Booze and... stuff happens.

Summer - Day 12 of Month 6 of Turn 2714
Half Moon Bay Weyr - Tiki Lounge

As one walks onto the wood panelled flooring of the patio, they are greeted with the scent of burning oil, the likely source the various torches burning along the perimeter of the flooring. The flooring is littered with tables shaded with umbrellas, matching chairs tucked beneath when not in use.

The inside of the Tiki Lounge seems far bigger inside than outside, even when full of relaxing weyrfolk and travelers. Towards the front, in the western corner, is a small stage, generally occupied by harpers. Several tables with chairs decorate the floor and a small area is open for dancing. The bar is rather long and well stocked, glasses of different shapes and sizes hanging suspended from a rack above the bar. Behind the bar is another open window that gives one a view of the forest behind the tavern. Turning around, one is greeted by a lovely view of the lagoon. A decent breeze helps to cool the room. Up above, rafters provide a perch for fire lizards and local avians. The thatch roof, made of straw, rarely lets in any rain.

LEIRITH IS DOIN' THAT PREGGO-WADDLE, YA'LL. Okay, just kidding. If she was that heavily gravid, Risali would probably be in Xanadu, and Leirith would probably be camping on the sands because eggs and babies and too heavy to fly are totally a thing at some point. BUT NOT AT THIS POINT. THIS POINT means she can travel to wherever she wants to go, and that wherever is Half Moon Bay, where there no snow, and lots of heat, and baby sisters that needed cooing over because she was feeling a little maternal and shut up. It's also probably why Risali is in the Tiki Lounge now, sitting at the bar with her fingers curled loosely around a glass of something assuredly alcoholic (it's rum) and leaning forward against the bar with her face rested on the coolness of the countertop.

Foreigners in Half Moon is a trend today. Sephany should be in Fort. She should be doing Weaver Apprentice-type things. But maybe she shares devious tendencies with her brother, for she is currently ditching such tasks and hangin' out at a bar. Far from home. Far from authority. Drinking something that looks like it should NOT be in the hands of a fifteen-almost-sixteen-turnold. But whatevs. She's doing her thing. Even if Risa's head-on-counter has her looking more curiously at the goldrider than her drink. "If you think you may pass out, perhaps you should drink some water, instead?" as she sips her own drink. "But if you are not going to finish that," and there's a little point of a slender, pale finger towards the goldriders beverage, " May I?" because they are friends, right? So trying to steal Risa's drink is totally acceptable.

Tanit blinks, as she makes her way into the Lounge, oyster net slung over her shoulder. The lanky diver pads over to the two foreigners. "Are we commiserating? Or just that hot out today?" The net passed over to the person working behind the bar who sets a bottle and glass in front of Tanit in exchange.

Risali lifts her head up, grey eyes shifting to Sephany as the younger girl speaks and points towards a drink that Risali clearly hasn't abandoned because her fingers are still around it and - an exhale as brows knit together, her mouth parts to form around words that die before they reach her throat, and the goldrider finally pushes her drink the way of the teenager. "Do you want to talk about it?" Risali finally asks, because she's not one to pry and the poor girl looks like she's in need of a hell of a lot more than just a drink. Cue Tanit, who's being greeted with a quiet smile as she makes her way to the bar and settles with AN EXCHANGE. "I'm not sure," she answers honestly. "I just wanted a drink."

Well. She wasn't really expecting to actually be given the drink, but Sephany is of a mind right now that she is not going to turn it down. Nevermind she is still drinking the original drink she ordered. TWO IS BETTER THAN ONE and she has two hands so… *yoink* hers now. "What is there to discuss?" she wonders with that note of bitterness that says so much more that words do. "Men are assholes. I am giving serious consideration to switching sides." Hello Tanit. "Mm. It is hot. But not as hot as Igen. Fucking desert." A huff, and a glance for the exchange of oysters for alcohol. "Good catch?"

"Women are also equally assholes." Tanit sing songs, with a smirk, "And require a lot more maintenance usually." Bar stool claimed Tanit just laughs, "Should I beat someone up for you? Or we could have your brother do it, he's more intimidating."

"Unfortunately I believe you," about women being high maintenance assholes. At least Sephany picks up her drink and takes a sip, displaying that it shall not be going to waste even if she is taking forever-and-a-day to drink it down. There is a scowl for the mention of her brother, and a sideways glance to Tanit that says exactly what she is thinking about him right now. "He is one of the assholes," even if it is followed by a softening of her expression, and a lift of her hand to touch the green firelizard draped around her neck. Snoozing. "Though he did sort of apologize." But again, a shake of her head. "Nevermind though. How are you?" and a little grin twitches the corner of her mouth as she teasingly asks, "Have you seen your tattoo artist lately?"

"Mm, I'm sorry." Tanit offers with a chuckle, "I'd offer to beat him up for you but he's kinda a fucking giant." Cue more drinking and a food order. "Good, going to be making a trip back home." At mention of Cenrie the dolphineer laughs, "Not recently. The downside of trying to date someone who lives half a world away."

"He certainly is," agrees the weaver, grinning at the thought. "I am so thankful I did not inherit that particular trait." The glass bestowed upon her by the lounging goldrider is given a look, and then a tentative sip. Seems Sephany is going to play the back-and-forth game with her drinks. "Hmm. Are you looking forward to that?" she wonders, of going back home. "Though, I think I have seen far too much of 'home' recently." As for the woes of long-distance relationships? Sephany just lifts her glass in a salute and universal 'sing it, sister' sign of agreement. "Though surely you find the time to visit him? I manage to catch-ride to Igen often enough, I am sure there are plenty willing to go to Ista?" Snort. "Make Sev do it," she decides. "He probably needs the practice."

Tanit laughs, "Contrary to what that one," Thumbing over at Risa, "Says. Sex does not resolve everything. We are taking things slow." Visits, dates. These are such new things that Tani doesn't have much to go on. "I think I will leave Sev out of this one."

Risali is present, in the now, and not spacing out; truth be told, the tiny woman has been listening to the exchange of words between Tanit and Sephany quietly, putting in another order with an upward tick of one finger and a half-smile for the bartender as she allows her brain to process the words and - an exhale. "I do not think sex solves everything," Risali breathes, leaning forward to put elbows on the bar. "I dated K'vir for two turns before I slept with him, then went into candidacy and weyrlinghood - so more turns before I slept with him again. And D'lei…" Is Risali blushing? SHE IS TOTALLY BLUSHING, but pretending really hard that she's not by accepting her new glass of booze and running a finger along the rim of it. "Had to wait too." Mostly because she was a weyrling, but shut up. Those grey eyes are on Sephany though, studying the young woman for a long moment as puzzle pieces fit together in her brain and… a quiet smile. "Are you dating Zevuki?"

Sephany will echo that sentiment with a quick, "Sex does not solve everything. But it can be a nice distraction." As is booze. Even if she's only sipping it sparingly and not at all in a rush to get it down her throat and into her bloodstream. She clearly does not have this 'getting drunk' thing figured out yet. "Slow is good. Really. It is," which is quickly seconded by Risa's return to the living and contributing comments. The weaver offers a bit of a sympathetic smile for all of the waiting that she had to endure, though she will provide commentary in the form of "I am suddenly so glad I have never been Searched." As for that final question? Surprise. Then embarrassment. Then a resolute shaking of her head. "No. Not even close." Hmph. "Men." Grumpgrump. "One - he is a candidate. Two… I have no idea what he thinks of me in the slightest. And three… I think I pissed him off a few days ago." A tip of her glass toward Tanit now. "At least you have that going for you," she says honestly, and without any sort of malice for her friend's good fortune.

Tanit laughs, "Nothing so good as an excuse. Well unless you count J'en being all weird because it's his brother." Tanit shrugs to Risa, drinks, laughs. "It's totally that guard whose clothes you were wearing the other day isn't it?" Ok, maybe she's a little on the oblivious side. "What did you do."

"I think I would be a little weird about it too," says Sephany, "if you were dating Sev. But… I don't think I would have had quite the same, ah… violent reaction that J'en did." Her glass is tipped up once more, another tentative sip of the strong beverage is taken before it goes to the counter. A frown. "Zevuki?" she questions of the diver. "Yes. But I was not wearing his clothes," she insists, huffing a little bit. "I was wearing my clothes." This is a very important distinction, clearly. As for what she did? There is a small shrug of her shoulders. "I am not entirely sure," she admits, hesitantly. "The last time I saw him, he had just been Searched. We seemed to have a very nice conversation and I asked him…" and here she looks just mildly embarrassed, cheeks coloring very slightly as she admits, "if I could come to visit him, even if I had no other excuse other than wanting to see him. He said yes, so… I went to visit the other day. And we were having a discussion about dragons, and what would make them choose one candidate over another…" A sigh, and a poke at her drink though she doesn't pick it up. "He is a guard. He expects clear answers. He is frustrated that he cannot get a clear answer on this question, and said as much. I told him that, perhaps, he should let it go." A frown at the memory. "This was clearly the wrong thing to say, for he almost immediately bid me goodbye and left. Oh, he was polite about it, but very… formal." It was a dismissal. Clear and simple. "Boys are weird."

Tanit laughs, "Sure you were." The dolphineer teases, just giving the younger girl a hard time. Of dragons, Tanit laughs, tilting her chin with the thought. "Some people will do any thing they can to twist fate into their favor. I'm all for stacking the odds but dragons are different. Either you've got it somewhere in your blood or you don't. No one has ever come up with a complete answer to my knowledge." She shakes a hand through her hair. "Risali would be the better one to ask that kinda question though. I ain't a rider."

A quick shake of her head follows Tanit's comments, blond hair flying into grey eyes with the movement. "No, no, that is not what I meant," she insists, one hand reaching out to push the fine strands out of her face. "That is not why he was asking questions. He is not attempting to slant the odds in his favor, or increase his chances at Impression. No. He is simply… well, he is Holdbred," as if this would explain it. "Dragons are difficult to understand even when you grow up around them. More so when they are more myth than reality. He is… someone who enjoys facts. Straight answers. Very analytical. Things he can understand and therefor know how to handle. Impression is a mystery. One he is trying to understand, even if it cannot really be understood by any until it is experienced. Does that make sense?" A frown. "I don't want to paint him in a negative light. It was not the topic of dragons that upset him. It was my suggestion that he… let go the pursuit of this particular answer." A sigh, and a tap of delicate fingers against glass.

Tanit laughs, sea-green eyes resting on the blond. "You like him." Tanit notes almost accusingly. "Never was a fan of the kinds that can't leave a little mystery in the universe. I imagine he will forgive you when he realizes that he has agreed to something that can't be analyzed or poked or prodded." Fried root vegetables peppered with salt arrive and the diver crunches into a few, moving the plate to where the other women can reach. "I don't know him well enough to guess."

"I do," admits Sephany without shame. Though there's a finality to the way she says those words, a sort of resignation rather than delight. "And I would like to get to know him better. But he is so incredibly… formal. Stiff." A snort. "He is a guard. And Holdbred. So I suppose it should be expected." A considering glance is given the diver beside her, and when the plate is pushed into the space between, Sephany will help herself to what is offered. "I feel as though I struck a nerve. It was certainly such an adverse reaction that I would be rather concerned if there wasn't more to the story than what he told me. He… shut down completely. It was a stark contrast. Which I suppose should be taken as a sign that I had, at least prior to this conversation, made some sort of progress towards friendship." A hmm, as she crunches down on the root vegetable. "I don't know him well enough, either," she admits with a small look of amusement.

"You know, of all people? your brother taught me a very valuable lesson recently." Tanit chuckles, knocking back more of the drink before continuing. "We have a tendency to see people as we are sometimes, without digging deeper - for whatever reason." The dolphineer grins now, "So it seems to me that you could maybe take a page out of his book and just be bloody damned persistent." A few more bites taken of the vegetable. "Or you could just apologize and ask him to explain in a way you can understand."

"Stubborn," decides Sephany of her brother, though it is said in a fond tone of voice. A tilt of her head as she considers Tanit's words while crunching on the vegetables. "It is probably because we only have one real way to view the world, and that is through our own ideas," which is to say, she agrees with Tanit. "I did try to apologize," she notes with a frown that could be considered a pout if she held it for longer than a few seconds. "And he did say that we could… talk about it at another time. It was late; the sun had already set. So I suppose his excuse for leaving was legitimate, even if the manner was rather… abrupt." A sigh and a glance for the diver once more. "I would be lying if I said that I was not hurt at how he dismissed me. Should I be, though? We are barely friends… if even that."

"If a person could help the way they feel all the time, my life would not so much resemble a bad harper play." The dolphineer laughs, "It is ok to feel things Seph, hurt is a natural thing. Just don't be like me and let your hurt feelings overwhelm everything else." She grins, "Of course my solution would be to do something that he simply cannot ignore, but that might break his little hold bred brain.'

"It is only a little sting," notes the weaver, as if trying to downplay just how much the slight had affected her. An eyebrow lifts, and a small grin threatens to break out over her face. "What do you suggest? Although, if I am thinking along the same lines that you are, I have no doubt that it probably would break his 'little hold bred brain' as you say. I haven't even touched him," and Sephany very rapidly by elaborates with, "I mean, in an innocent sense! Well. Other than the collision on the ice, but that was extremely different. What I mean to say is that anything beyond a touch of hand to arm would probably not be well received." But that does not stop the little weyrbred lass from looking positively mischievous at the ideas swimming in her head. "What would you do?" she prompts, because this is amusing and she is genuinely curious.

Tanit laughs, "What wouldn't I do for the right guy?" The dolphineer shakes her head then with a sigh. "Honestly? If you'd asked me a few months ago I'd have told you to go up, grab him by the ears and show him every kissing trick I've learned in my meager years." There is a sheepish look as she stabs at more food. "Now, I am letting him dictate the pace at which things move for now. Still trying to figure out where the boundaries lie until he's sure of me." She grins, "Things can happen that settle your heart far better than you might have ever anticipated, but that isn't the kind of thing you can just tell someone and expect them to understand. Sometimes you have to figure out how to show them. That is always tougher."

"Hmm…" followed by a thoughtful tilt of her head as Sephany considers what is spoken. And then a laugh, and a decided swallow of that alcoholic beverage that has been more accessory than drink in her hand. "It is way too soon to be discussing him with such seriousness," she decides, grinning. "I like him. That is about it. I don't know nearly enough about him to even utter the… 'love' word in the same sentence," and even bringing it up here makes her sort of grimace. "That sounds… complicated," she decides of Tanit's current approach and uncertainty of boundaries. "But perhaps it is for the best, if your past methods have not yielded good results?" Which is to say, 'you do you, boo'. "Although, if it becomes clear that my… subtle advances are not being picked up upon, I may just grab him by his stiff shoulders and stick my tongue down his throat. That would certainly make things clear, don't you think?" It is very likely a joke, judging by the way her eyes are dancing and her smile has gotten just a bit wider than necessary. "If you want to meet him, you are welcome to come along with me to Igen. I may need a second opinion here."

"Oh no, I didn't think you were - I was just explaining why I wasn't following my own advice." Ahem. Nothing to see here. Oh look is that a plate of oysters? It will be since the diver is ordering more food. "Like I said, I seem to be attracted to REALLY FUCKING COMPLICATED." The dolphineer grins with a wild smirk. "Clarity is always the best policy, yes." Somewhere Sev's eye is twitching and he's going to probably kill his best friend for giving his baby sister such advice. "There's always just dancing with me or Risa too. I mean, that would really melt the poor guy's brain."

That drink in her hand, the one that looks like it may be too strong for someone of her size, is tipped back and finished in another two swallows. Glass down. On to the next one! And thanks to Risa, Sephany already has it in hand. "Oh! Well… OK!" and she just laughs. Because time, and alcohol, are doing things to her body that make laughter so much more pleasurable than sulking. "And who isn't complicated?" she wonders hypothetically. Another delicious, fried root is plucked from the plate and crunched on, the weaver humming thoughtfully before she says, "Well. Risa did dance with him once. And so did I, for that matter," she points out. "But it was all very… formal. And chaste. Even Risa. Hands in all the proper places. It was fun, but certainly not… you know. Mind blowing." But a wicked grin has her considering the possibility. "Though… yes. We could dance together though he might run and hide." Should she be drinking that second drink? Probably not, but it doesn't stop her from picking up the glass and taking a sip.

Kohl is in need of a good drink, and remembering the bar his cousin introduced him to, he heads there. The trip through the lagoon is pleasant enough and he arrives, a smile on his face as usual. Today, it's just him, no travel gear, no rucksack, just the clothes on his back, a tightly fit tank, loose pants and sandals, and the beltpouch containing his marks. He'll stride to the bar and order a drink, eyes gazing about. And for the second time this seven, Kohl's eyes find Tanit in the mix. Once his drink is retrieved, he'll stride over, a charming smile on his lips. "Tanit, if I keep running into you here I'm going to start thinking you live here."

"Oysters. Oysters are not complicated. My journeyman isn't complicated." Nevermind that Tanit couldn't see herself repeating that mistake again. "Chaste dancing is boring." So very boring. All the boring. "Well I can't help when they run and hide." She eyes her cousin with a snort. "I do live here, stationed at Half Moon Weyr." She waggles her fingers at him. "Kohl, tell us true. WHY are men such pests?"

Sephany is here, too. And maybe she's not interested in being ignored, because her expression goes briefly dark and then blazingly brilliant as she fixes Kohl with a smile. "Hello Kohl!" See? She even remembers his name. "Fancy seeing you here again! And Tanit does live here," if here is 'Half Moon Bay' and not 'The Tiki Lounge'. And then a stuck-out tongue for Tanit, and a quick, "I meant men not… general life things. I am not going to be dating an oyster! OR your journeyman." Cause technically, that second thing was a man. And then there is another blazingly brilliant smile for the poor, unfortunate Kohl who has chosen to make his presence known to her. "Yes Kohl," she draws out, a rather dangerous gleam in her eyes as she echoes Tanit. "Why are you men so much like a pestilence?" Her tongue reaches for the straw in her drink, drawing it into her mouth as wide, grey eyes stare at him expectantly.

Kohl laughs. "Because you gals are just so pretty when you're angry, it's absolutely adorable. And I meant I'm going to start thinking you live here, at the bar." Another drink is taken and Kohl leans against something nearby, only checking to make sure it isn't a person before leaning upon it.

Tanit says, "I may as well, it's easier than going all the way back to the living caverns for lunch." The dolphineer smirks. "I'm starting to think you've got a scheme or something in mind. I normally only see this much of you when you are in trouble." Tanit teases. She laughs for Seph's assertion. "Well I can't help you then, I have a hard enough time juggling my own bizzare chain of relationships.""

Narrowed grey eyes and thinly pressed pink lips clearly communicate that Sephany does not feel that answer is at all satisfactory. A long exhale and then an equally long pull on the straw, swallowing much more of her drink than is likely necessary. STRAIGHT to the bloodstream. "That's a terrible answer," she tells him decisively, huffing in annoyance. "And entirely inaccurate, I wager. Nope." And a shake of her head. "Nope. No good at all. You can do better. Totally unacceptable." Where is she going with this? Does she even know? Probably not, because before she can further the argument with Kohl she's beaming at Tanit again. Yes. Someone is, maybe, certainly feeling the effects of that first drink now. "We could, you know. Live at the bar. OH! Oh Tanit! Let's start a bar! IN ISTA!" Hm. "Yes! It'll be great. We can live there, and you can find the oysters to eat, and I can… sew clothes to wear. OH!" joy. She has it.

Kohl? In trouble? Neeeevvvverrrr! Or at least this is the body language Kohl assumes. "I'm never in trouble Tani, what are you talking about?" The sarcasm is so thick in his tone, it's real. He lightly examines his fingernails as if offended, he's just a piece of pretty eye candy, he can't help it if people take offense to his very open personality. And no, he's so totally not known for a few rousing practical jokes now and then. Oh no, not at all. As to Sephany being unimpressed with his answer, he can only shrug. "Well, I don't have a better one for you, not unless you want to find out what makes me the particular sort of ass I am." Kohl drops a wink and drinks from his glass.

Tanit laughs, "Not that I'd mind, considering all the things of Ista are fantastic. But I don't think the hall would be to happy if I just up and changed where I go." Tanit just stares at her cousin, unimpressed with a snort. "You should dance with Kohl. I'll buy the next round of drinks." Because drunken Sephany and Kohl? This was comedy gold in the making.

JOY! And then angry! The mood swing is real, and prompted by Kohl, and his… obnoxious obnoxious-ness. Which is exactly what Sephany is going to tell him. "I don't need to know cause I already know, and it's cause you're obnoxiously obnoxious!" SO THERE says the tongue that is very rudly stuck out in his direction. "Nevermind we can't open a bar cause I don't know how to make drinks!" even though this is, apparently, cause for renewed joy. "So I guess we can just stay here until… well. I do have to go home at some point probably because I don't think my Journeyman would like it very much if I just up and decided to stay at Half-Bay Weyr here even though it's so much prettier than Fort Weyr and it doesn't snow and Zevuki doesn't like snow so I don't think he's going to visit even though he said he would visit but he didn't specific when he would but it wouldn't be until after the hatching cause he would need time to train his dragon if he got a dragon which he probably will because that is what happens when you like a guy—" And finally, thankfully, she has to stop and take a breath before she can launch into anymore stream-of-conscious dialogue. This also serves to distrupt that chain of thought enough that she can't quite get back into it without confusion and finally, "Dance? You dance?" and again, suspiciously narrowed eyes at the obnoxious-obnoxiousness that is Kohl. "Prove it."

Kohl only smiles widely when he's called out. He knows he's an obnoxious ass and is ok with it. Tanit's suggestion of dance has Kohl's attention though, he loves to dance, particularly with someone pretty on his arm. Seph's insistance that he 'prove it' is taken seriously. "Alright then, I will. Hold some seats Tani, this one will need one when we get back." Kohl slides from his leaning post and walks up to Sephany, snagging her hand as he walks by. "Come on then."

Tanit holds down the fort and eats oysters like popcorn. THIS is gonna be good.

Sephany is definitely going to need that chair when she's done, if just because there is enough alcohol in her blood to make standing less stable than sitting. BUT REGARDLESS! She is headed off with Kohl. To dance! Hopefully he doesn't mind full-body-contact because… well. Alcohol. Instability. She is gonna use HIS stability instead of her own. Which means she is going to leeeeean on him. Hip. Chest. Legs. Hands. EVERYTHING. All pressed up into his everything before they've even started to dance. RIP TANIT, because S'van is definitely going to kill you when he finds out you encouraged this. And RIP KOHL because you're the one Sephany is currently grinding up against in a semblance of dancing. Are the Harpers on stage currently playing a song that requires that sort of gyration? Probably not. But the music in her HEAD does! Risali would be SO PROUD if she saw Sephany right now. A creature of perpetual motion; swaying to the beat, body free of tension and lost to the music. Kohl? Mostly there to be leaned on when she's feeling unstable (WHICH IS PRETTY MUCH ALL THE TIME LET'S BE REAL SHE IS ATTACHED TO HIM RIGHT NOW). Or when she's feeling particularly adventurous and wants to try a new move, or a new look, on the poor guy. Like the whole bite-your-lip-come-hither thing she's tossing his way, if just to burst into giggles and spin in a circle that nearly sends her crashing into some unfortunate soul. WHAT EVEN IS DECENCY?! WHO CARES ABOUT SELF CONTROL! NOT HER!! At least she's not stripping.

On the list of things that Tanit was expecting, Sev's baby sister grinding on her cousin and all but having sex on the dance floor was not one of them. Color her equal measures impressed, horrified and amused. "I don't think I can move like that." She mutters to the bartender who just nods sagely. Yep. She's dead. So dead. But there are worse guys than Kohl out there, and Tani knows her cousin won't press his advantage unduely. Or she hopes.

Kohl is more than happy to have a woman all up in his business while dancing, and if the Harpers weren't playing something lively, they are now. Play to the crowd peeps! Good thing for loose pants, because if Kohl weren't wearing them he might be sort of embarrassed because that lip biting thing. OMF! Once he's done helping Seph right herself he leans in close, a flirty growl at her ear, "You're far too cute."

Dancing will be had until she is physically put in her seat once more. Or she falls on her face. Whichever comes first. Sephany works the music. Sephany IS the music! Until she's caught up in arms meant to stop her from falling, and interprets this as an occasion in which her arms must be all caught up in him as well. Around his shoulders, up and down his arms. Fingers finding hair and pulling as best she can. There's a press of her body into his, and giggling that is much louder than is probably respectable, and a shake of her head for the flirting in her ear. "I am not cute," she informs him, pressed far too closely to see more than his eyes and maybe a bit of his face. Really. Millimeters away. NO BOUNDARIES. "I am fucking hot," she corrects him with a low purr of her own. And maybe she was going to kiss him, but instead there is very rapid blinking of very dilated eyes, and she suddenly decides, "I think I need to sit down," before she just kind of… falls into Kohl. She's not fainted but there is no equilibrium here. None. As if her legs have forgotten that they know how to support her body.

Oh shit. Um. Tanit is getting to her feet and moving over to Kohl and Sephany. "Damnit Seph, you gotta learn your fucking tolerance level." Except there's flirting and Tanit is just? well she suddenly has a whole lot more fucking sympathy for Sev when he's forced to deal with Tani's escapades. "Can you carry her?"

Kohl laughs with a low growl. "I stand corrected, because you're right, you are fucking hot." And he definitely would have kissed her back had there not been a complete loss of equilibrium there. Kohl has no issues catching Sephany up in his arms. "Sure I can carry her. Where to?" Because if there's no destination in mind, T'san might get a taste of his own medicine.

"It's OK Tanit!" is Sephany's very giggly response as the dolphineer comes to her… rescue? Maybe? Does Sephany need to be rescued? "He's got this!" he's got her, at least. She's not falling anymore. Even if she, maybe, doesn't remember his name. "Ooh, you smell really fucking good," is followed by a very decisive nuzzle of her nose against his neck. "Hm. I know my tolerance level!" she demands, suddenly back to angry. "I just need to sit down. Or lay down. Oh shit… I'm not going back to Fort, am I?" No more dancing for Sephany. And then a groan, that is not at all lustful in nature and much more of a 'crap I've fucked up' in nature. " I need a nap."

"My room, she can sleep this off and hope to Faranth that Sev never finds out." Tanit just smiles at the blond. "It's cute really. But sweetie, unless you are like me with an unnatural metabolism, your just going to have to slow down on the drinking." She eyes Kohl at the comment of smelling good rolling her eyes. "I swear, you are my punishment." Her Karma for so many things. "You can nap in my bed."

Kohl gives a sort of disappointed look but he nods. "Lead the way cuz, looks like I won't have any plans this evening." Kohl sighs. He probably would have done it this way anyhow. He doesn't take advantage of women, even if he is an obnoxious cad.

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