and deeply wounded when the man suggests that they actually stay out there for longer than just a day, one arm untangling from the fold and outright smacking him across those thankfully covered abs that has the entire weyr going all googly-eyed whenever he passed by, "Do NOT give them ideas." A narrowed look is given to Sundari, liking finding no part of this a treat from the loathing that passes over his features as he takes a gander at the station Heryn was pulling him off to. Yeah, that was some colorful language there he just dropped under his breath. At least he was being relatively less vocal about his displeasure than Emiallis, even if he give the girl a thumbs up secretly behind his back. You go girl.

Heryn is incorrigible. He really is. "Whaaat?," he asks while Emiallis and Jaelyn totally innocently, though he knows full well what, the jerk. "I was only joking." No he wasn't. "I knew Sunny wasn't going to trap us out here." No he didn't. He pretends, though, shooting the bluerider a bright grin and a conspiratorial wink. "You guys wouldn't survive more than three hours out here alone besides. It's okay. I understand." Again. Terrible. Still, he uses his arm to pull Jaelyn just close enough to say something in his ear before releasing him, chin lifting at Nolan in a nod of greeting for that nudge. "Hey, man! Ready to learn about berries?" Because that's what he wants to know about. Blue-grey eyes peruse the table of edibles before peering back at Sundari. "Are all of these okay to eat?" Curious minds inquire!

Cita doesn't even chastise Emi for the annoyed look, or grump; they have to stick together, in the face of wrathful Weyrlingmasters and peers who might as well be riding on a rainbow. Ugh. "For all the good it'll do if we see the bad end of a spear before the end of the day." She murmurs ruefully, lips twisting into a faint smile. "Everything is wrong with your sharding…" Gesture, this time mainly around the face-parts. RUDE. Cita squints at Heryn. "I'm a healer. I know these things." She points out, reasonably. The squint turns into a Genuine Home Grown Crazy Face when Heryn suggests that they stay — fortunately, Sunny puts the kibosh on that. Cita eyes the Weyrlingmaster for a long moment, considering the logic, then sighs. "Come on," She aims a shoulder-nudge at Emi, shaking her head in a generally don't-do-it kind of way. "Lets go eat some berries. I don't know about you, but I'm starving."

Emiallis lacks a filter, she truely does. Blame her parents for raising a spoiled brat. "I fail to understand at what point a young dragon would be allowed in the wilderness, and their rider to live as a rene-EEEEEAAAH!" Her irritated-distressed wail turns into a shriek just after Cita's nudge. It's amazing how fast that girl can move when she wants to. And she has the courteous to attempt a grab for Cita's hand and drag the healer-girl with her. If nothing else, Emi is clear away from those bushes, heading towards the water. No snakes there. Panic'd much? Just a little. And no amount of training will EVER fix that. But there's a blue firelizard swooping down and hissing fervently at that snake, backwinging and swiping at it.

Nolan looks around at his fellow candidates and at the various stations, just as he was making up his mind a bushsnake slithered past him, his serveral firelizards descending from his shoulders to attack it. "I guess I'll go learn to fish while those three have fun."

Sundari is half listening to the others, her attention is all on Emiallis and a soft huff escapes her. "Do you think all dragon's and riders are not allowed out into the real world? Also I did not say young dragons, there will come times that you and yours will have to spend time out in the wild's. Not everything is about the easy transport, or zipping from one place to another." Oh yeah she is geting a bit upset about explaining this over and over. There is a puse and she blinks a few times as the tunnelsnake is out and going after Emi a the moment. "Or in your case perhaps you should just stay at the Weyr and hide from everything…" She has deal with tunnelsnakes before and to have one leaping out from the bushes, well that is a first. Though as you can see she isn't /that/ worried over such a thing. "So… Anyone know how to deal with a tunnelsnake?"

There is a serious dubious look being leveled on Heryn at this point, Jaelyn's brows beginning to lower with each comment the other Ista bred candidate was trying to pass off as truth. He did not believe him. There is even a twitch for the wink he tosses Sundari, lips turning downwards into the smallest of frowns as golden eyes become golden slitty daggers, pointed right at him. "Hey ya dunno…" he starts in protest of only Faranth knows what because its cut off when the bartender he's brought in close enough to be whispered to of all things. There is a struggle to get free before the words are quietly passed on, which immediately makes his entire body stiffen noticeably, a well as turns his daggers into dinner plates. He's quickly abandoned in the name of Nolan and wild eatables, left standing there with healthy glow across his cheeks before it vanishes in an instant and he downright gives the back of the twenty turn old muscle mountain the darkest most murderous look ever brought into conception. "In yer dreams." he manages to grumble, before he stomps off to the spear making table and leaves the best buddies to their twigs and berries. Though, he might slow and stop to eye a certain bush as it starts acting up, there wasn't much of a breeze just now. When the tunnelsnake appears and start after Emiallis, his brows shoot up towards the line of his hair, before he shudders at the sound coming out of that girl's mouth. He follows it up with some colorful metaphors of his own, best left unspelled and not repeated by another living soul. At least he had, imagination. "…woman! It's jus' a fuckin' tunnelsnake!" But people were scrambling, and firelizards descending and more utter chaos. "Ugh…" Now he was pinching the bridge of his nose with a few fingers as if he had a headache coming on. All. That. Squealing.

Heryn actually sulks. It might be a joking sulk, but it's a sulk just the same. "What's wrong with my face?" A glance to Emiallis, Jaelyn, and Sunny. "Is there something wrong with my face?" The facade is quickly dropped so he can blow a raspberry in the Healer's direction, clearly expressing what he thinks of her expertise. The amused look then gets shunted on to Jaelyn, to whom he offers a beatific grin and a shrug for that grumble before— Tunnelsnake! "For Faranth's sake," is said when Emi goes running, dragging Cita's hand to take the woman along. One hand presses to his chest, clearly more scared by the reaction than the creature itself. "It's just a tunnelsnake." A wry look is shot Sundari's way with a low, "Leave it. It's probably more scared of you." A beat, then. "Or kill it." Shrug. Whichever. He seems to be going for the former over the latter, though his form is tensed enough to engage in fight or flight if necessary.

The TUNNELSNAKE hisses and snaps at Duluth, continuing to move towards Emi. Hisss, snap, I WILL EAT THE- GURK!

Whish-THUNK. A crossbow bolt flies out from a tree and pins the tunnelsnake to the ground and a moment later D'nyl swings down from the tree, "So… Extra marks for Heryn. Overall, though, better reactions than I would have expected." He slings the crossbow across his back, crossing to the twitching-but-dead tunnelsnake, he pulls the arrow and snake both up, still joined together, and swings them past the girls and anyone else in between before offering it to Heryn with a slight smile, "Would you like it? They make decent belts." If Heryn declines, he'll offer it to Jaelyn, but his gaze moves around the group, "For the record, there was a case at Xanadu when I was quite young where a renegade candidate was inserted into a candidate class and then fled with her fledgling gold after completing basic training." SO THERE. "Riders in all wings can end up in survival situations due to grounding weather or injuries during crises, and since there are more candidates than dragons, some of you may need this training some day as non-riders." Insert knife and twist, why don't you, D'nyl? Jerk! He glances at Sunny, then back at the others, "And there have been times where when searching for missing people, riders have been forced to go into areas of forest or rock too dense for their dragons to reach them. That's why S&R Riders do an additional turn of internship in their wing in most cases."

To be fair, Emiallis only let out one really loud shriek. And now the teen turns that glare onto Jaelyn. "It wasn't exactly your heels it was going after, barracks-destroyer." Emi snaps, her control on her temper just about gone again. There's a startled mini-jump as that crossbow bolt goes flying and embeds itself into the tunnelsnake. But the temper is starting to turn tantrum as her eyes move between The Boys and Sundari and now even D'nyl. "So excuse me for not being so rough and tumble that I enjoy this happy little hiking trip! Excuse me for screaming when something comes snapping at my heels! And exCUSE me for thinking a dragon will choose me for who I am, rather than what you want to shape me to be!" Huff and puff! And Emi is done dealing with these people until they want to drag her by the ear to either participate or leave. Likely literally. And look! There's a suitable sized rock just a little farther off from the group, but not near the treeline, where Emiallis is heading to sit down and stare out at the water. And now that the tunnelsnake is dead, Duluth is heading back over to his lady to stand guard against unwanted visitors.

Nolan shakes his head at the firelizards as they suddenly disappear between showing up next to Nolan's head chittering before landing on his shoulders once more. "If no one else want's the belt D'nyl then I'll take it." The young smith isn't concerned about a dead bushsnake. "I dunno why anyone would take these skills for granted, I mean it wasn't to long ago that these were daily survival skills." Leave it to the enthusiastic smith to take joy at learning new things.

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