Family Ties

Western Weyr - Lagoon Shore
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Sometimes riders and dragons are seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl. A path winds out along a ledge out to the docks to the southwest, the lagoon to the west and the bowl to the east.
The vast majority of residents bustle back and forth on their many errands, keeping Western Weyr running smoothly. Children released from lessons scamper across the bowl while weyrlings bathe by the lagoon and practice. Delivery wings can be seen coming and going all day long overhead.Summer is upon the Western Isles, longer days and shorter nights making for a restless feeling that seems to invade every resident and urge them towards the beaches.

The early summer at Western has brought along a nice warm front, perfect weather for dragons to be out along the lagoon shore, playing in the water and enjoying the sunshine. Iris and Shadhavarth both are enjoying the afternoon- the morning's exercise with the wall was rough, and an afternoon of sunbathing, waterbathing and oiling is definitely in the plans. On the beach- well out of water's reach- Iris has left a couple nice big towels- one folded and one stretched out, a basket of oils and hand towels, and a plump waterskin. The weyrling and her dragon are out in the shallows, playing as only a young dragon and its weyrling can do, Iris laughing like crazy and doing her best to avoid getting accidentally scratched by enthusiastic talons.

Another pair has come out to the lagoon to enjoy the perfect weather conditions this afternoon and it's not long before Velokraeth can be seen waddling his way across the sands with Th'ero not far behind him. The young bronze's movements seem slow, almost tired-like. No doubt the earlier exercises on the wall have left them both exhausted and sore, which possibly explains their arrival. A nice relaxing soak and swim and then some sun basking for the bronze is a nice way to end the day! Th'ero doesn't appear dressed for swimming; though he does have towels of his own tucked under one arm. Velokraeth warbles a greeting towards Shadhavarth and Iris as they play along the shallows, his oversized head tilting to the side to watch the pair for the time being. Th'ero on the other hand, is busily picking out a spot on the sand to drop his towels, though he uses his free hand to wave towards his fellow weyrling.

It is Shadhavarth who first notices the new arrivals- her play abruptly stops and she lets herself go to float in a deeper part of the shallows, Iris, /of course/ was beneath her at that exact moment and, sputtering, she grabs hold of wing, limb, and finally the lowest neckridges until she's also floating comfortably. She peers at the beach, trying to see what her dragon has spotted, and waves though her eyes are still a bit waterlogged and she can't quite recognize who it is. Either way she attempts to regain a sense of dignity, and fails miserably by needing to cough up the seawater she'd swallowed in surprise. « It is dragon time to play.» The little gold informs her rider, eyes whirling intently on Velokraeth. « Come out to the water, brother. » Shadhavarth's stillness is of the quivering, excited sort, like a feline who's just spotted something it wants to toy with.

Velokraeth isn't one to keep a lady waiting, though he's not entirely foolish. He no doubt notices Shadhavarth's excited like behavior and while he may not fully understand it, he doesn't out rightly go straight to his golden sibling's side. «Oh, I do intend to come into the water, sister.» he replies, tone as rich and smooth as a fine wine. «Though my intentions were to soak, not swim. I'm afraid my limbs ache too much.» Even so, the misshapen bronze slips into the shallows and, true to his words, settles down comfortably in them with a low sigh. Th'ero has finished unrolling his towel and spreading it out on the sand, though it wasn't the only thing he brought with him. Rolled up inside are small pieces of scrap leather and other tools - practice material, by the looks of things. But his attention isn't on them, it's on Iris as she pulls herself out from under Shadhavarth, coughing and trying to look dignified. That earns a teasing grin from Th'ero and he can't resist a bit of laughter before calling out. "You okay, Iris?"

Shadhavarth grumbles disappointedly, tones tinged with the scent of dead flowers- not exactly unpleasant, but certainly a waver from her normally sweet voice. « Soaking will perhaps rejuvenate your limbs as they did mine, and then you will play! » There's a hopefulness there as the gold makes her way toward Velokraeth, while Iris makes a rather unceremonious dive off the dragonet to swim back by herself. Standing once she's reached water shallow enough, Iris starts to answer Th'ero but finds herself coughing again and instead hurries to her towel and the waterskin. She drinks, swishes, spits out the salty water and drinks again, this time swallowing. "I'm better now," she says as she flops down on her towel and drinks again. "Didn't expect that. Guess there's a reason they say to be careful, eh?"

Velokraeth gives a soft rumble, almost sounding apologetic. «Perhaps it will!» is all the bronze replies with, promising nothing, while his mismatched eyes calmly follow Shadhavarth's approach. Th'ero frowns a little in concern as Iris starts to cough again, though seems reassured enough to settle down on his towel, carefully setting aside his tools and the scrap leather where he can easily reach them but not have them right under foot. "I guess so." He muses, gaze lingering on the other weyrling before he's convinced she's actually better and then glances away. "You've learned a lesson then?" he teases lightly, a slight smile curving up one corner of his mouth. Kicking off his sandals, he sits cross-legged upon his towel, looking out over the water to where Velokraeth is soaking the shallows. "How've you and Shadhavarth been doing?" Th'ero asks, gaze still focused on the two dragons out in the water.

Once she has gotten nearer the bronze, Shadhavarth flips over in the water, wings popping out after she's upright once more. The little gold paddles in a little circle around Velokraeth, wings fluttering lightly above and in the water. « How was your time today? I did my best time so far. » As she swims around him, eyes whirling consideringly at her clutchbrother. Iris, on the other hand, is sitting up, looking at her own feet and not at her fellow weyrling. The waterskin dangles loosely in her hand and she drinks deeply of it once more before setting it back on the sand. "I guess I did," she answers Th'ero, looking up with a sheepish grin. "It's just so tempting, she's still so small and she wanted to play /so badly/, and there was no one else to play with her. I mean, if not me, then who?" She lays backwards on her towel then, arms stretching out above her head as she ponders the next question. "We're doing good. Can't keep playing with her, I guess. She's getting too big." Iris twists up onto her side, propping her head on her arm and looking out towards the dragons. "How's Velokraeth doing? He's sure getting big!"

As Shadhavarth circles him, Velokraeth does his best to keep his gaze following her, jaw dropping down a little in as much of a draconic-like grin as possible. And while the young gold is on the move, the bronze is almost entirely still, except for the occasional twitch of his wings or a slight shift of his weight as he adjusts his position. «Ahh, congratulations then to you for beating your own records.» he replies, tone amused. «I believe for me, it wasn't the time that was a concern. I completed the task, that itself is reward enough.» Th'ero's eventually drifts his gaze away from the weyrling dragons to settle it on Iris, smiling faintly when she grins sheepishly his way. "Don't the others play with her?" he asks, sounding mildly surprised by the other weyrling's comment. Then he's chuckling softly, shaking his head a little. "You can still play, but maybe just not that way? There has to be some fun exercise or something you two can do that doesn't involve you being accidentally drowned." At Iris' question, Th'ero's mood seems to shift a little, a frown settling over his features. "He's doing fine, though some of these physical exercises are proving to be a little challenging." He admits with a smirk, leaning forwards a little to idly pick at a few scraps of leather, discarding a few before finally settling on one wide strip.

Shadhavarth continues paddling round and round, her neck taking on that characteristic S-curve of the old Terran swans. Eventually she stops paddling, simply floating, occasionally beating her wings to propel her forward lightly. « The task is not enjoyable for you? » She turns her head inward towards the bronze, ponderingly. « It is difficult but perhaps that is my attraction to the challenges presented to us. And, as you say, completion is its reward. » Iris tilts her head to meet Th'ero's gaze and shrugs with her free shoulder. "They do play, sure, but I mean, there's some friction lately, Opicheskiduth and Nebtawyth were… well they were all playing and then they started making fun of someone and she called them out and they started insulting her, and of course R'oy's my brother and he /never/ lets a chance to barb me pass so it's just kind of still going and she decided that it's better to play with just me instead, until she decides who is worth playing with again." Then she, too, chuckles. "And we were doing okay until you came along and distracted her out of a roll. If I were a better swimmer I suppose I would've been fine- I'm no dolphineer, that's for sure!" There's a grin before the former baker peers at the leather. "What're you working on?"

Velokraeth simply chuffs in an amused way, much like a chuckle would be for humans. To Shadhavarth's question, he leans a little to the side as he raises one stunted forearm up above the water, before allowing it to fall back. «It's tough to find much enjoyable with shortened limbs. What is easy for you takes more from me.» he admits as if simply stating a well known truth, though with no bitterness in his tone. Th'ero listens carefully as Iris speaks, though his expression clouds noticeable at the mention of Nebtawyth, though its not so much the dragon but the rider where the issue lies. "I figured M'cha would know better, after I warned him to back off and grow up. Not the first time he's caused problems with that sharp mouth of his." He points out, not bothering to hide his dislike for the brownriding weyrling. Eventually though, his expression softens again and he gives Iris another faint smile. "If it's becoming an issue, you can talk to the Weyrlingmasters. At least, that was the advice I was given." There's a shrug given to that, before he gives a lopsided grin to the other weyrling, though his tone is apologetic in a way. "Sorry then. Next time, if I see you two playing, I'll wait until you're well away from her before calling out." He teases mildly, though when she teases about being no swimmer or a dolphineer, Th'ero's gaze moves pointedly away from the other weyrling before glancing down at the strip of leather in his hands. "This?" he asks, holding it up for Iris to see. "It's practice. Scraps I found. Figured I'd try some work with it, since we'll need actual straps soon. It's one thing to be working fabric. This… is completely different." Or so he assumes.

Shadhavarth backwings to still herself in the water and peers as Velokraeth lifts his forearm out of the water. Her tone turns concerned, woodsy warmth trickling between her words. « Will it not grow properly? Can not dragonhealers do such for you?" » She paddles again, then, circling once more before turning to drift slowly towards the shore. « I am going to lay in the sun to dry for oiling now. » Once she's reached shallows, she lumbers up and lays just to the inside of the water, where her body above the water can soak in the sunshine. As she listens to Th'ero, Iris twists over on the towel so she's laying on her stomach, resting her chin on her hands. "I did hear something about him bothering you, too. I… I tried to say something to him but he wasn't too keen on listening to me. I'm just a weyrling like him, after all. I don't like being the tattler, though, I'm used to just sucking it up or otherwise just getting them back." She sighs, glancing back at the water to see Shadhavarth resting at the edge, then gazes back at Th'ero. She smiles slightly, expression bemused. "That'd be good- though getting caught under her gives me practice getting out, and everyone could use a little practice getting out of a hard place." The scraps are given a considering look. "Guess I'm lucky my dad decided it was time to claim me as his get and bestow gift straps- he's pleased to have fathered a goldrider."

Velokraeth snorts a little towards the concern and while with any other dragon he'd become snarky or even snappish, he remains all politeness (on the surface, anyhow) to his golden clutchsibling. There's a pause in reply from the young bronze, as he's no doubt confirming details with his rider. «It's nothing that can be healed, as it's simply who I am, or so I am told.» Again, Velokraeth simply watches as Shadhavarth lumbers back towards the shore, eventually gathering himself up from his position and following suit, though he seems to simply want to bask in the sunlight. While the young bronze makes himself comfortable in the sands, Th'ero is listening intently to Iris, practice work forgotten for now. "I wouldn't bother wasting time with M'cha. He was difficult to deal with even as a candidate and you're likely to wind up frustrated trying to get him to see reason." He points out with a grimace. "I don't like tattling either, which is why I confronted him personally. He… backed off reluctantly. If he's back to his old tricks though, maybe one of us will have to step forwards." But even as Th'ero mentions it, it's clear that that idea does not sit well with him at all, judging by how his grimace deepens. Taking a bit of a deep breath, he then chuckles a little. "Odd thing to practice, but I suppose you've got a point." He muses, before giving Iris a bit of a surprised blink. "You're father is a rider?" he asks, before smirking again. "Aren't you lucky then! You'll get to miss out on all the fun of leather work."

Shadhavarth certainly meant no insult in her questioning, and she accepts his answer, concern still clouding around her words, though now joined by certainty. « You will be perfect in flight. » She scoots a little further up out of the water before rolling over on her back, wings spread out in the sand and limbs splayed out ridiculously. But her bottom half needs sun, too! Iris glances down at the dragons, snorting amusedly at her lifemate's position before nodding seriously at Th'ero. "I didn't deal with him much as a candidate… I was still trying to play with bubbly recipes in my free time, back then. Haven't made a bubbly since before the hatching," she chuckles a little bit at the realization. "New priorities. I… I'll- I do want to talk to him myself. I need to. I mean, a weyrwoman should be able to confront people diplomatically." She sits up, then, crossing her legs and drawing the basket of oils over, examing them to figure out what to use on Shadhavarth when the gold decides she's dry enough. "He is… I'drak. He rides brown, in the Seamount Wing. He and my mom aren't on friendly terms, though, he kinda jilted her turns and turns ago. Though that might've been her fault, she makes a lot of men, um, mad." If that's what they're calling it these days!

While Shadhavarth may choose a ridiculous position to sun bathe in, Velokraeth keeps his comments to himself. She was, after all, polite with her responses to him and thus remains respectful to her. «Thank you for that, dear sister.» he muses, sounding confident himself that his one strength will, indeed, lie in flight. Th'ero mutters something about brats becoming riders as he begins to fiddle with various tools, finally sorting out which one is the correct one to punch holes into the leather strip he had chosen to work on. The whole issue with M'cha seems to be dropped in favor of Iris' mentioning priority changes. That earns her a thoughtful glance from him, lips curving up into another faint smile. "Funny how fast they can change, isn't it? One moment you're working with bubblies and I was still a guard on a temporary post. Now look at us." There's a dry chuckle there. "You're to be a weyrwoman and I'm a bronzerider. Who'd figure, eh?" When Iris explains further about her parents, his expression takes on a more serious look. "I'm…sorry if I pried into things. It was nice of your father though, even if the gift and acknowledgement is long overdue." Th'ero then glances down as if to concentrate on his work, though it's clear the weyrling is distracted, his fingers working idly and without much purpose as his thoughts seem distant.

Still hanging out upside down, Shadhavarth's mindvoice bubbles with the bountiful harvest that defined her in-the-shell. « The day is coming for us to fly. Soon, we will move beyond these grounded exercises and like swimming in the water we will slice through the air. » She lifts her neck and peers at Velokraeth a moment before flopping her head back to the sand and digging her body in as if scratching her back. Then she lets legs and wings collapse sideways and huffs out a long breath. Iris is given The Stare. Iris does not immediately respond, though she fiddles with the oils and picks a jar out. "You're not dry enough, m'love!" she calls out to Shadhavarth. "Give it a few minutes more!" The gold snorts but closes her eyes, looking for all the world like all she intended was to sun herself longer anyway. Iris grins at Th'ero, shaking her head with amusement. "I know, right? Who /would/ figure. It's quite the motley crew that impressed. And don't worry, I'm fine talking about whatever." She laughs lightly then. "Truth be told, it's kind of funny to me, honestly. My mom's one of those ladies who can't settle with just one man, I've got tons of half siblings and you'd think men would stop wanting to be with her but the weird thing is they don't. I'm sure she's slowed down after all she's nearly fifty now but well, some people are just that, um, virile." This must be one of those No Tact and No Filter days for Iris, but she does finally slow down, gazing towards Th'ero, perhaps belatedly hoping he wasn't listening as he seems to not be.

Velokraeth has opted to relax in his usual way - on his belly, with his legs tucked to his sides and his head resting comfortably on the sands. The only thing that moves is the occasional and idle twitch of his tail. There's another snort from the bronze, head swiveling a little in the sand to fix his gaze on his clutch sibling. «It will be a small taste of freedom, but a sweet one none the less.» he agrees. Unfortunately, Th'ero is listening to Iris or at least focused back long enough to catch most of her ramblings sans-filter. The weyrling does color a little, not having expected her to be so open about her mother's lifestyle. There's an awkward moment as Th'ero struggles to find a suitable reply that doesn't come off as insulting. "Well… if she's happy, then it can't be all bad?" he eventually replies, though he grimaces a little at his choice. Eventually, the practice work is abandoned all together, Th'ero tossing the half worked piece back with the rest with a few grumbled words. His mind is just not on the task and the weyrling instead glances back to Iris. "I'm guessing you're still on good terms with your mother?" he asks, not bothering to care about censoring his words.

Shadhavarth continues to soak up the sunshine, though eventually she flips over to let the other side get some heat. While turning, Velokraeth is given a serene nod of agreement but no more words. Sun! With Th'ero's reply, Iris winces, realizing that yes, he had been listening. Whoops. She flushes and looks away, scratching her head distractedly. "Er, yeah. She's happy. And I'm, er, happy for her. And we talk when chance brings us together. She is my mother after all. Mothers are important." She gazes sidelong at Th'ero, expression still embarrassed. But she's good at tangents, and maybe he'll bite. "And your family? Do you get along with your family?"

Of all the questions Iris could ask, she had to ask that one, though Th'ero unintentionally set it and trapped himself. There's a subtle change in the weyrling, obvious perhaps to those who know him well enough. Despite a hint of a smile there, the look in his eyes tell a different story and his tone seems forced. The short of it - he's lying in his reply. "I've not seen my family in Turns." He explains simply, trying to act casual by shrugging his shoulders. "Line of work and all… means a lot of travel and I come from a rather remote cothold north of Torince Hold. And now I'm here and can't exactly leave." There's a change in Velokraeth as well, the bronze's head rising from the sand to fix his rider with a stare that seems to radiate mild annoyance. It's enough to have Th'ero fidget and soon the weyrling is packing up the tools and scraps he had brought along. As he leans over to reclaim his sandals and slip them on, he gives Iris a smile, though he cannot meet her glance. "It was nice catching up with you, Iris." Th'ero says, which is the truth. "But I'm going to head to the caverns for a quick bite to eat." Velokraeth rumbles, though the young bronze seems reluctant to rise to his feet. There's another pointed look given to Th'ero and then with a sharp snort, the bronze waddles off, no doubt moving to the bowl to continue his sun bathing. Th'ero only clears his throat slightly, looking uncomfortable as he gives a brisk wave to Iris. "I'll see you back at the barracks." He adds as he gets to his feet, rolling up his towel as he does and not being any more obvious in his fleeing of the lagoon.

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