Bump in the Night

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Lagoon
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Given the weyr's tropical climate, riders and dragons can be seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting nearly turn-round. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl.

The afternoon has come and gone as it often does which leads to the inevitable evening, with Rukbat already half tucked under the horizon which splashes vivid colors across the Pernese sky. Jaelyn has found himself a place on the beach of the lagoon, having spread out a towel and sits there enjoying a nice cold beer of all things. People mill about, or have the same idea, but he was currently lacking company. Likely he had chased off whomever had gotten too close.

/Currently/ lacking company, but that is shortlived. Venryk makes his way out toward the lagoon in the slowly waning light, marching right along until he spots Jaelyn there. There's a bit of a sigh when he changes direction to go /there/ instead, simply walking his way on over to drop down next to the other candidate. Ask? Heavens no, he simply settles himself right down on the edge of the towel next to Jaelyn, leaning his weight onto one hand while peering at the other boy. "Hi." The drink? Well it's eyed a bit, but the healer certainly isn't getting grabby for it. His head tilts though, a brow lifting just a bit. "You wanna tell me what you got so mad about earlier? ..Wait, no. You don't /want/ to. But okay. What got you so mad earlier?"

Golden eyes slide the way of a familiar voice, simply tipping the bottle back to take a sip of it's contents as Venryk drops down to join him without invitation. "Hey." he replies, not sounding or looking pissed off anymore, back to the quiet even voice and an expression that said nothing. Once the healer is settled, he returns his attention to the sunset, legs bent at the knee and crossed at the ankle as he more or leass leans the curve of his body over them and rests his arms atop. He doesn't offer the other boy any of his beverage, what with the Tiki only a short distance away should he want a drink of his own. There is a sigh for the question, heavy and somewhat laced with irritation as he slides his gaze back Venryk's way. "It ain't gunna get better. The wiring in mah head is fucked up, so I ain't gunna be able to read like everyone else can. Ever." he replies, lashes lowering as he regards the fluffyhaired candidate, before goes back to watching the way the waves were licking at the shore.

Venryk blinks a moment at that, frowning, but nods. "Ohh." Well it's not like he knows much about the condition himself! He couldn't have known that. There's a small sigh though, leaning to lightly nudge against the other boy before pulling away again. "Okay, I'm sorry then. I didn't know that. Still, it's at least better to know about it and how to deal with it, right? Like, what if you became a rider, and they started throwing paperwork at you left and right. At least this way they know not to do that." There's a smile afterward, the cheerful healer at least trying to put a better spin on things. Not that it ever seems..particularly useful with this particular computer crafter. He shifts how he sits though, pulling his knees up to his chest with his arms around them. "My mom wrote again. She said things are pretty difficult back at the Weyr. A lot more of the living areas were damaged than they first thought, so a lot of people are getting sent off to Holds and stuff to stay."

There is no response for the nudge, other than a fleeting glance back Venryk's way before Jaelyn goes back to watching the water. "I'd just get someone to read it to meh. Ain't like that'd be all that hard. Plan on doing that anyway." he says, which shouldn't come as a surprise. It was either that or passing an enlargement device over each and every word slowly in order for his brain to process the information properly, which especially for Jae sounded like a huge pain in the ass. "Somehow doubt that's gunna keep the paperwork away." Another sip of beer and he swallows it slowly, lifting the bottle and peering at the dwindling contents, releasing a sigh. Only one drink a day, man was that a kick in the balls. "Yep. I know. My grandmother lives there. She's keepin' meh up to date."

"She is? Well that's good at least. She's alright then?" Hey, Venryk /did/ know that his grandmother was there. There's a small smile though for Jaelyn's future planning of getting out of doing work, shaking his head. "Mm, well. That probably isn't too much to ask someone to do, either. Make sure you don't get someone who puts those weird, long pauses in the middle of sentences. That's the worst." The healer turns his gaze off to the setting sun then, simply watching it for a bit of time before he does speak up again, quietly. "How long have we been here now? It feels like forever.."

Jaelyn nods his head once, a ripple of tension and flicker of irritation going unexplained or lingering long as its there in one moment and gone in the next. "Yep." He downs the rest of the beer and then with a frown, tosses the now empty vessel aside opposite of where Venryk was sitting as not to hit him with it. There is a side glance and lifting of brows for what is said of readin and long pauses, looking the healer up and down a little before he simply shakes his head and sighs, "Ya think of the weirdest shit." he states as a matter of fact, before flopping onto his back and stretching out his limbs. He folds his hands then behind his head and closes his eyes, shrugging his shoulders. "I dunno. Months I guess. Eggs got another one or so before they start rockin'." There is a pause, and then he peeks at the healer, "Why ya ask?"

Venryk laughs abruptly at that, nodding. "I guess I do, sure. But that's just a part of what's..me, I guess. You like it." Nope, no room for argument there, he won't allow it! When Jaelyn drops back, he lets go of his own knees and leans in that direction. He doesn't lay down, but at least he's still able to look at the other teenager without needing to turn all the way about. "Why? No real big reason, I guess. We've just been here long enough that it feels…you know, normal. Like, I don't wonder where I am when I wake up, or think I'm in my bed back at Fort. I'm used to things here now, even if I do miss people. It wouldn't be hard to stay here longer, I think. If there's not a dragon here for me."

Jaelyn snorts, "Sometimes. Mostly like what ya keep covered." Asshole. There's no smile or change in the eveness of his tone to denote that was kidding, and so Venryk will either have to take that a face value or assume that he was trying to tease him. A brow twitches upwards to the response to his question, "I ain't goin' anywhere else. This is the end of the line for meh." Closing his eyes again, he falls silent for a while, nothing but the gentle in and out of the waves and the soft chatter of people also enjoying the mildness that the clear evening was bringing. "I dun think yer gunna have a problem finding a lifemate. Yer probably the most adaptive, easy going guy I know other than fuckin' muscle mountain. Wonder if they allow weyrlings to have visitors."

"Hm, well I'm not about to wander around naked, so I suppose you'll just have to suffer." Venryk's tongue pokes out slightly at that. If he took what Jaelyn said seriously, or as a joke, well, he won't say. There's laughter though before he can bring his tongue back in, and the healer shakes his head slightly before he simply turns around completely to face the opposite direction as Jaelyn. It lets him look fully at the other teen, after all, much more comfortable. "Really? You'll stay here? I figure that there's no reason why I can't, C'vryn said his specialty is in plants, so I could study under him no problem for the healercraft. There wasn't anyone really like that back at Fort." And then there's that same old dismissive attitude about Impression. Venryk huffs ever so slightly, and nudges Jaelyn with a foot. "I've told you before that you shouldn't doubt it so much. Maybe we'll both end up riders and maybe not, but I'm at least pretty sure they do take visitors."

Jaelyn sighs, "Yer no fun." This grumbled he goes quiet again, perhaps even drifting off for all his further involvement in the conversation for a while, his breathing slowing and deepening as if to add to that impression. Though one eye does slowly open to peer over at the turned about healer, a brow raised again. "Ya think I'd go back to Fort? Colder than a goldrider's tit over there." Ah, he had such a way with words, His face relaxes and the eye closes again, back to basking in the dying light of the setting sun. "Ya know damn well ya'd miss yer family too much to stick around less ya got a reason, and I dun think some full of himself bronzerider is gunna be enough of one." He falls silent for a while, until he's nudge to which both eyes open about halfway, the corners of his mouth turning downwards. "I told ya, ain't gunna happen. Already broke just about every rule they set out aside from killin' someone. People like Heryn and ya make good riders, I'm best on my own."

"I, sir, am tons and tons of fun." Venryk shall be playfully offended at such an accusation! He even gives a disdainful sniff..right before devolving into laughter again. Nope, he can't do a straight face for very long. He makes a face though at Jaelyn's use of language, giving a snort, and a mumbled bit of, "With you involved, doubt it'd be /cold/ long.." Did he say that out loud? Well oops. The healer shakes his head somewhat though, sighing. "I know you never liked it there much, so I can't blame you there. /Not/ enough of a reason to stay? I'd probably end up posted in a place like this, you know, just because of that very reason." He stretches his legs out then, and shrugs, leaning back on his hands. "Well fine then. Maybe I'll stick around because /someone/ has to keep you company, because despite what you say, I think you need it more than being all alone."

Jaelyn hmmhmm's softly and leaves that alone, not joining the healer candidate in his enjoyment of himself, rather seeming quite comfortable and not of a mind to move just yet. Though when that little mumbled snippet comes out of Venryk's mouth, the older boy can't help with full out smirk that follows. "Right? Fuck, I miss tits…" There is a long, exasperated sigh for that particular thought, shaking his head as that flashed wry grin fades away and leaves him expressionless once more. "Nope, dun even care if mah old man comes here personally and tries to dra' me back by mah hair. Ain't happenin'." He has nothing to say on Venryk's reasons, though once again golden eyes appear from behind their lids, peering at the healer past the thickness of his lashes. "I still ain't a reason to stay y'know. Ya should find yerself someone who can give ya what ya want, not whatcha think ya want."

There is most definitely someone here at the beach that can give someone what they want, but it might not be what they particularly want or need from this particular giver. People have these things called standards but standards are too limited to this individual. Free love he gives, though not many would want such a thing. Is it too precious? Could it have to do with those tiny soulless and sunken black eyes peering across the sands as they reside within this weathered creature? One long and crooked foot finds it's place one before the other, dragging with each step and leaving thin trails from gnarled toe nails turns overdue for clipping. The sound of material slapping upon itself echos over the breeze as it moves closer and closer. Snorting, coughing, wheezing. The breeze, in it's ultimate betrayal, is upwind from the boys upon the beach and with it carries the scent of death and decay. "Hmm-mmm, Fren. Looook at dem pretties."

Venryk just makes a /face/ when Jaelyn starts to go on about 'The Boobs'. He rolls his eyes a bit though, head shaking. "Ugh, yes I'll bet you do.." Nope, /this/ healer is not longing for anything in the breast department. Absolutely not. Though there's a faint snort at the mention of P'rel, eyeing Jaelyn once again. "You think we'd let him anyway? Pfft. He'd have some angry candidates at the very least jumping on him for even trying." They shall defend their own! Pathetically, but mightily! There's a groan though for the computer crafter's persistent denial, before he finally just drops onto his back with a thud. "Well /no/ reason seems good enough, does it? You say staying here to study plants for the healercraft isn't a good enough reason to stick around, /and/ sticking around for my friend isn't a good reason either.. Hmph. Let me have my reasons for doing stuff, huh?" There's a poke given to Jae with his foot then, near the other teen's shoulder. Poke. /Poke/. Still, there's laughter on the healer's breath, looking up at the steadily darkening sky. "I didn't ask you to give me anything, so just let it go." And then….then there's the smell. The sudden horrible stench that's wafting right along. "..What. Is. That? Ugh that smells like a trap full of crawlers got caught on the rocks and marinated in their deathjuice for five days in the sun before someone found it and opened it, being killed instantly by the wave of putrid gelatinous goop they had melted into. Ugh."

Jaelyn will just think about boobs for the next little while, ignoring the boys-only-please healer and his nay-saying. Good, more boobs for HIM. He shakes his head though, letting his eyes travel over the sky and pick out the one or two stars that had appeared already. "I'm talkin' about after the hatchin' Ryk. The only reason he let me out of Fort was cause I got searched again. Second I walk off those sands alone, he'll be waitin' for meh, cause that's what he fuckin' does every time." A frown for this, deeper than they had been up to this point. "Ya'll be too busy with yer lifemates to get involved. Dun worry though, I'm gunna handle P'rel this time." Apparently there was a plan, but it's not shared. Rather, Jae sighs heavily again and gives Venryk a long and hard look. "I dun got friends Venryk. Yer just, persistent." Wore him down he did, and brows sink low for the poking. "Dude, cut the shit." No poking! He bats away the offending finger, but before he can add anything to what either of them might need or what, there is the smell. Jaelyn sits up immediately and begins to look around, trying to find the source of the sudden and noxious odor. He shoots Venryk a look, "Descriptive…." he mutters, and finally his attention falls on the shuffling creature making its way across the beach. "Better question might be what is THAT."

THAT, catches the sound of the voices over the wind and his head jerks to the side, peering at them like a small confused dog. He doesn't make a sound, only standing there with his glashow grin. A grin yielding only a few haggard teeth glistening black in the setting son. Wisps of stark white hair flutter about in the breeze… The creature, as it might be, suddenly breaks out in a maniacal peel of laughter before quickly closing the gap with inhuman speed. Abruptly a dragonlength away… he stops. He begins looking in the sands around him to the left and to the right, patting his stomach roughly as he growls and squeals in frustration and anger. "Where is it? Where IS FREN?!" he shrieks into the wind. Those beady eyes quickly dart back towards the two on the beach and he stares with teeth bared. It straightens up, and jerks. That glasgow grin slowly finds it's place upon it's face once more and he reaches down into his pants and giggles. "Ah, there ye be hidin'." Pulled out from the battered hem of it's pants is a rodent of questionable size and vitality. Cold and lifeless eyes peer from the flattened roadkill and it almost seems to beg: why me?

"Fine, fine. He'll have to deal with some weyrlings or not-so-weyrlings, depending." But alas, Jaelyn wants to handle his father on his own, and Venryk lifts both hands in surrender. "Alright though, you handle him. Though I gotta say at this point, with all the describing and stuff, I've got some /words/ I wanna give him." Some foolish words that'll likely get the young healer clocked right in the face, but still /words/. He snorts out a bit of a laugh though. "And thus, you have friends. No getting away from it, no denying it. Sorry, Jae, but here I am." Persistent indeed, the teen just refuses to be chased off by Jaelyn's grumpy-butt nature. The fact that the smell is coming from /someone/ has him sitting up again though, eyes wide as he does take notice of the..uh..person? The person that is /running at them/..and then stops. The healer shoots a quick, tentative look at Jaelyn before he shifts onto his feet, giving the other candidate a tug. "Uh, let's just..we should../Jae/ he-that's a guy, right? He's digging in his pants now and we need to go so we don't…he has dead rats in his pants!" Another tug, but then the healer simply gives up and hurries himself right off the beach. FLEE.

There is a snort, and Jaelyn slides his eyes back towards Venryk. "That'd I'd love to see." This said, and he'd probably agree with whatever horrible things that are being imagined had they been voiced as they're more likely to be true than not. Though he's quick to have that frown returning as the healer candidate once again refuses to accept the fact that Jae did not consider them to be on friendly terms, "Venryk…" he begins, sounding like he was about to start something that might end up with the younger boy getting smacked around anyway, but Faranth the smell. The inhuman speed with which the whatever it is moves sends up a red flag, and Jaelyn is on his feet. He's on a one way trip to nopesville, not even needing Venryk's assistance to get his grumpy-butt going. The rat that is pulled out of those pants, not even seen, because the second those gnarled digits go in that direction he is looking away. He might like men just as much as women, but as far as his facial expression was concerned whatever that was, was neither. "Oh, fuck no. Move. MOVE…" He pushes Venryk up the beach and is quick to follow immediately after. ESCAPE!

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