A Bird in the Hand

Half Moon Bay Weyr - [TP] Fruit Garden
Situated just outside the weyr's bowl is a sprawling garden of fruit trees. Far too regimented to be considered an orchard, neat rows of trees dot what might be better called a courtyard, forming a neat, even grid of shade. Carefully contrived sunbeams dapple light onto the occasional bench, or tiny grottos where firelizards and small avians gather to pick at seed and offerings left in small bowls. In the far corner is tucked a fountain, its soft babbling heard throughout the space. This is mostly due to the garden's clever system of irrigation, trees kept watered despite the predominance of flagstones by a spiderweb of grooves that lead from the fountain into the trees. Water bubbles constantly through the little tunnels set into the stone before eventually being recycled into the lagoon somewhere beyond.

Maybe it's just one of those days where plenty of candidates are free to do as they please. Maybe they're slacking off. But Venryk has in fact made his way into the sweet-smelling rows of fruit trees that have been clustered into such neat lines..and promptly fallen asleep. It's easy enough with the heat and shade offered. He's settled, leaning back against the small ledge that circles the fountain, although at some point his knees came up to offer a perfectly good pillow. There's a book next to him, ignored in favor of 'resting his eyes' so to speak, though one arm has dropped to the ground in a rather limp fashion. No, the teen is most definitely asleep, half-shaded by a nearby tree.

It's too bad the peace of the moment can't last. High-pitched shrieking precedes a wildly winging green firelizard, darting into the idyllic little garden by way of the bowl. Well. 'Darting' may be a kind word. Zula is struggling quite awkwardly with an item as big as if not bigger than her, wings beating hard to even keep herself aloft with a breeze that might be considered nice when you're anyone but a firelizard fleeing for her LIFE! She clips one of those grottos with the thing dangling from her claws, sending other firelizards flying before spying sanctuary…! In the form of Venryk. Poor, unsuspecting Venryk. Suddenly his shoulders are full of squeaking, agitated green firelizard and a pair of goggles that probably looks far too familiar for comfort. Special delivery?! Now hide her, quick!

"….the fuck didja…" That could only be one person really, dressed head to toe in the same color as his rumpled looking hair. Jaelyn huffs and puffs but alas has no houses to blow down as he plants his hands on his knees and wildly flicks his gaze around the fruit orchard. Apparently he's been after the fleeing firelizard for a while now, considering his lack of breath, then again when was the last time anyone had seen the computer crafter run anywhere? This could just be the result of being horridly out of shape. Scanning. Scanning. Scanning. Then those golden eyes narrow dramatically as they hone in on his thieving little target, a growl already starting to build, he pushes himself up and starts to make for a mad dash for the frantic creature. "ZULA! Fuckin'….RARGH!" Maybe he noticed Venryk there, or maybe he wa so focused on Zula that he just can't even right now. "HOLD…STILL!" So much for a nap under a nice tree on a lazy afternoon, because Jaelyn is so making a flying tackle the healer candidate's way in order to get a hold on that firelizard.

This is not a pleasant way to wake up. Venryk's own nearby firelizard sets to giving a loud shriek when all sorts of /chaos/ starts erupting in the form of firelizards and angry teens. There's a jerk into wakefulness when he's /landed/ on though, hands flying for all the movement on his shoulders. "What the..!?" There's really little time to process the fact that one hand closes around /goggles/ before Jaelyn is also flying at him. From one flailing mess to another, the healer at least /tries/ to get out of the way, but being on the ground already..well there's not much time to react to it. There's simply a thudding tangle of limbs that occurs, with one smallish, squished healer at the bottom of it. "/Jaelyn/ what the FUCK?" Even he can spit curses when the moment calls for it!

Zula is an agent of chaos. Jaelyn's arrival only increases the decibel of her squawking, and when goggles surrendered to Venryk's clasping hand, she is quick to dart forwards to screech at the approaching Computercrafter, wings spread in warning. Back off, this is her prize! She claimed it fair and square! This is what you get for— oof, squished! Cue muffled, highly indignant, very angry squeaking as Heryn's little green gets trapped between Jae and Venryk in a flail of wings and claws. THE INDIGNITY! Release her now!!! Help! Help! She's being opppressed! And probably more than a little squished. It's her panic, more than anything, that finally brings her owner to the scene, Heryn skidding to a stop just inside the garden to likewise peer around for what ever mad beasts are trying to slay his poor little fireliza— The worry in his face goes flat when he spies the very likely source over there, lips pursing in a very 'oh it's you guys' gesture as he makes his way over totally unhurriedly. Zula deserves to suffer just a bit first.

Arm! Leg! Oooh! Hand! Nose! Grope. Grope. "AHAH!" Jaelyn exclaims as he triumphantly yanks his goggles free of healer and firelizard among the choas of flailing limbs and cursing. So what if he got all chewed on and scratched up in the process. What was his has been reclaimed and as far as he was concerned that made all the kicking and bleeding worth it in the end. Luckily those scratches are shallow and will be gone in a couple of days, superficial as they are. Then he notices Venryk, "Oh, hey." he says in his usual flat and careless way, pushing himself up and off the poor boy and dropping back onto his own backside in the grass. Eyes slide over to Heryn as the man makes an appearance, lashes lowering some before his chin lifts however slightly. He pays absolutely no mind to the now squashed and repressed Zula, as he fits his goggles back atop his head and drops flattened palms onto the ground somewhat behind himself. "Yer fuckin' 'lizard is a menace." he grumbles, before his attention slowly slides to wherever the green had escaped to once she was free from being pinned between himself and Venryk.

Completely and utterly abused! After all, the kicking and clawing and flailing doesn't leave /Venryk/ unscathed in all of this. Or the fact that he was /landed/ on by Jaelyn. There's definitely going to be bruising later. But at least when the other teen gets off he can breathe again, and he rolls just slightly aside to push himself up. Dirty, rumpled, and yes, even a bit annoyed. One hand presses against the soreness of his ribs though once he manages a seated position, eyeing Jaelyn briefly. "That's the kind of thing you should at least apologize for, you know.. Ow.." There's a bit of dirt brushed away from his face then, peering in the direction of the approaching Heryn. "What just happened?" He woke up being accosted!

"Yeah, well, it takes one to know one," Heryn replies to Jaelyn, the response immediate and sassy to match the sharp upward flick of one eyebrow for that chin lift. The backtalk is at least tempered by amusement in his gaze, the bartender totally at ease now that it's clear something isn't out to eat his firelizard. Said green flops to the ground to seethe limply up at Jaelyn, hissing up at him when the boy looks her way before scuttling over to Heryn's foot to sulk up at him. Her precious is lost! "Don't make your doe eyes at me. You probably deserved a good mauling." A beat, then: "What'd she even do, and why were you attacking Ven for it?" His gaze surveys the pair of scratched teens for that, making an apologetic face when Venryk makes to wipe dirt off his face. "You missed a spot. Right there." He points to his own nose in indication.
"Huh?" Jaelyn says, distractedly after eyeballing Zula good and proper with a warning of what might happen the next time she goes and tries to make off with something that does not belong to her. Back to Venryk he looks, gaze sweeping over the disgruntled healer apprentice, before there is a single blink. "Oh, right." he murmurs. Is that it? Were there no words of comfort or at least concern after all that? No, there is not. Instead, Jae simply leans over and drops a kiss to the younger boy's mouth; soft and lingering. This done, he withdraws and pushes himself up to his feet, brushing himself off. Grass and dirt were seemingly everywhere, though it's only a few passes of a slapping hand here and there before he shrugs his tattooed shoulder and gives it up. Dirt was manly anyway. "She stole my goggles this mornin'," he says, shooting Zula another nasty glare that promised all sorts of imaginary things with sharp objects, before he cooly regards her human. "I didn't even see him till a second ago. Ain't nothin' personal…" Hmf, arms are crossed over his chest loosely and he tosses his gaze elsewhere indignantly.

And then there's Venryk being kissed, and the teenager visibly relaxes a little bit. It's not an apology, but at least he doesn't look too terribly put out about it anymore once Jaelyn pulls back again. He sighs though, eyes giving a faint roll before he starts to get himself to his feet again. "Fine, fine.. Didn't even see a /person/ attached to the firelizard you're after.. Jae, seriously, consider glasses." There's a faint smile for that though, and a light pat on the computercrafter's cheek before he sets to rubbing his own face again. A bit over-enthusiastic with it, but he'd rather not miss any dirt that Heryn says he's not swiped away! He does wince a little though after a moment, shaking his head. "I am going to be so bruised later.. Nobody had better think I've been getting into fights too." Hopefully nothing accidentally clocked the teen in the face. He reaches down to pick up his discarded and forgotten book though, waving it at the bartender. "Hey, Heryn."

Heryn doesn't seem nearly surprised enough for that kiss. He might not know things, but either the rumor mill has been running or he's made an educated guess, because all he does is inch that eyebrow a little closer to his hairline and look smug. Really, really smug. "Aw, where's my kiss?," he teases, affecting a pout as he moves to take a seat on the lip of the fountain, the better to scoop up poor, squeaking Zula and deposit her in his lap. This seems to satisfy her - she hops to her feet and hisses at Jaelyn again, all her little fangs flashing to indicate the damage she may do to goggle straps and wires if he so much as tries before thoroughly claiming the bartender's lap. If she can't have the goggles, she'll have him, wings spread out and all. Rude. Heryn seems to find the situation amusing, however, laughing as he glances between Jae and Zula. "Shells, and she got clear out here before you caught her? I'd've thought you'd've strangled her somewhere around the living cavern." There's a snort of agreement for Jaelyn possibly needing glasses, but he wisely doesn't comment, instead shooting Ven a mirthful glance. "Hey, Ven. Why not join our illustrious ranks? Even Cita's attacked somebody by now." Well. Him. And deservedly so. But shh.

Is Jaelyn surprised that Heryn is not surprised? No. He just stands there and does his best to emulate every snotty teenager ever for a while, ignoring the bartender in favor of snorting at Venryk's comment on glasses. "Bad enough I gutta use a magnifying glass to fuckin' read, I ain't puttin' them on my face." he growls some, and does not explain that statement at all. Random! The healer is eyeballed for the pat to his cheek, but the fact that he doesn't make the poor boy into a smoothie on the spot, might be a bit more telling than that kiss. Seems some people could touch Jae without him flying off the handle about it. "Oh stop, I ain't hit ya that hard." He'll just trudge off now to Heryn perched on the lip of the fountain and grumbles some as he slaps hands down on his thighs and leans over him too. Same treatment, a soft and lingering kiss. "Big baby…" Grumble, grumble. Zula? IGNORED. "Should put her in a cage or somethin'…" Kettle, and he knows it.

Venryk does in fact give Jaelyn a curious look for the comment about a magnifying glass. Well /that's/ not something he's heard before. Brows arch just a bit, before his tongue sticks out slightly. "You didn't hit me, you /landed/ on me. You're not exactly that light when you throw yourself at people." He shakes his head just a little though, lips quirking into a slightly crooked grin when Jaelyn goes over to Heryn too and administers a kiss. One hand lands on his hip however, giving a mild hint of laughter. "Alright, no. /No/ that's not fair at all. If people are passing out kisses around here, then they need /even/ and fair distribution." Poor Zula. Her hissing and puffing didn't stop Jaelyn, and it doesn't stop Venryk at all either from walking himself right over to plant a kiss right on Heryn's mouth. So there. Laughter comes after, with the teen promptly whirling to sit right down on the edge of the fountain too, shuffling his feet on the ground. Nope, not self conscious about that at all.

Ah-hah, well, apparently Heryn didn't think that would work - especially not twice. Despite the fact that he can see Jaelyn coming for miles, man is honest-to-Faranth blushing when he pulls back, the pleased fizzing going on in his brain gives him no time to recover before Venryk is planting a kiss on his lips, too. There have been fire engines and stop signs that are less red than the bartender as he mumbles a stream of words under his breath, blue-grey eyes dark and pointed off in a random direction. Something about 'show you who's a baby' and 'I'll distribute you' gets thrown in there, but mostly it's quiet and fruitless mutterings about kisses and the delightful nerve of some people. Zula is being loud enough for the both of them, anyways. There are PEOPLE in her SPACE kissing her BOY like as if she wasn't even THERE oh NO. Not in her house, man! Jae earns a snapping bite towards one of those handsy… well, hands, before she whirls to chase after Venryk like an angry chihuahua, not quite landing a bite but definitely displaying something fierce before— "Enough, Zula!" INDIGENCE. BETRAYAL. It's written all over her square face as she eyes her human. Well fine, then! She knows when she's not wanted! Let him get his face all smoochified then, hmpfh! And off she goes, probably to raise hell somewhere else. "So, uh… magnifying glass, huh?" Heryn awkwardly seizes on the last thing he remembers, one hand fluffing at the hair at the back of his head. "Why a magnifying glass?"

"Ya were in mah way!" the computer crafter tells Venryk, as if that explained and forgave that flying monkey tackle. Though it's a good thing that Jaelyn pulled back enough from the kiss he'd given Heryn in time for Venryk to come over and do the same, otherwise they'd both be suffering a headache from the conk that would have otherwise occured. He watches the healer apprentice quietly, lashes lowered, before he drags his gaze back over to the bartender and blinks. "Why the fuck ya blushin' like a holder gUURRAHHHHHHH!" Jae jumps back and away from where he was leaning when Zula sinks her little sharp teeth into his hand of all things, immediately yanking it back and flapping it rapidly up and down before cradling it and shooting her a look that plainly spelled her end. "Why ya fuckin' little…" But before he can act out on the image of roasting the firelizard on a stick over an open fire, Heryn roars which instantly freezes him into place. Teeth are applied to the flesh of his pierced lower lip and he there is a single blink. A pause and then a sharp inhale as he lifts his chin and then back to his hand he garners his attention. "FUCK." he hisses, giving the hand another little wave, before it's tucked safely away under one arm. "What?" he asks the mountain of muscle, distracted, "Oh, yeah…uh…words are fucked up and jumbled when I tried to read 'em. Healers ran a fuck ton of tests and shit, and turns out I gutta use a magnifying glass to focus on one word at a time or it dun make no sense to meh." It's all delivered with a growl, but otherwise it's a flat statement, "They called it dyslexia or somethin'." Venryk being chased by Zula? IGNORED.

Venryk might have moved away a /bit/ quickly at all of Zula's attempted attacks. Though his own nearby firelizard fires back with another shriek for the attempt. How very /rude/! There's a laugh again once he's situated, tilting his head to peer at Heryn. "Just remember to breathe and I'm /sure/ your color will return to normal soon!" There's a bit of a lean /away/ at the roaring, and the teenager gives a shake of his head before waving his hand at Jaelyn. "Lemme see it. Did she break the skin? I don't have much on me to help right now..though if you're gushing blood we could use Heryn's tunic. He doesn't need it." There's a quick smirk flashed back in the direction of the bartender then, but Jaelyn is explaining his reading issue, causing the healer to stop and stare at the other boy in surprise. "Really..? I had no idea!" And that fact might put a slightly unhappy look on his face a moment, but he shakes it off. "Well if it helps then that's best for it, I guess. Maybe it'll get a little better over time?"

Heryn's stormy gaze gets twitched up to Jaelyn, narrowed eyes communicating something about why he was blushing, you smarmy little— "That's what you get," the bartender mutters darkly around a laugh when Jae's question turns into a yell when he's bitten, perhaps forgiving Zula some of her errant behavior right there. Good flit. A similar glare is leveled Venryk's way, but the edge is taken off with a sideways grin and a playful jostle of one elbow. "Shut up. I just wasn't expecting it. Do you often get kissed twice in a row?" That's his story and he's sticking to it! There is a definite mock-scandalized look for the Healer implying that he doesn't need his shirt, hands clutching at the fabric at stomach level and pulling it to the side that's furthest from Jae. "He doesn't deserve it." So ha! He definitely winces for Ven's reaction to his yelling, though, offering a more quiet "Sorry" to him and a definite raised-eyebrow to Jaelyn for that lip-biting. Oh, okay, then. But he, too, blinks rapidly for the reveal about the Computercrafter being dyslexic, distractedly taking a moment to digest that before offering a quiet humm. No questions from him, just a simple, "It's good that they figured it out." Likely annoying, but it has to be better than previous frustrations!

A single finger is displayed for Heryn and his comment on getting what he deserved, along with a completely deadpan stare, a long way from the second's long duration of the smirk that had appeared on his lips for the bartender's twitch and narrowed eyes. That chin does manage to come up a degree or two, before his attention is transferred to Venryk. At least he puts the finger away beforehand, shaking his head. "It's fine." He wasn't giving up that hand without a fight, though the comment about Heryn's shirt being used to wrap the wound does earn the healer apprentice a blank stare before slitty eyes are shifted back to the bartender again. He doesn't what now? Oh. REALLY? Glare. Glare. Oh, so glarey. Then the icing on the cinnamon roll comes in the form Venryk's statement about not knowing about his difficulty with reading, combined with the possibility of it getting better someday. Steam. Steam. Glaaaaaare. There is the slightest of twitches there upon his brow before he snaps, "Ya know what? Fuck ya both." Then after another few seconds of standing there and looking ticked off, before he snorts and starts to huff off the way that he came.

Venryk gives Heryn a rather serious look, but laughs. "Well not generally by two different people, no. But one kiss generally leads to two..and so on.." Who in the world settles for just /one/ kiss? Pft. He drops his hands down on the edge of the fountain he's seated on, simply watching the other two. He certainly doesn't /demand/ Jaelyn's hand once it's obvious the other boy is unwilling to give it. He simply looks a bit exasperated by the whole thing. "That may be, but the rest of the world deserves the wonderful view." The apology for the yelling is waved off though, head giving a brief shake. "Not deaf yet, so I think it'll all be fine." All fine at least until Jaelyn starts having an /episode/. The healer stares after Jaelyn for a moment, his own face coloring a bit at the computer crafter's..words, then simply clears his throat..sighing. "…I would like a better manual for him.. The one I got is missing pages and written upside down."

Heryn hikes a big old shit-eating grin up on his face for that deadpan finger-flicking, head tilting vaguely to one side in a 'yes, REALLY' look in response to the ensuing slit-eyed glare. "Call me a blushing holder girl again," he says, voice overflowing with sass before he twitches his gaze over to Venryk. "Well, there you go. Multiple kisses from one person would'a been fine," maybe, possibly, "but both?!" Well, at least the blushing's gone now! Kisses are one thing, but insinuations about his shirt only earn a chuckle and an eyeroll. "Yeah, yeah, but then people blame me for distracting them and I somehow wind up the bad guy." And, speaking of, cue a rude insinuation from Jaelyn! Fuck them both? What did he do? The man looks one part concerned, one part politely puzzled before Jae makes to stomp off. Oops. There goes the blushing again. "You did not," is muttered mulishly, gaze going askance again as he snorts for Venryk's ensuing comment. "You got a manual?," he asks, feigning jealously. Still, he's been learning on the fly - he doesn't dare move to haul Jaelyn back like a sack of tubers. Instead, he pushes to his feet and brushes imaginary dust from his pants before saying, "I'd better get back to it. Ran outta that lesson in a hurry because I thought Zula was being eaten - if it gets back that I was skiving off to kiss people, well…" He trails that off with a wink. "See you around, yeah? If he doesn't end up killing one or the other of us between now and then, anyways." There's a sigh, and a shrug, and then he's off the way Jae went, branching off only once he hits the bowl.

"Honestly it was more like I /found/ it. In a trash bin. Under his dirty laundry." Venryk just sighs faintly, but also gets up, tucking his book closer to himself again as he waves Heryn off. "Yes, yes. If /that/ got around, there'd be even more angry people about, and they might start chasing you." With pitchforks! Or lipstick. He takes a cursory moment to brush off his clothing though, getting rid of some of the dirt still clinging from the messy roll-around Jaelyn caused. "See you, though…" It's a tad thoughtful of a look he gives, but then shakes his head and wanders off as well. To parts unknown.

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