Western Weyr - Living Caverns
Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

It's late morning, and it would seem that Archipelago wing has some time off since there's several of them lounging around in the living caverns. Rou'x is included amongst the riders there, sat at a table opposite a slender, dark-haired figure whose only hint as to her sexuality is the fact that she's got a hint of a chest behind the low-cut tunic she wears. The brownrider is in some sort of animated conversation with her in between sipping on juice, while the girl she's talking to - no more than a teenager, by the looks of things - is not really listening.

The arrival of two firelizards, each creeling and chittering angrily, has many in the caverns rolling their eyes - one man even goes as far as to yell, "Shut up!" at the annoying flits. Following, of course, is Areia. Both of her hands are pressed against her head in pain and she looks up just long enough to give everyone an apologetic expression. She makes her way to the serving table to grab a mug, fill it, and immediately chug the hot liquid.

"No!" Rou'x slams her fist down on the table as she shouts the word, causing her glass and her companion's plate to rattle. Glaring around at the person who tried shushing her, she quickly turns back to glower at the girl with the rough-cropped hair, leaning across the table to speak with her in hissing, hushed tones. At least they're the only two on the table, though, so no-one else is getting their brunch disturbed!

Rou'x's shout makes even the annoying firelizards pause. It also makes Areia jump half a length into the air, the klah mug sloshing and her shirt suddenly becoming mottled brown. "Ugh, are you kidding me?" The woman turns to glare at whomever shouted, finds the person, and… hallalujah! Her expression is one of immediately relief. She makes her way over, then realizes how awkward of time this is, and just kind of stands there.

Well, Elsia had to come out some time, right? The baker hasn't been seen anywhere but the kitchens the tunnel to her room for several weeks now. But eventually, the rat must come out of its hole and a certain plump blond girl is skulking into the cavern, eyes down, stalwartly refusing to look anywhere but at the klah table she's headed for, and then the mugs.

A loitering Areia catches Rou'x's attention, and she turns to looking pleadingly at the blonde. "Areia! C'mere. C'mon tell this bloody dipshit offa girl that she ain't, /ain't!/ -" the brownrider waggles her finger at the slender brunette opposite her, who gives Areia a finger-wiggling wave and a wry smile, " - stayin' wi' me! It's bad enough wi' Soux kippin' over… y'not bloody well staying, Xeau, y'gottit?" The teen just pfts, scooping up another spoonful of eggs and looking, big-eyed and hopeful, at Areia for back-up.

"Uhh…" Areia's eyes widen and she looks lost as she gives the teen a finger waggle in return. "You.. ain't staying with her?" She looks back and forth between rider and companion before she focuses on Rou'x. "Hey, I know you're busy, but if you get a moment anytime soon, can I talk to you? I need your help. But no rush! I'm going to, uh, go get some klah."

In her typical fashion, Rea is keeping herself busy in one fashion or another with the runnings of the Weyr — and at this point in time, it seems the kitchens are getting her attention, as the petite brunette talks lively with one of the kitchen hands. There seems to be the klah table in discussion, as well as a tablet in Rea's hands that is receiving attention as well. Well, that is, until the mighty hollar in the usual serene Living Caverns, which pulls both kitchen worker and the goldrider's attention to the main part of the room, itself. Rou'x is given a look by the goldrider, and a bit of a sniff comes from Rea. "Hey! Keep it down, there are others here, too." She scolds, in an almost motherly fashion. Areia's firelizards are given a look, but bypassed for their noise. She must be used to the pests, by now. After another word or two to the kitchen hand, the goldrider hands the paper to her, and makes her way closer to Rou'x, Areia and crew, to see exactly what the commotion is about. "Who's staying with who…? Plenty of people are welcomed into the Weyr, if their need is good enough, and their willing to work…" Rou'x companion is given a look, sizing up the girl as Rea puts a hand to her hip, waiting for a further explination.

When the wing decided to go hang out, Keely turned them down. She's been — like as not due to her lifemate's influence — the perfect wingrider. She shows up on time, participates fully in drills, but… the aftermath is that she sweeps away back to her weyr or wherever the group isn't going. As she'd heard whisperings of the Tiki Lounge, after a long bath and changing, the bluerider ends up here. She meanders in through the cavern opening, chin ducked to stare mostly at the floors as she heads towards the food tables. Primarily the klah pots.

Elsia turns her head slowly, slowly, and arches an eyebrow, looking between Rou'x to her companion. Nope, staying out of it. Elsia sips her klah and backs into a nice shadow to be not here, yep.

The invitation from Rea is /exactly/ what the girl sat opposite Rou'x had been fishing for, if the way her expression lights up is anything to go by. "Yeah, y'hear /that/, Rou'x? I /can/ stay, the lady says so." To which the brownrider simply scowls - though at least she had the manners to salute Rea before doing so. "That, Weyrwroman, is my damned little sister -" who interjects to say her name, "Seleaux," and not much else, " - n' she's been dropped on me by my damned /brother/, who's bloody big lug of a blue's takin' up my Indy's ledge. I ain't inclined t'be entertainin' family, not in my current condition." Pregnancy has now become an excuse as Rou'x makes the most of an unwanted lot. She wrinkles her nose at Areia after replying to the weyrwoman, head canted slightly to the side. "Whatcha needin' help wi', Areia?"

Areia can't help but grin at Rou'x's outrage, although she has the courtesy to cover her mouth. Or try to. Rea is given a mixed wave, salute, and nod before Arei turns to answer Rou'x. "It's them." She states, thrusting a thumb up to where the two firelizards have perched. She runs her fingers through her hair before continuing. "They're driving me crazy, and someone mentioned having a dragon talk to them and tell them to behave. Do you think Indianath could try?" She happens to glance up as Elsia is backing away and waves. "Elsia! Hey!" Poor girl's cover is broken, yep.

"So, we simply make other accomodations for your family, and get them off your ledge." Rea says with a flick of her hand, as if the salution was obvious. "Western has a few open weyrs on our ledges, I'm sure we can have your brother's dragon and possibly…" Seleaux is given another sizing up, before the setence is continued, "Seleaux, if that is what she plans. But, what skills can you offer, lass? We don't just open our doors for any holdless wanderer." At mention of Rou'x pregnancy, there is a bit of sympathy in Rea's stance, the weyrwoman not yet familiar with Rou's habits. Given this being the first time Rea hearing of it — too many to keep track of. Areia's firelizards are given a look again as she mentions their unruleyness and tsks a bit, "Not got the hang of 'em, yet? Need to sit down with someone and learn how to get them under control… can't have a dragon nipping their tails, every time their up to trouble." Keely's entrance is given a nod and a smile, as if acknowledging the fellow rider entering, but the mention of Elsia turns the women to that direction, "You… your usually hunkering in the kitchens, aren't you? Forgive me, I'm horrible with names…" At least she can remember where she's /seen/ people, before.

The explanations of just who has been at Rou'x's weyr and why does draw Keely's attention. The bluerider lifts her chin, cocking head lightly in that direction. Yes, she's listening in. It's a public place! "Hunh," she says quietly to herself, really. She's filling a mug with klah, but seems to largely be staring at Seleaux. Ahem.

Draval makes an entrance by not making an entrance. He's just there, suddenly, like a ninja summoned from the ether; standing by the food table and shoving meat and tubers on his plate with single-minded devotion. Once he's got a small portable mountain and a bit to drink, he looks around for a place to sit — oh, look, a sister to pester. And so he plonks himself down near her, whether she'd like it or not, sparing her an elbow-nudge. "Hunh, what." He mumbles around a mouthful of food.

"Y'want Indy t'speak to them?" Rou'x frowns as she bounces the idea off her lifemate, then gives Areia a scrunched-nose look. "I dunno if he's gonna do anything better'n just scare 'em, Arie, but if ya wanna try that I guess we could? He ain't much one f' firelizards at all. I barely seen mine any more, since I got him." And Rea's giving the easy fix to the things she doesn't want! The wingleader groans, tucking her hands into her pockets and glowering at her little sister. "Soux won't be here long, but I'll see if he cain't move onta somewhere else already… n' take /her/ with him when he does go." Keely catches her attention, and she looks over to the bluerider with an embarrassed sort of blush before sitting back down on her bench, picking up her juice, and looking sulky.

Seleaux, on the other hand, looks positively thrilled. "Y'know what, I'm good atta lot of stuff, butcha got any darning to do?" Her accent is pure, thick, backwater High Reaches, a far stronger version of her sister's watered down one. But then again, Rou'x's been gone from the nest for near enough six turns already. "Folks're Weavers n' I'm good at them skills. Knittin', sewin', stitchin', whatever you got. I'll do anythin', really, it don't bother me none what I do so long's /she/ don't make me go home." 'She' being, of course, the brownrider who's looking grumpily down into her juice glass.

Keely isn't sitting yet. This is a good thing as it enables her to try to sideline her brother. She's not in a talky mood today, holding onto her mug of klah as she loads up a plate with various sweets and bread-like items. Meatrolls, some cheese bread… stuff like that. Someone's carb loading today. "Nothin'," she mumbles at her brother as she angles her way towards a table a decent distance away from Rou'x… though she is staring at the brownrider's sister still.

Draval grins wickedly, eyeing her plate curiously. Oh, hey, she's trying to get away. Like the pesky brother he is, he reaches out to try and grab her wrist. "Nothin', my foot." He knows better; MUCH better. "C'mon, sister-dear." A finger points sternly downward, to a chair. "Sit. Haven't seen you 'round in awhile, and I think we needs much catch up."

Areia looks up with a heaved sigh, eyeing the two flits, before she's addressed by Rea. "With all due respect, ma'am, I have control over them just fine." She says carefully. "It isn't control I'm having issues with, it is the fact that they despise each other. I have never bothered a dragon until now, and the only reason I -am- is because I have tried everything else." As Rou'x explains, her face falls a bit. "Ah, well, nevermind then." She smiles fakely. "I didn't think about them being scared. Thanks for your time." A glare is sent up again to the flits before Areia heads back towards the table for more klah, then quietly heads out.

Rea is just staring at Rou'x still being against her sister, despite her offers of finding ways of getting the other off the brownrider's hands. "Well, it's up to you ultimately, as they are your family… and I'm not going to have a rider upset over something as frivvilous as who's here and who's not. But, it could be simple to get someone to take your sister under their wing, and out of your way…" It's Rea's own past speaking for her, and with a bit of shift from foot to foot, the goldrider sits down in an available chair and watches the inner family drama unfold. The sister is given a more encouraging smile, "Well then, I'm sure you could be of use of some of our local weavers… why, child, haven't you considered apprenticing with the craft? Or, maybe too old for that… still, you could work with them, I'm sure they'd appreciate the extra hands." Giving Keely and Draval a look, the goldrider just isn't sure what to make of the two, and leaves them to their own inner bickering. "Maybe too many families here…" She mumbles under her breath, standing up again to go get her own mug of klah. This group might require the stabilizing brew, after all.

While Rou'x sits and broods, Seleaux is more than happy to pipe up in her thick brogue. "Din't fancy it, y'know? Too much structure n' stuff like that in bein' a proper crafter, plus anyway, we gotta pull out weight around the cotholdin' n' stuff, y'know? If y'got time to go do lessons, you're losing time doin' chores that're more important. An' when all the old biddies knit, who's gonna need a kid like me clackin' needles t'gether, when I could be out there shearin' the buns or some shi—tuff like that?"

Keely's brow furrows as she tries to extract her wrist from Draval's grip without upending her plate or mug. "Now /really/ ain't th' time," she mutters at her brother. "I ain't in the mood." She glances about and… blat, her chosen spot has been taken. There's a mutter and she falls to sit in the chair… but doesn't look at Draval. Or anyone, really. She stares into her klah mug.

"You're never in the mood." Draval snorts in wry amusement, biting into a slice of wherry as he studies her face thoughtfully. Her muttering is met with a raising of eyebrows, and a tilting of his head. Finally, unable to resist teasing her just a little, a skinny finger is aimed at her shoulder. "So. You might as well start talking, because I'm gonna pester you until you do anyway." He's sweet for wanting to warn her, isn't he. Rea's frown is met with an innocent, sunny smile. Nothing to see here, nothing at all; just a brother being…. /brotherly/.

Returning with her klah and giving it a judicious blow to cool it as she sits back down, she arches a brow just a little at Rou'x sister, "The Weyr isn't much different, for having it's own structure, you know…" Hesitent a bit as Rou just broods now, not sure at all how to handle the situation between the siblings — of either variety! "Aye, from a cothold myself, though, and understand how it keeps you busy from the rise of Rukbat, to it's fall… though, I didn't tend to mind my sister's company, either…" she states matter of fact, almost as a bit of a scolding to the two. A hollar from the kitchen brings the goldrider back around, looking in that direction even as she smiles tentively to Draval. "Looks like I might be needed elsewhere. Riders." She nods to both, stands up and takes her Klah with her, allowing the group to figure out their own inner turmoil, "Weyr business 'n all…" Which, tends more important to her.

When Rea leaves, Seleaux is all happy smiles for her, while Rou'x is nothing but stiff politeness. When her sister starts jabbering about how she's 'in', the brownrider scowls at her, picks up her glass of juice, and indicates that the teenaged girl do the same. "Putcha plate away. I'm gonna take ya to the Headwoman, but I'm tellin' ya…" Something is muttered between the sisters as Rou clenches her sibling's upper arm tightly. She lets go with a scowl, then turns to look at Keely. The scowl softens into something a little sadder, more broody - she even sneaks in a little airborne kiss for the bluerider before Seleaux's back at her side. Then the two leave in the direction of the lower caverns.

If anything, that little airborne kiss makes Keely appear even more out of sorts. "Please stop," she says to Draval, voice low. There's a sip of klah before she's picking up a sweet roll to nibble on.

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