It's Complicated

Half Moon Bay Weyr - East Bowl
The eastern end of the crater that forms the Weyr. The cliffs rise to the east, north and south of you, small openings in the face are individual weyrs of dragons and their riders. To the north is the large ledge and cave mouth of the Queen's weyr, with a wide ramp and stairs made by skilled stone masons providing access to the bowl floor. To the east is the Weyrling training area and the barracks, where young riders and dragons learn to work together.

Bless Faranth and a choir of singing Whers — it's not raining! Or. Well. Much. It's unfairly early, and more drizzling than anything, the calm before a storm that's gathering in with a fury. Wind blows in fitful gusts, rising in a howl for a moment and then dying back into a vague breeze. The early hour, the dim lighting, the spitting sky, none of it really seems to bother Citayzleat. Dressed for exercise, the healer candidate slows after several laps of the bowl, spending the last half-lap jogging before she drops into a series of stretches. The candidacy has, at least, improved her physicality — Cita doesn't look overly winded, only a little tired, bruised eyes and languid movements. "Go on." She waves the slowing-down Nadarya on, matching the taller candidate's smirk with one of her own as she stretches with a fury. No cramps, no soreness, for this one.

it It's what time exactly? Prone and known to sleep well into the afternoon, Jaelyn is what…awake? If, you can call that awake, then yes. Curled up on the steps that lead up to the roof top patio, the computer crafter sits and watches the girls jogging around the bowl over and over, around and around. Legs have been drawn up to his chest, arms folded over them, and his head resting atop. The color of his eyes can barely be made out considering that the lids encasing them were hardly even open. When Cita comes to a slow stop and then starts stretching, Jae's head moves a little so that blurry eyes don't have to move much in order to keep his attention focused where he had selected. Nadarya, ignored. If the two of them had ever exchanged so much as a glance it doesn't show.

"Can't sleep? Or enjoying the show?" Citayzleat sees you, Jae. She SEES you. She isn't annoyed, at any rate, one eyebrow raised in amusement. Expression just shy of deadpan, the healer stretches, crumpling over sideways lazily. Her eyes track Nadarya for a while, watchful for any signs of distress from their fellow candidate, but when none presents itself her attention drifts back. "You could go back to bed." The healer suggests, brushing wayward hair out of her face and squinting sidelong at Jae, reversing the side-stretch now. She topples a little in a strong gust of wind, but rights herself, eyeing the sleepy candidate with a grin, now.

Jaelyn has been discovered! Abort mission! Abort! The boy shrugs his tattooed shoulder upon being discovered, not moving much otherwise. "Not like any of ya are particularly stacked," he murmurs flat and completely even, though this also gives the words a rather bored sound. Which wasn't anything new. "I'll take what I can get." He falls silent again, not making any attempt to hide the fact he was watching Citayzleat stretch herself out and then flop over. There is a soft snort, but no commentary to go along with it in way of explanation. Instead, Jae focuses in on the next statement made by the healer candidate. "Thinkin' about it. I dun get how ya people work yerselves to death everyday and can still manage to get up and do it all over again so fuckin' early in the mornin'." As if to emphasize this, he yawns big and wide before laying his head down upon his arms and closing his eyes. Perhaps his time was now? The gust of wind coupled with the light drizzle of the early morning has him shudder, and this is probably the only reason he manages to catch Cita almost bowled over. "Ugh, yer too damn happy 'bout bein' up and doin' THAT this early."

Citayzleat may or may not roll her eyes, glancing along back at Jaelyn as she leans all the way forward, and then backwards, eyebrows raising. "These workout clothes aren't exactly helpful." She points out, plucking at the sports-wear undershirt. "Better that way. They get in the way." The healer adds, careless, flicking a hand in a gesture that might be rude, or possibly just dismissive. Teasing? Who knows, really, given the tired look on her face. As for their work ethic, Cita snorts, settling on the damp ground to reach for her toes. "I don't know about the others," She hazards, wincing at the stretch and making a cranky face at her leg. "But I'm used to waking early. Senior apprentices get either late or really early shifts." One-shoulder shrug, and she switches sides again, huffing amusement at the other candidate's exhaustion. At her happiness, the candidate actually laughs, a barking exclamation followed by a finger leveled in an ominous point at Jaelyn. "It's either that, or I forget myself and throttle somebody. This is better. Why are you out, anyways? Bed's drier. Usually."

That rolling of eyes is ignored, go figure, golden sleepy-slits wandering off to watch one candiate that was still bouncing her way across the bowl for a few precious seconds. "I take it back." Distracted, he can barely tear his eyes off the gifted young lady before he mutters something about a gift from Faranth. Pfft, boys. At some point though the well-endowed female comes to a stop and like Cita, drops down with her back to him to start working out any muscle tension before it has a chance to cramp. "…fuck…" he curses and then grumbles before his attention returns to the woman healer. His gaze drops to her chest, and there was no hiding the disappointment there, in fact he might even be getting a little watery-eyed. A sigh, and he finally returns to the conversation. "Ya'll are…" Whatever was about to be said, is not, and Jae just shakes his head and yawns again before finishing it up with a groan. "Ugh." Her laughter earns her a shake of his head and little else, his expression remaining frustratingly neutral. "I dunno. Throttlin' people can be fun, I can name a few who could use it if yer so inclined." A pause and he shrugs his shoulder again, "Found somethin' worth gettin' up for is all."

"I'm sure you do." Cita smirks, eyeing the other candidate with a genial tilt of her head. "Be sure to get your legs." In spite of their length into candidacy, the healer still can't help herself, whether or not the other girl has figured that out. Jaelyn's muttering gets a probably-rude snicker from Cita, and she carefully heaves herself to her feet, testing limbs carefully before she decides the job will hold. Poor deprived Jae is treated to the delight of the healer's company, though, after a moment — Cita makes her way over to the stairs, sprawling on the other side of them and sighing. "Ugh." The sentiment is echoed, probably for entirely different reasons, as the candidate props her chin on a hand and closes her eyes. Maybe napping on the stairs is better than walking all the way back across the bowl. She can rest for a minute, anyhow. "Give me a list and we'll see what I can come up with. Never know when the mood might strike." Breezy, the healer huffs, then makes an accepting kind of noise. "Good." She cedes, eyes still closed against the vague rain. "Better get used to it anyhow. Baby dragons."

The big bosomed girl glances over at Cita and nods, giving her a wide smile and a wave before she gets to stretching the legs as suggested, instantly shooting a dark and nasty look at the oggling boy. Pervert. I see you. Jaelyn blinks once and then tosses Citayzleat a brief glare, a soft che type noise coming from behind his teeth and he wraps his arms even tighter. He gives her no indication that he was even aware of her relocation to the stone steps beside him, other than the way his shoulders tighten up a bit but Cita had been around him enough to probably have figured out that this was more or less a reflex by now more than anything meant intentionally. However, her comment on the list, has him chuckling softly, his face partially hidden behind his legs as he shifts his eyes her way. While he doesn't stealthily slide her a list of names he does sigh and nod once, as the amusement drains from his features again. "Ain't countin' mah avians…" he says quietly, gaze sliding back to the remaining girls still huffing and puffing around the bowl. "Ya'll do fine. All yer nerotic shit aside, yer good people."

Possibly Cita throws the girl a quelling look, or possibly it's indigestion; it's a little hard to tell. The short shake of her head isn't so much, though. "Good." She calls, at the stretches, eyes drifting shut again after a quick grin for Jaelyn. Poor guy. She doesn't acknowledge the slight movement, except to calmly maintain her distance — not that she looks likely to move any time soon, slumped sideways and making a vague grumpy face at nothing in particular. It fades a little when she draws a chuckle out of the other candidate; eyes crack open, and she huffs, shaking her head. "No. Maybe not." The healer agrees, with an antsy kind of twitch of her shoulders, neck rolling. The compliment draws a rare sunny smile from Cita; broad and bright, if short-lived, tucked back into a tiredly playful look. "You're not so bad yourself, Jaelyn." Confidence here, and Cita nods, sure of this. "I won't tell anybody." The secret's safe here, playful or no.

The computer crafter had lost his will to visually feel up the female candidates jogging across from him, and instead had dropped his attention to the stone steps below him. He seemed content to remain curled where he had been at the start, letting Cita catch her breath and relax that short distance away. He does come to watch her though, observe really, taking in more than the way she filled out the front of her exercise shirt. The moment that she opens her eyes and glances his way though, his eyes have moved on to the dreary gray of the spitting sky above, but only for as long as it takes for her to speak again. While he has no comment at first, taking in the way her body physically reacts at mention of the eggs seems to be noted, despite the fact that his expression doesn't change. The healer's rare sunny smile and return of niceties? Well, Jae looks at her silent and long, golden eyes sweeping over what might appear like all of her, even the parts that weren't able to be physically seen. Without a word, he unfolds himself and drops a palm against the damp stone between them, leaning all the way over and plants his lips against hers. It's not invading or persistent in the least, but soft and warm. There was more than just the act there, as if he were trying to communicate something much more meaningful and deep, then merely trying to take advantage of her. It lingers for only a few precious heartbeats, perhaps not enough time for it to really hit home what was happening, before he withdraws and pushes himself to his feet. Already he was a few steps down and unhurriedly on his way, "Later."

Jaelyn's lack of will to ogle their peers is lost on Cita; she's got her eyes reluctantly open, watching the others do their laps with a measuring eye. She's resting early, having been out earlier, but she doesn't have too long in rest before inevitably somebody calls her out on it. The healer doesn't look likely to move without prompting, though, turning to cant her head a little for the silent look. She can play at silence too, expression curious but not demanding — she'll wait here. Eyebrows creep up a little at the closing in, but the candidate doesn't move, maybe impressed by the gumption. The kiss isn't unexpected; telegraphed clearly, Cita doesn't push Jae away, but she does raise her eyebrows a little more. Cita huffs and smiles, returning the gesture in a chaste, gentle press of lips. Understanding, maybe. When the other candidate pushes up to his feet, the healer's grin is a little lopsided — wistful, amused. "Weyrlingmasters might be in the barracks. Heryn's down the south path 'round the Weyr, I think, hunting. Ugh." She calls, and nods with her chin, a quick gesture, rising to her feet again with a grimace.

Jaelyn continues down the steps until he hits the bowl floor, pausing at the bottom as Citayzleat calls after him. Though it's not until a certain bartender's name is used that it happens, and perhaps to her credit it causes the entire frame of the boy's body to visibly stiffen. Nail on the head? You betcha. Maybe she was taking a wild stab in the dark there, but the way he rolls his shoulders and hesitates before heading towards the south path could be telling in itself. He throws a hand up, a farewell of sorts, and soon disappears around a bend.

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