Annoying Blue Rider At 11

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Infirmary

//This long, rectangular cavern smells faintly of antiseptic and strongly of pleasant medicinal herbs. The general atmosphere is one of bustling but orderly quiet and strict cleanliness. The back of the room is dominated by a small hearth for heat and medicinal preparations and by swinging double doors that lead to a small DragonHealing bay, an emergency surgery for human patients, the main storage, and the staff area where Healers can eat, shower, change, and the like during their longer shifts. The front of the room is a waiting and reception area where patients and staff can check in to receive treatment and begin work, respectively. The east wall of the room features examination, birthing, recovery and outpatient treatment rooms while the opposite wall is curtained off to provide privacy and bed-space for patients requiring overnight care.

Western can certainly handle most of the routine and sometimes urgent treatment needs of its residents here. It lacks some of the equipment available at the main Healer Hall. Once they are stabilized, patients requiring specialized or ongoing care are surely transferred there.//

Nearly evening around the weyr, and the Infirmary isn't a crazy for once it seems. Sundari is just sitting on one of the cots eyeing the cast and waiting for some healer helper person to come back and get the bloody thing off at this point. "I could hav gotten it off faster at this point." She grumbles a bit to herself and is scrathing at her neck with her free hand as she eyes a few Healers that skitter by. "Hey… You…" Is said after another goes by and she is left glowering a few moments and crossing a leg over a knee and grumbles softly. She has plenty of things she could be doing then siting here at the moment.

Quiet indeed! Too quiet, and one cannot argue with the fact that the smell of infirmaries are /awful/. They're either so anti-septic that they smell like chemicals, or there's the undeniable lingering of death; those /rare/ occasions when Ila'den truly does /not/ envy the men and women who've chosen to heal as their craft. So why is Ila'den coming through the doors? Probably because of the young man - with an unnervingly striking resemblance to his father - that's looking a bit worse for the wear. Black eye? Check. Cradling an arm like a splint? Check. Nose bloodied? Check. The young man and Ila'den are exchanging words, the bronzerider looking stern, the young version of him looking meek, but decidedly stubborn, and when a healer goes brushing by, Ila'den catches her by the arm. "He needs looking after," he informs her, but there's nothing rude, impersonal, or indelicate about his tone. In fact, he sounds like a concerned father, which only earns a huff and, "I'm /fine/, Dad," from his son. Regardless, the healer directs them towards the bed that's well "Hello, Sunny," Ila'den offers. His tone is quiet, almost gentle, with his brogue alarmingly thick. There's also something else in that tone, a kind of resignation. Ila'den's son sits, eyeing Sundari from eerily similar grey eyes, and then a healer is tutting and pulling his son away to another spot, a bit more private, and leaving Ila'den to Sundari. Does he look awkward? Of course not, but it's obvious from the way his eyes dart after his son and the healer that he's debating the pros and cons of lingering.

Sundari glances after another healer about to say something before she is looking towards the voie and is quietly blinking as she looks to the two, it actually taeks a moment before she say anything. "Hey Ila'den." Is offered with a soft tone as she lits her head a bit. "Is he alright?" Is soon questioned once the other's son is pulled off to get taken care of it seems. Her gaze turns back to Ila'den. "Try and take out and kids recently?" Yes she means that little incident that happened in the barracks some nights back it seems.

Sunny's question about whether or not Ila'den's youngest child is alright has the bronzerider fixing a very paternal /look/ in the direction his child has disappeared off to, and then shifting grey hues back onto Sunny. "He'll be alright," he confirms. And then? And then Sundari is asking him if he's tried to take out any kids, and there's a fraction of a second when Ila'den doesn't seem to find the line of questioning at all /humorous/. Still, the fleeting glimpse of what he might be truly feeling under the surface dissipates under the weight of his sudden smile. "You know me," he says, waving a hand dismissively. "I /always/ target the young ones." And then just like that, he's turning on his heel to go after his kid. Oops. It would seem he's not going to entertain sarcasm with good nature or grace today.

"I'm glad to hear that, poor guy." Sundari offers. So perhaps her question was a bit off, though honestly after what she saw him do that night she is still upset. "You can walk off all you want Ila'den." She says with her voice lifting to follow him while she does not. "I want a answer for what happened that night." No she didn't ask D'nyl about anything that was said, she wanted to speak to Ila'den herself it seems. A moment passes before she hops down from the cot and follows after the bronzer. "I deserve a answer for your actions."

The look that Ila'den shoots Sundari in response to her care for his child speaks /levels/, and they are not /good/ levels of disbelief, either. He doesn't stop when her words follow him, but he does stop when the bluerider makes it her business to sidle down from her cot and follow after him. Here is where Ila'den loses his patience, and the bronzerider is /well/ aware that he just may pay for it /later/. Alongside what appears to be a storage unit of some kind, Ila'den turns on Sundari. The much larger man cages the woman in between a hard body, wrapped thick in tightly corded muscle, and the contrasting cool of cabinets behind her. One hand slams down above Sundari's head, and Ila'den /leans/, practically looming over her. "I don't owe you /anything/, Sundari. Not a /fucking/ thing." And then he's drawing back, all of that anger that he's usually /oh so good/ at burying beneath smiles and jest overflowing in decidedly unfriendly grey hues. "If you want an explanation, ask your weyrmate. He already gave me a full fucking interrogation. I didn't come here to be /cornered/, Sundari - not by you, not by /anyone/." And he's stalking again, towards his son. Does Sunny /really/ want to follow him? She certainly can, but… well… whether or not that's in her best interest is up for debate.

Sundari does care for Ila'den's children, he'll she still cares for Ila for some reason… Perhaps she is still clinging onto something that was one there. The slam of a hand into the cabinet makes her jump slightly while lifting her head to just stare right back at Ila'den actually showing no fear as her eyes narrow right back at him. She is quiet for a few moments as he says his peace. "I'm not pushing you into anything Ila'den." She says after a moment. "I'm asking you, I could ask D'nyl but I wanted to hear what you have to say after what you did." There is a moment, a slight moment before she actually does move forward three steps. "It's my damn job to keep them safe. Did you actually think I wouldn't ask you what the hell happened to make you lose your shit?" NOT the best move on her part right her at this moment in time perhaps, but she hasn't seen Ila'den since that night.

Despite the very cool dismissiveness he's been treating Sundari to recently, there must be some iota or shred of respect left for the bluerider /somewhere/ in Ila's mind; it's evident that this is the case when, despite the mood and Sunny's unwillingness to listen, Ila'den actually pauses. /Again/. This time however, that chin tilts heavenward, those grey eyes close, and calloused fingers pinch at the bridge of his nose as if the little woman following him around the infirmary is giving him a /headache/. "Sunny," he says, this time much more softly, void of malice and edged only with slightly irritated exasperation. Those eyes open, fingers drop away, and the bronzerider fixates on the woman in front of him. "I overreacted to him being in a /very/ compromising position with my daughter - who /already/ gave me an earful when your weyrmate was kind enough to release me from jail about how very wrong I was. I am /not/ sorry, and despite /everybody/ trying to make it out like I did anything more than chase him through the weyr and toss him over my shoulders, I didn't lay my hands on him. I never /would/. I wanted to scare him: mission accomplished. So your precious candidates are safe from the local-fucking-crazy and you can rest easy." And then, almost too softly, comes a hushed chiding of, "I thought you knew me better than that." A pause, and then the bronzerider is shifting, but not to walk away. This time he is simply putting distance between himself and the persistent blueie. "Now let it go."

Sundari can be annoying? She will blame Irk for that bit mind you as normally she is not. Or perhaps it is a few things all rolling around in her head at the moment that has her unable to leave it alone. "I just wanted to try and understand why Ila'den." This is said with a sudden soft tone as she watches him before glancing away. "You could have just came out an said that, not act like you was crazy or something." Which sorry he was acting a bit off kilter there. "If it was someone else, running in after someone, grabbing them and trying to drag them out what would you think Ila'den?" Se pauses before going on. "I never said he was my precious candidate, or any of them are. Though I have to keep them in one piece." The part on knowing him better does make her pause. "I thought I did." Now well, she is't to certain. "Very well… I'll let it go." She eyes Ila'den a moment before turning the move off to where she was. "I do hope his alright Ila'den." Meaning his son, she saw that look he shot her after all.

Welllll, she can be /persistent/. It's not a bad thing! Any other time, Ila'den might even find it endearing; unfortunately, there's more on the bronzerider's plate than a couple of candidates who hate him and a dissolving friendship. Ila'den allows Sundari to have her say, and then he's arching a brow. "Come out and said it? When? When did /any/ of you give me a chance to explain myself? And I am /not/ talking about D'nyl's version of a man-to-man after you already locked me up." Ila'den's tone, while biting, is softened at the edges by a decidedly calm cadence. But Sunny is turning, and fleeing, and Ila'den is of half a mind to stalk her like she stalked him. Instead, grey eyes narrow on the woman's retreating form, and he stays put. It's Sunny's last bit, about his son, that seems to give Ila'den the push he needs. "He'll be fine," he repeats, tone soft again, but he's not chasing Sunny down. No. It would seem that the bridges Sunny was talking about have already been doused in gasoline, and Ila'den is in the process of watching them burn.

Sundari tilts her head slightly, well she didn't get to fleeing that much it seems, as for the bridges she was in the sea craft she can swim rather well. There is a oment a long ause as she glances off before she just grabs a chair and drag is over and sits down upon it, peering towards Ila'den. Hello she is the thorn in your side ever to give you pain it seems. "I'm sorry you was locked up Ila'den, but honestly…. Did you not think we would?" She didn't really drop it, he dragged her back in with that. "You could have spoken up. We do know how to listen." Though a few of the candidates are rather against him at the moment.

HELLO THORN IN HIS SIDE. Is that… a… /IS THAT A CHAIR/? The look Ila'den fixes on the inanimate piece of furniture may well set it aflame if not for Sundari inserting herself into it and breaking his line of vision with the damn thing. Grey eyes blink up, brows furrow, and there's a huff that escapes him somewhere between a laugh and exasperation. "No," he says softly, gently, but firmly. "We are not doing this, Sundari. /No/." The last word is reiterated with /much/ more conviction, as he motions towards her bed. "You go there," and then he motions towards the direction his son disappeared in, "and I will go there. The last time you talked to me - and the time before that, and the time before that, and so on and so forth - did not end well. I'm /not/ doing this today." But he isn't leaving, either. QUICK SUNNY! PRESS THE ADVANTAGE! ATTACK!!

"I'm not leaving… I'm tired of this Ila'den, I don't know what 'this' is but it has never been this way between us and I can't for the life of me attempt to figure out what has happened." Sundari is going THERE, shots fired. "If we don't do it today then when? Never… I think you'd rather it happen that way." There is a pause before she goes on. "So I am going to sit right here, and we are going to talk. The only way I will leave it if you throw me out. Though guess what, I can walk back in and sit back down in this here chair." She let's that linger in the air a moment. "What is going on? I honestly want to help you."

/Not leaving/. The look that Ila'den gives Sundari tries to discourage this way of thinking, but clearly he fails. When she carries on about how he could throw her out and she'd just come back anyway, Ila'den closes those grey eyes tight against reality once more. The bridge of his nose is pinched, yet again, and then there's a half sigh, half growl that he emits. "What do you think you're going to get out of this, Sundari? Do you /honestly/ think that I am going to open up to you?" The question sounds incredulous, as if he's /genuinely/ taken back that the bluerider might expect him to do something so disarmingly out of character. And then, a pause, followed by a smart sounding, "Okay." And he's disappearing, to find another chair, which is practically slammed down opposite the bluerider. Ila'den chooses to swing the back around towards Sunny, straddling it as he brings muscled arms across the top and leans forward. Grey eyes are narrowed when he speaks, "I came to a weyr I had no intention of staying in because I wanted my little sister to be safe. I impressed a dragon - something I never thought I would do - and /then/ fate had the gumption to throw Iris at me. And she was - is - the most /beautiful/ woman I have ever laid my eyes on. /Somehow/ that beautiful woman thought I was worthy of her, and we had children. Children that I /never wanted/ and made very clear to her. Oh - right, and children that my sister was /so/ jealous of, that she /ran away/. She ran away, right into the arms of a cannibalistic, serial murdering rapist, who - /surprise/ - got her with child. Not /once/, Sundari, but /twice/. I'm not even going to entertain you with what he made /E'ros/ do to her." And Ila'den takes in a breath, sounding more and more angry as he speaks. "And you would think that I would be able to laugh it off and be human again after driving everybody away once she left, but I didn't. Because /I/ brought her here, and /my/ life drove /her/ to that destruction. Fast forward, and I don't even have a weyrmate anymore. A weyrmate who, by the way, /kept my children from me/. And now they are old enough to make decisions, and I see them all of the time, but I missed a /lot/ of their childhood. /You/ don't understand what that does to a man, Sundari." And then he's out of his chair, and shoving it to the side as he gives her a deliberately un-pleasantly pleasing smile and a flourish of his hands when he gives her a rather mocking salute. "Have a nice day," he bites, and then he's not turning back this time. STALK. FLEE. Not that he can get much coverage behind the flimsy sheets healers use for privacy.

"You don't have to say anything, we can just sit here and glare and glowering at one another if you rather." Sundari offers in her attempt to make the moment not as thick. There is a pause there once the other chair is set before hre and she just blinks while peering back at the other watching and listening quietly mind you. She make's no move to say she is sorr, to say she could ever understand what it could be like. Though there was a time she was held against her will by her own brother after he kidnapped her daughter, and things happened then that she will not repeat. There are plenty of bits that make her frown, and she is rather uncertain what to say once Ila'den is done. The chair is moved, and she just blinks, quiet still before she takes in a breath and is standing. "I don't know what it is like your right. All I can say is that I'm here for you as your friend, and your children are her for you as well Ila'den. If you live in the past it will drag you down further. Don't forget it, but you can't blame yourself for everything forever. Your letting it eat at you? You can say your not, but from what you juts said you are. It isn't easy but you can't let it do that." SHE still isn't fleeing. Have to try a bit harder it seems!

When Sundari is on her feet, Ila'den looks momentarily furious. Then, his eyes lose focus. It's brief, clear that he's communicating with Teimyrth, but there's still a sneer on his lips when the exchange between lifemates is over. "I've called D'nyl to come and entertain you, Sundari," he growls at her - though he certainly cannot guarantee the former renegade will come to his rescue. Still, Teimyth makes certain to very clearly communicate /rage/ to Czaiath. "Now. You stay /there/. I am going over /here/. Leave. Me. Alone." She doesn't have to flee - Ila'den is fleeing for her! RUN BRONZER, RUN!

Sundari was on her feet to /leave/ him be thank you very darn much. She just blinks and looks at Ila'den as if he has three heads. "Right…" Is all she says and she turns to leave, actually shoving the chair to the side a she goes. Her jacket is grabbed off the bed and sorry Ila, she's gone not evening waiting for the Healer. Irk is already telling Czaiath to tell D'nyl to stay where he is, she is fine.

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