Damasth's Flight!

Western Weyr - Lagoon Shore
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Sometimes riders and dragons are seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl. A path winds out along a ledge out to the docks to the southwest, the lagoon to the west and the bowl to the east.

For those who know the petite greenrider it isn't at all abnormal for her to be lingering on the beach of the lagoon, it is one of her favorite places. And so it is for her lifemate as well and Damasth is toes-deep in the water at the edge, swishing and swaying as she slinks down the shoreline slowly. Her croons are not unlike a tune being hummed and Lissi's reaction to them is near harmonic in tone and childlike in demeanor, though the motion of her amply curved form is anything but adolescent. The greenrider's fingers slide across her belly and down her sides then up sometimes as she sways and turns, lost for the moment in this private dance with her lifemate, her bare feet leaving twisting and turning prints in the sand. The green's head lifts and then lowers as she lets out a long, forelorn, yet feminine croon and Lissi pauses in her song to inhale and look to the skies, expectant.

And for those that know Dhonzayth, its not at all out of the ordinary for Dhonzayth to be stalking the green when she gets into one of those 'moods', the brassy bronze lingering on one of the empty edges over the Lagoon, serpentine neck stretched out to peer over the edge at the green crooning softly as wings sag, half-spread, tilting his head this way and that, watching the dance. L'ton, certainly, isn't much better, though in his opinion, he has a far better place to observe, lingering near the tiki bar, just out of sight. Eyes are consistantly on his mate, watching and each and every moment with a lingering, longing look, waiting.

Swoosh. The sound of a great pair of wings snagging the air can be heard, the cobalt-hued blue dropping suddenly out of the sky with a sudden plunge from above, splayed talons settling against the sand, the weight of him thudding against the ground before he crouches, his short tail lashing like a whip, a rumble of sound hissing out of him as he turns the tilt of his neck and head towards the green. There's a sigh, rather resigned, as Kasira slides off his shoulder, thumping on to the sand, and retreating away slightly. "Go on," the Ierne rider informs her beast. "Have yer fun.." Whatever that might be. Brionnith, if he's heard, shows no signs of listening, stalking forward to shadow the green, taut wariness in the line of his body.

Glyith looks behind him, watching his rider gradually catch up as A'ven tries to slip into his boots and trot to keep up at the same time. Glyith's lumbering stride is impatient, and so it lacks the usual easy and relaxed lope. A'ven calls out to his friend, "Do you have to take a bath right now?", his voice layered with the exasperation familiar to all riders when their dragon sports a mood. He looks down the beach and spots the gathering dragons and the rather obvious Damasth and her color. "Oh.", he says softly, as the reason for their errand becomes clear. "Of course. I should have guessed." He approaches slowly and nods. "Hello.", he says with a clearing of his throat.

Lissi holds her gaze to the skies and one corner of her mouth curls up into a smile to see the arrival of the blue, one she doesn't know though the sound of A'ven's voice draws that sultry green gaze toward the Weyrleader. The green slinks from the water's edge to stretch out her muzzle toward the approaching blue then to Glyith, her head lifting toward that empty ledge momentarily before she snorts softly and begins a little trot away from the gentlemen. Lissi looks around a moment then a smile finds A'ven and she nods, "Hello again..ever get yer project finished?" and her gaze darts upward briefly, referencing the antenna that stands high above the Weyr. She looks around him to Kasira and smiles softly, giving a nod of her head toward the woman then a hand moves to rest on A'ven's forearm before she turns her back to him, remaining close. The green is launching and Lissi can feel that inner warmth as her body flexes beneath ember-touched hide, glowing a fiery green, wings unfurling to lift her suddenly into the evening skies over the lagoon. The greenrider sucks in a breath and leans back briefly, the slightest touch of her body to the Weyrleader's before she pulls away a little and walks a few steps ahead, eyes glued to her lifemate.

To say that L'ton frowns at Lissi's greeting of the Weyrleader - proddy or not - would be a great understatement, and the frown still lingers on his face as he's stepping forward, eyes shooting metaphorical daggers at A'ven, folding his arms harshly across his chest. "Love.." He murmurs softly, gaze slipping to Kasira in turn, before his eyes go back to Lissi, and Lissi alone. Dhonzayth, meanwhile, wastes no time in taking off from the ledge in pursuit of the damasked green. Already on the ledge, there's a soft croon, before pale wings are extending to their full length, and with a push off from the ledge he's shooting skywards. A trumpet, reminding the familiar green of his presence, and then he's focusing his attention solely on the pursuit, a brassy, brocaded bronze softly glowing in the evening sky.

Brionnith's approach is a swagger, the blue's chest thrust forwards as he paces along with a measured tread towards the green, neck outstretched to regard Damasth, an avid predatory gleam in eyes that are beginning to whirl in passionate violet. His croon is sonorous, a lilting timbre of greeting, wings still half-furled. But as she launches, he's not caught off-guard — a crouch, a spring and the blue is wheeling skywards, frenzied pursuit. The blue's snarls are directed towards the bronzes, teeth bared in challenge before he streaks forwards, letting the air cup beneath his wings, the mighty downsweep spiraling him upwards. Kasira watches him, gaze turning groundwards only briefly, catching the smile from Lissi as well as the nod before she returns it. "Allo," she says, although nothing more is spoken, the bluerider's hazel gaze straying upwards again, even as she shifts her feet across the sand, ready to move in.

A'ven nods, settling himself to the moment. "…. she's close isn't she? Did she blood? Glyith must have been keeping a close watch… he was ready."

The soft fabric of Lissi's sarong flutters gently against her body as gentle sea-borne breezes lift across the sands then scamper away as fast only to rise again, almost as steady as the soft push of water against the shore. The blue gets a soft little warble then when the bronzes join the race the green's voice fades away and her attention is given to her rise. Lissi turns at the sound of L'ton's greeting and she smiles at him, "Hello, handsome.." she murmurs, then her head turns further to answer A'ven, "Aye.. there she goes.." and she looks upward for a moment then back to A'ven, smiling. Again she looks to Kasira and this time waves, "Hello, lass," she says in a quiet little purr, one hand sliding alond L'ton's back slowly, up and down. "I'm Lissi.. Green Damasth's.." she says in introduction. In the sky the green is beginning what looks to be a pretty little arch, curving to the right and back, flirtatiously close to the blue for a moment before she weaves between the other two males in the same manner.

A hand presses firmly into Lissi's shoulder, fingers curling gently around her upper arm as he shifts closer, leaning towards her ear. "Beautiful.." He murmurs, trying to selfishly steal her attention back to him, hand running down her arm, eyes slipping upwards then in a brief moment to check the progress of the flight. Another glance is spared for the Weyrleader, a little growl as Lissi's attention drifts, leaning to kiss her neck, or at least try. Dhonzayth, meanwhile, is moving in time with the green, shifting in and out with her as her flight shifts and he settles upon an easy dancing rhythm across the darkening skies, mimicking her movements and showing that he can still keep up with her.

Kasira's hands push at her jacket, the heavier clothing falling down to the sand to expose the lighter blouse beneath it, fingers running briskly through her feathered blonde bangs. Her eyes are fastened for a moment on the dragons, a long breath whooshing out of the little bluerider's lungs before she tears her gaze towards Lissi again. "Kasira," she says, "ye can call me Kasi. An' 'e's Brionnith," Who even now is quite aflame with desire, Damasth's teasingly close flirtations causing the blue to spiral sideways, his wings sweeping backwards in a loud whoosh, the blue dogging her tail, angling in as close as he dared get, still keeping the two larger males in his target sightings. The game wasn't ready to be played by showing his hand — err, paw, rather — too soon.

Glyith is a little late getting off the ground, smitten as he was by the green in so close proximity. Perhaps he had intended to just watch, and participate vicariously thorough the emotions of the others, but the green's charm-born-of-the-moment tips the scales and the dragon gives chase. Raw strength in his legs compensates a bit for his late launch, and he makes up a bit of ground there. Such speed from the green. Unexpected. Challenging. his delighted bugle announces his intentions and the dance begins. Will such an agile partner be too much?

Wherever light touches her hide it glows like embers with the occasional lick of flames that ripples across the damascend pattern. Damasth sweeps downward then the curve continues and drives her up through the center of the chasers, at least that is her intention though a slight brush of wings might touch one male or another, maybe even on purpose. Once she's clear of the top of them she careens to the left, one wing sweeping inward to turn her in a sweet little pirhouette, though a darkling cloud swallows up her form in a woosh. Far below on the sands Lissi makes a quiet little sound to feel L'ton's lips on her neck and she gazes up at him for a moment before she's walking toward Kasira, "Nice ta meet ya, Kasi.." she says softly, reaching to give a soft touch to the bluerider's arm. Green eyes flick to A'ven and then Lis feels the pull of her lifemate and she turns as she pulls away from the trio and meanders back from the shore a bit, and into the wavering shadows of the brushline against the sand, her eyes almost as much aglow as the pretty hide of her soaring green.

Dhonzayth continues to twist and turn as she does, more awkward than she is - his size keeping him from being anywhere near as graceful as the smaller green throughout the performace, doing his best to stay in time with him. Slipping through the cloud after her, pale hide disappearing into the darkened spot, Dhonzayth is there each and every moment, even as his rider lingers on the ground, trailing after Lissi as she slips away from him. As she flees from the trio, L'ton steps after her, ignoring the presence of the others with every fiber of his being, stepping after the greenrider even as his lifemate steps after the green. "Lissi.." He murmurs, mumbling.

Blazing! She's a torch, a glowing beacon of desire — the spark that could set the detonated explosion to end in a burst of radiant glory. Brionnith follows because he's become Damasth's shadow, the shadow that must either be in front of her, or behind her — although if he could defy the rules of that little game and come out on top … well, that's yet to be determined. Since he's not in front of her, the blue settles for shadowing her from behind. Throwing himself along through the sky behind her, the blue banks left, plunging into the clouds, lured on by the promise of thrilling excitement. "Pleas'd t'meet ye." Kasi dips her head at the greenrider, she shivering a bit at the touch of Lissi's hand before the greenrider is away, Kasira's hands coming up to grasp at open air, blinking a little, her eyes fastened on the other woman's body.

Glyith lets out a soft *snuff* of disbelief as Damasth rises through the center of her pursuers. A daring move, for she risks an early catch being that close. He lets her pass, feeling the void in the wind as it is pulled upward with her. He still has plenty of energy left, but then, he's so lumberingly slow compared to her. He takes up a position below her, hoping that as she tires he'll have gravity on his side, forcing fewer turns. A'ven nods to Kasira in belated greeting, not so far removed from his surroundings not to at least observe the pleasantries. "A strong flight… " He comments carefully, and then has to shut his eyes briefly as Glyith takes his attention.

The green is daring, yes, but also somewhat frivolous with herself, caught up in her own dance and not so much aware of the danger of bursting up through the midst of the males, the drama of it is what drives her. The clouds whirl downward like smoke as she plummets from the heights and while Dhon is certainly close it is the blue whose neck entwines with the damascend green as her wings flex outward just everso briefly to 'poof' with air, like brakes, then tighten inward once more as her sleek form tangles with the blue. Lissi sucks in a breath and while she glances toward L'ton for a moment and her fingers reach toward his, it is Kasira who draws her gaze at last as the dragons twine. She wobbles a moment and her eyes lid slowly then a slow step is taken toward the bluerider, breaths drawn tentatively, a first for Lis, a female winner.

The low hiss that escapes from Dhonzayth as his attempt misses mimicks the low swear that slips from L'ton's lips, his hand still outstretched towards his mate, and greenrider. And yet, even as Dhonzayth has the common sense and courtesy to peel off, diving towards the water, L'ton seems to be doing nothing of the sort, for flight addled and confused, he's stepping after Lissi, even as she slowly steps away, eyes slowly slipping from one tiny woman to the other, only half seeing, more wanting.

Brionnith's wingsails whoosh upwards, like a parachute to catch the wind, aressting his fall as his tail snakes about the green's, a loud bugle of triumph erupting from him as his neck entwines with hers. He's won her, Damasath is his, that bugle turns into a hiss of warning for any of the other males as he makes his conquest known. Add another notch to Brionnith's riding harness, because he's got himself a lady green. Again. Kasira exhales sharply then, her gaze turning towards Lissi, meeting the other woman's gaze, and moving forwards towards her. But then, here comes one of those bronzeriders. "Oi!" Kasi yelps at him, "git 'way." she breeze past the greenrider, her hand lifting. Why, she might try to deck him if he gets much closer. "Bri got 'er. S'ours." She seems to consider a moment, and then tosses a clenched fist towards him. So what if he's taller, she's a scrappy lil bluerider. Rawr.

Lissi hears the hiss of her mate's swear though everything around her seems to fade slowly into a dark backdrop that leaves the bluerider cast against it like a painted portrait on a palette. Kasira's voice sends her gaze back over one shoulder and the throwing of the fist makes the greenie blink, unexpected, that. She's not so much addled as perhaps somewhat consumed with the flight and the intensity with which the night has unfolded leaving her trailing after Kasi with a gaze on L'ton for a moment then back to the bluerider. She licks her lips and turns, standing between the two, one hand sliding along whatever part of Kasira is near, her other hand at her own neck, fingers idly kneading there like a cat's paw.

A hand is already slipping across Lissi's back, habitually, the bronzerider reaching for what is 'his' even if at this particular moment, his bronze has been outflown, and the rules have been rewritten. Eyes follow the lines of Lissi's body as that hand is extended, gaze following the movement of her hand, letting it linger on Kasira for a moment. It is in that moment that the flying fist registers, and L'ton is reacting with surprising speed as he catches her arm, giving her a tug and pulling her closer, despite Lissi being positioned somewhat between them, his other hand still lingering on Lissi's back, a wanton leer slipping over them each as the first assault is stopped.

Kasira shivers, a tremor racing through her as she sets a steely gaze on the approaching bronzerider. He's sticking his hands where they don't belong! Well, all right, maybe technically, those places do belong to him. But not now! Not when Brionnith's been successful, Kasi's free hand lifts, trying at that moment to curve it around Lissi's waist if she can, drawing the greenrider away. And yet, she's caught, L'ton's hand on her arm, and she's tugged inwards towards him. There's a brief tremor, flight-lust and desire wracking through her as she tries to ensare Lissi once more, but perhaps only succeeding in drawing her towards the bronzerider, even as the bluerider herself is drawn towards him.

Lissi feels Kasira draw near then almost past her completely as L'ton grabs for the fist-slinging bluerider. Her own flight lust confuddled with the presence of her weyrmate and what feels like a whirlwind of sensation enveloping all three of them. She wobbles on her feet and looks toward L'ton and Kasira then her eyes flick to the sky and she blinks back toward bronze and blue counterparts on the sand, fingers curling at her throat again, chest rising and falling rapidly, eyes flashing dark and wild, the wind whipping her sarong against her body.

L'ton shifts, moving, keeping Lissi between himself and Kasira as the distance is closed, his own hand finding a spot on Lissi's side, though he makes no move to pry Kasira's hand free. The punch stopped, he's dropping his hold on her hand, eyes darting over Lissi's head at the short bluerider, before he's steadying Lissi, leaning easily to her neck, murmuring something about learning to share. Unless he's stopped, they may be stuck with him, though it at least does seem as if his interference is kept to a minimum for the time being. Two chicks - hot!

Kasira's arm slides outwards again, fingers plucking playfully at Lissi's sarong, a soft chuckle of teasing coming from her as the bluerider reaches for her again, trying to grasp the other woman to her much the same that Brionnith clings to Damasath in the skies above. A sigh can be heard, filled with longing and need as the little bluerider tilts her chin upwards, sliding ever closer. L'ton gets a glance, hazel eyes darkening as she regards him — a rival, and yet … "G'way," she mutters again, half-hearted now, doing nothing to repel him as he releases her hand, her fingers loosening from the fist, brushing against him briefly, before she attempts to claim the greenrider herself with both hands. Two chicks … probably a man's dream come true.

Lissi gazes at Kasira as L'ton's warm breath sweeps across the graceful bend of her bare neck, a hand reaching for the bluerider even as less and less space is left between any two of them. The other hand slithers along L'ton's leg and hip almost behind her as she turns her back to him, the knot of her sarong loosened and sliding down from her shoulder a bit, hanging onto her curves by a whispered prayer as she's jostled between the riders. Kasira's attempt is met with a quiet little whimper and Lissi's hands slide up her front then around to her sides, her eyes slowly lifting and seeking out those dark hazel ones. Every man's dream indeed.

L'ton risks a wandering hand, letting one slip to Kasira's side roaming as much as is allowed while the other remains on Lissi's side, the bronzerider staying out of Kasira's way even as he ignores her protests, his hands more than willing to help the progress of the sarong. He's 'helping', honest, and as long as he's there, he'll take advantage of it, fueled by flight emotions even in the aftermath of the loss.

Kasira's breath escapes her in a soft gasp, the feel of Lissi's hands against her making the bluerider quiver again with delight. And L'ton's feeling her up too? It's a regular little grope fest for sure. Kasi's hand curves around the greenrider's side, straying downwards towards her backside, even as her other hand lifts up to brush Lissi's shoulder, and then over, fingers coming into contact with the bronzerider. Hey, if it's going to be a group thing, she'd better check out the guy too.

Hands everywhere. Bodies close. The warm sea breeze tickling bare flesh even as the slip of fabric slides over her curves like water over stones, puddling at her bare feet in the sand. She's amply curved, two children do that for you, and petite all at once, cast in cloud-dappled moonlight, green eyes shining no less than the pretty green hued glow of her lifemate's hide. The twine of necks and answer to the mating call leaves Lissi in a state of more than compliance, her own desire stoked to a different place with the addition of the flight aftermath, the newness.. tension.. of this prospect of three. Her heart thumps hard in her chest and each throb of her pulse strikes deep and warm, her lithe form pressing back against L'ton as Kasi leans in toward her, and reaches for him too. Oh. My. Goodness.

Complaints from L'ton? Most certainly not! His hands continue to roam, to wander, his lips following suit as he meets first Lissi, then Kasira, the hand on Kasira's side shifting and squeezing, the bronzerider giving in to all the other driving forces, the wants, the needs, and the wonderful situation that is two women experiencing much the same.

Touch — feel — stroke. That's what Kasira's world has narrowed too, Brionnith's frenzied tail-and-neck twining and the surge of lust that follows as the act is done, trembles through the bluerider. Her face drops slightly, head bent to kiss along the curve of Lissi's neck, her hands, stroking as they are along greenrider and bronzerider skin alike are gentle. There are needs to be met here, needs that all of them have, and together — the three of them shall surmount those needs, and end together, a tangle of arms and legs, and satiated selves. Two women, and a man. What could be better?

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