Bust a Move - Weyrling's Dance Lesson

Summer - Day 21 of Month 6 of Turn 2714

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Weyrling Training Field

Near the tall black eastern wall of the crater is a cleared field. The earth there has been churned many times over by the landings and take offs of young dragons and only a few patches of grass cling to life in this active area. Wooden props and markers used to assist the weyrlings as they learn the precise maneuvers required for the rescue and protection work that the weyr is famous for, litter the training field. Close to the rimwall, in the east where the sun is usually shaded is a large wooden slat barracks for the weyrlings to live in. Tropical trees and shrubs have been allowed to grow here, perfuming the air with a floral scent.

It was J'en of all people who stomped his way grumpily through the weyrling barracks at the crack of dawn, an hour or two before they were scheduled to be up anyway, and kicks them out into the training field. Anyone not wanting to rise at his first frowny request gets their cot most ungently kicked with a thick soled boot and anyone beyond this that refuses gets said cot up turned. Grumbles along the lines of 'If I 'ave to be up, so do ya' getting tossed at anyone who protests, a finger pointed towards the training grounds without further explanation other than to stand in formation outside without their lifemates. Something about, needing the room. It probably takes time, regardless of any arms that might be crossed, feet that may be tapped, or glaring that occurs to actually get all ten of them out into the yard. Time enough that people from the weyr have started to peek their heads in to see yawning and disgruntled folks filtering out to the place demanded of them, because something was definitely up and rumors spread like wildfire. Whatever wild accusations might be abound, J'en waits until all weyrlings are out before he steps out after them, golden eyes seeking out R'hyn. Why? So he can scowl at him.

S'van is here. He is awake, if awake means barely able to keep his eyes open and stifling a yawn with every other breath he takes. And he is dressed too. At least, he has pants on, and boots, and is pulling on a shirt that muffles his own colorful version of 'good morning' that should not really be uttered around sensitive ears. Aedeluth? Totally annoyed that he is not allowed to be joining, one great eye pressing against a window to peer out of the barracks and follow the progress of the weyrlings. Formation? Sure. Sev can do that. Just don't expect bright-eyed and bushy-tailed because right now, he's doing a pretty good impression of falling-asleep standing up.

There are times when being one who finds sleep elusive turns out to be a reasonably useful thing, and so, being woken from only the lightest of dozes finds Xyvette at least as alert as she would like when she finds herself sent from the safety of bed and outside, a long look shared with Nehehkath before she swiftly changes into the clean clothes left at the end of her cot the night before and does as she's told. Still having not flown with her lifemate, there's an edge of bitterness that remains when having to employ what knowledge she cannot yet use for its primary purpose, her amber gaze schooled as best she can to a cold neutrality that has nothing to do with the early hour. It's the limp she cannot conceal; the latest in a long line of injuries that have held her back and back and back. And still, she takes her place outside, arms folded low across her ribcage.

Baylee is also here. How could she not be? If you were in the barracks you are now here. Thats just how weyrlinghood works. Though the day is fast coming when we will be graduated. Baylee is also clothed. Thankfully. She moves into the formation that was indicated to await whatever it is that J'en has in mind. She'd heard about the dance lesson yesterday, but why would you have the dance lesson this early in the morning? It makes more sense to have it after the regular lessons for the day. There is a tired look in Baylee's eyes, but she seems to be considerably more bright eyed and bushy-tailed than her compatriots.

While some are just waking up, Kelani has been on a slew of night shifts of late in the infirmary. That means she is passing by this early morning grouping after a night spent awake. Dspite the bed calling her name, she is drawn by this unusual early gathering near the infirmary. She stands on the edge of things arms crossed over her healer tunic as her gaze scans over the group of now familiar faces. One hand occasionally lifts to stifle a tired yawn.

Where is R'hyn, anyways? Not here, or at least not within immediate view at the time of narrow, golden-eyed seeking. His dragon is, though; Xermiltoth is definitely to blame for walking the other half of the weyr, his loud thoughts and sun-bright mind leaking indescriminately into the heads of anyone nearby. « DO YOU WANT TO SEE SOMETHING FUNNY? » or « PSST HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A WEYRLING TRY TO TANGO BEFORE THEIR KLAH? » are only a few of the phrases showered upon passersby, along with the occasional, « YOU LOOK LIKE YOU CAN FOXTROT. GET OVER HERE. » By the time his rider does emerge from the living caverns, a foreign goldrider on his arm, there's a small cluster around the yard and a string of poor, unsuspecting weyrlings and he can only smirk and lean over to whisper something to the woman next to him. Whatever she answers earns a sharp bark of laughter and a wicked grin, one he tempers as he leads Risali into their midsts. "Good morning, weyrlings. Some of us are looking lovely today," acknowledgment of Baylee and Xyvette with a nod to the former and an encouraging smile for the latter, "Others…" A look at S'van, but no further comment for something so self-explanatory. "I hope you're all feeling limber. If you don't know him, this is J'en, wingleader of Archipelago, and this is goldrider Risali of Xanadu. They have ever-so-kindly obliged to teach you a thing or two." His eyes are twinkling, this can't mean anything good. They should probably run! Still, there's a nod for J'en, as well as a bob of his head towards Kelani over there even as he edges back, seeming content to let the lesson be taken over. Foolish man.

Risali is not one of the unfortunate weyrlings being upended by Jae-levels of sass and booted feet on this arguably beautiful day; Risali isn't even sure why she's here if we're being honest, except that she's subject to a gravid queen and her whims, and someone said the magic words: dancing. Leirith might not be out on the training fields, but you can bet there's a mustard hide somewhere in Half Moon Bay Weyr, abusing the eyes of her minion to see all the things and joining in with Xermiltoth because she has no shame. « GO SHOW THE WORLD YOUR BADASS MOVES. AND YOUR ASS. MOSTLY YOUR ASS. YES YOU. » and « UNCEUNCEUNCEUNCE. » You get the point. There's an obnoxiously loud gold, and an obnoxiously loud bronze, and their riders are emerging from the living caverns arm in arm with Risali making a face at whatever it is that R'hyn's said, and her response earning laughter (which maybe earns him a gentle punch in the arm as they continue to walk). But here they are, Risali holding tight to her Half Moonian companion with an unapproachable air about her as she surveys the gathered people, elbows R'hyn in the ribs (gently), and then waves with a sort-lived, half smile when she's introduced. There's a curious glance for J'en as well, but Risali remains put - for now.

Krenn had heard there was going to be some sort of weyrling dance lesson. Foolishly, he assumed it would be in the evening rather than first thing in the morning. Technically he should be headed to the workshops, but he did promise he would attend. Unfortunately, being caught by surprise means he arrives in his work clothes rather than the nicer gather-ready outfit he'd picked out for the occasion. Slightly self-conscious about this fact, he gives a sheepish smile and a wave to the weyrlings as he makes his way over in response to Xermiltoth's announcement to the bowl. "Morning, all."

While Xermiltoth and Leirith's mind voice could be considered jarring to most even if they were already paired off with a lifemate of their own, it only serves to make J'en twitch around the area of one eyebrow before he lifts a hand to the bridge of his nose to pinch it. This unphasedness a benefit he'd gained in having had the clutch sire of this bunch, all loudness and light, bounced around the inside of one's own skull throughout the entirety of his weyrlinghood. There will be glaring, lots of glaring, all of the glaring really for when R'hyn does actually arrive, the expression softening and confused as he spots Risali. It only lasts a second though, schooled quickly enough, well in time for the older bronzerider's announcement. No comment is made for the niceties, because what are those, though by the time R'hyn gets to introductions the Archipelago wingleader is looking…surprised? A glance to the tiny goldrider there and then a truly dark look bestowed, before he stretches out his neck and straightens his shoulders and for once tries to look like he wasn't ready to murder someone. COUGHRYNCOUGH. "…'Mornin' Weyrlin's." he says in a loud and clear (as he can with that accent) voice, squinting as he sees a few people filtering in that are not weyrlings, and he takes a breath and slowly let it out. "…and…other…people…" Ahem. "Dragonriders are expected to know 'ow to dance, for gathers and other diplomatic functions where dancin' is expected." Twitch. No, this isn't awkward at all. Straightening his spine, he folds his hands behind his back, the leather of his jacket creaking softly. "No, ya ain't got a choice. It's gunna 'appen and rather than let ya embarrass the f…the weyr…this mornin' yer gunna learn the basics." A pause, wheels turning, and a dangerously crooked grin begins to form on the those pierced lips. "But first, we're gunna 'ave a demonstration." His eyes immediately dart to R'hyn, "Assistant Weyrlingmaster R'hyn and his lovely visitin' companion are gunna go ahead and show ya 'ow its done." That grin could not get any wider, really. Brows lifting, a palm swept towards the front of the group, expectantly.

Whatever, R'hyn. S'van is totally looking lovely this morning, too. Just nevermind the total mushed-up bedhead that he hasn't taken the time to even push his fingers through. Or the fact that he can't seem to keep his eyes open for longer than five seconds at a time. He's listening though, really. He is. Because now he's tossing a look at the Wingleader for the explanation of this early morning call to arms. And now he's grimacing and making this weird face at the idea of dancing that just gets… worse as R'hyn and Risali arrive. At least his yawning is beginning to taper off. Even if he looks like he'd much rather be leaning against the side of the barracks rather than standing in the field about to get a lesson in awkwardness. Hand lifts. Rubs at his face and eyes before he deigns to give the visiting goldrider and the assistant weyrlingmaster his attention.

Xyvette tilts her hips slightly to shift her weight to her left leg, arms knotting all the more firmly around herself as she sets her jaw and must be all but literally (or actually quite literally) biting her tongue as she listens to what is about to unfold. If it wasn't for the continued, carefully crafted and level focus that is all she permits her expression to convey, she would be the very image of a petulant teenager utterly without realising it. After a while, there's no indication that she's even listening, her gaze having lost that focus in a manner that makes her look like she's either deep in thought, communicating with Nehehkath, or just plain asleep on her feet. But still, she's upright and at least she has that glassy gaze angled in the right direction.

Baylee stands patiently as J'en and company explain just what the cause of this early morning lesson is. Ok. Dance lessons. That was expected so this is all part of the plan. From her place in the formation of weyrlings she spots others arriving as well. Krenn and Kelani. She'd wave but she doesn't want to draw attention to herself or break formation or something. So she just smiles to them both and then brings her attention back to bear on those that are going to be offering a demonstration of what it is that they will be doing today.

Tired weyrlings, healers and residents, oh my. Kelani is curiously watching everything peacefully, well until the point that multiple dragons are broadcasting into her brain. Hands go to ears at the unexpected and unfamiliar intrusions into her mind. There is a glance to the nearby Krenn, "Did you hear it too?" She asks less she thinks she is going insane. Though after a moment she relaxes as she hears the topic of their early morning lessons. "What a time to choose to do it, but seen harpers raised early for much the same." She says in aside, still rubbing at one ear.

Krenn returns Baylee's smile before glancing to Kelani in order to answer her question. "Afraid so." The tanner tries to be nonchalant, but it is hard after a cacophany like that. "Even if you grow up here, you never get quite used to it when that happens, do you? They must be excited about all this." But it looks like the actual lesson bit is about to start. Time to be quiet and watch. Maybe he'll learn something!

Challenge accepted! R'hyn might have intended to fade into relative anonymity but a demonstration is requested, and a demonstration they will get! One eyebrow cocks sassily back over at J'en, but the bronzerider eases back into the limelight, drawing Risali with him, pausing only to tuck her in line next to Xyvette. About her he steps until they're face to face, blue-grey eyes glittering with mirth even as he leans over her hand, formal and slow. "Dance is also easier when you break it down into its parts," he speaks even as he surrenders that hand, side-stepping into Xyvette's space to gesture without touching, non-verbally requesting a shift out of contrapposto into a proper stance. "It's about posture. Think tall, even if you aren't. Seize that pride inside you and give it all it's got." Baylee's next, her focus earning a slight smile. "Be attentive. If your partner has fun, they'll be more willing to forgive the rest." And last, but hardly least, S'van, whom R'hyn eyes with amusement, chin jerking as though to imply he should raise his out of that sleepy stupor. "And if nothing else, be confident. If you aren't sure what you're doing, do something with confidence and nobody will be the wiser. Now, there are many dances. Shout out one or two?" Asked of the crowd, pointing to Krenn, Kelani, anyone in view. "But the most simple step of the most simple dance is a box step, to which we will then add a turn." Back to Risali he finally goes, one hand taking hers, the other settling on her waist to demonstrate the step: back, side, forwards, side, repeated until the goldrider herself elects to stop them with words or halt of action.

Maybe Jae needs encouragement? Risali doesn't know; it's why the tiny woman is shifting into the distance separating her from Jae and giving his arm a gentle squeeze before leaning into R'hyn again. Then she looks murderous in complement to Xyvette's petulance, a fleeting scowl of expression that's wiped away when R'hyn leads and she follows. Risali follows his trek about her person with a shift of her head and eyes, taking the bronzerider's hand when it's offered and dipping into a curtsey before he's moved on to Xyvette. And the goldrider watches, listens, remains in her spot with patience until her father's weyrmate has come to collect her again and she settles the hand not encompassed by his on the bicep opposite. Risali moves in time with R'hyn, keeping pace despite the fact that his gait is accompanied by legs that are awkwardly long, and Risali's is accompanied by legs that are awkwardly short. It's not a complicated dance, but the once-harper has the fluidity and grace of a trained dancer (though perhaps is just shy the linear prose of one who does dance for a living). "And if your dance partner is too tall, you can always cheat." Risali breathes, demonstrating by stepping up onto R'hyn's feet and letting him do the dancing, indicating they should stop before too long by stepping back down to the ground and slowing to a natural halt. And then she's still, peeking around R'hyn's OBNOXIOUS TALLNESS to stick her tongue out at J'en before turning her attention back onto the weyrlings.

That look that is tossed the way of J'en? Ignored. Sure, he saw it just fine, but his eyes do not linger on S'van nor is there any reaction to indicate that looks are being registered today. No. Not today. The wingleader is being observant however, taking in the petulance of youth represented by Xyvette, the obedience of Baylee, the sleepiness of Kelani, the smileyness of Krenn and of course the especially heart warming goodness that is R'hyn being forced to dance with Risali in front of everyone. Oh, he'll certainly be paying for this later, but right now? WORTH IT. He might even ask with his last dying breath that this be emblazed upon his tombstone. Whether he needed encouragement or not, J'en leans down and murmurs something softly to the goldrider as she moves into the space between them and gives his arm a squeeze, his hand gently placed onto the small of her back, dropping away the moment she is leaning into R'hyn. It doesn't seem to matter to him at all that the weyrlingmaster cocks a brow at him sassily, shown in how he sasses him right back with the same raised brow and kicks it up a notch by letting his smartass smirk remain. As the man steps forward to speak to the weyrlings and other who have gathered, J'en goes back to watching them all, seeming to be taking some sort of mental notes of what he sees or that reaction as R'hyn speaks for some reason or another. He only seems to tune back in on the lesson itself when the demonstration comes to an end, just in time to catch Risa doing her thing over there with the peeking and the tongue sticking outage. A level gaze, expressionlessness, and a slow blink later in response and he's stepping forward to address everyone again. "I 'ope ya'll were payin' attention, cause I'm gunna pair ya all off so ya can practice whatcha saw." A moment is given for this to really sink in before golden eyes move to Xyvette, "Yer with meh." You lucky girl. "Weyrling Baylee, yer with R'hyn." One after the other the weyrlings are matches with each other or others who happened to have wandered in from the weyr thanks to Xermiltoth and Leirith, a pointed look to Krenn and then to Kelani, gesturing vaguely between the two of them with the pointer finger of his left hand, "Whatever." He turns then to start towards his dance partner, striding away with long legs. "Risali ya got whoever's left." And that would be S'van. "I'll be watchin' ya, so no slackin' off. Ya'll can ask Weyrling Catwin and her friend over there what 'appens when ya piss meh off."

"Well there are the Formal dances and the informal dances, couple dances and group dances and beneath each of those are different types of dances." Kelani offers like the good little student she is. Healer trained she may be, Harper raised she is. Watching the dancing lesson seems to have woken her up a bit and she leans on the fence watching the riders teach the lesson. As J'en's sets to making dance partners of the group she looks surprised when she is pointed at and she looks to the Tanner at her side, to the bronzerider and back again. Well the bronzerider doesn't look like he wants excuses so she holds her hand out to Krenn, "I got some training at least…" She says to at least let him know she won't step on HIS toes.

Xyvette arches a brow, but keeps her arms knotted exactly where they are for so long that it must seem she isn't going to move at all, only to shift them to clasp her hands behind her back, one hand with a death grip on the wrist of the other. Patience is something that has ebbed and ebbed as the months of weyrlinghood and her extra training have worn on, and it would appear that this morning is the breaking point that's going to have her crossing lines. "I'm not with you," she snaps to J'en, amber meeting gold with nothing less than defiance. "I would have thought instruction in dance for nearly two decades would have been enough to assure that a rider isn't going to humiliate the Weyr," she says crisply and to no-one in particular. "And I would have hoped that someone with the credentials and maturity to instruct those who don't have that experience would have been involved today." No matter that she speaks of not embarrassing the Weyr; she's content to do so by means other than dance, so it seems.
Limits have been reached, things have been said, and she turns to limp her way out of there as quickly as she can, though she has the sense to confine herself to the barracks without prompting.

S'van is getting there. Really. Give him another minute and he'll look awake enough. There's a lazy sort of acknowledgement for the demonstrative portion, a following of R'hyn as he wanders down the line of tributes, offering sage advice that may or may not be committed to memory. Another rub of his hand over his face as the weyrlingmaster turns away from him, and this time that hand goes right up into his hair to try and make it respectable. A shifting of his weight, crossed arms and tilted head indicate an individual who is maybe not as dismissive of the lesson as he had first appeared. At least he's following the back-side forward-side motion attentively enough, grey eyes narrowed and lips pressed into a thoughtful line. Kelani and her oh-so-helpfulness get the next look from S'van. Though it's maybe not as accusatory so much as 'come trade me places' in nature. No such luck. Now they're being paired up, and S'van is the 'whoever's left' that gets to pair off with Risali. That expression? Definitely NOT joy. Maybe more akin to horror. That is very rapidly transformed into surprise at Xyvette's vocal display outburst and subsequent limp-stomping-off. "O…kay then…" And once more, a look towards J'en, if just to catch the reaction of those words. There is little time to linger on this turn of events, however. Not with an approaching goldrider who he is expected to go out and meet. And touch. There's an expression somewhere between dry amusement and apprehension as they close the distance. "Just behave yourself, mkay? None of those… hip move things you do," with an accompanying finger point-wiggle at her torso, chest to hips. "None of that stuff."

Baylee had hoped that there would be choice in partners. She'd much rather be dancing with Krenn, who looks like he is going to be dancing with Kelani. Still of all the people could have chosen R'hyn seems to be the most…sane, normal, least likely to do something absolutely nutty that would be regretable. Because Broody and Hips. Nuff said. She moves forward out of formation toward the indicated dance parnter, "I don't have alot of dance experience." she informs R'hyn. Because he is likely to be figuring this out very shortly.

Krenn seems a little surprised when he ends up just partnered off at random. Given the glance at Baylee and the almost apologetic smile on his face, it seemed that he shared her ideas on that subject. Still, no reason not to be a good sport about it! He looks to Kerali and gives her a little chuckle and a smile as he takes her offered hand. "Well, that puts you ahead of me." He admits. "Unless wildly jumping around to the music at taverns qualifies as 'training."

Kelani gives a tired laugh at Krenn's response, "Well it is a type of dance that some enjoy…" She says before looking over to the bronzerider and back at him, "I am not sure he is one of them.." She says in a low voice and holds out her arms in the proper framing, "And you put that arm around me and the other one holds this hand" She says motioning first to his right then his left."I can gently guide you the direction, but you are just making a box with your feet. Ma Da taught me to dance up at Harper Hall." She says with a half smile and sets to the dance, gently pressing her hand in his in the direction they should go. There is a glance to Baylee and a smile to show she understands before looking back, "Then next time you dance with Her..her toes will be safer." She says with a friendly smile.

J'en will definitely have something emblazoned on his tombstone. Something like, 'HERE RESTS JAE, A LESSON IN WHY WE DON'T POKE FERAL RISAS.' Whatever the man whispers to her has her giving him a quiet smile from over her shoulder, but that is irrelevant to the here and now. Here and now means dancing with R'hyn; here and now means watching Xyvette's outburst when they've finished their demonstration with a brow raised and her lips parted in something akin to surprise as grey eyes flicker to Jae before she's making her way to S'van. That can wait for later. There are weyrling lessons about dancing afoot. S'van tells her to behave herself, and Risali fights back laughter by biting down on her bottom lip with as she steps into the younger bronzerider's space. "Been thinking about my hips a lot, have you?" Risali inquires, settling one hand on the much-too-tall weyrling's bicep, guiding one hand to her waist while she catches the other of his much bigger hands in her tiny one. "I thought that was against the rules, S'van." SEE. She has a sense of humor. It's not blood and rage and death ALL of the time. Just most of the time. And then Risali leads, working through that one-two step, one-two step with softly murmured words of encouragement as those grey eyes watch feet and then shift to take in S'van's posture. And then it happens. Risali stumbles, falters in her steps, brows knitting in confusion as she loses focus and - and the color in her face vanishes with an alarming quickness that has her jerking back from S'van. Probably to spare his boots. "I…" it's breathless, panicked almost, and then Risali is pressing her hands over her mouth because she's going to be sick, and she doesn't want to do it where people are dancing, and she's making a stumbling, frantic dash to at least clear the fields before she loses whatever's in her stomach. Yep. RIP breakfast. IT WAS A GOOD RUN.

Before Kelani can get too far into the lessons, another apprentice comes up and calls her back to the Infirmary. She gives a tired sigh and apologetic look to her dance partner, "I am sorry, looks like an apprentice work is never done." She steps out of the dancer's embrace and curtsies before trudging back to the infirmary though there is a wistful look back to the dancing before she heads in.

R'hyn points to Kelani for that adroit answer, fingers snapping along with the gesture. "Thank you," gets chirped, entirely too alert for the hour, before he's moving to lead Risali in the simple dance, in more ways than one. There's an eyeroll for her using his feet, but it's a playful one, bearing it out with a good-natured, "Yeah yeah," and an eventual cease to indicate she can now exit the ride so he can make 'I'll get YOU later' gestures at J'en. For for now there's lessons to have, and weyrling sass to contend with, brows raising as blue-grey eyes trail after Xyvette's too-crisp exit. There's a fraction of a second in which he looks troubled by the turn of events, but now is neither the time nor the venue - she heads for the barracks, and he hitches his smile back in place, turning to face Baylee with a scrunch of his eyes. Yep. That's R'hyn. Voted most normal, first in his class. "Neither did I," the rider confides in her even as he offers her his hand, executing the same formal bow as he did with Risali if she takes it. "But I learned, and if nothing else, I bluffed." Because not everybody's made out for the ballroom. But alas there's no bluffing that face that Risali's making as she flees their company, and R'hyn can only sigh and give Baylee an apologetic glance. "I'm so sorry. Here," he says, guiding her closer to S'van. "I'm gonna make sure she's okay. I'll be back as soon as I can." Though depending on how that goes maybe he won't be after all.

Okay, that…that was certainly not what was expected. J'en actually stops dead in his tracks and stares a little wide eyed at the notably injured Xyvette as she boldly refuses. Blink. Blink. A hand lifted, mouth opening, mouth closing, and yet nothing is really said back because she cuts him off and says all of the things. This appears to have caught the wingleader completely off guard, and so he just sort of stands there looking as if he hasn't the foggest idea of what exactly he should be doing. But she's done rabidly snarling and biting the hand that tries to show her the way of the dance, making it seem as if he had no idea who might have experience and who doesn't. Maybe, just maybe, there was no exchange of documentation or could be that J'en just didn't do his homework. Whatever the case may be, he's left standing there alone and scratching the back of his head. A glance is spared over his shoulder towards R'hyn, which causes another blink and 'ugh, wtf, why' sort of scrunched expression for his 'I'll get YOU later' gestures. The end result, more fingers to bridges of noses and long suffering 'why me' sighs. "Just, just keep fu…uh…yeah..just dance people." A dismissive wave of hand, golden eyes finding Risali too heading for the hills and leaving him all alone with nine weyrlings and a few weyrfolk. He needs a few minutes there, you know to not just follow suit of people running for the hills, breathing and counting silently to himself and letting couples shuffle and resort. All of them. Eventually though, he's more or less back to 'normal' so to speak with his hands clasped behind his back, watching each set of dancers and gently offering suggestions or gentle corrections before moving on to the next. A mask of utter neutrality and only the utmost of professionalism in place, revealing nothing to anyone on the outside of what might be going on inside his head other than the one, two, left, right, and hand positions of the demonstrated dance moves.

"No. I am have not been thinking of your hips." At least not in a way that would inspire dangerous, deviant behavior. But S'van seems to trust that he's not going to be getting a lapful of Risali this time, because he goes ahead and allows all the placing of hands and leading of steps and general dance-type behavior that leads to him actually taking a few steps. Doing damn good, so far. Until, apparently, he has the worst of luck ever and Risali is more or less throwing herself away from him and then running for the hills so she can go be sick. Really? He wasn't that bad people. His gaze follows her with concern, until she's out of sight. And then, well… he just can't help but look a little bit relieved that MAYBE HE GOT OUT OF THE DANCING LESSON?! Until R'hyn is handing him a brand new partner in the form of Baylee. "Hey, Bay," he offers with an apologetic look. "Promise not to step on your feet," he says, offering his hand for hers and moving to place his other one around her waist. Because dancing. It has to happen, and he might as well get on with it.

No one better be thinking of anyone's hips. It isn't allowed just yet unless you are not a wyerling then probably its anyone's game. Baylee is directed almost immediately from R'hyn toward Sev. Which is better than it could be, though still not the person that she would like to be dancing with. "Hi." she says simply to Sev, though she looks over her shoulder to see where Krenn is and what he is doing. Though she can't linger long before looking back toward Sev to figure out this dancing thing.

Krenn has been suddenly bereft of dance partners. He gives Kelani a little wave goodbye, but is then suddenly awkwardly left without anyone to dance with. Which rather defeats the whole purpose of a dancing lesson. "Well, this is awkward." He says with an awkward sort of laugh, mostly to himself. He catches that look from Baylee, giving her a little wave. Now increasingly feeling like a third wheel (eleventh wheel? Lots of dancers here.) he begins edging towards the periphery of the field. Perhaps he can escape draconic observation and get to his work.

Time goes by so very slowly when no one wants to actual be doing what they are actually doing, but by the by it becomes time for it all to come to an end at last. Having returned to the front of the barracks, J'en lifts the volume of his voice so that it carries over soft conversation or too loud counting of steps, "Aight, that's enough, ya can get off one another and go do what ya usually do at this time." Funnilly enough, the whole process took up those few extra hours of sleep before weyrling wakeup time, which meant no one had missed out on any of the usual weyrling activities such as mandatory PT and dragon care. "Uh, ya did good…or…y'know….whatever…" Mumbled mostly, he waves off weyrlings and lookieloos alike, certainly not about to stop Krenn from escaping while he had the chance. Lucky bastard. Grumbling some very not nice things under his breath, J'en makes for the exit himself without so much as a glance back or giving any indication he was in any mood for questions or company. Nope, with that, he's outta there.

If thinking about hips is off limits for weyrlings, then certainly dancing with future lovers should be off limits, too BAYLEE (just saying. <3). Anyways. S'van is true to his word, at least, and does not step on any ones toes. Including his own. That whole one-two three-four forward-back thing sort of becomes a habit, even if their "dancing" looks more like walking in a weird square at this point. And then, that blessed call of cease-and-desist which he does very happily. There is nothing personal in the way he immediately drops Baylee's hand and releases her waist. Really. Nothing personal. But he's going to go ahead and take a step back now, kay? "You did good," he offers his fellow weyrling, flashing a very Sev-like grin her direction. "Well done." If Krenn is still around, he'll go ahead and try to spot him, and maybe give Baylee a helpful little, "You probably have a few minutes before we're due for PT. You should go… say hi or whatever." Him? He's probably going to go crawl back in bed and try to sleep for the five minutes he MIGHT have remaining to him.

Baylee did her part to dance the best she could. At least there were no major catastrophes or anything remotely like that. So when the call goes out that the dance lesson is done she immediately mvoes away from Sev. No offense meant either, but Sev simply isn't the person she wants to be with. "Yeah." she says at his statement about catching Krenn and that is exactly what she plans to do. She turns her head toward where she last spotted Krenn and finds he's move away. She moves quickly away across the field toward where the leatherworker is trying to slink off, "Hey Krenn." The rules only apply to others Sev. You should know that by now!

Krenn had almost escaped! But if he was going to be stopped from fleeing the field, he can at least be glad he's being stopped by Baylee. He gives her a smile, sheepish at having been caught mid-fleeing. "Hey, Baylee. Enjoy the lesson?" He asks with a slightly awkward sort of chuckle. "You've got… quite the weyrlingmasters around here." He made extra certain none were in earshot before that remark. "I suppose us dancing will have to wait a little longer. There's always graduation."

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