Half Moon Bay Weyr - Large Storage Cavern
A huge cavern that serves as a warehouse for the Weyr. There is a loading dock for wagons and supplies of all sorts are stacked neatly on huge shelves. Several smaller passages lead to various rooms used for storage. Sometimes one will see one of the smaller dragons helping lift things to and from the shelves with the rider directing the operation.

When it was raining at Half Moon Bay it was hot, and even when it wasn't it was hot and humid. Today though, had been relatively mild which meant that less people were bound to show up in the cavern and more likely to be enjoying the clement weather. Not Jaelyn though. No, the computer crafter was taking full advantage of the creepily empty storage cavern in order to grab himself a nap of all things. Far in the back, nearly tucked out of sight, he had dropped himself to sprawl out on an oversized bag of grain. One arm was draped over his middle, while the other bent at the elbow with palm up somewhere near his head. His chest gently rises and falls in that deep and even way that indicates sleep. While his features were relatively smooth and relaxed, occasionally he twitches around his mouth into a frown, but it doesn't last all that long. Seems even at rest, Jae doesn't appear to be happy.

While one candidate is at rest, another is unable to sleep - and it shows. Ever since the morning Lukhanyo woke covered in circular bruises he's been sitting up in the barracks struggling to stay awake so that nobody (or nothing) can attack him again. In his less lucid moments he's blamed it on the squid. When he's had a nap in the stables (where he conveniently seems to have been working a lot over the past few days) he suspects it was one of the other candidates but has been reluctant to name anyone specifically. Quite why he came down to the storage caverns becomes apparent as he stumbles over something on the way in, eyes extra-wide in a vague attempt at getting them to focus, and a very large and surprisingly loud yawn splitting his face.

Jaelyn doesn't even stir, though this shouldn't come as much of a surprise. Idly he scratches at his belly with the hand there, his tank top drifting upwards to expose the muscle he's clearly put on in the time that he's been a candidate, regardless of the fact that he's been skipping every single chore assigned to him. The sound of someone tripping over something causes him to shift, but the wide yawn of the same person does little more than resettle him into the purpose he came to the storage cavern in the first place. It was always cooler here than anywhere else, most of the heat seeping in from elsewhere having rose to the tip of the large space. It made that burlap sack he was stretched out on a far too tempting a prospect than he could resist. Even if he had wanted to.

Lukhanyo blinks blearily at the figure on his bed, his plan well and truly scuppered by the fact that someone beat him to the idea. Once close enough he simply peeeeeeers down at the form until his eyes focus enough to realize who it is and he mutters a quiet oath. Backing off carefully he looks around for something, anything, that he can prod the other candidate with. Or even another bed shaped object. A long pole is found first, though an weapon in Luka's hands at the present time would be a very bad plan. As it is his first gentle prod towards Jaelyn misses completely, the pole scraping across the floor instead. The second is a bit more on target and at least manages to prod the sack. "Hey."

The sound of something scraping across the floor draws Jaelyn's lips down into a small frown, waving a hand at the air before he rolls over onto his side and curls up to drift back to sleep. However, the movement of the sack beneath him slowly separates those sealed lids of his and golden eyes are revealed, as unfocused as they are. "Hmm?" he murmurs, lifting his head a bit and peering around even if he doesn't quite have the ability to see straight. Releasing a wide yawn himself, he stretches his arms up over his head and then drops them as if they now weighted more than he could keep aloft. Blinking a few times, a lingering sleepy expression resides upon his face, his gaze dropping onto the polemaster responsible for rousing him. "Wut?" he asks, putting the heel of one palm against an eye and rubbing at it some.

The pole clatters to the floor, Lukhanyo no longer caring about prodding, or even holding, "Jae. You missed dinner." Because of course that's why he came down here, no other reason. Nope. "Should probably get some food or something before anyone notices you're gone." His eyes are focused on that sack, as much as they can focus at the moment, "You been down here all day?"

Jaelyn blinks a few more times, perhaps in further effort to shake the cobwebs loose before it finally seems as if it registers who it was he was talking to. "Lukhanyo?" he asks, apparently just making sure he wasn't dreaming or hallucinating. Perhaps not as awake as he might have first appeared, because after a few more seconds of just sitting there looking out of it he reaches out and simply grabs the poor man by the wrist and pulls him to the sack he's been eying. Why? To cuddle of course! Because that's exactly why Lukhayno was here right? It was so obvious! "Uggghhh…tryin' to sleep. Yer bein' loud." he murmurs, already trying to snuggle up against older candidate and return to the land of dreams.

Lukhanyo moves as if in a dream, all floaty and light, right up until the moment his eyes start to close and it filters through his squid-befuddled brain that the person attempting to snuggle up to him is lacking in several very important pieces of anatomy. It's not quite panic, that would be rude, but there's a definite jerkiness to his movements as he attempts to disentangle himself from Jaelyn. Suddenly he's… not quite as tired as he was before. In fact it's probably the most awake he's looked in a while. "Shells Jae, I'm not your pillow." At least his voice holds a hint of a laugh.

Yes, that was nice, this warm body against surprisingly chilled skin. Jaelyn yawns and stretches, resting his head against Lukhayno's shoulder and letting out a contented sigh. That is, until the older candidate begins to jerk and twitch in an effort to dislodge him. Then there is a very tired growl which sounds oddly like a grumbly whimper before once again unfocused golden eyes appear as slits of burnished sunshine between barely parted lids. "Stop wrigglin' around so much. Ain't ya see I'm comfortable?" he asks, having the audacity to be annoyed, before he releases a very heavy whoosh of breath indeed. "Fine, but ya got to stop movin' 'kay?" With that, he pushes himself up onto an elbow, and just when it might seem that he's fulfilling Luk's very reasonable request, Jae goes and does the unthinkable. He leans over and drops a very gentle and soft kiss to his lips, which only lingers thankfully for a few seconds before he draws back and yawns again. What conversation was he having, because it didn't seem to be the same one Lukhanyo was. "Now, shhh." As he says this he puts a single finger against those freshly kissed lips before merely rolling over with his back to the poor poor unfortunate man, releasing a wistful sigh and making some sleepy noises as he settles again. Apparently, of a mind to go back to sleep.

Now comes the panic. The backpedaling (which is quite a feat when you're perched on a sack). The sudden thud as backside meets floor. The almost inaudible whine of conclusions being jumped to. Lukhanyo's hand almost immediately jumps to his neck, where the larges band of bruises still lies. Those round, unexplained, bruises. The marks he's been blaming the squid for! Was it? Could it have been? BUT…. Safely away from Jaelyn he stands once again, looking back towards the other candidate with a serious frown on his face. "Nah, he wouldn't."

Wouldn't what? Jaelyn doesn't answer that, because he's already asleep again. Is he even aware of what just happened? Did he do that on purpose? Could he be responsible for the night attack that left Lukhanyo broken, paranoid, and sleep deprived. Was he out to get him? All these questions and more might swim bout the older candidate's head, while Jae smacks his lips together and snuggles down alone on his chosen nap spot. "Lucy…" he murmurs in his sleep, making another soft breathy sound before his chest is back to gently rising and falling as if what had happened moments ago never happened. Luk might want to ask himself, did it happen at all? Had he finally lost his mind completely?

Lukhanyo does perhaps the only sensible thing left to him, he backs slowly out of the room. There's no hurry there, no clumping that might wake the other candidate, and it's not until he reaches the exit that he glances back to make sure the other is still sleeping. There's a quietly muttered "Bath." that likely would never have reached Jaelyn's ears, and indeed that's where Luka hurries to drown whatever suspicions are screaming in his head under hot water. If he happens to catch a nap while in there, well surely it's the heat. And the fact he spends that night in the stables… just a coincidence (but at least it spares him another night of squid attacks).

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