Half Moon Bay Weyr - Lower Caverns
An oddly shaped cavern. Almost kidney shaped, with tunnels leading off to various parts of this side of the Weyr. Residential, craft and storage caverns mostly. Though one exit leads to the Candidate quarters, since with all their chores, it was thought to be a good idea to have them close to the Living Cavern and the Bowl, just to keep them from disturbing the rest of the Weyr in the mornings.

It's getting on into the middle of the afternoon, and the innards of the Weyr are the only respite from the growing heat outside — the hallmark of still another storm system working its way on in. After a long morning, lunch, and weyr-wide exploratory mission, one babysitting duo of candidates are about as pooped as their charges. Or well, Citayzleat is. The healer slumps down the cool tunnel wall, slumping out of the way of people coming and going. She doesn't even look all that exasperated when the two children closest to her immediately sprawl across her, all chubby legs and droopy eyes. "Naptime, I think." Cita decides, glancing up in Heryn's direction with a 'what are you going to do?' kind of smirk. Kids are going to nap where they're going to nap. She ruffles one head of curly brown hair, huffing at the grumble it gets from the toddler. "How come they're more exhausting than an entire day in the laundry?" Cita shakes her head, letting it thunk back against the stone wall. This is a fine place for a nap.

Heryn looks no better, honestly - his own steps draw to a stop when the woman sinks to the floor with her charges, only just managing a quiet chuckle and a shake of his head. "Can't nap here, silly," the bartender mumbles, only just managing to keep the kidlet whose hand he's holding from joining the pile of Healer and chubby limbs down there. A second child is perched on his hip, legs tucked around either side of his waist and head pressed against his chest, already out like a light. What are you gonna do, indeed! "We're almost to the cavern, besides. Then we can find a nice pillow or two to kip on." Letting go of the little boy's hand, the bartender reaches down to haul the curly-haired kid up into his arms as well, head tilting. "Just a little farther. We can make it." A small hand reaches up to hang on to the edge of Heryn's tunic as he shuffles slowly, encouraging Cita to find her feet and follow. "As for that, I have no idea. Certainly isn't any more work intensive, but I feel like one stiff breeze might knock me clean over."

"Like to see you try and make me." Cita mumbles belligerently, squinting up at the giant thoughtfully. If he didn't have a kid on hip, she might be more concerned about her dignity, here. "The floor's cozy. Isn't it, Sany?" She flicks the bigger girl's chin and grins. The kid grumbles tiredly, and Cita isn't much better, staring mournfully as Heryn relieves her of one of the reasons she has to stay put. "I was up half the night untangling my hair. Sharding hunting." She puffs a sigh, making a silly face at the little boy whose hand has been released. Fine, fine. She's a good influence, here, really. Cita heaves herself and the girl up, gently tossing the kid over her shoulder like a sack of potatoes for the giggles. "Hope the nannies don't mind us napping with them." The healer grins sidelong, feet scuffing as she makes the last stretch with no shortage of rueful faces and sad noises. "I'm not sure if it'd take a breeze. Shells, this is worse than an all-day surgery. Terrible." She poke-tickles the side of the only walking kid, grinning.

Heryn snorts indelicately for her excuse, pausing again to allow the woman to stand as he adjusts the kidlets on his sides. "How do you always manage to leave hunting trips looking like you fought the jungle and lost? There's a reason there are paths, you know." He makes the joke, but it's lacking in the usual 'zing' quality, delivered in a monotone as she finally makes it to her feet. There's another snort for the notion of them napping with the kids, but his head shakes with a wry, "As long as they're quiet, I don't think they give a single damn what we do." Indeed, only one of the nannies even bothers to look up when they enter, and even then it's only to nod acknowledgment that they made it back in one piece. "I've definitely worked open to close at the bar and not wanted to fall over nearly as much," he agrees, flicking a tired smile down to the little guy that giggles and bats at Cita's tickling fingers. "Stobbit, Cita," he squeaks, ducking to Heryn's other side without letting go of his shirt, forcing the bartender to walk in an awkward shuffle. "Shells, Tam, come on," he snickers before flicking a helpless look at the Healer. "Find us a spot, or I'm liable to fall over right here?" A beat, then: "Maybe something comfier than a random wall this time?" He's not too tired to grin like an asshat, apparently.

Cita eventually lowers Sany into a more safe hold, perched on her hip as she shuffles exhaustedly into the infirmary. "The jungle is out to kill me, Heryn." The healer sniffs, chin drifting upwards defiantly,. It's not her fault the wilds have it in for her! The nannies' non-give-a-damn gets a short nod, although she doesn't seem like she blames them — they only have four of the small army of children. There are plenty more they aren't watching. Cita thbbbbts at Tam, grinning crinkle-faced at the boy before she's looking around for somewhere to perch. "That wall was fine and you know it." Cita grumbles, jerking her chin towards a pair of cots towards the quieter end of the creche. Tired strides take her over as quickly as she can, and she tosses the girl onto the bed with a grin for the squeal of sleepy laughter. "There. Sleep, child." A hand gets passed over the girl's freckled face, and Cita's laughing by the time the girl squirms out of the way. "Shells. And to think, if we Impress, all this will seem easy."

"It is not," Heryn argues, but maybe, just maybe, he's starting to believe in her overdramatizations. "And if it were, I do think it would have gotten you by now. What happened this time, dare I ask?" He snorts again for the notion that her wall was perfectly lovely, but even Tam knows better - the little boy 'thhbts' a raspberry back at her before saying, "No walls!" It'd be more serious if he weren't also walking in circles around Heryn, still hanging onto his tunic, forcing the man to move in slow revolutions with him. Blue-grey eyes are piteous - please pick a spot fast! "Off you go, Tam," he says all too eagerly when Citayzleat chooses the cots in the quiet corner, shooing the boy ahead of him. He crawls up next to Sany, flopping down with a dramatic sigh, while Heryn deposits the third kidlet on the bed next door. His chin jerks towards Cita, indicating she should sit next to him as he reclines gratefully against the wall, long legs dangling off the bed. The girl that's been in his arms the whole time whimpers tiredly for the sudden change, but he's quick to adjust her to lay against his chest, and it's only a matter of time before she's out again. And drooling on his shirt. Because why not. "It'd better," Heryn replies at length, sighing over at Cita longsufferingly. "If it's as bad as this every day, though, I might just quit now." It's an empty threat - he's made it this far - but he's tired enough right now to threaten it all the same.

Cita fixes Heryn with a beady stare, one eye wider than the other. "It tries." She repeats stubbornly, like she is Cita, queen of the jungle, never defeated. Those flying tree-felines will have to try harder! Tam gets his one of his little tiny feets grabbed and tickled, almost absently, as Cita heaves a dramatic sigh. "Wind. Rain. Fell in a river." She reports dully, glancing side to side shiftily, like somebody of note might hear. Then Cita takes the invitation, sprawling haphazardly next to Heryn and his charges, slumping sideways. She does pull the blanket across the end of the bed over the curly-haired toddler, and smile for the still-sleeping one, small and amused. "Better than the stables, though, right? Think I'll trade those every time." The healer makes a face, tiredly tucking the kid in and eyeing Sany and Tam. Nah, they don't need it, right? "I don't know," She sighs after a moment in which she nearly drifts off, eyes half-mast. No. She's awake. Really. "I think they eat 'round the clock for at least four or five sevendays. And the poop. These ones have diapers, at least." Wince. Not that baby poo is much better, necessarily, but. Well. There is a lot less of it.

Heryn actually manages a laugh for that look, his own eyes scrunching up over a grin. There's almost wonderment in his gaze for her dedication to the dramatics, but it fades quickly with a wince. "Good grief. No more excursions for you," he says of that dull report. "Shells. If we get within a fortnight of the hatching and then you fall down a hill and breaking your leg and can't stand, I just might finish the job myself." His needle-eyed stare is playful, as she bundles up the curly-haired kid. He, too, flicks a look for Sany and Tam, but they don't seem to be complaining, and he's not sure if he has the energy to stand again either, just yet… so he doesn't. "Ugh. Always better than the stables. I'll definitely take getting drooled on any day," he says, finally feeling the dampness spreading on his shoulder. Gross. It's likely he's traded his stable duty every time he'd drawn it since he got kicked. Her knowledge on young dragonets leaves him speechless for a moment, weariness coupled with tiredness as his head thonks back against the wall. Eventually he sighs out a, "Really? I mean, I knew about the poop and stuff - Sunny and D'nyl have been making it quite clear we'll have our hands full - but I didn't think it'd be quite that intense for so long." Though he really should have, honestly. "Maybe I just won't rest from now until the hatching. Maybe then I'll be used to feeling this awful." It's… a thought?

"You're the one who's friends with that jungle." Cita sighs mournfully, still affecting a moue of utter despair. "Finish it now! It's bound to happen." A dramatic sigh, and the healer sinks her chin into her hands, elbows propped on knees a little off-sideways. She just can't go any further vertical. And unless Sany and Tam start dancing a conga and screaming, she's not likely to move after them for a good long while, instead observing the drooling kid and Heryn with a smirk that might be a little soft around the edges. Maybe. "Drool's not so bad. Least it doesn't smell. Unless they puke." She adds the last wearily, like she hasn't been puked on at least a million times as a healer. Riiight. The astonishment is met with raised eyebrows from Cita, the smirk ramping up into rueful amusement now. "Mmhm," The healer huffs. "I didn't hear from my brother for a whole quarter after he Impressed. Said he ate, slept, and took care of Louerth." A shrug that doesn't seem overly concerned, but the concern comes on after a moment, eyebrows creasing together as she eyes the other candidate, trying to decide whether or not he's serious. "Then you'll just be tired already. Not that we get much rest, as it is."

Heryn mimes drawing a blade and stabbing it at the woman in a lunging move that would be more dramatic if he didn't have to do it slowly so as to not jostle the toddler in his arms. There, problem solved! Fake death dispensed, Heryn makes himself comfortable again, sighing heavily before catching on to that smirky look Cita is aiming his way. "What?" Bless, but he's so damn clueless sometimes. There's a wary squint for the mention of puke, chin tucking in so he can peer down and make sure the little girl hadn't. Oh, no, good. All clear. "Yeah, we've both had enough puke to last us a lifetime," he says with a nose scrunch, "though I get to throw my pukers out if I want to." With kids and patients, you just have to deal with it! There's another pause after her rueful account, Heryn just staring at the ceiling above them in an aggrieved 'why me' fashion before his head tilts her way again. "Well, at least we won't be alone, if we impress. We can all whine about it together." One big happy family…? There's a consideration for the subject of sleep before he says, "I wasn't serious, but it is tempting. If you think I require a lot of klah now." Huff.

Cita makes dramatic choking sounds, falling over sideways for the amusement of the kidlets. She seems to be contemplating laying there for a while, head pillowed on curly-head's side, but eventually she manages to sit back up. More or less. "What what." The play-yard dodge is easy enough when you've spent the entire day with children, anyhow. Cita snickers, shaking her head in amusement. "Oh, there's always more. Did you know, dragons hark up firestone like cats do hairballs?" The healer ventures, probably mostly for the reaction, managing something like a straight face. If a straight face involved eyes only sort of succeeding in being open and definitely-not-a-smile. "Be easier to throw 'em out. Ah well." Cita heaves sideways in a vaguely comforting kind of side-thud, the least effort-taking form of comfort she can manage. The only, maybe, given that bone-shaking yawn that follows. "Right! Plenty of others around to whine at about not sleeping, one of the twenty times waking up for a dragon." Snuffling laughter, which ramps up a bit at the last, face wrinkling up into a wary look. "Heryn, you need your heart to work. Think it stops after too much more."

It may as well be for Heryn's amusement too - he chuckles along quietly with them for Citayzleat's antics, head shaking to and fro, floppy hair flipping with the gesture. "Don't 'what what' me, woman. That face you were making." It's the pot calling the kettle black though, for he makes quite the expression about dragons hacking up firestones, eyes about as round as saucers and nose wrinkled up as though he'd been freshly bathed in vomit. Yeah. Let that mental image sink in. "You've got to be shi— kidding me," he amends almost too late. Shudder. "This is possibly the worst snap decision I've ever made." Sigh. Still, he seems comforted at least a little by the tilting crash against his person, tiredly lifting one arm to sling around the woman's shoulders with a grumpy, sleepy noise and a yawn of his own. "Stahp dat," he manages through the yawn before cutting it off with another soft huff. "Misery so does love company." Snuffling laughter earns a sideways squint, but lips do manage to raise in a sideways smirk of his own. "Nah, it'll be fine. There've been a couple of times I made it to the point where I could smell colors and see sounds, but it takes a lot more than one mug." That's said all lazily, though, so it's hard to tell if he's exactly joking. He might be. Then again, he might not. Regardless, his own eyes droop and then blink open rapidly, clearly on the verge of outright sleep at the moment. Damn warm snuggly types.

"You're a face-making." Citayzleat grumbles into a palm, narrowing her eyes, possibly going back over the sentence in her head. Apparently it passes muster, since she shrugs, or maybe just twitches, snickering under her breath. "Wait 'til I tell you about the dream-broadcasting. Everybody 'n'the barracks…" Amused little puffs of laughter, or maybe just sighs, as she leans further and further towards her knees. She's going doooown. Mumbling something about bony-ass pillows (bony ass-pillows?), Cita squints sidelong, breathing in and — yeah, yawning. "Don't do that." Her Healer Voice is really not so effective when she's three-quarters of the way into a faceplant. Oh well. It's the last stand against the nap, and Cita folds like an old ironing board, eyes drooping. Yeah, it's…probably good their charges are already napping.

Judging by his face, the sentence doesn't pass muster for Heryn, but he's about ten seconds from sleep himself, so he just sticks out his tongue and feels vaguely leftwards for a pillow. "How about you just don't tell me anythin' else," he mumbles right back, snorting for ass-pillow-talk and Healer-Voiced-warnings before sliding a pillow under her head just in the nick of time. "Yeah yeah, bossy lady," he mutters, shifting carefully so he can lay flat himself, scootching around so long legs can prop against the wall while the rest of him sprawls outwards. It's… probably a cute image, candidates passed out in a strewn mess of kidlets. Alas that they're all asleep and nobody can bear witness!

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